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When something is rattling around in the car


Coins and cans (or the combo of the 2) can be super annoying!


And the whole car ride I keep thinking about how I'm going to figure out what it is as soon as I park, and then I forget as soon as the car stops. Then the next time I drive I hear it again and so the cycle continues.


How I'm sleepy during the day up until I have to go to bed. Then cycle repeats and I end up sleep deprived.


I get that too. Why is it like that?


Can be many things. People don’t all have sleep cycle at the same time. For example there is Delayed Sleep-Phase Syndrome. This is when you brain produce naturally melatonin much later (around midnight to 4 in the morning on average). This is what happens to a lot of night owls. They may be often be seen as lazy and such because of the culture of waking early is for successful people and late is for procrastinators and unorganized people, but those are clichés that are not always true. There is also Advanced Sleep-Phase Syndrome which is the opposite. Falls asleep really early and might be up at around 3 to 5 in the morning. As life and work is often organized for early risers, people who have DSPS can find it to evolve into Delayed Sleep-Phase Disorder. This is when you start to become dysfunctional and suffer of lot of side-effects of sleep deprivation. DSPS and DSPD are often linked to insomnia and other parasomnia disorders. There are other conditions that could be also considered, like Non-24-Hours Sleep Cycles. Studies have found that when not affected by the sun, human in average have 25 to 27 hours natural sleep cycle. Luminotherapy can also play a role. Not being expose to darkness enough (including using screens) before sleep can mess with a person’s sleep cycle. Melatonin supplements can be an option in the short term, especially when facing things like jet-lag. But if this reaches parasomnia levels (sleep disorder) or lasts too long even after lifestyle changes, you should talk to a doctor. Also, if you can, learn to adapt your life to your natural circadian rhythm. I’ve struggled with DSPD and insomnia all my life. My father and both sisters have it too while my mother has ASPS. In my case, I also have Non-24h and things only got better when I managed to let myself sleep when my body ask for it and not to constantly force things out. But it’s hard to do that when having a regular 9-to-5. Sleep disorders are also a strong factor in depression, anxiety, obesity, cardiac problems and many physical and mental health problems. In my case. I would be able to sleep only 6 to 3 hours a night on work days, but on the week ends I would sleep 10 to 12 hours a night to try and naturally catch up. I was constantly tired, would wake tired. When I finally had a week off, I would prefer sleep it off more than doing any activities. It has taken a toll on my health with the years. I tried every techniques, but since I was a toddler, this was already a thing for me. Identify if this is linked to your lifestyle or your natural cerebral chemistry can really indicate if you have DSPS and what you should do about it. Lifestyles can be changed and adapted, but nature is a lot harder to work against. It can be done, but it’s really hard to sustain. Sometimes, working from home at your own schedule is what makes everything simpler.


I wonder if my dad has ASPS. For as long as I can remember he gets tired around 8pm, sleeps at 9, and wakes up around 3-4. He tries to sleep in on the weekends but even with no alarm he still wakes up at the *latest* 5am.


Possible. My mom is like that. Sometimes I would get up and 10 and she would have already done a full day’s work of accounting in her office by that time. Which empowered her to be very judgy on my complete difference with her normal schedule.


that was really cool to read, i have always slept after 2am and i find it impossible to do otherwise, it stresses me out so much


People who are always intense and extremely opinionated but absolutely goes apeshit if they have to interact with someone exactly like them


'But I'm just being honest! ' - person who never has anything nice to say /a compliment


People who are brutally honest enjoy the brutal more than the honest.


I see you’ve met my mother-in- law.


Is your MIL my brother by any chance?


Is your brother my dad?


Is your dad me?


Are we… you?


I feel called out. I was pissed the other day because my gf said me and this other guy were simmilar... I was like "he's so obnoxious, loud, never stops talking" she said "sometimes we don't like knowing how other people view us."


she sounds like a cool chick


She keeps my hubristic ass in check, it's good for me.


It’s honestly really helpful to have someone you can trust to give you an outside perspective on yourself. When I was younger I was very curt with people. Not to be rude but more out of social anxiety / immaturity in thinking it was what cool people did. My gf at the time once said “you act pissed off to people all the time and come off rude.” I had no idea I was doing it and quickly corrected my behavior. Immediately the world responded more positively to me and I started making a lot more friends. If she hasn’t said anything I may have gone years just being a dick for no reason and really self sabotaging my own future.


Arguments between my future mother in law and sister in law are EXHAUSTING. Neither of them seem to realise that they butt heads so much because they are incredibly alike: opinionated, stubborn, and contentious. They each like arguing in a weird way but complain that the other person likes arguing...


When you’re woken up by a mosquito buzzing near your ear


Ugh the worst. Or a fly buzzing around super loud


bro sometimes i can hear a fly hitting the wall and it’s so annoying


They only exist to feed the food chain yet have unintentionally evolved to annoy, and they do it well


....but you can't see it to squash it....so you turn the light off to try and get back to sleep, and then hear it again, so you turn the light back on but it's invisible....and so it goes, so you're awake half the night and driven half mad with mosquito hatred


My mother in law repeats what she's saying at least 5 times until someone acknowledges what she has said, we aren't ignoring her but she says the most random nonsense just to get a rise out of someone. I could say the sky is blue and she will rant and repeat that it isn't until someone agrees or acknowledges it.


DUDE. This right here. Got this psycho in the office here that will just babble on and on like she's talking to herself. So she'll be all like "This box is going to go here, and then I'll slide this part inside of here and close it up... There we go. Oh, this damn tape gun! Always gets stuck on me, I'm just gonna rip this out and use the roll by its self! Ah, there we go. All you need is just a roll of tape and scissors! How's that?" And of course I'm just ignoring her talking to herself and then she looks right at you and goes "Huh? How's that? I said how's that?" And she will literally sit there and fucking repeat herself over and over until you acknowledge the stupid babbling whatever the fuck she's nattering on about. Now imagine sitting there trying to type up some email to someone and hear yourself think and you got "Blah blah blah stupid nattering bullshit. How's that? I said how's that? Huh? How's that?" Always with the fucking "How's that?" Or even worse, if you're sitting there on lunch trying to read a book or whatever the hell and just enjoy your little moment of zen uninterrupted. And then it's an endless stream of "How's that?"


I work with a similar person and eventually just stopped talking to her all together cause it drove me nuts. But now, when I don't reply, she tells me how I feel. She drops something in the office and says, "whoops! Look at me, I'm so clumsy!" I glance at the noise and get back to work. She says, "look at you, you're all, this Jen, she's so loud, disturbing my peace. Needs to get her shit together." and then laughs an awful fake laugh. Then keeps talking to herself about how she's going to clean the mess. She also asks me really unimportant questions when I'm working and trying to focus on paperwork. Like, "so you're from Vancouver, right? What's that like? Is it moist?" And even worse, she has really long nails and they click and clack every time she uses her phone or the computer. It's so distracting, I have to leave and go work in an empty office space


She sounds lonely in her own company, nightmare


Yeah, sounds really sad tbh.


Some people just cannot handle silence. Idk what that says about them specifically, but I know I can't stand being around people who talk just to hear their own voice.


Nooooo!! Ugh! Just reading your comment about your coworker made me so tense. I have an older sister exactly like that.


She sounds like my mom. Wait a minute, are you my BIL?


Sounds like my mom too. Are we siblings? Or is this just a base requirement to be a MIL?


Oh look. I married into the family. Hate it. No one said anything because we don't give a fuck, not because we're deaf.


I’m deaf and still don’t give a fuck. Lol


People who use speakerphone in public full volume holding the phone against their head. Similarly, people that do the same with Bluetooth speakers.


To add on, parents who play baby shark/let it go/whatever else on a loop in the grocery store for their kids. I see this multiple times a day as a grocery store worker


when people you trusted just straight up lie to your face when you already know the truth behind it


I actually find it refreshing. It shows their true colours and gives you a sense of "omniscience" and detachment from toxic relationships.


It’s like an amazing social experiment right in front of you


I don't mind when people are wrong, but when they can't own up to it I get pissed off


The worst part is there seems to be an increasing amount of people I encounter who seem to lack overall accountability, it's so painful


I think a lot of people base their ego on always being right


Being able to admit you are wrong is one of the most freeing things it life, it changes everything


But think of my poor ego! What will happen to it?


I know you are joking, but in case anyone really needs to hear this; once your ego is based on things you like about your character and talents rather than "being right" you can be wrong as often as you like without any damage to your ego.


This! Why is it so hard for people to just say “oh my bad, I was wrong there”?


When you wake up at like 2 am and can't fall back asleep so you stay up the rest of the night


then when it’s 5am you have so much regret. You’ve passed the point of no return of trying to at least get a few more hours in… now you are committed to feeling like dog shit for the day


What inevitably happens to me is that, around 30 minutes before my alarm goes off, I finally feel deeply tired and drift into blissful sleep… only to be woken up soon after feeling like a mummified corpse


People who play music or videos on public transit without headphones


Or in a public bathroom. No one wants to hear your stupid video while taking a shit dude!


People that talk on their phones while taking a dump in a public toilet, even worse if they use speakerphone, allowing the person on the other end to hear the splashdown!


There’s a lady at my gym that does this shit. She literally brings a Bluetooth speaker and sets it on the treadmill and blasts her shitty music Edit: over 1k upvotes (Owen Wilson wow) Edit 2: over 2k upvotes wooooooooow!!


oh god no, that’s right up there with people having elongated speakerphone conversations in the grocery store/line


This is a massive issue for me. The kardashians kicked this bullshit off. Suddenly everyone was holding their phones in front of their faces on speaker phone to talk because it was Cool. NO FUCKWITS! IT'S REALITY TV AND THE CAMERAS NEEDED TO HEAR IT! That is why the K crew did it.


No, Hispanic dads have been doing this for decades


Nextels came out like 25 years ago and this is exactly what "chirping" was. It's been around way longer than Kim K.


Is this not something that you can have the staff put a stop to? I know at my gym if someone showed up with a speaker they would absolutely be told to turn it off - though my gym is all old snooty white people so that’s expected for most things


I used to work at a commercial gym with my trainer, and she would tell people who had phone conversations or have their own music blasting to please end the conversation / turn off their own music. That was awesome


That's when you bring your own Bluetooth speaker, pick the treadmill right next to her, and play something like Abominable Putridity.


Yakkity Sax on full volume


I've seen someone do that on a hike. I'm just trying to enjoy nature, I don't want to listen to your shitty dubstep


People that walk slowly in the middle of the walk way


Additionally, people who walk in groups and refuse to adapt to let people pass


shoulder-to-shoulder taking up the entire path and then stop while rigidly maintaining formation.


I was walking in a mall and three women were walking towards me, all side-by-side and no way to step around them. I figured they’d have to make space for me, I really had nowhere to move. I just walked straight, and ended up shoulder checking one of them pretty hard (I guess we had decided to play chicken?) I am also a woman, so not used to that macho shit that I’ve seen guys do. I felt like kind of an asshole, but a self-righteous asshole.


If you’re forced to asshole an asshole because of the asshole’s assholery, then the assholeness cancels out for you, but doubles for them


Ah yes, the Asshole Transtive Property


That’s what elbows are for. I’m from Brooklyn. My people believe that when people obnoxiously block your path, they get one polite “excuse me” and if they don’t respond to that, then you just move through the space that they’re currently occupying.


i mean hey, you’re walking here


I believe you mean: "**AYY! AHM WALKIN' HEEEA!**"


This kind of situation is where I racked up most of my assault charges.




Swear they are trying to make a phalanx


Or the asshole that parks their cart in the middle of the aisle at an angle… I’ve started just walking into their cart and keep moving.


I just add things to their cart.


I reserve my hatred for the people who stop at the end of escalators.


I think I hate the people who stop just inside the doorway of Costco with their giant carts even more.


This falls into the category that passes me off more than it should, general lack of self awareness. Just today at work in the cafeteria I was waiting in line behind this guy who was filling up his cup with tea from the dispenser. No problem. Except he walks away with his cup still under the dispenser to grab a lid, them proceeds to struggle to put the lid on the cup properly for what felt like ages. Then when he realizes that he has the wrong sized lid, walks away again to get another lid with the cup still at the dispenser and returns to put the lid on. Come on dude, you got your tea. Grab it and walk over to the *separate area* where the lids are so other people can get tea too.


This is the one real upside to having an anxiety disorder - hyper self-awareness. If I need to stop and do something, I'll find a place to do it where I'm sure not to be in anyone's way. I feel serious internal pressure to not inconvenience people.


oh… so this is why i’m always super considerate of other people’s spaces


I've been bitching and moaning about the lack of self awareness in the general population for my whole life. It's infuriating! The worst part is, it makes people who are probably perfectly nice seem like selfish assholes (when in fact they are just un-maliciously clueless) which has probably significantly contributed to my growing feeling of misanthropy.


Absolutely. This is what drives me insane in so many retail (and sometimes food!) situations: People who are seemingly oblivious to the fact that Other People Exist In This Space. It all falls under that. The people who stop in front of the door, the people who try to walk out the "ENTER" or in the "EXIT", the people who block an entire aisle by standing next to their cart, the people who go against the arrows, the people who just stand in front of what you need and GAWP at the other side of the aisle for 3 full minutes, the people who stand in the middle of a store "intersection" chatting with their friends, the people who take forever to put their receipt and wallet away after checking out. All of it. All of the things that irritate the shit out of me in grocery stores have the same root cause of "completely self-absorbed"


Or stop in the middle of the path. To do really important stuff in their backpacks, that can't be done on the side of the road.


People who think speaking/shouting louder than the other person counts as winning a debate. Bruh did you even hear the other person at all?


when somebody tries to tell me something i already know and acts like im dumb :)


Bonus points if it's something YOU told THEM a while back, and they forgot where they heard it from.


Totally understandable Btw, if you're on mobile and want to add a comment, just look at the bottom of your screen. Touch the words "add a comment." From there, just type your post (making sure you're following the rules) and then it post on the upper right portion of your screen. If those instructions are too difficult to understand, let me know and I'll be happy to explain further.


Nah commenting on reddit can fuck right off, I'm lurker gang


Oh see...uhh, you're currently doing a bad job.


This is it. And when you tell them "I know" and they keep explaining it anyway (:


When someone asks me to do something I was already about to do. It’s an immature response, but it always makes me want to refuse to do it.


Or they asked me to do something I've already done but they just haven't checked


I actually like this one. It makes me feel like I'm on top of things


Yeah, I love being able to say "already done it" - but it's too rare because I'm crap at getting around to things (ADHD). I also don't like being reminded to do something but also I know I'll probably forget if I don't get reminded. I don't mind being reminded *if I've forgotten*, that's helpful. But of course the person reminding me has no idea whether i have it not. I'm totally unfair to them.


The kicker is, in my experience, those same people will then attribute you doing the thing solely to themselves. Not only will they not believe you were going to do it, but this will reinforce their already existing opinion that they have to do everything. I had a boss like that. She'd tell me to do something I was literally in the process of doing, then talk behind my back like "Yeah, Wingless doesn't ever do anything independently, I always have to micromanage him!" Definitely one of my pet peeves.


That sounds infuriating. I've come across people like this but I can't think of any specific examples. All I remember is they always had some sort of accusatory or already annoyed tone when asking.


So! Whenever we humans complete a task or solve a problem, even something minor like doing the dishes or getting a stubborn lid off a jar, we get small hit of dopamine. When some busy body comes by and makes suggestions or tells you to do something you were already doing, they negate that dopamine release In a way they are stealing your dopamine hit for themselves since they get a little for "solving the problem" even though it wasn't theirs to solve.


They're called dopameanies.


When I’m the designated driver and my passengers offer other people lifts home. Edit: um, I kind of drunk and seeing these likes are amazing. Seriously thanks!


Just stop at every gas station, act like you're filling up, and ask them to pitch in for gas money. Drunks will give you money.


That is brilliant! I would make my money and then some.


Probably don’t even have to waste your actual gas, by driving to other stations, just do a block and stop at the same one... may get nowhere, but you can rack up some dough on a Saturday night. Edit: wow thanks for all the upvotes, I only half way remember this comment, it was like 4am when I posted it.


And when they cotton on to the gas station thing have some of your mates dress up in uniform and construct a crooked shake down police stop


Then have your mates demand blowjobs from the driver, then go behind the McDonald’s dumpster in town and blow them so your passengers don’t suspect they’re not real cops


Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to suck dick.


The rule in our group has always been that the DD doesn't pay for anything, so they want extra passengers those guys had better contribute.


When someone walks into my room when the door was closed and they leave leaving the door open


This one irritates me so much!


I fucking hate when people that. These dickheads can't wrap their heads around the idea that I closed the door for a fucking reason. Even worse is when somebody walks in and turns the lights on for literally no fucking reason. Doesn't even matter if the room is dark. Then when they leave dont turn the lights off or close the damn door.


Or fucking knock when they come in. Like I can be dead asleep naked under the covers and my step mom used to just fuckin walk in turn the lights on then leave my door open How the fuck do I close that without being seen, my fucking dresser and hamper are near the door. Just fuckin close it back


Waking up in the morning


Waking up and having to go to work


Thinkin bout so many things I just wish things would get better


When people forget the rules at a four-way stop.


Don’t be considerate, be correct! I don’t want you to wave to me to go, I want you to go on your turn because you got there first, and there are two other people expecting you to go. If I go then it messes everything up.




Celebrities writing books about having babies and bringing them up.


Or books on their struggle as a business person or entrepreneur… if that’s how they became celebrities, totally fine. But if you ARE a celebrity and decide to start a business and write about your struggle with it… just, no.


"Step 1: Be famous and have tons of money, connections, and endorsement opportunities."


People who are rude to retail and service workers. They are getting paid like shit to take shit all day long.


I used to get so upset when places would get my order wrong like McDonald’s. Until this hit me. These guys aren’t making good money and usually get treated like shit by their bosses. My attitude isn’t necessary or productive


You can get upset if someone messes up, but at the same time you don't need to actually act like an asshole. Just explain what happened in a respectful manner and most employees will happily correct their mistake.


Idk if that's weird, but when someone tries to call me by clicking fingers or whistling.


When people don’t pick up their dogs poop


My mailbox area gets daily "deliveries" which means i have stepped in a few. Put up a bench and sat outside at random times. At least three different large breed dogs tried to use the spot but when their human saw me they got yanked away because none of them had bags. I swear i would have used my own bag and followed them home with it to smear all over their doors. They saw that plan in my eyes.


Fuck sake what is wrong with people? Like bags are cheap as hell (personally I prefer the compostable ones) & it just takes a second. I can't believe people could handle the shame of just LEAVING it much less son someone else's property!!


It’s just so lazy of them if you can’t pick it up and throw it away your are not responsible enough to own a dog


Bad drivers


Bad drivers needs some clarity. Stupid mistakes from a 16 year old don’t bother me but making 30 people miss a stop light because you were sending a text and didn’t see it turn green….


Or those who change lanes 14 times in a row without using any signals whatsoever.


Specifically bad drivers who think they're great drivers, and everyone else is the problem.


When somebody rings the door bell for prolonged period of time/multiple times


People who drop trash on the ground. Such lazy, inconsiderate, asshole behaviour.


Just rude people. It's unnecessary.


This is kind of niche, but: when you’re new at a job, still kinda learning how things work, feeling super nervous, and some Karen shits on you for doing something wrong. Like come the fuck on man. Some people have no empathy.




Worse: those who do so because "it makes the food taste better!" - I have seen someone answer this in another thread.


People who love to tell stories but are really bad story tellers.


Alright, so this one time there was an ugly barnacle...


Or was it something else..hang on I think I got it...


Anyway long story short it wasn't even his horse!


And it turns out it was a foosball game!


Lol my gf is always like “so yesterday… no I think it was Monday, or Sunday, anyway so I went to go drop my mom at the station- it was Monday- and she was telling me about her cousin or something who went to this really cool exhibit. No it was her aunt and she went to a show about…..” I’m like *babe* just what is the story??!!


Omg my bf is the same. Gets stuck on trying to remember irrelevant details…, it doesn’t matter what day or time it was just move the story along!


Omg I think I do this 😧


Haha! Self awareness is the first step my friend


I used to do this so hard. Now I am a recovering detail rememberer. Been detail free for about three years now, or is it closer to four? No, it’s about three and a half years now. Well, either way…


*I'm in this picture and I don't like it*


Reminds me of the George Carlin bit where he pretends to be a bad story teller.


When I scrolled down to this post and saw it for the first time, the upvote button was already outlined in red, as if God Himself was saying, "C'mon. You know that's you. Give it a vote. It's the least you can do to offer penance for all your victims."


It's mee, your favorite customer


People who play emotional games to feign intelligence. Fuck them


I dated someone like this in my early 20s. Dumb as fuck but she had me convinced that she was smarter, by talking herself up and also belittling my own intelligence. I was extremely emotionally vulnerable back then so I really thought I was the stupid one. You really gotta watch out for these people especially if you're in a state of self-loathing because they will fucking prey on you.


Could you provide an example? It’s hard for me to imagine a scenario where someone could look smarter by playing emotional games


You ever met anyone who gossips a lot? Always talking about people, what they’re doing etc? But you fast forward a year and they’re still doing the same shit? Giving out advice on everything but doing nothing? Hope this clears it up, I’m knee deep in graveyard shifr


Adding to this, people who use sensitive information when they lose an argument


Right?! Like bruh we talking about politics and now my mother’s parenting tactics are being laid out?!


Someone not saying thank you for something that benefited them I grew up in a household where appreciation was super important. We offered thanks for every small or large gift, and made sure that folks knew we were grateful for their efforts I remember digitally scanning a friend's entire sketchbook, compiling it into a PDF and sending it to them, and all I got was "Cool". Never saw that friendship the same way since


Was at the beach last weekend, and saw a hair bow lying on the boardwalk. A little girl, 6 years old, was walking ahead. I asked her if it was hers, she said "oh, no, that's not mine. Thank you for checking!" I had immediate respect for that kid and their parents.


That was very wholesome


When people let the door slam in someone’s face behind them. Or stop walking in the middle of a busy sidewalk.


I really hate people who take advantage of others


Highschool dropouts who think they are smarter than doctors and scientists because they fell down a youtube rabbit hole.


i had this classmate in 5th grade i didnt like, i always tried to be nice to him but he was super annoying. One day a doctor came to tell us about how to brush your teeth correctly. The entire time my classmate kept telling the doctor "No your wrong because my mom told me this!" or "No your wrong because i saw this on Youtube!" The entire time i was thinking, how would your mom know more about brushing your teeth than a literal doctor?


But my momma said!


Momma said alligators are so ornery cuz they got all them teeth and no toothbrush!


Public restroom stall doors that open inward. I pretty much have to disassociate to even use them and then you’re going to make me back up against the piss and pube covered bowl just to get out of there?


What about public restrooms with very large cracks in the doors. So uncomfortable.


Littering. I've never wanted to punch someone in the face more than the anonymous people who toss bags of trash onto the side of the freeway. I've never punched someone truly, but I wouldn't stop until I felt brain.


UGH I had a boss who would drive everyone on our team in a big van every day. There were four or five of us. One day after a McDonald's breakfast she told us all to put our trash back in the big paper bag our food was in, and then just TOSSED IT OUT THE WINDOW ON THE HIGHWAY. I was so angry and I was the only one


Who the fuck raised these animals I mean honestly


Went to a beach recently. Watched some dude bring some fast food, eat it, and just throw the trash under some nearby rocks. 5 minutes later he's getting pissed off because there's a bunch of seagulls around him. I wonder if he ever connected the dots.


BuT Im GiViNg SoMeBoDy A JoB!


I think you’d find only a hollow skull.


Wearing shoes to bed


I had an ex that did this because when he was a kid his house caught on fire and he had to run outside with no shoes on and his toes froze as he watched his house burn down.


You know what, he gets a pass


Anima abusers. Fuck them. 11th circle of hell.


I too dislike those that abuse the subconscious


I'm over here wondering if there are people coked out on anima in World of Warcraft now.


People who don’t clean up after themselves. Fuck you for doing for that.


When people are so committed to believing that they’re correct that they lash out at everything and anyone in a manner that is unkind, often with material consequence. I suppose what comes to mind as of late is American politics and the pandemic, though this can occur on any scale. There is something very liberating about understanding that you are not right all of the time and that you can stand corrected.


Sleeveless hoodies. They truly anger me for some reason


Accidentally hitting the home button on Reddit after hours of scrolling.


People who shove their views in your face, and get mad if you dont agree. Why tf care that much?


Hate it when you disagree with these people, and after having had to listen to their crap for the past 10 minutes they don't even give you a minute to speak before shutting you down with something like 'we all have different opinions, please don't try to change mine'.


Entitled people make me want to personally reach in and pull their heads out of their own asses just to smack them


When I’m on a hiking trail and you are listening to music with no headphones. Just playing it out some speakers. Luckily you have no headphones or I would use them to strangle you


People who drive like they own the road. I had to get a dashcam cus people be driving like their shirring their pants. Always on my way to work. You'd think they would leave earlier. It's always the same cars too.


"Should of" / "Could of" / "Would of"


When you respectfully deny people’s requests to do something you don’t wanna do like go out, then they start pushing like “cmonnnn just comeeee” and start asking why you can’t come, what else you have to do? Like that isn’t your fucking business that disrespectful as hell. I just don’t wanna hang out with you take the goddamn hint.


People chewing with their mouth open. It pisses me off more than anything else in the world, especially when a grown ass adult is doing it. If you are old enough to wipe your own ass, you're old enough to know better than to smack your lips together when you're eating.


Why dodge traffic when you can just walk to a crossing that is 10m away you dum dum


People that talk all the time and have no courtesy for others, or self awareness that their incessant whining is frustrating to those around them.


Grown adults whining. Idk what it is but my Mom is an adult whiner and it makes me want to pluck my eyeballs out. Be an adult! Deal with the problem, don’t whine about it in public