No one messes with smoko 😂

No one messes with smoko 😂


What a bunch of entitled arseholes.


Isn’t that a park right there across the road?!?


yep but eating in a park is ILLEGAL!




Eating on a road isn’t illegal


[I'm on smoko] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j58V2vC9EPc) so leave me alone


i literally just listened to this song this morning for the first time in years haha


At least they aren’t punching horses. More iq has gone in to this protest than the anti-lockdowners


According to [media](https://twitter.com/FerrierSteph/status/1438654550878011394) [reports](https://twitter.com/bridgerollo/status/1438653900664422403), this is a protest about the tea room and eating indoor ban announced yesterday for construction workers.


If so their response is unbelievably childish.


This sub is incredibly divided on whether this is completely justified or babyish. I’m going to back away not today from this thread haha. I can’t even decide whether it’s one way or the other because there’s too many emotions running on this thread lol.


I totally agree. I have no idea which side to take, so I'll bow out of this one.


I put it down to, "I understand, I wouldn't behave this way, but getting mad helps no one". This will pan oyt how it pans out.


Yeah. I like this. I’ll settle with this too.


If you can't decide which way it should be, can I point out they are blocking an ambulance....


I doubt the ambulance is trying to get through,it was probably brought in on standby by police as procedure for protests


My first reaction is "get over it", but I don't think Ive decided yet bx I need more context . Personally I used to always eat mt lunch in my car, I preffered it.


The sub seems to be being brigaded. It's weird.


Someone please call the waaaaaaambulance


it's right behind them. they're blocking it


Childish, but at least it's in the spirit of not spreading covid. They could have sat on the same nature strips that can be seen there and eat without issue. It's the issue with the protests this weekend. They should be able to protest. It would be nice if the way they protested was by doing something like this on the highways major roads etc where they are spread out, and can disrupt peacefully without causing more exposure risk. Instead they are going to cram into the same street in the city until some fuckwith throws shit at the police.


Seems they can't operate their site safely, since clearly tables on a road is a hazard. Maybe large construction should be shut down entirely, that will solve their problem for them...


What a bunch of whingers! We're in a pandemic and they have been granted exemptions at the expense of public health already. You would have thought they'd be grateful that they're allowed to work in the first place, when so many others have not.


Completely uncalled for, shut down these construction sites (which have been source of spread recently in VIC), they can then have their meals at the comfort of their homes. What a bunch of man babies.


Fuck tradies are just the worst people to deal with




Not all tradies. Got my plumber around yesterday to fix a leak. Double masked and a face shield, opened our windows for air circulation and kept physical distance at all times, giving us photo updates via our phones. This bunch, however, are fucking morons who cannot think beyond their own little bubble. One can only hope a semi-trailer smashes through one of their tables (without hurting anyone of course!)


That plumber sounds like a dream! I had a sparky come into my house the other day and when I asked him to adjust his mask so it covered his mouth and nose he acted SO surprised to hear he wasn’t wearing it properly. It’s like 20 or so months isn’t long enough to learn how to cover half your face with a piece of fabric.


As a sparky who works with people like this, it doesn't end. Most tradies think they're above everyone else because they work physical jobs.


Had a bloke tell me “you’re not a worker” because I’m a school teacher and not in some trade


As a plumber I can say that at least half of all tradies are retards. I'm still in my apprenticeship, and I have foremen who have the literary skills of a 10 year old. One asked me how to spell spoon. Another asked me how to spell piece. And they're making so much money, I simply don't understand it.


Lol what. That is the weirdest thing you could have come up with. Better because of physical labour? 😂


It’s usually the industrial tradies, not the residential small business owner types.


They all have an acute and persistent persecution complex. No doubt half of these fucknuckles are planning on protesting tomorrow


Builders*. There's plenty of us in other trades that have *some* sense and don't protest when we're lucky enough to work through a pandemic. These cunts are acting like petulant children.


Couldn’t agree more


Yep my bunnings days have shown me they are entitled asses


Nothing worse than class consciousness and protest!


In protest for the banning of tea rooms on construction sites?




I guess lugging sacks of cement around and dual wielding nail guns doesn't prevent you from being a full blown crybaby. Get ya jab, eat ya lunch outside. Or ya work site is gonna get shut down, and you can eat at home.


Yeah I don’t understand why everyone is saying they can’t eat at all without a table and chairs? Every time I’ve seen a tradie eating they’re just hanging out together on-site. On the closest plank or whatever. I don’t get it, but then again I’m not a tradie.


It depends on the conditions, if it's too hot or too cold or too wet getting a break from the elements can be a life saving during a 12 hour shift.


Laughs in film industry.


Isn’t that part of why eskies were invented? For tradies to sit on and eat their lunch? My dad is an old school tradie in his 60s. Still takes his esky to work to sit on for smoko. He’s laughing at these protests.


Rimworld was right all along. Ate without table, mood -3.


My crew is fully vaxxed, can't eat inside even in shifts. We have been made redundant now, as we can't travel either, but those were the rules. If these guys were eating their lunch at a park someone would be snapping photos and saying "look at this group of construction workers without masks congregating in public"


They wouldn’t though? I think common sense plays a huge part in this rule. They just can’t eat in an enclosed space, that’s it. Isn’t it?


We are way past common sense


Fair enough. I just don’t really understand any of this, emotions are running high on this thread and I can’t seem to have an objective conversation with anyone so I’ll back off this one haha.


They can happily work next to each other all day inside though. Common sense is out the window.


Well fuck me mate plenty of people have been made redundant thanks to these health rules welcome to the party.


Have it in the street. But make sure there's one lane able to move in each direction. And get some of the guys from a traffic management company to put up lights and baracades to keep them safe. I believe the right to protest safely should be upheld. But protests aimed at the government shouldn't prevent everyday citizens being able to go about their day.


Yeah that’s a great point- this isn’t a great way to garner support from the general public, when you’re being a nuisance to them. They could’ve been much smarter about it.


>If these guys were eating their lunch at a park someone would be snapping photos and saying "look at this group of construction workers without masks congregating in public" lol somebody did just that in here a few days ago. 4 tradies eating lunch with about a metre between them on the steps of southern cross


maybe if our lunatic government hadn't made eating in parks illegal


Eating lunch outside is okay today but what happens when it rains? By bargaining agreements they must be provided with somewhere indoors to sit while it rains but the site they're on but now they can't eat indoors if they are stuck indoors. The entire industry is caught between a rock and a hard place when it next rains


Option 1 - continue with risky behaviour that has been significantly driving infections in the current outbreak Option 2 - temporarily accept a modification, eating outside, in your car etc. Perhaps if no option is available, halt work on rain days. Option 3 - shut down all construction until we hit more vax targets. I think given the privileged position construction has had compared to many other industries during the pandemic I strongly doubt will be much support for option 1.


Spoken like a true tyrant


Haha - what a bunch of petulant little children. Sack them and give their jobs to someone who wants to work.


This couldn't make less sense. They're at work...


Oh yeah - you're right! Just sack them then and replace them with people who don't act like spoilt brats during a global pandemic - in an industry that's been insulated every god damn step of the way


I disagree completely with your point, but more concretely who would you replace them with? There is a shortage of skilled workers in the trades as is, people aren't interchangable


What an anarchist you are!


I'm a nurse and our tea rooms have had limits for months. Know what we do? Sit outside, sit on a nature strip, sit in our car etc. None of us have pulled furniture out from the ward and blocked roads. Honestly, grow up.


This 1000x


Yep work in a private surgical practise. We have been eating in the car park for 18 months now. In all weather. I thought all break rooms were banned in all industries for a while now. Guess I was wrong.


Allowed to work while so many have been stood down, and they crack the shits because they have to eat outside during spring. What a joke


With a reaction like this I expect Dan Andrews to close construction on these large sites. This is a piss take of privilege.


Do it! Let’s see if Dan Andrews has the balls to go against the Union which can make or break him.


Dan does not have the balls to go against his largest donor


Dans biggest backers are the unions. This will never happen. He won’t even denounce this protest in the presser.


He can’t, he is in the unions back pocket.


Precious little snowflakes aren’t they? They think they are the only ones who shouldn’t be affected by the pandemic or have to make even the smallest sacrifice to help keep everyone safe. Still remember their huge tantrum when god forbid worksites were closed temporarily… over a year and a half in to the pandemic, that they’d worked the entirety of. Welcome to the pandemic sooks. Guess what, you’re not as special as you think you are. Apparently they are the only ones entitled to behave exactly like normal during a pandemic. They are back at work. Great. All they have to do is eat outside FFS, like pretty much every office worker manages to do in the city. It would have been so easy to walk a few metres to the shady park across the road. But instead they spend all that time setting up a road block of tables like a bunch of fucking childish sooks. Seriously fuck you and your sickening entitlement and selfishness. So over the glorification of tradies in this country. They really need to be taken down a few pegs.


But if the sites got closed, then the essential apartment buildings and office spaces would not get built. Imagine the horror.


I hope that ambulance doesn't have to be anywhere in a hurry


They usually have their lights on if they do


They can be assigned a job at any time though, waiting for tables and traffic to clear if they suddenly get a call wastes time


Yeah I’m sure they’re quite happy to sit there then in that case. Not less time to do their paperwork or maybe even have a meal break themselves


Reddit really went from "tax the rich" to "damn entitled tradies" in 24 hours, it's hard to keep up


Tradies are rich. Unlike professionals you don't have to compete with skilled migrants coming in from overseas, no hecs, and paid apprenticeship. Mind you the work is harder and it puts a real toll on the body


"don't have to compete with skilled migrants coming in from overseas" Breathtakingly out of touch


You can't generalise like that. And why have such a chip on your shoulder about a skilled trade earning money, that most of them slog their guts out for with seven day weeks, early as fuck mornings, and fucked backs by 50-60? If you want to earn 'tradie' money, become a tradie. It's not for everyone


fucked nurses back by age 35 report in. Tradies aren't the only physically demanding job - but unlikely tradies, I don't get to stop and take a break when ever I want - If i stop working, a patient could die....


Moat tradies unfortunately know how to do 2 things. Poorly build a house and drive aggressively in a ute. Not all of them, but working in the industry most aren't to bright.


You 100% have to compete with skilled migrants in the trades


Our government has been using 457 tradies as a weapon to repeatedly cut funding to TAFE over the last decade, of course there are migrants.


You really think trades don't have to compete with skilled migrants? Walk into a commercial job site and find me a plasterer that isn't Asian.


This, literally an entire trades native workforce fucked over because of skilled immigration. My mate got a plastering apprenticeship. Ended up becoming an aged care worker because the wage was so shit


You forgot about that free trade deal that allows Chinese developers to bring Chinese workers on the job on Chinese wages, then ship them home when the jobs done


Not to mention weekend cashies.


What’s going on in this photo? Did they block the road? Are they blocking an ambulance…?


They definitely would have let ambulances through. It's a protest against not being allowed to eat at work. Not saying I agree with it, but that's what it is. A few sites around the CBD have done the same as it's now illegal to eat under a roof


Are they not allowed to eat at all, or are they just not allowed to eat in an enclosed space? Better hope that ambo doesn’t get an emergency…


The ruling was that you can't eat with a roof over your head. That's what has been deemed as inside. So most CBD jobs have no where to eat


>So most CBD jobs have no where to eat Except the massive park right next to them you mean?


So… they’re following the rules but being dicks about it? Why can’t they just set up the tables on the sidewalk? I’m so confused. Thanks for explaining


They're being dicks on purpose. It would actually be illegal to set up a table on the side walk too technically as you'd be obstructing the footpath, but being on the road sends their message clearer. It's the only reason it was posted here after all


>Why can’t they just set up the tables on the sidewalk? Council would come and stop them, like they stopped that commie student group from giving out free meals to the homeless. One government bans you from doing it here, the other government bans you from doing it there, so you say fuck it and do it where you want to.


Poor babies. I don’t get a friggin place to eat at my job. When I am allowed to go there, that is. Where I’d see tradies, more than anyone, walking around with no masks when they’d come in to buy their lunches. Whingers.


Glad to see the construction community throwing everything Victorians have worked for over the last 18 months away... Great blokes. Nearly worse than Gladys


I live in the CBD and basically every construction worker I ever walk past isn't wearing a mask. It is ridiculous and I am never surprised when a construction site becomes an exposure site


Haven't they been eating inside for ages anyway? Hell, probably best for them to eat outside than inside.


I worked in construction for a few months near the start of the year and the amount of ridiculous nonsense at the company I was at simply over masks was just shockingly unbelievable. I know a whole bunch of them started going on about the vaccine being the worst thing to ever exist and talking each other into not getting it. This reaction of a "protest" is the exact thing I'd expect. It's sad and embarrassing honestly, especially from "manly men" tradies.


I think a big issue here is the culture. Like you say, they see themselves as "manly", and we all know the most manly thing to do is put yourself and your colleagues and family in danger because you dont want to wear a mask /s


**The same thing has happened across several industries** why is it the construction works who are the only ones who feel entitled enough to cause a major disturbance over an already tired and overwhelmed population? They're doing it in other locations and cities a well. One on Ballarat Road in Melbourne. Do you think Politician McGee gives a shit about your little tea rooms? I wonder if they would appreciate teachers doing the same thing? leaving their kids inside and heading out for a collective brunch? Or healthcare workers? Fuck the sick, we need 15 minutes to dunk our bikkies and have a chat during a worldwide pandemic. If this was happening outside of a pandemic and lockdown, I'd be cheering them on. But everyone is struggling right now and it feels like they are taking a giant dump on us all.


Nurses aren't allowed to eat/drink on ward while they are in PPE (not even water). They have to go through full doffing and donning to go to the bathroom. Haven't been able to use tearooms. And after their 12-hour shift have marks on their face from the face shield being on all day.


fucking facts when one of these guys suffers from serious bodily harm because they are in a physically dangerous industry, wonder how they would feel if nurses and other health professionals acted in the same way.


>The same thing has happened across several industries > >why is it the construction works who are the only ones who feel entitled enough to cause a major disturbance over an already tired and overwhelmed population? Others have protested, too. The only difference is there's no pepper bullets and truncheons this time.


Not sure why you deleted your comment, it was quite legitimate. >This is a separate protest. You are in favour of lockdowns, and so you think these are separate issues. They're not, really. It's the same government doing the same overreach. But this time they're hitting a group with a powerful union. It's also revealing the divide between the union bosses, who are in bed with the government, and the union members, who aren't. It's a big shift in ALP politics in this state.


Yeah, fuck them. Entitled cunts. Let’s see what Dan’s response is to this. CFMEU out here spitting in his face right now.


a block away from VicPol HQ LOL, whats the bet they do fucking nothing?


Oddly they don't seem to have put out on urgent call for the Public Order Response Team this time.


Vicpol knows that the CFMEU owns Dan.


Everybody knows Everybody knows that the boat is leaking Everybody knows that the captain lied Everybody got this broken feeling Like their father or their dog just died


Why would they do anything?


I mean they usually rock up with the riot squad and horsey units when there are similar numbers of people protesting across the road in flagstaff.


True, but I guess all these tradies have a reason to be there (would be there anyway), and aren't contributing more to the spread than they usually would just working. Helps that it's just a bunch of people sitting around rather than unhinged anti vaxxers. Also going to be like an hour total? Show up, make their statement that they think it's stupid, then pack up and back to work. Will get a bit of media coverage I reckon, and it's already generating a bit of discussion here.


> and aren't contributing more to the spread than they usually would just working. you mean they will continue to be one of the largest causes of spread in Victoria when they return to the worksite? This is probably the safest thing they have ever done.


The construction unions have way too much power in Vic.


“If only unions had less power” - average worker on reddit


Yeah such a reddit moment huh. These same fucks expect "tax the rich", "equal pay", "adequate pay". But hate the very system (unions) that look after the average worker. It's so fucking funny. I love surfing reddit tbh, I can sleep happy knowing i'm not this stupid.


“If only unions were looking after the safety of their members instead of the loudest shit cunts”. Police union didn’t want to man hotel quarantine last year, CFMEU don’t want to work safely this year. Maybe the unions would get more sympathy if they weren’t obsessed with endangering the general public.


If only there were more unions with more members, a lot of the last year and half's nonsense wouldn't have happened.


I've been relatively anti-union my whole life and I must say that these lockdowns have shown me some substantial advantages to Unions in terms of pushing back on insane shit from the government. Given me a lot to think about


My take on this is that if this is ok, then "normal" protests are ok too. If this is not ok, then "normal" protests are not ok either.


Makes you think we’ve come a long way from those images of a bunch of construction workers suspended on a steel beam above a city eating their lunch…….


I mean a lot of them did die aswell, in terms of safety we have. Those guys are just being entitled twats


This is why we have 500 cases a day, well done CFMEU glad to know you back the community efforts to suppress the virus.


Because of people eating outside?


Because Construction has done whatever the fuck it wants for 2 months and gotten a free pass from the state government because the CFMEU have state vic labor by the balls. Whilst the rest of us get our freedoms and ability to work trampled on.


I haven't worked since July as construction is running at 25% anyway. Maybe get your facts straight


120+ cases have come from construction sites in Boxhill, recent outbreak in Ballarat was from a construction site worker. I have mates in trade who say that there site managers are telling them to come in regardless of limits as no one polices them. Maybe you get your facts straight.


What the fuck are they after? Send the government back to the negotiating table with COVID? "How about if you don't infect our construction tea rooms, we'll give you two nursing homes and a preschool?" Bunch of fucking soft cunts.


There are thousands of people who are out of work and these cunts are crying because they’ve been able to work through covid and can’t use their tea room Grow the fuck up you absolute bunch of cunts


Yeah it's pretty hard to feel sorry for them right now. I haven't worked since June and goodness knows when I'll be able to again. So many other people are struggling right now and they want to complain about not being able to take lunch break inside? Idk it's a bit tone deaf


Soft, entitled babies. I live in Melbourne now, originally from country nsw where I'd do labouring for bricklayers and plumbers and I can't remember a single time we ate inside. There was two weeks of over 40° heat where I was digging trenches for a walnut farm, when smoko came round you sat on your esky ate your sandwich, drank your coke and shut the fuck up. I couldn't imagine whinging and asking to eat inside somewhere. Now I'm a student and a bartender so I listen to these soft little babies whinge about how hard lockdown is all the while they are able to work through it and pubs are the first place to lock down and last to open up, so I'm without income for the whole time. these wankers are the same ones I have to constantly tell to put a mask on. Fuck im sick of these weak coffee sipping little bitches. The true Aussie tradie who takes pride in how hard he works is dead, in Melbourne at least.


Tjenare, you nailed the sentiment I think. So many people have lost their work and suffered hardship; construction is allowed to stay open but with the irrefutable evidence of workplace spread these guys still feel the need to protest against sharing some, or any burden of keeping infections down.


A masked tradie is like a rare pokemon in the cbd.


Its funny how much this angers the laptop class


We are involuntarily sacrificing our freedoms so that these shitheads can go to work while many others can't.


Power to the people


Pretty scary how misinformed a lot of you are


Yes it is gross.




Tradies should be grateful they can continue work. Most businesses (retail/hospitality) have been forced to close for months.


I've been forced to close for over half of the time since March 2020. Good on them.


Oh yeah we should be grateful to spend our days shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of non compliant fuckwits. You and the rest of this fucking sub don't seem to realise that a large percentage of tradesmen have their heads screwed on. But nah fuck us all, right?


Idiots can't strike when it matters bur can block a highway when they are asked to follow infection control


[I'm on SMOKO, so leave me alone!](https://youtu.be/j58V2vC9EPc)


I’m confused, are they just not allowed to have a break in a room? Because if so can they not just go to a park and smoke/eat there?


I work in 3 hospitals. Our tea room (used to take 12) now takes four. Our courtyard had the beautiful old azalea hedge ripped out to make eating space (had to buy outdoor heaters). Other hospital where I did Covid screening has 3 chairs in a portable building and 6 in another (20 staff in PPE). Another hospital all chairs and tables removed from our lovely, large cafe. This all happened months ago. Grow up, highly paid, unionised tradies.


Lots of little bitches on this thread. Bahhh


Review has found 73% of work sites weren't compliant. Shut them down.


The babies on this sub would have a meltdown if the big sites that have heaps of workers had their lunch on the footpath. *Reddit I’m literally shaking right now. I just got back to my apartment and there’s literally hundreds of construction workers blocking the footpath right now eating their meat pies and chugging their energy drinks and they aren’t wearing masks and they are swearing. I’m so shook what should I do?*


It's non stop on this sub, and then people have the fucking nerve to say that no one would judge them if they had no masks eating at the park together


You just know they would whinge about their permitted outside time being ruined because their park has been invaded by men in fluro and any rubbish left behind.




That was disturbingly accurate.


hahha very true


The irony is the workers are being the cry babies here and their little tantrum is disrupting everyone else lol.


Good on them. These restrictions have gone way too far, glad to see some push back from Unions. Funnily enough I have been someone who has been somewhat against Unions my whole life, now I must say I can see the point in having unionised workers able to take a stand for their working conditions and rights. Given me a lot to think about.


Such petulance. They've been allowed to work the whole time (probably on pretty good money), and they throw a tantrum because they can't sit inside to eat. They can still have their breaks. They can still eat. They have plenty of outdoor area to choose from, but they choose to ruin it for everyone around them.


This thread clearly shows who sits at a computer all day and who doesnt. Jfc.


yeah, me and my fellow workmates all sit in front of a computer all day long. in a kitchen, making food. working 14 - hour shifts with MAYBE one shitty 30min break out the back on a milk crate. Your comment shows how ignorant you are of all other industries. The huge majority of pissed off people are working on their feet in physical roles, and have been subjected to tougher measures than all of you snowflakes. Guarantee that Melbourne would slow down much quicker if essential workers stopped for protests along main roads. You want people to get behind you and support your message? \*whomp whomp\* you failed.


Like the nurse who just replied.. surely, you nailed this one.


Normally I'm not amused by the antics of these guys but this is fucking hilarious.


Fair call. Workers are entitled to eat undercover


Dont hate the players, hate the game.


These guys are the union members building Parkville train station near Melbourne Uni. I’ve been working around them a lot, but I’m not a union member. Watched the protest from afar while continuing to work. Those guys have been eating outdoors every day now for months already. This protest wasn’t about the eating for most of them- it was about the restriction that workers from regional areas can’t travel to the cbd to work- which makes _no fucking sense_ as those are areas where restrictions were reduced, so if anyone should be coming in, it’s those guys who just lost their jobs. Everyone here is accepting the Murdoch take they’d normally question.


They shouldn't ban on site, undercover eating. They should ban construction.


You know what the ol lazy tradie saying is: 1hrs work, 2hrs break.


I'm on [smoko](https://youtube.com/playlist?list=RDj58V2vC9EPc&playnext=1) so leave me alone.




The work the whole time while flouting rules and causing 1 in 3 cases guys protesting that they can’t eat in their litttle tea room are definitely not babies though


How to get your entire industry shut down for a month: Step 1.


I just want to get back to work Been stood down without pay for over a month now, again Got a mortgage, a wife and 3 kids to support I don’t care if I don’t get Nice biscuits with my Bushells when Im allowed back, I’d be happy just to be earning a wage again


Good on 'em


Losing access to tearooms is a bit ordinary, but there's much more at stake: they could be shut down entirely like much of the rest of the community. The protest is a disproportionate response.


So people hate protestors until it’s a totes hilarious straya meme haha


What a bunch of sooks! I thought tradies were supposed to be tough!


What an absolute bunch of deadshit gronks. Can’t believe it took almost 2 years for the Gov to figure out the high vis brigade think they are above the rules. Is it arrogance, intelligence or some tough guy mentality?


Best call I've seen today: https://twitter.com/ajmckenna/status/1438659669535297536 > maybe they could just go maskless to their local cafe or 7/11 like they normally do right?


Is that the whaaambulance we can see in the distance? SMH at these childish dickheads. If that's the worst thing you have to deal with, just deal with it. A lot of people are doing it a lot worse.


Overpaid, undereducated, lazy, entitled wankers.


They close the road?


They really gotta clean up King St.


As if they wouldnt let an ambulance go past. You people are wild. Calm down lmfao.


Nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana smokooo!


I’m on smoko - so leave me alone?


Good on ya lads Batman St XD


Healthcare and we have had our common areas/lunch rooms closed since last year. Haven’t seen us walk out on the job and cause a fuss like this


They on smoko? Can't tell


If it's not safe for them to be in the smoko hutt it can't be safe for them to work together. Send em home paid.


Everyone thinks tradies do nothing, like their houses build themselves, their plumbing, and their electricity, the buildings they’re working in 🙄


Setting up this protest was the most work these lazy cunts have done in years.


The amount of people judging others while skirting lockdown laws to suit themselves is unbelievable. Someone close to me praises dan, ridicules protestors, antivaxxers and basically any opposing view. Yet when they need help moving furniture and other odd jobs during a renovation theyre doing they had no hesitation asking me to break lockdown rules 3 times now. I've heard and seen as much almost every day (I'm an essential worker for council) I've sat on the fence during this pandemic, I abide by the rules as much as is reasonable yet I understand both sides, and I deffinetly disagree with vaccine passports or mandates. Now I'm not claiming my position is correct, each to their own, I will however Say I'm not a hypocrite like so many I witness every day. So far as the person close to me goes, I did go and help because that's what I believe in helping those I love, I risked a fine and other repercussions including Covid itself to help someone whom, by the way they preach on social media, would have me fined. The point being they're a hypocrite for asking for my help. I might be wrong, even on the wrong side of history but I'm not a Hypocrite.


Construction site suck enough already and now they have nowhere eat. Where do they expect them to eat if not in the tearoom? Also they work on top of each other all day and cram into lifts all day. Closing the tearoom is just down right stupid