It could be the fuel line leading to the cold start valve. I believe 86 and earlier m20’s had the csv. I wouldn’t drive that with fuel leaking in the engine compartment at all until you locate it and fix it. That video is not a very good video to be able to diagnose anything.


I'll look up the location of the csv, if that valve itself is leaking, maybe that's why it stops when the temperature goes up after a couple min? I think I'll take this to a mechanic to look at it, as you say it's not a good idea to drive around with a fuel leak and this is probably beyond my current capability to fix. Thanks crikey!


I took the car to my neighborhood garage, they threw it up on the lift and cleaned the bottom of the oil pan, gearbox and surrounding pieces with engine cleaner. Also topped up water & windshield fluid. No leaking when it was at the garage (of course). I'm going to let it cool down again and see if it continues to leak on next startup, and go back so we can hopefully isolate the source next time. I think it's fuel by the smell, so a hose leading to the csv could make sense, but we'll check the other fluid levels as well, it was pretty dirty underneath. I also looked up csv in the Bentley (pp 6-40:41), and will see if they can do the test as directed if it looks like the leak is still there. The valve is at the top of the engine, and it wasn't leaking during warm operation (either at the valve or at the bottom of the engine). I'll open the hood next time to see if there is a leak at the top of the engine, it's hard to see if there are connected hoses that run along the bottom but that will be next. Thanks crikey and everyone!


Cold start valve is underneath the intake on an m30. Check realoem.com to double check on your particular m20.


Could you tell us what the liquid is? This can help eliminate…well everything


Looks like fuel


water pumps are designed with a bypass whole when the seals go out... bad water pump


Guys, what are we even doing? Are we playing guess the fluid? Step 1: Dip your finger it in and smell your finger, you should 100% be able to tell if its fuel or not. Step 2: If it doesn't smell like gas its coolant; get a coolant pressure tester from harbor freight and pump it up to 15psi, see where its leaking. If its fuel, its likely coming from the back of the fuel rail; pre 88 fuel rails have their main feed near the firewall side of the rail. Again, raw fuel is very pungent, touch near every fuel line termination and smell your finger after. Up that high you really only have 3 sources for fuel to leak; the FPR, the fuel rail, or the fuel cooling lines (green lines, not found on newer E30's). If its coolant, you'll find it with the pressure tester; likely a coolant connection at the back of the head. If the pressure test comes back fine, and its not fuel, you're likely leaking coolant in between your headgasket (really worst case scenario).


What liquid? Looks like fuel or coolant


agree it looks like fuel or water


Turn the car off andJump your fuel pump relay and see if it leaks, dont test for a fuel leak with a running car. Either way have a fire extinguisher handy


If that’s fuel leaking right into the headers turn that shit off before you burn your car


Just don’t start up


Awwww, you got there before me dammit


So this is how car fires start…


>86/325es leak on start-up - looking for advice Get the leak fixed


Based on the ambiguity of the post, this is the only relevant response.


Last two times I started the car, after it sat for a week, this leak occurred, but after driving for a couple minutes the leaking stopped. Any ideas on cause and possible resolution? Thanks!


it's takin a piss. radiator or external expansion tank. Common problems.


What’s it smell like? Fuel, no smell or a sweat smell equals coolant/water. Once we know that we can help you troubleshoot.


Update today: started up cold this morning and looked more closely under the hood, found what appeared to be a leak from a three-way tee fitting at the back of the engine, which I didn't notice before. It was more easy to see after cleaning up the engine a bit. This is a fuel line to the fuel injector at the top of the engine, and it looks like it was leaking down the engine, which I saw from below in the video (thought it was coming from underneath the engine at first). New hose clamps in place, let's see if this fixes the problem... Thanks all!