Post-It Notes And practically anything else made by 3M.


3M is S tier. Basically every product they have is the best version of that product


Swingline stapler. If they took my Swingline, it'd be the last straw.


Burn it to the ground.




Not the Dollar Store brand, Skerple?


Fuck I thought I imagined Skerple


Honestly, I was sharpie for a long time but Milwaukee job site markers are 10x better


Also Crayola crayons, markers, color pencils. I’m all for the store private label options in other areas. However the off brand art products are crumbly and produce mediocre results.


And ***fuck*** RoseArt


“Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by RoseArt™️” lol



Surely this company has heard enough times how crap their product is so why don't they try to improve it? Are they still making money? Do they just want to remain the cheapest option in the market because the big boys have already claimed the deep end of the pool? I was the "art kid" myself and I there was a very special kind of disappointment when you realize the thing you started colouring with is garbage.


A big chunk of their profit has to come from establishments that give out free crayons to kids, like restaurants, daycares, or medical offices, right? Huge chain restaurants run through those waxy bastards like you wouldn’t believe.


This is probably true. At the restaurant I work at we give out these "activity packs" with the kids meals and they're a mini colouring book that comes with four crayons (all the colours of the rainbow, minus several) and they colour like candles lol. But then again this is "free" crap we're giving kids to entertain their short attention spans for 40 seconds before they get bored of them, rip them up, break the crayons into pieces and leave all that shit for us to clean up when the family leaves.


Yes!! The other brands are more wax and less pigment. Press as hard as you want to, that Cerulean is gonna look like Cornflower. 🙄


Dawn dish soap. It's just good, and really not that more expensive.


I've used blue Dawn to take old oil stains out of concrete.


*and* safe to wash a baby duck with!


And flea-infested kittens! (Regular Blue Dawn is safe for bathing kittens, and regular Blue Dawn only.)


I’ve bathed dogs AND horses with Dawn. It’s not fancy animal shampoo but it’s safe for them and it gets them clean. And many people already have it in their home.


I think the turning point for a whole generation was us seeing them clean wildlife with Dawn after the Valdez mess.


Best PR ever


When they had that big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico some years back, birds were wasing ashore coated in crude oil. The news showed crews cleaning off the birds. When asked what chemicals they were using they replied that was just Dawn dish soap (blue). Right at that moment I thought if it's good enough for crude oil then bacon grease should be no problem. Haven't bought anything else since then.


This is pretty specific but Scotch Commercial-grade Packing Tape. The Uline tape is fucking terrible.


Also duct tape! The only other one that can compare is gorilla tape haha


This is a list of post-apocalypse high value trades.


Stock up now before it's too late.


I’ve saved 100,000 beer caps.


tsk tsk tsk. you need cola bottle caps. beer caps are worthless.


3M command strips


Do you know what 3M stands for? Minnesota, Mining, and Manufacturing. Their products are in everything.


Do they just own Minnesota?


Could add another M that owns the state, Medtronic.


It’s a safe stock to invest in. If the world ended tomorrow 3M would be making the card stock for everyone’s funeral flyers.


Nilla Wafers. The off-brand versions tend to be flavored differently and they leave a funny aftertaste.


I have never had off brand Nilla Wafers because the original are just the best. I will say, maybe an unpopular opinion, that I like them when they're "stale". They are softer but still have the delicious taste. Mini Nilla Wafers are bomb as hell too. *Holy shit I did not expect so much love for stale Nilla Wafers!! WE UNITE!! 😍🤣 *I also can't believe I got an award for this...never expected that and have no idea how that works since I'm new here but however it happened, thank you! 🤗 *To those asking how I know they're the best since I've never had any other kind...I just know, okay? 😝 *I will definitely be trying with peanut butter and might even try mini Nilla Wafer cereal 👀


yo i love stale nilla wafers. i never understood what was wrong with me. but now i know im not alone in this life.


409 cleaner. Nothing else works the same


Same. But I've been noticing that Clorox is downplaying 409 in favor of Clorox brand, the amount of shelf space of 409 is shrinking.


They also keep changing the fucking label or adding all these different product lines... 409 Plus! 409 Bathroom! No, I just want the regular 409 cleaner.


https://www.amazon.com/PBMG-Meguiars-Purpose-Cleaner-Sprayer/dp/B07VGB4MWB Its a SUPER concentrate. That gallon jug can be diluted to make up to 10 gallons of general purpose cleaner, or at least a couple gallons of "Generic 409" if diluted as little as 50/50. I have been using this for years now, and I also love how effective 409 is in the kitchen. One day I ran out of 409, I had the D101 cleaner bottle nearby, and used it. Blew me away how effective it was at the 4-1 ratio I had it mixed in the sprayer. Simply ate away at the spilled food and grease splatters on the stove top. The sprayer bottle has marks, fill with water (preferably distilled or filtered) to the ratio you want, then add cleaner to the top. Ive always used D101 on the vehicles, and in 4:1 it blasts everything away, cleans damn near everything. Makes tires and rims shine after removing the hardest brake dust and previous tire dressings. Destroys oils and grease. Made the cook top sparkle clean. The one thing D101 does not do is sanitize. There are no sanitizing chemicals in D101, it simple cleans. 409 has sanitizing properties, so consider that.


Ticonderoga pencils. All the other ones don't hold up to intense note-jotting.


The Dixon Ticonderoga set the bar for pencils. But, friend, you haven’t lived until you’ve taken a spin on a Papermate Mirado Black Warrior. https://www.amazon.com/Paper-Mate-Mirado-Warrior-Pencils/dp/B00006IEES


You fucking pedestrians aren’t ready for the Palomino Blackwing. “The Cadillac of pencils.” - Wirecutter https://blackwing602.com/products/blackwing-602-set-of-12


Let's see Paul Allen's pencil


Oh my God, it doesn't leave pencil dust on your pinky as you write.


wow, this exact Ticonderoga < Black Warrior < Blackwing conversation has happened in front of me IRL in a bookstore I worked at, everyone whipped theirs out like… swords. lol


Plastic wrap. It's worth it to buy the name brand because the box doesnt fall apart.


Have you heard about our Lord and Saviour, Kirkland? I've been using my same roll for years.


Kirkland actually co-brands their plastic wrap. It’s actually stretch tite brand which is considered one of the best out there.


Most Kirkland brand stuff is actually really good brands. Buying Kirkland brand is not the same as buying great value.


Premium brand saltine crackers. All other brands pail in comparison.


Off brands are always stale.


Evidently it’s not trademarked anymore, but “trampoline” used to be a brand name. Even if it weren’t, I’d refuse to call them “rebound tumblers”.


Heroin used to be trademarked by Bayer


What a delightful tidbit to throw into a conversation about trampolines lol


Oh I thought it was about trademarks


Nah I think ur right it was just funny that it jumped (haha get it?) from trampolines to heroin


Both will get you high.


They were called jumpoline but then your mom used one. . .


Bic lighters. Because last time I bought some cheap generic lighters on a 2-for-the price-of-one deal at the gas station, one of them blew up when I lightly tossed it onto my coffee table and the other exploded in my hand and I don't know how or why I wasn't seriously injured by that, just dumb luck I guess. Bic Lighters are better quality than the generics and I've never, ever had one explode like that. Exploding lighters are scary AF and I don't need that kind of excitement in my life.


not sure if you can source them in your area but Clipper makes some good lighters. they're reusable, easily servicable and pretty good quality.


Clippers are the perfect middle ground between zippo and bic. Refillable (fluid and flint) but still cheap enough I don't feel bad tossing one.


Zip-Loc bags All the generics I've tried have super shitty seals that are extremely difficult to snap into place *and* they are weak as hell


Just not the ones with “zippers”. I want to know it’s sealed by mashing the treads together!


As somebody with arthritis, I *only* buy the ones with zippers. What a lifesaver.


M&M’s. Knockoffs have the wrong chocolate to coating ratio or their chocolate isn’t as good.




Post-its. All knockoffs don't stick. They are horrible


A lot of quality in 3M products in general from my perspective.


Even 3M scissors are like, engineered precision


if you want a pair of scissors that isn't particularly comfortable but will cut the shit out of anything get some lineman's shears


I have to cut Kevlar fabric for some projects I work on. I really do not like rotary scissors AKA pizza cutters. I've tried lineman's shears. High quality fabric scissors. Specialty scissors. Some things just can't be scissored. (I'm sure there's a joke there that I'm not thinking of right now but I'll come up with it eventually)


Career boat-builder here. We used to build custom sailboats out of Pre-preg Kevlar. The trick to cutting it is to buy a pair of 10" or 12" Wiss Pro scissors and rub some 80 grit sanded paper across the flat inside part of the blades. It gives the blades just enough "teeth" to snip through even the thickest kevlar fabrics.


I'm learning so much useless stuff!


Useless to you now. Some day, you'll be able to pass the knowledge on, and the person who learns it will be thankful.


Nah with all this info coming at me daily on Reddit I learn and forget in same sentence and only apply when it is required directly after reading.


LMFAO thats exactly what I was thinking as I entered this comment thread


And it's in so much you don't even know. Airplane? We make tape that literally holds wings together. Teeth? We make toothpaste and a butt load of stuff for fillings and crowns. Phones? We make films that you will never see unless you break your phone in half. Medical tech? We make the things they stick to you for like EKGs and measuring your vitals. They also own Meguir's car products. Oh and N95 masks, which until the pandemic, the company store would basically give them away for like 10 for a dollar.


Michele : Oh, okay. Um, I invented Post-Its. Christie : No offense, Michele, but how in the world did *you* think of Post-Its?


I'm so happy right now. Also here's a vice article where they spoke to the guy that ACTUALLY invented post it's and his thoughts on the film https://www.vice.com/en/article/qkq47b/we-asked-the-inventor-of-post-its-about-romy-and-micheles-high-school-reunion


Wasn't expecting to read a quote like this from the inventor of post its: ...there are many alternate paths to take in any situation where you are stymied. There is a good future out there; you just need to find it.


Tampons. I’m a cheap bastard most of the time but if something’s gonna be jammed up my fun hole for hours at a time it *better* be of the utmost quality.


Yep, whatever your brand of feminine care product is, you stick with it unless you are seriously desperate.


And it takes time to find the one that works for you


>you stick with it unless you are seriously desperate. can confirm. I work at a movie theater that has free tampons in the women's restrooms and they're industrial generic tampons they come in cases of 1000 and we don't restock more than 1-2 individual tampons a week (if at all).


But those 1-2 tampons you’re replacing likely saved the day for someone!


Same with pads. All the cheap store brand stuff is too cottony and basically adheres to you like a scab. Always or suffer.


Fr. I once got some shitty off-brand in a pinch (and paid a fortune for a tiny box bc uni pharmacy). I had no pads with me and needed to replace mine like 10 minutes before. They were absolutely awful. So scratchy and irritated my skin. I'd have fared better with toilet-paper based undergarment mummification. As much as I hated the waste of money, I threw 'em in the trash where they belonged.


>>toilet-paper based undergarment mummification 🤣👍


Always infinity overnight pads are AMAZING! Super light and thin, and even with heavy days it holds up like a champ. I've used store brand pads that are huge like a diaper, and if I wore it too long it would like disintegrate / explode and when I pulled my underwear down there was just cotton chunks flying everywhere 🤦‍♀️


I much prefer kotex. I find Always really irritates my skin. As a bonus, kotex has prettier wrapping lol.


I LOVE OB. I will stand by them. It's crazy that the tampons with applicators cost more.


Yes! People who have needed one in an emergency have always looked like I have two heads when I offer one though.


king arthur flour.


King Arthur flour makes the best baked goods! The bread flour is great too!


Not really a brand name but I stopped using supermarket bacon after trying it from a butchers. I’ve found generally supermarket bacon shrivels up to a ridiculously small size, I’m guessing they inject it with water to make it weight more? The bacon I get at the butchers basically stays the same size and tasted much nicer, I know it’s not something everyone can afford but I eat bacon pretty rarely so it’s a nice treat when I do


Bacon is something that's gotten really expensive in the last couple of years. If I'm going to spend an arm and a leg, it's going to be on the good stuff so I only have to use 2 strips for a sandwich and not half a pound.


I started smoking my own bacon and it's kind of ruined store bought bacon for me.


I started smoking my own bacon and it's kind of ruined tobacco for me. Higher calorie density than cigarettes, though.


Not black lung, but fat lung


Huy Fong Sriracha. Sriracha isn't trademarked and some knockoffs even have roosters and Chinese text on the bottle so you have to know the brand name to find the good one. Earlier this year there was a shortage and my parents bought four bottles of the fake stuff. Tried it and it wasn't the same at all.


Huy Fong trademarking Sriracha is like Heinz trademarking the word Ketchup. I don’t think they can trademark an entire sauce category that they didn’t invent. Huy Fong’s founder is from Vietnam, the sauce originated in Thailand. Sriracha got famous, but that’s not the only product Huy Fong makes. They also have Sambal Oelek, which they can’t trademark either because it’s an Indonesian spicy sauce. Holy balls this blows up. More fun facts: - The third sauce in Huy Fong’s lineup is their Chili Garlic sauce, also labeled as “Tuong Ot Toi Viet-Nam”, translated as Vietnam Chili Garlic Sauce. Basically they have sauces traced to Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. - The chili peppers used in their sauces changed around 2017, when they got into a dispute with the farm that supplied 80-90% of their peppers. Some people say they can taste the difference. That ranch (Underwood) now sells their own Sriracha, which makes you wonder if it tastes like pre-2017 Huy Fong products. If you like these hot sauces, I invite you to visit large Asian supermarkets in your area. They usually have an entire aisle filled with dozens of chili pepper products. It can be overwhelming the first time around, so a little research before a visit would be helpful. Americans are lucky that today we have access to chili sauces from the entire Asia, if we know where to look. It’s a good way to expand your culinary experience for not much money, because sauces are cheap.


I love Sambal Oelek and their chili garlic sauce at least as much as their Sriracha.


Cheez-its. Fuck you, Cheese Nips.


I made that mistake ONCE.


Growing up black, well I'm still black but also grew up black. I use to notice my white/asian friends houses would smell soooo good on laundry day. My house never smelled like that Come to find out pretty much all my friends family used TIDE. At my house we used some cheap generic stuff. So somehow in my child like brain I started to connect TIDE with success? Lol idk It wasn't until my late 20's where I finally got a job where I can easily afford the way more expensive TIDE brand and to this day it's all I buy. Smells like nostalgia.


>Growing up black, well I'm still black but also grew up black. This gave me a good chuckle.


Reminded me of Mitch Hedberg. “I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too.”


Some people say alcohol is a crutch but that’s not true. A crutch is supposed to help you walk


Alcoholism is the only disease they will get mad at you for having. No one says dammit mitch you have Lupus!


I haven't slept for a week, because that is way too much sleep


I like rice. Rice is good when you are hungry for 2000 of something.


I remember when I finally started making enough to get the super fresh smelling soaps from Europe. Smell like queen of freakin France now. As a kid, we had to make that generic bar of nasty sandpaper soap last until the last little nub was left. A toast to the simple pleasures!


One year my grandmother put some Yardley lavender soap in with my Christmas gift. I kept it for years because I couldn’t bring myself to use such nice, good smelling soap knowing I’d have to just use plain old Ivory when it was gone. I kept it in my bathroom drawer and would smell it every day. Later as an adult I ran across some lavender Yardley at the store. It wasn’t nearly as expensive or fancy as I thought it was, so I bought a few bars. Now whenever I miss my granny I use that soap and just the smell makes me happy again.


You made it buddy


Always night pads. Nothing else can suck up that much blood that quickly. At the other end... Pun intended... I prefer original aqua fresh toothpaste in taste over all the others.


"at the other end" I thought you were gonna say preparation H Edit: a word


Sears Tower


I made the mistake of saying Willis Tower to a Chicagoan ... once.


I was a kid when they decided to change the name of the Sears Tower and it’s like the “is Pluto a planet” argument of Illinoisans my age.


Considering Pluto was discovered by an Illinoisan, this is actually a relevant analogy.


Windex. Noooo, nooo. The store brand leave a film.


Try sprayway. I’ve switched from windex


I clean windows for a living and sprayaway is miles better than Windex. We can always tell when a customer uses Windex but then had to call us because they couldn’t get rid of streaks.


Invisible Glass beats everything, though.


Data storage. If I lose years of photographs it will be because of my own negligence, not because I saved 8 bucks on a SD card. Edit: some of you must think that I subliminally asked for data storage advices. I assure you that I was not. Edit2: I know that the shoulds and the coulds are burning your soul right now. Please don't do it.


Don't save all your photographs in one place. If it's too important to lose it's too important to have in only one medium.


This I back up photos in 4 places. Also a professional photographer. I lost all of my oldest child’s pictures of his first other then what was posted on social media to a hard drive crashing. I won’t make that mistake again.


Same. Daughter was born in 2001, right at the advent of "take ten million photos on digital because it's basically free and they'll last forever". And getting film processed sucked and was expensive for a new family. Was being smart, all photos went on hard drive. Fast forward 4 years, hard drive crashes. Went to recovery service, as years 0-2 were on that drive. "That will be at least $2,000 to take a look. And no guarantees we will find anything." Thank God for old school grandparents who printed everything.


Yep we went from scan all physical photos to digital, to all digital, to oh crap paper is compatible for ages if stored correctly. Damn.


I would love to find out who manufactures the "napkins" sold to places like Domino's, so that I could then order a nuclear strike on their factories. I don't understand the purpose of napkins that don't work as napkins. I get about 784 of them every time that I order pizza, and their only use is to soak up liquid; they don't work for wiping hands or any other surface. In a pinch you could probably use the edge of one as a blade. ***Edit:*** *thank you for the Silver, kind stranger! Reddit should thank you, too... convinced me to go VIP so that I can give awards out from time to time, myself. :)*


Just like those cloth napkins in restaurants that want to be fancy, they don’t wipe up a small mess and they don’t clean your hands that well. All they do is push the liquid around.


Restaurant owners all seriously need an online course on the concept of "absorbency" and why napkins should have a lot of it.


Go to Spain. Try a napkin. I'm convinced their economy sucks because their napkins are so shitty.


It’s essentially wax paper. Total waste of resources.


Same here in Portugal. Cafes and shitty restaurants have those thin waxy napkins that are absolutely terrible. I've lived here all my life and I still don't get it.


Console controllers. Anything that isn't official (other than the super high-end competition level shit) is actual shit. Looking at you, Logitech.


My only counterargument to this is that I bought some knockoff GameCube controllers for about $8 each from Amazon, and they're about 70% as good. There's a noticeable drop in quality but for an $8 controller it certainly exceeded expectations for a "here little cousin you can have this one" controller.


Ironically, Logitech makes what I consider to be the best wireless mice by far.


Crayola Crayons Generic taste funny


Must be a Marine Edit:Did not think this would be my most upvoted and rewarded comment on reddit!


Semper Fi


Q tip I've tried others and they suck then I'm stuck with like two thousand shitty cotton swabs.


It’s amazing the one thing everyone does with them is the one thing it says on the box to NOT ever do with them.


But it just feels *so good*.


It's a fascinating product in that way. If everyone who bought them for swabbing their middle ears quit, they'd have no market.


Yeah, q-tip are a guarantee of quality. I've had a few good generics but way more crap generics. Anything with a hollow plastic tube can just GTFO.


Yeah, fuck those plastic core ones. If I wanted to use a wet noodle I would.


Dawn dish soap. No other soap comes with a picture of a little ducky that I can display in my kitchen


WD-40 Surprised i haven’t seen it here yet!


Cheez-its. The knockoffs always taste like garbage. Edit: Totally agreed the knockoff goldfish aswell are shite. I'd also just like to add Pringles knockoffs too (looking at you great value...) they suck!


We are a cheez ITZ family, not a cheese NIPS family!!


Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. The generic just didn't taste the same to me.


Many people mentioned Helmans Mayo. Heinz ketchup and beans, kikoman soy sauce Here’s one I haven’t seen. Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce. Absolutely no substitute!


Lea and Perrins makes a great steak sauce as well. It is all I will use.


Doritos, making generic Doritos should be a crime


They make generic doritos?


Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil.


Heavy duty


Anything by Newman’s Own. I am happy to support their business if their proceeds are helping children and their families- and their pasta sauces and salad dressings are some of the best.


During my child's cancer experience, we were invited to a Newman's Own sponsored summer camp. Camp Boggy Creek ( subtitled 'a camp for the seriously ill'). At the time, we had no idea it was affiliated with Mr. Newman and his altruistic endeavors. It was a family weekend, so we arrived late on a Friday night and bunked down shortly thereafter. In the morning we went to the morning revelry/mess call. Expecting camp food, we were stunned by the abundance of of high quality food and beverage products. And it didn't stop there. The staff and the facilities were remarkable. The rampant positivity. The experiences they created for these broken kids/families were amazing. That was a decade ago and it feels like yesterday. What a beautiful man and vision. I am forever in debt to him and the people seeing this through. It's terrible to see so many sick kids in one place, and the next second it's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen: They're smiling, laughing, hugging... Spend the extra money on Newman's Own if you can. It goes somewhere beyond words. EDIT: Thanks for all the love. For those asking, my kid survived. Albeit with ongoing health challenges from the treatment and BMT. I would also like to point out that these camps are for all sorts of pediatric disorders, not just cancer. These camps offer a brief window for kids to be kids again, before returning to the rigors of treatment. Some are keenly aware that they are not going to make it (RIP Clayton). And yet, they find the joy. At CBC it's 'The Power of Yes'. There are only a handful of paid staff. The vast majority of people working there are volunteers. Including the rotating medical staff (looking at you Dr. Brian). Many of the volunteers are survivors who *come back to give back*. The sense of community, the love and the acceptance will humble you. And for those registering with the bone marrow registry, my gratitude and respect is immeasurable. In an age where we are such a divided society, these few incredible places are an oasis where people hold each other up, not tear each other down. And since I've been accused of guerilla marketing let me also give a shoutout to McDonalds, sponsor of the Ronald McDonald Houses that offer free room and board to families undergoing pediatric crisis's.


Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this! It makes me feel even better about buying their products. Also, I’m sorry you and your child went through that. I wish you and your family well!


My dad and I have volunteered for the fireworks show at Boggy Creek before. The grounds are stunning, and it makes me so happy to hear the difference the csmp made for y'all


Their lemonade is the only store-bought lemonade I will touch. I love it!


Yes, everything they make is the best! I love their lemonade and salsa, as well as the salad dressing.


Glad garbage bags. Have bought cheep ones; sucked my body-weight in ass. Dawn dish soap. You use soooo much less.


I swear just about anything can be cleaned with dawn dish soap.


Yes. This. I got some oil in the bed of my truck that Purple Power couldn't get out. My mother gave me what she had of some Dawn and it cleaned it.


sucked my body-weight in ass?


They said what they said.


Are we just going to ignore the "cheep"?


What’s done is done


Did you try Kirkland/Costco ones?


I was going to comment this - the Kirkland trash bags are identical and cheaper


>Kirkland trash bags are identical and cheaper Feels like the same can be said for a bunch of stuff from the Kirkland brand. Costco must be either the king of poaching from other companies or have some kick ass reverse engineering people.


I only buy the blue Dawn dish soap. I swear there is a difference in the colors.


I buy blue because I have some kind of intense aversion to citrus scented dish cleaning products.


Kerrygold butter.


Fuck yeah


I came to this comment section not expecting to really agree with anything, until I saw Kerrygold butter. I like to explain it to people as what normal butter is to margarine, Kerrygold butter is to normal butter.


Bailey's, it really disappoints me when a restaurant tries to substitute a different brand. You can usually tell just by color and smell before you even taste it.


Philadelphia cream cheese!


The other brands are always gluey. Guar gum or some kind of stabilizing gum that makes them so many times worse that philly.


I don’t know what is in there that other brands can’t figure out, but yeah; nothing comes close.


Poptarts. Every other off brand doesn't taste even similar.


\*dusts off shoulder\* I'm a Toaster Strudel man myself


Pop-Tarts are a passable snack. Toaster Strudels are a legit tasty treat.


NyQuil knocks me out really good, the generic ones give me a weird half awake feeling and I hate it


Whoa, I had a really weird trip on NyQuil as a kid and it’s sounds similar to this. Maybe it was a generic?!


Dr Pepper


I have found one exception. If you're in Texas, there's a grocery store called HEB, they have a store brand Dr. Pepper called Dr. B with pure cane sugar that is just delightful.


Dear god, I miss HEB.


Have you never had his younger dumber brother, Mr Pibb?


Hey, Mr. Pibb earns his money. He doesn’t need a fancy degree. He’s a soda I’d have a beer with.


He's not one of those "Doctor" sodas, putting on airs and flashing around his Ivy League diploma.


What about the kid eating glue in the corner equivalent called Dr Thunder? In college I had to get four 2L bottles for a project and it was cheap and I was going to throw them away until my friends and I made “Rum and Thunder” which became a great inside joke.


Rum and Thunder The only time the liquor is there to hide the flavor of the soft drink.