Peace of mind. And if it’s not too much to ask , a dignified death


As a former icu and current oncology nurse, I totally understand this statement. I’ve seen and been involved in countless undignified deaths and some people don’t understand that there are many things worse than death. In fact, dying an undignified death is one of my greatest fears


Retired EMS. Literally only thing I am afraid of is dementia.


Both of my grandparents passed from dementia. It is heartbreaking and something I don’t wish on anyone on this earth.


Agreed. It's the scariest shit I ever saw.


Same here. Peds icu nurse with oncology specialty. Shit sucks.


I’ve always wanted to die like that guy in slumdog millionaire. Riddled with bullets in a bathtub full of money. Now *that* is dignified.


A cure for epilepsy as an epileptic who has never driven, cant live alone, it's like never growing up. I just want to be normal 30y/o with a normal life. I honestly didn't expect this to gain so much traction on here. Thanks for the support and rewards. And happy epilepsy awareness month to all my epileptics out there💜 purple is our months color.


Hey I get it. I feel like I have to be treated like a kid. Despite that I’m 38. But it’s nice to have people to help. It’s just frustrating to need the help all the time. I have seizures weekly, used to be much much worse. I found something called epidiolex that really helped me. But the neurologist I found is the true help. He’s amazing. A lot of neurologist are hard to talk to and not very understanding. I hope you find something that helps you. If you ever just need to vent feel free to pm me.


A job that doesn’t make me want to kill myself every day and to be able to afford to survive. I really just want to be able to have a home of my own one day, I’ve never lived anywhere for more than a year or two.




I feel you


Quit feeling him man, he’s tryna sleep


you glofo


Sometimes I wish I could stop time just for the extra naps.


The difference in life quality itself between being well rested and overtired is like night and day (heh).


not sure what is worse. no sleep or falling asleep and not staying asleep. im the later and it has been going on well over a decade. edit: i really appreciate the suggestions. bad sleep is no joke.


I’ve recently joined the club of not being able to stay asleep and it’s a special kind of torment.


Or going to sleep staying asleep then waking up tired still


To be pain free for the rest of my life.


Yes please. Joint pain, surgeries, poor quality of life, all of that Id like it gone. Id settle for Avatar technology so I can switch bodies.


look up kneesovertoes and "The Back Mechanic" by Stuart McGill


McGill is my hero. I am stunned by how many physical therapists are still living in the dark ages when it comes to back pain!!


McGill is almost like a bible where I work.


I lived with chronic pain for 10 years until I could finally get surgery. I really can’t express how deeply I wanted to feel *completely well* for even just a day. I had a limp so I’d have dreams about walking normally. I’d get drunk and high to forget about it. I’d go through episodes of depression and longing wishing this had never happened to me. I wouldn’t wish those feelings on my worst enemy.


This is my wife but we've not got to the surgery part yet. What helped you get through? I so desparately want her to be comfortable but feel powerless against the pain. Feels like a third person in our marriage :(


first, so sorry to hear about your wife. it sucks I know. to be honest, having a full life with things I could actually do was what helped for me. during my 10 years of chronic pain I got into tech, met my girlfriend, made her my fiancee and then wife, got her pregnant, traveled (sparingly because it was difficult for me), started working out when I could and got a bunch of other hobbies as well. Sure, I couldn’t ride a bike, or run, or rock climb, or any of the other shit I wanted to do. But feeling sorry that I couldn’t do those things never helped, it only made me feel worse. Fill her life with things she *can do and enjoy*. Save the rest for when she gets better.


Agreed. At 62, something always hurts. Not always all at the same time, but there's always something.


A hug would be nice. Or maybe just have someone sit with me they wouldn't even have to touch me.


Exactly. It's not even about the romance it's just about feeling acknowledged like somebody gives a damn.


I feel ya. I see you. You are heard.


As are you. 🤜🤛


I'd give you a hug but I doubt we are anywhere near each other, so virtual hugs will have to do 🤗


There's a Japanese concept that pertains to what you described. Just being together, either with touching or without.


* big virtual bear hug squeeze *


Someone to share my life with whom we completely understand eachother. I know its cliche or dumb. But i got weird quirks that tend to get on peoples nerves after a while and to have someone i could not only be myself around, but inspire them to be their weird selves is just something ive always wanted Edit:This comment really blew up thank you everyone for yge rewards and the kind words and replies. You guys are awesome.


I get that 100%


I know the feeling. You're not alone...but at the same time...


The problem is we are all individuals and even more we fear settling down with someone who may not be “up to par” we’re always rating others in our heads, a check list of things we are looking for. So when it comes down to talking to the said person and turns out not going the way we want it to…. If this sounds like you, drop your guard and lower your standards and if you cliche with a chick or a dick, maybe just give it a lick?


It's not dumb, connecting with another person and experiencing a life together is something most (probably all) people want. Everyone has quirks, that's not meant to be little your situation but being with someone for a while will make you aware of things you never thought about until you it's all you can think about 😆. Keep in mind that you don't just bring your quirks to a relationship you also bring your strengths and it's the balance of those that makes the right person stick around. I've been married for 13 years and we lived together for 4 years before that and have a relatively good relationship (perfect is for the movies). Yet, there are still some days I don't understand how she puts up with me and other days there are little things she does that will really get to me. None of it is terrible (you've got to deal the terrible shit otherwise just end the relationship for both your sakes) but as a couple you learn to adapt to each other's behaviors and you find a way of making a working relationship out of it. So chin up, there are a lot of uniquely awesome people out there, all you have to do is meet them.


To retire to Maui and never worry about money again.


Having just got back from Hawaii, I feel like even people who never have to worry about money again, would have to worry about money in Hawaii. It’s that expensive.


Lived there for many years. People like to ask "why did you leave?" I be like "you got a million dollars?"


I'll answer the question for only $250,000.


Hawaiinan native here who now lives in Silicon Valley. Hawaii is chump change compared to this place. Jesus.


You left the most expensive state in the America for arguably the most expensive city in the world. I hope you got some of that start up money. What's your app called so I can download it and get you some of them ad dollars.


I export cars and car parts to Japan. I’m not into the IT culture. Those dudes annoy me. California has the best selection of rust-free vintage cars. It’s slim pickings in Hawaii. I’d move to Oakland because that’s where the port is but I’ll need to get a bulletproof car.


Sounds very lucrative. I know vintage, and foreign vehicles come at a high premium in Japan. That's what's up. Make that money. And yes from what I've seen bay area IT people do seem very pleased with themselves.


We've had like what, 2 highway shootings in the span of a week? Wild times over in the east bay.


I just want to refill my dad s retirement. He had to empty it when I got sick and insurance wouldn’t cover it. Thanks to me he will work until he dies.


Well that ruins my day. I’m very sorry to hear about that. Do you have an investment account set up for your savings to make sure you maximize gains?


Yeah I’m trying to do everything I can.


Looking over your posts, you may be dumping money in risky plays.


That’s so awful- I’m sorry you all had to go through that.


I m with you on the not worrying about money part. I just get this weird feeling on the island like I m trapped. Great place to visit though.


Island fever. Really common feeling for mainlanders to have on the islands. I have family from the mainland that have been living on Maui for almost 30 years and they still get it.


Boats too.


My best friend back. Edit : I feel like I've mislead people. They haven't passed away, luckily. They just don't want to be friends with me anymore, at least in the way that I would like them to be.


I know your feeling. For me it would be my uncle. Best wishes.


My best friend of 15 years got married in 2016. We haven’t hung out in person or played co-op games online ever since. Meanwhile his wife posts daily on Facebook about their life and stuff— literally the only way I’ve been able to see that he’s alive and well. He’ll do the occasional Happy Birthday text but outside of that, it’s like he’s longer there. I’ve made my peace with it. We were as thick as thieves and did all kinds of stupid shit growing up but it took me reaching the bottom of several bottles of Bacardi during 2020’s Spring COVID lockdown to realize that he’s moved on.


I'll never understand people like that. I have had children, got married, when through a terrible part of my life but no matter how busy life turns out to be, i always make time for friends. Whether it's a lunch, a phone call, or a weekly text. Life is so short and people who have made so many memories with you should stay in your life unless it's literally impossible to do so.




Double same, he's been gone 17 years in January.


Ditto. We were married 8 years, together for 15. He had been 10 years sober, relapsed and died. Our son was six at the time. I’d give anything to have him back with us.


Me too. I miss him.


:( Me too. I lost my friend to fentanyl laced heroin a few years back. Still hurts. I'm still friends with his family and his younger brother looks so much like him. Sometimes I see his brother and all I can feel is sad, even though his brother is a great guy.


To not have to work the rest of my life.




This is disappointing, wheres the pyromaniac sub?




You OP. Come here, you sexy beast.


Can I too? :')


Of course you can.


Please include me as well.




Org-I mean group hug


ya...group hug


Come, take a load off


Great username




You just started a man pile. Well done.


I too chose this guy's op


Send me the co ordinates.




Give me one week of nothing. Collect myself, detox, clear my head. Then I can get back to that pace I'm running at. And I'll be able to run more smoothly and faster. But I really desire that specific timeframe of no responsibility, no attachment downtime for my mental well-being.


What barriers are in place preventing you from doing this?


Responsibilities. Don't get me wrong. I love my job and - because I make them money - my employer loves me too for the time being. The period we are going through right now is huge and ripe with an embarrassment of riches with regards to opportunities. They won't judge me if I step out now, but I will get left behind. I will have to toughen it out for a few months, but it's really not easy.


That my kids grow up healthy, safe, happy, good people.


Bro the fact you didn't put "rich" or "money," shows alot about you and by seeing that I believe you're kids will grow up exactly how you want it.


World peas


and world carrots


World broccoli mmmmmm


Would the world carrot all? I think a lot of people really need to ketchup and see the similarities in each other, instead of the starch reality of our differences


Whirled peas


For people to be happy Edit- thanks for the awards everybody hey lets get out there and spread some love online or in person lets help some people smile i love the reddit community yall are awesome!!!!!!




That the world would slow down. Everyone is just so ready to hate each other for the most pointless differences. It leads nowhere and actively makes our world a worse place to live. There are other means of expending all that energy. Better ways. Ways that don't include spreading anger and poisoning our lifes.


In that case I'm gonna start doing something else. I love you for absolutely no reason at all. Have great day mate! Love from Denmark 🇩🇰


Thank you! Go Denmark! Gud velsigne!


Look at us starting a revolution! And on a Friday no less. Good on us!


I love you for the way you are! I will again try (doing always but hopefully you know what I mean) more and be better person for you. In case you felt lost on the journey, don't hesitate to reach out to me perhaps just to chat a little or anything! Love from Slovakia 🇸🇰


anger is a drug and many people are addicted


"anger gives motivation without purpose" - Master Yi


You nailed it, wise Buddha


A great future for my daughter.


To stop wanting to hurt myself


Sending virtual hug


Be as kind and gentle to you as you would to your best friend :) I know the feeling —PM me anytime you might feel like taking :)


A home and to start a family. I just wanna be a dad. Raise my kids right, take care of my wife.




I'm a guy, and my wife is a homemaker. I don't understand why someone would be bitter or resentful if their partner stays at home. I WANT for her to have a happy life. It's my reason for working hard. I don't want her to have to put up with the constant bullshit of the corporate world. Screw this crap. She of course works hard too. The house is always clean and organized, and the food she makes is off-the-charts delicious. She's creative and she keeps me grounded. She's thrifty with money. She makes my life better in every way. I can understand being resentful of a stay-at-home partner if they were lazy and didn't do anything or just went out and spent all the money. If you have a stay-at-home partner like mine, it's a complete blessing. I'm not religious at all. Keep looking. You'll find the right partner to appreciate your path.


Most of these dudes have never taken care of infants or young children by themselves. When I first met my husband and I told him I plan to stay home with kids when we had them, he couldn’t understand it. He said all his female colleagues went back to work after weeks of maternity leave. I said that wasn’t me, that I plan to prioritise my children before they are school aged. He couldn’t compute. We had our first serious fight (it was two years into relationship). He felt like I would just be sitting around at home drinking tea and reading books all the time while he went to work. (HAH!)I eventually said this would be a hill for me to die on and we should reconsider continuing our relationship if it’s not something he’s okay with. He caved. Fast forward to now, we’re married and have two kids. He’s solo parents them frequently. He now has done a complete 180 on what he thinks stay at home parents actually do. I also over estimated my own abilities. I stayed home full time for one year after each kid’s birth. But it drove me crazy. The lack of adult interaction and intellectual stimulation…it was stifling. I went back to work part time (3 days a week). I do enjoy being a mum and being the person to manage a good home. But after doing that for a while I wanted more, which is okay, too. Funnily enough my husband is now the one telling me I don’t need to work (he thinks I’m trying to overwork myself with kids, studying and working professionally), and I’m the one saying “I can do it all!” That said, my kids are 4 and 2. If one of them was still an infant I’d absolutely would not be working.


Try not to tear up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfgUkGCyuKU > Build me a cabin in Utah Marry me a wife, catch rainbow trout Have a bunch of kids who call me “Pa" That must be what it’s all about That must be what it's all about


Make my parents proud. They sacrificed a lot for me.


Am a parent. Want to know the best way to make them proud? Live a good happy life. Do what you need to make YOU happy I don’t care if my kids grow to be doctors or work in a donut shop. What I want for them is content happiness & meaningful relationships


I understand what you're saying. You know it's a me thing, doing that for them would give me a sense of accomplishment. Like I did something worth their sacrifices.


u/Missa1exandria has the right of it. Parents sacrifices are what we **owe** you, for bringing you into the world. You don't owe us for them. Not to get all Mr. Rodgers on you but we make them because you are enough. Not what you become, not what you give back, but just you as you are. Just because you're you. This is a long way of saying please don't shape your life based on what you picture will bring them pride. That can lead to living an ideal that you don't really enjoy and defeat the entire purpose. No good parent wants children who work a job they're miserable at, even if it pays well / has a lot of status. Live your life for you, find happiness in whatever form it takes for you. That will bring them more pride than anything else you could ever do.


To feel happy and content and not anxious about anything, even just for little while Edit: oh shit didn’t realize this was on ask men, I’m a girl. But my point stands lol I’m sure guys want this too.


The subs generally oriented toward men, but women are by no means excluded


Unlike a certain other sub, nobody will get their comment removed for derailing here.


Got banned from r/trains, too?


Only when I try to derail


every time I see that mod I get annoyed


Ey, gender doesn't matter when you just want some damn peace and quiet


Not just a little while but forever


Right now I'd just like to have a child with my wife. Infertility's a bitch and a half.


A reliable boner.


I can give you mine if you want. It's going in your butthole tho.


Improve your cardio. No more porn. Your boners will come back strong as ever


To wake up one day with 100% confidence that I'm not going to kill myself some time in the next 5 years


Nice try, Lucifer!


He's a slippery one that Mr. Morningstar


Came here to post this, glad I Ctrl+F'd first.


I wanna find my soulmate and share the rest of my life with her. I'm only 20 and never been in a relationship, but that's what I truly want.


Learn to be a kind friend first. Once you have that down, it'll be easy to maintain a relationship so long as you find someone that likes you and isn't an asshole


Plenty of time for that young king, focus on enjoying your life alone and building your career and you will land your dream babe naturally. Push too hard and you might find yourself in a toxic relationship and waste the prime of you life


> Push too hard and you might find yourself in a toxic relationship and waste the prime of you life This. As an unhappily married 40 year old in a dead end relationship started in my early 20s I fully agree.


Furthermore while you build the foundation of your life, figure who you are. At twenty I don't know who the hell I was and now at 24, nearly 25 I have some clue but I'm learning more every day. You cannot have a long lasting and healthy relationship until you know yourself, in my humble opinion.


>Push too hard and you might find yourself in a toxic relationship and waste the prime of you life Thank you. I felt like recently I've been pushing too hard, needed to hear this.


A deeply romantic, intensely sexual, monogamous relationship that stands the test of time like a monument. Yeah, I know it's a cliché but it's what I want.


A good life for my dog


For the world to go back to being a safe place to growing up in. Im old, but im afraid for what's going to be left for the next few generations. To be able to abolish greed.


I want to have a non-related family. A found family, if you will. Just me and my group of best friends. I'm not a social person, so it's a bit difficult trying to make friends that last that long.


Never having to worry about money/live comfortably


This would sound weak af but I would like to not thinking about my ex anymore please. Its been a long time I have to move on.




My wife.


The kind of liberation one feels when one's body and mind are in peak shape.


A bitta fucking peace and quiet.


Stable mental health.


Not having to become an insignificant human tool for half of my life to earn a little money which 80-90% I'll have to spend in things that are basic for life. I'm not a gear. I'm someone looking for a decent job holy shit.


To go about 5 minutes without damn near having an anxiety-ridden breakdown. I'm exaggerating obviously, but it seems like a minor miracle if I ever go a full 24 hours without breaking down.


Peace of mind. Inner peace.


A loving man :)


“Those who crave love the most often repel it” -Adventure Time


Oh wonderful


Marry my girlfriend and have a comfortable life, and to have our families healthy and happy.


To be content with life instead of being angry at everything


A nice woman


Financial independence/security for my family and me.


Right now? Hug.


Mental peace for those who are hurting. There are so many people having trouble coping right now. My heart hurts for those who suffer.


I wish I was a little bit taller, a baller, and driving a six four impala


A very good death. Death is the only certainty in life. No matter who you are, how much power you have, how wealthy you are. Death will come for you one day. And a good death is the ultimate end goal of everyone. Some people seek it by being religious, others seek it in money, but everyone seeks it. And there is no running from death.




To be with the love of my life. Amy please take me back.


I pray not for an easy life. I pray for the strength to endure the hard one.


I imagine seeing this quote on a picture of Ryan Gosling with "gazillionaire grindset" written under it


A time stopping button * this button pauses time only for me. I don't age when time is pauzed. I'll use it for sleeping and for a pause when the world gets to me.


To be ready for loved ones' deaths, when they come.


Money or Power both would solve 99% of my problems.


>you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.


to not desire.


Peace through wealth


To know what happens after this life....


The same that happened before this life.






Health. I mean, I'm still young and healthy but I worked in healthcare long enough to see what's the potential down the road of life. A patient once said "Health is wealth" and I brushed it off. But in thinking back health is more valuable than money if you consider quality of life, not having to worry or fear what comes next when you're ill. It really makes sense to me now, a few years later and watching the pandemic unfold.


Food when I'm hungry, water when I'm thirsty, sleep when I'm tired. Family and friends abundant and a simple life of plenty.


To be in a steady relationship, and not worry about it ending. Every time I get into a relationship that I want to keep, I end up putting a ton of effort in and then it fails and I spend a year getting over it. Then it happens all over again. I just want to be secure in a relationship, and wake up next to my partner, and feel safe


Honestly, to be rich. I have dental bills, student loan bills, vet bills, hospital bills, mortgage, car bills, kids need new clothes and ect and daycares are booked out for *at least* another six months so I can’t even get a job right now to support myself because I can’t leave my kids home alone :’) I know money doesn’t buy happiness, but dahm it would absolutely solve SO many of my current problems


A reversal of global warming


A small store full of old books and trinkets and a little home off to the side. Basically ideal hermit life.


Dunkin to actually listen to my order and give me my sausage and egg on a croissant with NO cheese


Lmao you need a hug. Come here 🤗




This is the ship I will board. I give unto thee my understanding of electricity and my need to make other people feel good


That smoking, alcohol or drugs had 0 bad effects to our health


For the world to calm the fuck down and stop acting shitty towards each other.


To have a warm woman to lay with every night. A woman who wants me to cuddle her and hold her tight every night


right now i'd settle on a proper full nights sleep. like 8 solid uninterrupted hours.


A job that I can do, that I enjoy and can earn a decent wage from without having to work ridiculous hours so that I can afford my own place and do the things that I really want to do.


To know that I have actual value. That I have a purpose that I am fulfilling.


Immunity from disease.


10 million dollars. If given 10 million dollars I could retire and live the rest of my life fabricating interesting projects in my metal/wood shop.


Having good mental health. I want to live, not just exist.


My Fiancée. We are applying for visa and the pandemic has derailed that. I haven't seen her in 3 years.