I'd take anything to replace his idiot brother with THE original superior....even if it means giving him a new objection voice....


I love all the new characters in DD and SoJ, but god do I hate Gaspen. Definitely agree.


What if they brought back David Crislip to play him?


Or they might reuse his objection and show that he is a competent prosecutor.


No chance, the sound quality is way too low. He’d get redubbed like everyone else.


You say as the 2013-2018 speech bubble soundbyte sounds like shit.


Regardless of whether you like it or not, the sound quality is undeniably better. They aren’t gonna put GBA-tier audio in a modern Ace Attorney game.


It's not about whether or not I like it better, the sounds on the AAT release are higher quality than the 3DS sounds.


That’s because the audio is compressed into 3DS hardware. Capcom almost certainly has high quality uncompressed versions similar to what’s in GAA. There’s no equivalent to that for Trilogy sound effects, they’re just cleaned up GBA audio.


Except the GBA audio itself is also compressed so what makes you think that if they supposedly don't have the original sound files for those that they have the original sound files for the 3DS sounds?


The fact that the audio from the trilogy is still very clearly GBA audio is proof enough. If Capcom did have the unaltered voice clips still, they would've used them. The voice clips used in the original games were clearly done with worse recording equipment, compared to the modern voice acting equipment used for the recent titles. They aren't going to just slap an old soundclip into a new game, it'd immediately stand out as different and worse than the rest.


Let's say it was originally poor quality, that doesn't matter since the Trilogy rerelease still sounds clearer than the 3DS soundbyte. Also, you're literally arguing that the 3DS sounds aren't bad because there are clearer versions somewhere and then immediately use the fact it's a GBA game as a point even though there was at several points a version that was clearer. Edit: And yes, of course it would stand out. It's a sound effect from a different game.


The point is that the recording equipment from the 3DS games is clearly much stronger than the old GBA games. Both are compressed to shit but if you were to compare the recordings at their cleanest the 3DS one would stomp the classic one simply due to it being performed on modern hardware. Regardless, they'll probably redub everything in a port to modern consoles, but it's much easier for them to bring the old 3DS SFX up to modern standards than the GBA ones, which at this point are relics. I prefer them to the current ones too, but they aren't up to modern standards.


I actually want him to return. But instead of an incompetent prosecutor used for tutorials I personally thought of him actually progressing and becoming a fleshed put character in the series. Could be interesting


I dunno, I think Auchi's Objection clip shows they could still match that kind of energy.


Maybe they will reuse Auchi's clip (Auchi is from TGAA).


There's a part of me that hopes that AAI2 never gets localized because so many of those Objections are so damn *good.* Blaise Debeste is downright *terrifying.*


I hope they don't use Edgeworth either for the same reason. The new objection clips are terrible.


Edgeworth's new objection sounds like he has a whole muffin in his mouth.




"Ace Attorney had a rough transition into 3d"


Low key accurate. The 3DS games look really janky. All 5 of them.


Based. I prefer 2d way more than 3d.


That is very unfortunate, I really liked his old Objection clips.


Only if Brian Beacock voices him.


But what if they redub it and make it even better?


Based on the track record, probably not


Probably not, sure. But with how majestic most of the "Objection" clips in GAA were, there's at least SOME hope.


Now hear me out What if the person who voiced his redubbed objection… …was Chris Pratt


Winced in pain