They like spicy noodles, peanut butter, hot pickles and corn chips


Me too. That'll make it easier.


The guards like to come home and their yard is mowed by a kind stranger.








Now this is thinking efficiently


Don't even take the knuckles, just take the nails so he deals with constant infections and life long pain after a few years (they won't grow back after enough pulling) then it'll just be exposed nerves. He'll want to cry EVERYTIME he hits them, shakes a hand wipes his ass and gets an infection... I got too into this for no reason other than fuck that dude


Do we get to the toes or not yet??


What's that, you've run out of fingers? Oh well, I guess this could pass as a finger, we'll take this instead. *Snips penis*


Send me his balls in a jar


Would you like some fries on the side with that?


*Spits out testicles* EW gross, fries are full of trans fats


Gotta remember about the toes


They got cell phones inside. They could facetime you.


I heard on a prison Youtube channel that mackerel is good as gold in prison. Guess who’s showing up twice of month, with a ear-to-ear smile, holding a crate of cigarettes and mackerels for my new best friend! Edit: changed tilapia to mackerels. Found my source, FPSrussia’s prison stories, and it was mackerel’s, not tilapia.


As someone who's been to prison, .... tilapia? wtf are you watching? Rice and beans all day long in Fed. Just put money on their canteen..... way easier


Lmfao tilapia? In the *chain gang???*




$$$ all day long


Picante beef ramen


Ayo bunkie


Some prefer syrup.


Should it be sent in a salad bowl?


I like jelly


50-100 dollars worth of stamps will get the job done


Are cigarettes as currency still a thing?


Nah they stopped doing those. Ramen is the new currency




Until you realize 50 dollars of ramen is 2 lockers full and would look suspicious af trying to transport


Walking around looking like SpongeBob


I’m just thinking of the crinkling sound. Struggling to walk in a way that would make it crinkle less, but it’s impossible.


Take it out of the original packaging and into a ziploc (or vacuum sealed bag), do the same with the flavor packaging and you're golden. Well as far as sound goes.


This made me laugh way too hard, thanks for making my day


They use stamps.


Nope, bundles of tobbacco are a thing though. 50 for a ball a little bit bigger than a toothpaste cap


Can you explain that? I don't understand


They go off sizes instead of weight in there. You know how your weed dealer runs outta baggies so he gives you your 2 grams in a corner of plastic walmart bag all tied up? Same deal, only with weed, tobbacco, K2, etc. It gets weighed outside then broken down inside based on the universally agreed upon correct sizes lol. Its easy to roll and light so thats no big deal, get a pocket bible paper and pop a socket so it makes a spark that you can use to make a flame kept alight by a wick made of cotton and toilet paper I did 6 years, Ive seen it all lol


Pop a socket? Sorry never been on the inside


Its when you take a piece of razor blade, stick it in one slot of a wall socket, then take a razor handle or a bit of wire with another piece of blade embedded in the broken handle sticking out, and a pencil (or at least the lead) and touch them all together to make a big spark that you can make a fire off of. Its a 2 man job sometimes, but if youre like me you hold the pencil in 1 hand while holding the razor handle/wire in the other and gripping the wick in between your pinky and ring fingers of the same hand lol


1- can't you run a risk of accidentally touching the wire and having the current run through your hand and kill you instantly? 2- What'd you do to get 6 years in the first place? Am Curious


Honestly when that happens, the worst that goes down you shock yourself a bit and knock the power out for the whole pod/cell block. Did that once, I immediately went to bed lmfao I committed an aggravated robbery when I was 17. Texas treats 17 as an adult, and despite having all the check marks ticked (military family, good grades, etc) for a high chance of reformation, they decided to give me 7 years regardless due to my being a "criminal mastermind" (I stg thats what they said in my paperwork, still makes me chuckle today). My state says you have to do at least half on any aggravated sentence, but what they dont tell you is youre guaranteed to be denied your first parole on said sentence. That plus being on a unit that was constantly locked down then being forced to take a 6 month class all added up to 6 instead of the 3 1/2 I was supposed to do


As in an electrical socket. Put some wire in there to make a spark for flammable objects.


It means to open the electrical outlet and use the wires to create a spark.


Also did 6 years. That sucks that you had to go all macgyver to get high. My first year before i went sober i was taking bong hits and drinking rakija with one of the wardens who was cool with me lol.


I think they’re saying compressed tobacco? Maybe concentrated? No idea






Already has been done. Believe that.


Agreed. Id be putting money on someone’s books


He got off easy


Let's just hope he somebody's girlfriend in prison now




Brains are machines. People can’t really control how their mind works. Better to just move on for personal well-being honestly.


For sure, it wouldn’t be easy for me to be in the same room as that mf and not want to claw his eyes out. I’m not sure if its worth being tased and detained tho


Totally worth it


That’s probably true. Whoever that scumbag is, he’s probably blowing dudes for extra ramen noodles right now. His life is already over. Go out there and live in the free world!


I just feel bad for the sister or wife, the woman screaming and obviously horribly distressed by this whole thing.


Truly traumatizing


Kinda wish they would just let the sons dish out justice. Might make would be murderers think twice…


i had a stroke trying to read that last sentence


LMAO! Yo my brain for some reason read it correctly the first time. I didn’t realize how poorly that was worded til I saw your comment lol.


Me too lmao


Damn, I wonder how the bailiff felt having to arrest people who he probably sided with. Horrible all around


The bailiff who dealing with the brother at the head end doesn't see to be trying too hard to stop him.


“Hey stop” “No” “Ok I tried. Continue”


Honestly can’t even blame him. I don’t think I would be able to sleep at night for a solid decade if I had to 100% defend a mother murderer with all I had without letting the victims at least get two or three free shots off. I know not everyone has the best relationships with their parents but if they’re willing to fight their way through cops to get to the guy who killed their mom she must’ve at least have been a decent parent


can't blame him to be honest


Me neither, he isdping exactly what he should, enoughto not lose his job but not enough to stop the lowlife getting the beating he deserves.


If one of them played it right they could have discharged the taser a few times and "missed."


“OH NO! There’s something in my eye!” **Tazes mr.murder’s right butt cheek**


I would literally be like pantomime wrestling and hand-fighting him while whispering *go for the eyes, quick, before I have to pull you off. Come on, jam a thumb in there, do you some permanent damage, make him remember!*


The one came in with a taser though


I've seen a couple of these and always thought that if I was the bailif/officers whatever they are called that Id let them get some hits in while I try to restrain them, trying to be as discreet and not obvious as possible. I'm sure as hell I'd want a piece of the person who killed my loved ones too!


*whispering* “yo man get a kick in while i cuff you” “oooh no he stomped his head”


Officers throw in a punch or 2 for good luck.


*Suddenly has a heart attack as they jump the stand* “Damn. And I had 2 weeks till retirement”


Mothers are something that can never be forgotten, and for someone to take that from you… now that’s fucked up


I totally understand and I'd honestly try the same thing and I'd gladly put my arms behind my back afterwards and spend a few weeks in jail. It's like the dude who shot his son's rapist in the head and killed him at the airport. Judge kind of understood the situation and he was let go with probation. I'd link to the case I'm talking about but, I'm a garbage man and I'm about to head out. I pick up trash like this for a living.


For anyone who doesn’t want to read the convenient link below, the person above me is talking about Gary Plauché. He killed Jeff Doucet, who had raped Plauché’s son. What the above commenter didn’t mention is that Plauché shot Doucet ON LIVE TELEVISION. There’s a recording of the event you can see online. Plauché pled no contest to manslaughter which was a plea deal down from murder 2. Frankly, that in and of itself is amazing considering there was a massive amount of evidence that it was premeditated. He was sentenced to seven years in prison, but it was suspended indefinitely and he only ended up with five years of probation and 300 hours of community service. My favorite part of the trial is this: > Judge Frank Saia ruled that sending Plauché to prison would not help anyone, and that there was virtually no risk of him committing another crime. That’s justice right there. Also, fun fact for anyone reading, you as a juror can do essentially the same thing that Judge Saia did. It’s called “jury nullification” and it’s basically where all jurors get together and say “yeah, we know he did it, but it was justified so we will be ruling ‘not guilty.’” Jury nullification is not illegal, but mentioning it at all will likely get you dropped as a juror.


I remember watching this and remembering him saying his kid was constantly scared and not the same, and he didn't want his kid to be afraid anymore. God, I think everyone can relate to this father and understand or have some compassion for him and his family.


Remember listening to a podcast, possibly radio lab about nullification


I think [this](https://allthatsinteresting.com/gary-plauche) is what your talking about


Well... hello emotions


Too much feels when i'm reading this. I would've do the same if that were happen to my family.


That dude is an idol & I'd do the same shit


They knew he would be allowed to live and their mother would be denied justice so they did the right thing get it off their chests as much as possible


3 meals a day, possible job, a bed with dreams every night and homies to brag about for the next 40 years, what a goddamn disservice.


He killed someone’s mother; i don’t think he’ll be doing much bragging, or if he does he won’t keep it up long.


Lotta people in prison for murder. They killed someone's son, daughter, brother, sister, mother father, aunt, uncle... You don't see or hear about people getting the pedo treatment for murder usually unless it's from someone with a direct connection to the victim.


Crimes against women aren't typically handled well in prison. Especially against mothers.


I can't tell of this is sarcasm or not. The way people view the prison system in the US really is fucked up. You're making it sound as though he's going to some sort of all inclusive resort with some friends or that your idea of prison is the one shown in goodfellas. The 3 meals a day are given to you when they choose to give them, the food is garbage, the "job" is practically slavery given that prisoners that do manage to get jobs are paid pennies. And the homies in prison are your homies as long as you do what they say. But most of all that's 40 years where you miss out on all of the major events in the lives of anyone you might have cared for, 40 years of no new experiences and becoming a fading memory to the world. I am not saying this guy deserves a good life with 3 nice meals in a comfy bed with a dream job, but I don't see how killing him does anything but temporarily soothe a primal desire of revenge. The woman this man killed will never be brought back to life, don't you think the best thing that could come out of this heinous crime is for the person who committed it to at least try to become a better person and actually have an opportunity to "work" and learn while in prison in order to at least bring something positive to society?


Honestly, to your last point, no. There are SO many people on this planet. I have zero interest in finding out if a convicted murderer can be rehabilitated.


People adjust especially if your institutionalized, idk if you know people who went in but some people actually prefer prison than the free world after a while, you would be surprised


Those people are likely to have nothing waiting for them on the outside, or what's waiting for them is what helped land in jail in the first place. No one wants to stay there unless the alternative is worse.


Yea Im not saying they want to go in, but my point is after years of being locked up people get used to it I’ve seen it. Some have respect inside more than outside, it’s a different world. Like you said, if they have nothing going on, which a lot don’t, Prison isnt really shit to some people


Normalizing a traumatic existence. Thanks industrialized private prison system!


Legalized slavery




nope, violent criminals should treated with violence.


It's literally the idea that the motherfucker can laugh and talk about it to some other piece of shit that makes me pro death penalty. For some crimes, the closure for the survivors is all that matters.


spot-on. the POS won't get the punishment deserving of the crime committed. CP is the only way to fix this.


i'd barely call that living


He gets to eat , breath , and sleep yep it’s living and he doesn’t deserve it


There are some sick mfs who thrive in sabotage.


Hopefully officers werent injured, but this should be a given as part of a guilty verdict. Let the loved ones have opportunity to dish out some of their own before prison.


Full Nelson and 3 minutes of body blows... each


Jesus 3 minutes if body blows would be awful. 3 body blows would be fucking awful if your handcuffed. I'm talking about me as an innocent person getting them. Not a comment on if this guy deserves that awfulness. I just imaging the body blows while I'm eating breakfast


All the people Would just end up dying in the three minutes like Houdini but 100 punches instead of one


Like in that scene in Airplane?


I've watched too much porn for this comment...


Weird seeing such a bad idea so highly upvoted.


This is a sub for people who enjoy watching others fight, it's not surprising they're into (supposedly vigilante) violence.


And if they die, they die.


I salute these fine gentlemen


Ugh i hate these curves in the justice system sometimes. Let a MF get a bit of revenge.


If I was that bailiff- "Oh...^no. Stop. Quit. Please."


***picks dirt out from finger nails*** The horror. Oh ^^^nooo. Huh, is Pluto still not a planet?


My taser is still charging. Should be ready in at least 30 seconds!




Slippery slopes are scarier…


Unfortunately, in a justice system that works off of justice and not emotion, we wouldn’t have punishments fueled by emotions like revenge Not that we have a good justice system now. But in a good one…


I mean, i get why people are pissed at stuff like this, but the justice system for all its imperfections literally exists to take the responsibility for justice out of the hands of the victims (family) going back hundreds/ thousands of years depending on where, getting justice or revenge fell on the hands of the family, and was up to their discretion of exactly what or how badly to get justice/revenge. maybe someone killed your mother, so you and your family would get together to kill the murderer. except maybe their sense of justice was an eye for an eye, so they killed the murderer's mother, who was completely innocent. so the original murder would try to further get revenge, and so on and so on. except maybe the original murderer was a noble, and so they couldn't get revenge. or maybe flip it, and a noble's son fell from his horse and broke an arm, so the noble would kill the farrier in 'justice'/revenge. There are literally blood feuds in history that go on for hundreds of years, of family continually trying to get justice or vengeance. sometimes deservedly. sometimes not. but the privatization of justice is simply a god-awful idea, and we have literally thousands of years of proof. moving justice from a private affair to a public one, administered by (at least nominally) impartial individuals is, while obviously not a perfect solution, far better than the only alternative that we have thus far seen. that said, i understand when people from this video lose control, and have sympathy for them, but indulging them in revenge (especially in circumstances where there is enough evidence of innocence that they can avoid punishment, is literally how we get things like the mafia, and other similar extra judicial organizations.


Well, you would have been saying the same thing if the fathers got ahold of the West Memphis Three and beat them to death in the court. You would have been pumping your fist and praising justice. The problem is... the West Memphis Three were completely innocent. It's why you can't have stuff like this.


This should be a simple 2 minutes in the penalty box.


Minor for roughing. But worth it to protect your key players.


Likely penalty for 2nd man in as well. And if they came off the bench that'd be misconducts


fuck his shit up son god speed


I hope they didn’t get arrested


They had to be. You can’t fuck around in a courtroom. That said, I think judges are usually lenient when shit like this goes down.


Right? That has to be 20 hrs community service, max.


Get some licks in on your mom's killer and get some sunshine cleaning up a highway? I'd take that deal.


Hopefully they just cuffed em for the cameras, took em to the back and let them go


I had a friend who's little girl was murdered. At the sentencing I saw my buddy chatting with a couple prisoners. I asked what it was all about. They told him they were going to take out that guy in prison. Said everyone hates rapists and they really hate anyone that does anything bad to children. I know that my buddy felt a bit better after that.


Did they take him out?


I don't think they did, but I know he was badly beaten several times.


What court room has prisoners standing around that you can freely chat with?


The one and ONLY time you want officers to stand and wait in the hallway no matter what they hear. It just struck me how poignant this example is. The function of law enforcement is make sure that "justice" is only served by law enforcement. I know that sounds stupid but humor me for a second. LE will actively engage and arrest citizens trying to stop violent people more readily than they will engage the violent people themselves. It is more important that they are in control of handing out punishment than it is that the wrongdoers are actually punished. The enforcement arms of political power will retain that power above improving communities. There is a reason that decisions like Warren v DC and Deshaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services were decided like they were. I encourage you all to read those cases, even without emotion, they plainly state that government entities have no legal requirement of care or duty to their citizens.


Monopoly on violence.


It’s punishment and money. They get to dole out punishment and at the same time, the more people they arrest, the more money is brought in, thus more raises when budgets are discussed. This system will eventually collapse if something isn’t done to reign it in.




Probably catch Hep C from that dirtbag too


Right? In school I was a "dirty" fighter. Multiple times I was in the principal's office being guilted and shown bite marks on another student that tried to beat me up. It's absolutely fair game imo. If I got close enough I'd take a chunk out of his neck. Seriously though, I'd be waiting for this scumbag to get out of prison if he killed my mom. These guys are gonna be suspects #1 and 2 if that murderer ends up in a ditch now and he just gets a few punches? No, I'd make plans


I would like to know if the sons got off, because this is a natural reaction


Doubt it, I don’t think there was anything sexy about it at all


Come on man


I read that in Lightning McQueens voice and I really dont know why




That would be a pretty fucking horrible precedent to set no matter how you feel about this case in particular that you actually likely know nothing about.


It really depends... They absolutely were going to get held and punished for contempt. It's up to the judge how they want to handle it. Usually, it'll be a few days for contempt, then allow the DA decide how to pursue with charges. Cases like this don't fair well in court, as the chance of jury nullification is astronomically high. So they usually press some sort of charges, just for the sake of upholding the rule of law, and offer a great plea deal of something like community service of a few more days in jail. But it can go the other way where the judge sees this as a massive undermining of their courtroom and decide to make an example out of them. That's pretty rare, but it definitely happens.


Yes arrest the guys who wants to beat the guy who killed their mother lol God forbid I kill a cop though and I get kidnapped by 20 of them beat and missing and yeah...after all that I committed suicide so I must've beat myself.


Heh heh. You said “beat myself”. Heh heh.


I miss Bevis and butthead


No no It’s true the police have a habit of acting like when someone kills a police officer it’s somehow worse than a non police officer being killed and they get all vindictive against pretty much anyone who crosses their path it’s dumb


According to a link someone else posted, the sons were charged and sentenced to 30 days in jail. I’m certain they feel it was worth it.


They were probably heros in jail


Let them rock


Disney could make so much money by allowing this to go on after selling us some tickets.


Well done. He deserved more. Unfortunate that the "law" decided to intervene.


Glad they got some licks in.


Should have just let them do their thing while he’s hand cuffed, no one would care and they’d feel a lot better 🤷🏽‍♂️


Should \*have


Good sons.


It was worth it for them no doubt




I'm legit surprised that stuff doesn't happen more often.


Assault is Assault. These men should be arrested and locked up in the same cell as the man who murdered their mom for 24 hours. If there happens to be a glitch in the cameras for that cell during that time, so be it.


[They were both charged.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1029201)




I don't disagree. I'd bludgeon someone with whatever I could get if I was only a few metres away from the someone who murdered my Mother or loved one. I'm sure there aren't many who wouldn't want too.


It's all fun and games until the tasers come out.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they get more time in jail then the murderer with our fucked up court system


Get em boys


I think murder of a family should be put in a room with the family for 10 minutes


Fuck yea




But why did they have to tasse the sons they could bring more cops to separate


These are Court Officers(Bailiffs), not cops. Police don't usually hang out in Trial Courts. They got tazed b/c they had to get control of the situation. Better that, than them being hit with billy clubs. I feel for the brothers, I definitely do. I hope they weren't charged.


Thanks didn't know the difference, and yea mom is gone and that guy is still gonna live is unfair but is life Even tho they could give at least 20min alone with the family to ""talk"" About it


They both got 30 days each


Sounds like justice been served


If I’m the officer I would probably slip and fall in my earnest to stop the attackers! While at the same time, hurting my throat in the rush so the best I could do is to whisper: “Stop! This is the court of law where justice is served! Stop!”


You'd make a great pig




Reddit moment.


that mfucker is lucky the police and judge were there forsure


Don't blame them one bit for losing it, even though they've now set themselves up to be locked up too.


I honestly can’t blame them … I’d do the same


Good for them, i would have done the same thing.


Give them 5 (minutes)


how was their mother killed? would like to read a news article.


Justice system is a joke just a way to make money ....let the sons avenge their mothers death ...death is permanent...why use tax payers money to keep him locked up while being fed even if it's just bread and water and free health care..


Too bad they didn’t kill him


Sooooo many top comments just imagining the worst violence possible, getting total joy at the idea of torturing someone, fucking crazy.


Don’t blame them at all