Julian Hill raises questions on the friendlyjordies arrest in the house

Julian Hill raises questions on the friendlyjordies arrest in the house


they say among 1000 men you will find but one who is upright. Julian is that man. Sad he is the only person in the house with the spine to stand up for pt democracy.


Seems like a good bloke, this Julian


I don't get why people keep saying Kristo approached Barilaro (the second time) and said "Why are you suing my boss?" He never claims to have said that, the video he took with his phone doesn't have him saying that yet it's been claimed a number of times now, including by his own lawyer that he said it. Are they not watching the video or is there more stuff to it?


That quote is from the first video, where they are at the business function or whatever it was.


yep, i think the quote from the video is "You're suing my boss" and "I've got something for you" relating to the address error on the served suit papers


>Hey John, John, John. >Hey John, umm, I've got something for you. >John I've got a lawsuit, you're suing my boss. >John. John. John. John. Word for word from the [video](https://youtu.be/OXtq4a8829g?t=465)


So today he pled not guilty and wants a jury trial. So basically this could take years to play out... in the mean time the bail conditions will continue to apply, though there is a hearing in 2 weeks to potentially get them lowered.


([from the friendlyjordies community page](https://i.imgur.com/1YnceuA.png)) This states that much of the gag order has been lifted


I don’t think he should of been let off that easily. There was a reason for those charges and they should of kept them there.


That is how the justice system was created to let government to do what they want. They can accuse you and burry you in the process for years despite you will will. Look at Assange. He will win, but nobody will return him the years spent locked up.


Can someone explain the purpose and rational behind the sub judice convention mentioned? Why aren't they allowed to discuss ongoing cases? edit: [nvm](https://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/House_of_Representatives/Powers_practice_and_procedure/Practice6/Practice6HTML?file=Chapter14§ion=02&fullscreen=1): > The origin of the convention appears to have been the desire of Parliament to prevent comment and debate from exerting an influence on juries and from prejudicing the position of parties and witnesses in court proceedings.[315] It is by this self-imposed restriction that the House not only prevents its own deliberations from prejudicing the course of justice but prevents reports of its proceedings from being used to do so. Not crazy about it. ^


I'm not even sure it actually applies. The conduit of the police or the motives of those making the charges are largely irrelevant to the question of if the charges can be made. Moreover it's a convention not a rule, plus it's at best in a grey area.


I can't watch the video here at work. What's the TL;DW?


Hansard 24 June, page 94 of document, page 110 of pdf: https://parlinfo.aph.gov.au/parlInfo/download/chamber/hansardr/eb97f924-9ac6-4ef0-a3d7-0b15830be9b1/toc_pdf/House%20of%20Representatives_2021_06_24_8891.pdf


basically he’s commenting on how tf a minister got to speak to the terrorism office and get the youtuber arrested


Yet, people have genuine staking concerns that are ignored... We're talking about two incidents over two months that amount to nothing more than any journalist would have done.


> amount to nothing more than any journalist would have done. That’s a stretch and we haven’t seen the full brief of evidence to decide either way


The complaint only listed two incidents.


Doesn’t matter if he’s borderline… he’s right. We are not China. Edit: And I welcome my colleagues counselling me after noting the comments that this thread is likely on a watch list. Perhaps my colleagues in the IC would do well to further their background than the cursory check when deciding to impinge my rights in future.


Im so confused


Truly the ASIO is preparing to pack him into a van for disparaging China.


There are few things I’d be willing to loose any may clearance I have over. Upholding what my family has fought in our military for at least three generations is one of them.


Well that explains why everyone is quiet. He used the fixated unit because the media can’t report on, parliament can’t report on it, heck I’m willing to bet these posts are on a watch list somewhere. It’s a clear improper use of force. Can someone explain why country folk vote National?


>Can someone explain why country folk vote National It's a side effect of our electoral system. There are many Nationals members who do care about rural Australia and are in politics for the betterment of rural Australians. However, this brings up the issue of parties in general. There are good people in bad parties. It's the leadership. People vote for who has delivered them results. If an electorate which is a safe Nationals seat and they end up voting for Labor one election, and under Labor, the electorate collectively decides that the area is worse off then before, why would they vote for Labor again? It wouldn't make sense. It's all to do with demographics. Labor's main demographics are urban-dwelling, the Nationals' rural-dwelling, and the Libs bridge the gap. This is why a New Zealand style MMP system ought to be in place. Being able to vote for a local representative as well as proportionally allocate party seats will fix a lot of the problems we face. Hell, even multi-member districts might be worth a go.


MMP would also allow for single issue voters to vote for minor parties with the expectation of representation.


Nationals are the only party explicitly formed to represent rural Australians, and thus they are viewed as the only party that cares about rural Australians


There's also the shooters party


And these guys are loonies


Nothing like the Nats then.


They used to be, but lately they're doing a bit better. Or perhaps everyone else is doing worse. Hard to tell sometimes


Forget his name but wasn’t there that accidental senator who had a vid of him on Facebook flicking kangaroo poo at one of his kids? Wasn’t he from the shooter party or something similar? Was actually nice to see how he tried to learn about things to do his vote in the senate. Didn’t always come to the same conclusion as me but I appreciated he took the time to listen and learn and not just assume he knew. Bit like Jacqui Lambie. I don’t always agree with her but she tries to understand each issue rather than just blindly following party policy. Sort of wish more politicians did that. Never really know what die hard party members think if they just toe the party line.


Sounds like Ricky Muir. I think he stood as a shooters farmers and fishers candidate, but he actually got in under his own party, which was motoring enthusiasts party or something similar. He was out of his depth from day one, but put in a pretty honest showing. I didn't agree with everything he stood for, but I did believe that he believed in it.


Yup, that’s the one.


Not doing better in Tas.


i congratulate the police for acting so swiftly in dealing with a potentially dangerous lefty who wants to stalk a conservative pollie. everyone has the right to walk the street in safety and not be harassed by attention seeking wannabe celebrities.








“Politicians can’t be approached by journalists in public” is a pretty weird stance to take


Do politicians really deserve the same privileges as the rest of us though?


You'd think as a politician you'd be used to people saying mean things about you, but it seems even just a few nasty jokes are enough to get you arrested by Barilaro 🤔🤔


Last time I checked no offensive language or threatening language was used therefore no crimes were committed. When the state uses these tactics it's called fascism and/or communism. Are you all for a fascist and/or communist government?


“Communism is when comedians are arrested” now apparently...


12 early signs of fascism 1. Powerful and continuing nationalism 2. Disdain for human rights 3. Identification of enemies as a unifying cause 4. Rampant sexism 5. Controlled mass media 6. Obsession with national security 7. Religion and government intertwined 8. Corporate power protected 9. Labor power suppressed 10. Disdain for intellectual and the arts 11. Obsession with crime and punishment 12. Rampant cronyism and corruption Using a counter terrorist police force to arrest a non violent comedian/citizen journalist. Yes yes it is communistic, have you not been seeing what Putin has been doing to his critics especially journalists who challenge his authority https://www.dw.com/en/russia-arrest-of-editor-in-chief-underscores-new-level-of-pressure-on-journalists/a-56613495 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/feb/15/russia-refuses-to-tell-me-what-i-committed-says-ex-journalist https://www.hrw.org/news/2020/07/07/another-journalist-arrested-russia


Fascism and communism are not the same thing. Putin isn’t a communist, the Soviet Union fell 30 years ago. Communism is an economic system, it’s not the same as just authoritarianism. I’d agree this is authoritarian, and is reminiscent of the sorts of conduct associated with the early signs of fascism, but it’s got nothing to do with communism. I’m not a communist, but it’s frustrating when people throw around terms like communist/socialist/fascist without understanding what they actually are (though in this case I agree with your argument about it being fascistic).


What would you classify China as ? I agree fascism and communism are not the same and Russia is a difficult one it is definitely not a democracy and could be autocratic but is not a monarchy and sort of authoritarian. It is easier to say they are communist because everyone hates communism.


Russia’s an oligarchy.


Just because they call themselves communist doesn't mean they are. Look at the Liberal party there isn't a single liberal in there. They are all conservatives.


Pretty sure the idea is that it’s economically liberal (‘laissez-faire’) rather than socially liberal.


The liberal party hates a free market. They are constantly meddling by funding new power stations that are already obsolete etc. They do everything in their power to stop house prices falling (which they should have when net migration dropped 300k during covid). They intentional have been keeping wages low by keeping unemployment high.


China’s tricky, it’s pretty much abandoned all pretence of communism bar the aesthetics. I would probably classify China these days as a state capitalist totalitarian state. I don’t know why you think it’s so easy to say Russia is communism, most people know Russia isn’t at all communist in any way anymore. A state can be authoritarian, totalitarian even, without being fascist or communist. Russia is just a reactionary autocracy that maintains a facade of democracy.


Russia stopped any pretense of being communist when the soviet union fell so I have no idea why anyone would think they are still. I thought America 'won' the cold war and communism fell in the soviet union and russia is now 'capitalist', that's what all the movies/news tells me.


Nooooooo don't provide sources we don't like thaaat


The problem isn't with calling it fascism, no one has an issue with calling this fascist Its that fascism is different to communism, and claiming that "arresting journalists makes you communist" is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard lmao A lot of communists are fascist, but a lot of capitalists are, too.


Sometimes people can collect links but they’re still off the mark with what they said


Do any of those sources say Russia is communist?


Please, Kristo Langker didn't stalk Barilaro and is hardly a 'dangerous lefty'.


How is friendly jordies any worse/better than sky news?


Huh? No ones arresting sky news. 🤷‍♂️ I agree, they should as their journalism sucks so bad it should be a crime. I guess we have freedom of press for a reason. Goes both ways yeah?


Because Jordies doesnt perpetuate culture wars bullshit, by misrepresenting fringe right wing groups as the main talking points of the right.


One made the mistake of trying to had a legal document to the vice premier in public


One is funny, light hearted, response to criticism and independent while supporting charitable causes. The other manipulated laws and elections in more than one country to represent the deranged views of a slow and serious billionaire. Sky news is murdoch trash.


Jordi isn't funny


I laughed. More than once. Maybe you just are senseless


I guess I just don't like his type of humour


Agreed. You don’t like his type of humour. It’s not that it’s not funny. I find Dutton funny just to look at. That Dutton guy is definitely funny. I won’t believe you if you say you don’t find him funny. It’s not even his type of humour because he’s actually trying very very hard to be serious. He’s just funny. But who gives a fuck if I find him funny? Probably no one. 🤷‍♂️ Might be a lesson there somewhere.


I'm not big on his brand of humor either, but his penchant for bringing light to corruption is still welcome.


Bringing to light corruption is welcomed, if you can prove it. If you can't, you may expect to face a defamation case.


Good thing Jordies proves it


Then he wont have a problem defending the defamation case.


That's one of the points of the heavy handed action taken against Kristo here. The gag order restricting him from commenting on the appearance or such is specifically to stop FriendlyJordies from talking about the case. Jordan and the channel wasn't shutting up after the threat of being sued. Then they didn't shut up after being actually sued. So the deputy premier escalated again and the counter terrorism police's fixated person's unit was sent to stop not Jordan, but his employee. This combined with the bail conditions is an open threat telling FriendlyJordies to stop talking about the deputy premier.


Sky news part of news corp.


I'd say they about on par. They both use similar techniques, apart from the direction of satire to seriousness.


The source is irrelevant. This is about freedom of press and accountable politicians


And on top of that, no one is arresting Peta Credlin


Of course not, they're arresting journalists


Here here, haha. Instead she gets given an order of Australia award ?! Weird times we live in.


Thank god this is heading towards critical mass. Slowly but surely.


Before anyone comments "but that's not the House", [the Federation Chamber](https://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/House_of_Representatives/Powers_practice_and_procedure/Practice7/HTML/Chapter21/The_Federation_Chamber) is part of the business of the House, to allow for lower priority bills, and private member's business to be conducted at the same time as other House business.


thanks bud ... I thought if I had said "Federation Chamber", some may have dismissed it.


John really made things worse for himself


I honestly think that John could piss in the face of a police officer and receive a thank you sir in response.




If the motives are corrupt, and you can't talk about the motives in the senate, how are the corrupt motives meant to be dealt with??


After the criminal case has been dismissed there is nothing to hamper a full political debate. At the moment it could be prejudicial to the trial (though it should never go to trial).


The corrupt are counting on the corrupt motives to not be dealt with.


the questionable motives and nature regarding the arrest of Kristo Lanker has made it to the floor of the house of reps