Does anyone still want a full CoD: Zombies game?

Does anyone still want a full CoD: Zombies game?


Yes i want one, only from the aether (not dark aether) storyline, it would be cool to have a recap an accessible game with all ee soloable and difficulty options would imo be best, the higher the difficulty the more rewards and one specific reward for completing all ee, also one for completing those ee on a higher difficulty Also some sort of lore tracker to make the story more accessable, exfill is imo fun too Will propably never happen but we can only hope as people say


If it’s like that past maps sure, if it’s this vanguard shit ? No thanks


Yes I want a zombies game that has every map ever on it and i want it to be supported continuously! Imagine a main menu where it has 4 different blocks like it does now, except instead of titled “Vanguard” “Warzone” “MW” “CW” they’re titled “Campaign” “Multiplayer” “Zombies” “Warzone” So if you open the multiplayer menu for example it shows MW, CW, Vanguard and you can select which one


Si Si senhor. Very much. Just make a whole collection of the previous Zombie modes in a Halo MCC style.


People have never stopped asking for this,ive been a zombies fan since WAW and havent missed a treyarch game since, as long as i can remember people have been asking for this From what ive seen people also want/would settle for a 'zombies master chief collection' where we just have every map on one game to keep the series accessible on the current console generation no matter when someone enters the series


I want this more than anything, but it's never going to happen. I know it might seem that Zombies is the only thing keeping cod relevant, but multiplayer is still way more popular, it's just the player base isn't as vocal. I don't think Activision would take a chance on a zombies standalone. Hell, they've barely been supporting what little zombies we currently have. Hope this comment ages like milk, but I don't see that being the case.