"I'll be home if you need anything" You mean you'll be constantly hovering and finding work for your slave non stop? Baby's napping? Here go fold the laundry and wash the dishes. When you're done the bathroom could use a cleanup..


I had a job like that. It didn’t end well for her.


Pls explain :)


Well. I loved being a caretaker for a very disabled stepson. She was overbearing and awful. I was only there to clean him, feed him, and sit with him. He didn’t like to be alone. However she wanted me to clean the entire house. She treated me like a servant. He was non verbal but so wonderful. So was the dad. I stayed until she wouldn’t sign my time card. I called the dad in tears. He had to come pick up his son it was so bad. I quit on the spot. I filed a grievance. I got my pay. Later on I learned that she refused to let another caretaker in her home. She sent the wonderful son off to an institution. Som passes away. Dad rightly blames evil step mother. Dad cheats on stepmother, cleans out the bank account, sold the house out from under her (prenup), and lived happily ever after. I know this because she ended up having to become a caretaker. She lamented all this to my friend. I got to hear all of it. I still grieve for what happened but she got what she deserved.


Lawwwwwd. That’s a tragic tale, isn’t it? I’m sooo sorry for your loss. I’m over here smugly satisfied along with you that she got what was coming so quickly, tho. Not a happy ending but it’ll do in the awful circumstances.


There was another stepson. He was fully functional. He was a complete ass but we got along because stepmother was just a nasty piece of work. It was hard not to bond over it. (I was a big girl and she wanted me to move a piano by myself. He told her she was insane. A big argument later, I’m not moving the piano and he’s left the house after slamming the door hard enough to make the house shake. My hero.). He had a really rough time of it. Drinking etc. He calmed down after the divorce. Joined the military. Became a great person. This was all in 2000. I still think of “J” all the time. Cerebral palsy is a bitch.


Holy shit that was a roller coaster


Hm I can’t imagine why they keep getting shitty sitters. 🤔🤔🤔🤔


You get what you pay for.


So, I don't want you picking my kid up unless it's on Fridays, so that I don't have to drive anywhere, in which case I'll give you some "bonus points", which equate to absolutely fucking nothing.


Bonus points is probably a toothy blow job or a janky handy


Fridays you say?


Name checks out?


Or 1 bonus point = 1 Schrute Buck


To be fair (insert Letterkenny riff here) you could exchange 1,000 Schrute bucks for an extra 5 minutes of lunch time. I think Schrute bucks may actually have a higher value.


1 bonus point is probably equal to a Stanley Nickel.


Or a calloused finger up your pee hole.


Where do I sign?!


I'll go for the janky handy


I always question how people will pay nothing for a stranger to watch their kid. A really rich friend pays his nanny like 150k usd maybe even more tbh. Gives him free housing, benefits, life insurance and bonus. The dude protects and drives the kid around to all appts. I'm pretty sure the nanny is ex mossad but they won't confirm with me lol


I saw a couple job listings recently for a nanny in the city (San Francisco) , starting pay $150k. Everything, including a car, room, board, regular hours, extra pay for travel, was in the equation. I’ve never wanted to be a nanny so badly in my life.


Yeah, one of the ladies in a mom's group I belong to refers to these ads as degenerate bait. All you're going to catch is junkies, alcoholics, thieves, abusers and pedophiles.


I’ve been a nanny. Minimum wage, and nickel and dimed to death on top of that.


Maybe he doesn't want to tell you because you go around leaking it on reddit lol.


Because not everyone is really rich that has children? Some people are single mothers who are making $10 an hour at best $150 a week is more than half of their salary.


$10/hour, 40 hour week = $400/week. ½ of 400 is 200… Anyway: Acknowledging that this *might* be a poor person and not a complete cheap-ass: if you’re hiring someone to work for $3.75/hour, whoever accepts that job is not going to be good quality


Tax, social security and health insurance. They'll bring home around $250 each week.


LoL you're cute for believing $10/hr comes with healthcare.


Bonus points not Bonus pay


Might be worth a couple Stanley nickels


Maybe they pay in NFTs?


How many bonus points to a dollar?


What’s the ratio of Stanley Nickels to Schrute Bucks?


Something something leprechauns and unicorns.


Came here for this


Desperately waiting for someone to post this, congratulations




We have to be friends now plz, I am dying laughing as this is the funniest line everrrrrr


Does anyone have change for a button?


I got some lint and a chewed gum wrapped in a receipt!


She really seems to think someone gives a shit about being in her good book lol


How many bonus points does it take to get a Wicked Wango card?


I want a google card! All for a chance to pull the tail on the Hungry Monkey!




Would you except a Bogo coupon instead? That’s like free food, better than money or a card.


I love the “bonus points” that don’t translate into any money or anything lol


Well, maybe it gets you extra time in the bonus round.


No you get more time with here kid. Hence the Bonus.


He is after all, a great baby. You should be honoured.


you get an extra hour in the ball pit after 12 weeks


And no whammies! No whammies!


After getting what works out to a little more than $5/hr.


Bonus points are used to distinguish between all of the applications she'll be getting on this fine offer, of course!


I just gave you a bonus point for that comment.


I can feel it almost lol


Free sub


I pay our sitter $15 to pick the baby from the daycare, make sure he’s cared for and sit on her phone while she sleeps (if she feels like it) on rare days I have to work past 5. I always provide a ton of choices for snacks and give couple of extra dollars past agreed upon hourly wage. I babysat for free for in-laws and they would not provide food, give accurate return times (if any) and I even remember once occasions sent the baby without diapers so I had to walk to the store and buy them out of my own money. I vowed not to be one of those people. After all that sitter is taking care of what is most precious to me. If I could afford to pay double I would.


Fuck babysitting for family, that's what made me stop entirely as a teen. Oh look, just got back from school and mom already promised I'd watch the cousins on a friday. Pay? Haha, it's family, don't you know?


Lots of people don’t even make $15 an hour themselves, I feel bad for some of these OPs because they’re just trying their best to find a sitter. It’s tough out there man


These people need group care. I charge much less than $15 an hour but I am at home, with my kids, and I can take other kids at the same time. These OPs are asking for full time hours while offering way less than anyone could possibly live off of, that doesn’t work.


My sitter, when I needed one full time, was $125/week. She was a stay at home mom with 5 kids of her own, and a friend of a friend. It was more of a favor and a bit of extra cash than actual employment for her, and I couldn't afford anything more than that. And before the "don't have kids if you can't afford them" comments - my kid is my nephew that I took guardianship of after cps got called ok his parents. It was me or foster care, so I made it work.


Exactly. I have fantastic daycare for around $180 a week. In home daycares are around $150 a week (for infants) in my town, with an exception of one that is tied to church who charge $4 something an hour. A lot of in home daycares don’t take babies under 18 months tho. It all depends on a location of course.


Did they think looking after their own kids would be a time-free committment? It's a well known entry condition for having children that they cost a significant amount of both time and money. Or (Lots of time and a bit of money), or (a bit of time and Lots of money) or occasionally both. And that's an ongoing expense that will last for over a decade. I swear a lot of people aren't actually aware of this when they have a baby, it seems to come as a shock to them.. The same way you want to earn money for your time. People who look after your kids for you will need to be paid fairly for their work I can understand paying perhaps, an early teen a lower wage than an adult.. but 150 for *one week* (assuming they mean 5 days) is only 30 quid a day. And that's for looking after "the most important thing in the world to you", come on gang, be realistic


Let’s get this things straight. Who decided to fuck and make babies? People that decided to make babies do not have the right to impose on others. Not without proper compensation. Just because you decided to have a baby, you have the right to take other people’s time for themselves to do whatever they want. I know it’s harsh, but that’s the honest reality of life.


To be fair, they said "$15" not "$15 an hour..." how are you all so sure she meant hourly?


Don’t get kids when you can’t afford them. Simple as that.


That or put them in daycare, or share a nanny. It’s rough… but it comes with a territory.


Where are all these people "getting" kids from?


Kids’R’Us, probably..


The vagina store


If you sat for the in-laws more than twice then the fault is with you (relatives get a second chance unless they do something truly horrible).


I'm sorry, I only work with outstanding babies. Great is just not good enough. Also I never clean up after myself. I leave an absolute disaster zone behind.


Whats an "aiery"?


Probably like an “Avery” but more uNiQuE.


The most precious, special child in the whole wide world


An Airedale?


Might be worth it then. DEATH says as long as the doggie gets on with the feline overlords of course


It's a ladies underwear brand.


why would they need to pick that up on Fridays from the sister?


Because it’s Friday, obviously. When else are you gonna wear your Aieurhee?




A bird sanctuary??


'Early' maybe?


A name you get to spell for people your entire life. Honestly out of all the made up names and celebrity names I thought “Apple” (Chris Martin and Paltrow) was one of the least offensive. And for some reason that name caused a media firestorm. Girls names are already named after flowers, a fruit wasn’t a stretch. I think Apple sounds nice enough, apricot could be good too.


Plus you have to keep him locked in his room all day. 😝


But at least they’re offering bonus points if you can pick their kid up on Fridays. Hmmm, I bet the grocery store will accept bonus points from a random parent as currency, right? Maybe the power company?


What's aiery if I can ask?


That’s one of the kids name!


So in other words Do my job for me because i decided i wanted kids. ​ That CB is even worse as she is still at home while you have to tend to her child


OP may be working from home and can't deal with the distractions. If so they need a better paying job.


I agree that $150 per week is ridiculous. However, I don’t judge her at all for needing childcare while working from home. I cannot adequately do my job and watch my kids at the same time.


150 a week could get you in most daycares…?


Daycare for one kid, full time (5 days per week) cost me $280.


My in-laws pay 150/week in Alabama… but yeah… it’s expensive!


I am in the suburbs of PA. Just outside of Philly. $150 would be a steal around here!


I did in home daycare for a decade. I charged $35 a day. For a 9 hour day. Also offered discounts for siblings. That still seems to be the going rate for most in home daycares around here. $150 a week doesn’t seem particularly low to me. But I live in an area with a fairly low cost of living.


My mom had to pay 1600/month, $800 for each child, it was half her paycheck or more since she couldn't work fulltime since my siblings got sick a lot from daycare.


I currently pay $400 a month to have my housemate (who also does in home daycare) drop off and pick up my daughter from school and watch her about an hour until I get home. The cost of childcare is astronomical, which is why I stayed home for ten years.


Oh my god. Are you serious? You worked for $4 an hour for 10 years?!?


Yeah… I definitely couldn’t live off it. It was supplemental income as my (ex)husband made enough for us to pay the bills. And I only watched 1 kid full time, with a couple others a few days a month. I have my own kids and it was a ton of work. I loved the kids I watched and am glad it allowed me to stay home while my kids were little but I have no desire to ever do it again.


Who would ever pass up a job like this when everywhere is scrambling like crazy to hire childcare workers? /s


Typing '150$' tells me all I need to know about this person.


If those bonus points can be converted into Schrute Bucks, I'm all in.


I bet they never go out. Then call that they are running late and ask the sitter to stay after 3:45. But I hope they deposit more bonus points to their account.


Yup then they probably give them like 50 bonus points for that, which they can then take to Walmart and exchange for a can of black beans.


All day on Friday but has to pick the kid up from their sister? What is the sitter supposed to do? Clean?


Roofing work and chopping firewood, mostly. Some experience laying brick and block a plus. Knowledge of toxic industrial chemicals and hazmat regulations a must.


Must also have a PHD.


Must also also be proficient with excel and making cool animations in powerpoint


I think Aeiry is the other child’s name


I don’t understand these posts that are looking for sitters during school hours? Who are they expecting to attract with that salary? Lol


$5 an hour, you'll need your own car. I can't see the point at all of doing this?


I don’t understand how people really think someone will offer up their services for $150 a week…I’m really tempted to ask if she meant $150 a day just to see what the response is.


Call 911 first, so when she has a heart attack..


My son will do it but he's 11... He'll have to ride on the pegs of his bike


Bonus points or bonus money?


Bonus Points ? Like Chucky Cheese Points ? 10 points = Pencil, 20 Points = Eraser ?


Considering that Chuck E Cheese also lets you pay for additional points in case you don’t have enough, this might be apropos.


I'd do it if they brought the kid to me while I work from home answering emails. An extra 600 a month would be ok.


"Looking for an in home sitter again!" Yeah, because the last 10 times was a failure with their lowball pay. xD


Once you collect 50 bonus points, you can pick a sticker out of the treasure chest.


$5 a hour & she can't figure out why all her sitters sucked? You get what you pay for.


I live in eastern europe and this is insulting even here.


What an absolute joke.


Be sure and get those bonus points too!


...but $150 a week is about the average if I sent the little rugrat to a janky daycare! Of course this seems fair... /s


Can ’bonus’ points be exchanged at the grocery store?


"Bonus points" Do points equate to more money orrr?


When I was 17, I was paid a hundred a week for two kids… she told me she cleared it with my dad


So…you want me to parent your child despite you being the parent???


Even $150 a day isn't worthwhile.


$150/a day is pretty decent money in the society we live in. Especially considering this would be cash and tax free, I'd assume. Assuming an 8-hour work day, that's $18.75 an hour tax free. For most of us, that's good $


Depending on where they live, In the nanny works $18.75 an hour is subpar. Most make at least $20 an hour


Damn, I was gonna make a bonus points joke but I see others beat me to it. I like to go for the low hanging fruit 😆


By bonus points does she mean bonus money?


In 2000 I got 60 bucks to watch 2 kids for a few hours. $150 a week for a baby is insane


But you get ‘bonus points’


Tried clicking the Like button


There's a fucking "track record" of this? Holy shit.


Bonus points… I gigglesnorted


That is a whopping $5 an hour not counting weekends. Nice.


For a grand total of $4.08 per hour. Anyone willing to work for that, you don't want around your kid!


They don't even mention how old the kid is


Hahahah 5 dollars an hour


Hell yeah I love being paid in bonus points I wonder if they’ll let me use them at walmart


Bonus points are coincidentally what the pedophile that’s gunna reply Calls the meager $150 to watch your kiddo


I can totally lose my life for $150/week to a "cool baby"?! Awesome!!!


Thats what i pay my baby sitter and she watches mine 1 hour a day.


More like live my life of responsibilities for 150$ a week while I fuck off


So basically 24/7 babysitting. PLUS you have to clean her house. Which I assume involves doing the laundry (you'll have to buy the detergent 'natch). Probably wants you to fill her fridge with fresh steak and champagne whilst your at it.


WTF is an aiery?


Bonus points can't buy McMuffins


Ah yes, "bonus points". Can't wait to cash those in


Who wants bonus points. I'd want bonus money!!


“Again” 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩


22 dollars a day?! Wouldn't miss that chance for the world.


If you are home then watch your own dam baby.


$4 an hour… even less on friday…


Where do these people come from, if your sitting on you ass at home, watch your own damn kid..bonus points, like exposure, don’t mean shit lady,


In these days where working from home is more and more common, it definitely isn't unheard of to need childcare whilst still being at home. However, it's no reason to underpay childcare just because you're home


Hadn’t thought of that, I married into a ready made family, when I needed my SIL to babysit, I paid her really well, she was a lifesaver and would even pick the kids up, even on short notice, love her to death.


That’s more or less $3.50 an hour


I always find posts like this kinda sad because presumably that person really can’t afford to not work nor can they really afford a sitter


Corrina kopf Mega folder $5 PayPal DM if interested


Aiery?! My phone keeps wanting to change it to sorry.


Keep him in his room all day???? That poor kid.


How many bonus points does it take to buy a gallon of milk?


Maybe they should just watch over there kid like a normal fucking parent for once.


>I'll be home if you need something Why would you need a babysitter then?


Working from home doesn't always let you take time away to mind your children. Meetings, phone calls, and micro managing bosses get in the way.


The only way I would take that job would be to fatten the kid up BEFORE I took him to my gingerbread cottage in the woods.


Designgasmed all over this!


“bonus points” better be doubling the weekly pay


It sounds like they're loaning out their child for $150 a week


But the bonus points!


If you can pick up Aiery then you get bonus points. Sold.


This really depends cause if she only needs you to look over the kid for 2-4 hours per day then 150 a week aint that bad… then yet again where I come from 150 is pretty good sum of money but if she means ALL DAY/every day of the week then she is crazy


What is it about having kids that makes people think others will work for slave wages?


Why they name their kid after a League of Legends rune?


Oh bonus points, please do tell me more....




Will the bonus points pay my rent?


Not /r/ChoosingBeggars: $150 for 40 hours of domestic help is the U.S. going rate. There's thirty million people illegally in the country - where does everyone think they're working? If someone's willing to break the law in hiring someone, why wouldn't they break the law and pay a market rate instead of the minimum wage? An ad like OP posted gets a dozen responses, and several quality applicants to choose from.


Babysit for $5/hr is cheap but not awful if youre a teen who wants to buy something with $150 for a week work cash without any taxes. Although I will say $5/hr was the going rate for babysitting back in 1992.


They say baby but they're not saying the age. I don't know if Choosing Beggar realizes this but there is a huge difference between a three-month-old and a six-month-old. Maybe they did it on purpose but it seems weird that they don't state how old the baby is.






$4/hr Why is this lady's kid worth so little to her


I just did the math, and minimum wage for that amount of time (minus tax) is $174. What the fuck?


Dude, it's more than $150. You forgot the bonus points. That adds up to like $600.