Yes, I want to use a flask to summon Torrent again


Are you SURE? It will use a flask, you know.


I don't think he really wants to use a flask, he clearly needs to think it over some more; he hasn't considered the consequences.


Um.. ukhm, sir? There is this dragon approaching…


Not important. Need to think about the flask situation.


Better put No as a default. Just in case, you know.


For gods sakes, just gimme the damn horse!


I have ten of the damn things for the last time yes




Are you sure? You only have 12 left


#YES!!! Oh well nvm it's too late


its okay, torrents alive again, and your in a safer place now, no problem at all.


Your 2 million runes are tucked safely away where you left them. Go get them.


Please use your invisible mouse courser while fleeing death to make your selection.


This is why I use controller. I click 2 buttons and I have goat horse back


Are you *sure* his life is worth an entire flask of mana that can be restored at any site of grace or by killing any band of enemies?


I can't tell what irritates me more this or the fact people have called this a "fair" and intentional "punishment" for "letting" Torrent die.


wait what? you wanted to target the massive god in front of you instead of the goat? weird.


I remember fighting a death rite bird and being unable to target it because I kept locking on to fucking snail monsters


Just so you know, you've used a stone sword key. I imagine you knew this already as you must have knowingly used it when we prompted you before, but now that you are walking past the door to where the hostile enemy is waiting, i just thought I'd remind you that you have successfully used your stone sword key. For your safety we have disabled the ability for you to fight the thing that is now, currently attacking you from beyond the stone sword gate. Please confirm the reception of this notification so that you can fend of your attacker, thank you. edit: genuinely glad i'm not the only person that forgets to clear the notification and suffers for it. edditt: also i'm sort of cursed because i play with a nintendo pro controller so my face button inputs are rotated 90 degrees so its a little funky.


Why not just have it flash like the Beast Eye near Deathroot? Ridiculous


Took me 170h to realize I can remove the message with Y or triangle (xbox/ps4)


I accidentally hit boc’s bush with a twin blade and killed him


RIP he was beautiful


I killed him in the cave by accident when I hit the wrong button - felt horrible...


Me standing in front of massive enemy: Let's do this Aimlock: squirrel!




Was gonna say dragonflies and then they zip all around janking the camera all over making me nauseated while a crab is attacking me 😂


Oh did you need to see the giant monster? Are you sure you don't want to look at a little flying fuckface instead???


All the (Put a name here) hero’s grave. It was a nightmare in my first run. I hate the carriages, and it was very satisfying to destroy all of them in Auriza.


They really should not oneshot you. Thats so annoying, to run through the whole dungeon again and again.


they were recently patched to do 50% damage


That is amazing, love that change! :)


Literally did not know this until last night. I saw the chariot coming and was way too close just said “well, guess this is it. I humbly accept my fate”. Got hit once, got hit a second time, still did not die. I thought “oh shit! This armor rocks!” Then at another hero grave the same thing happened and realized “nope, patches”.


No, patches didn't help you there. You probably already killed him.


At a certain vigor and defense level they don’t one shot you. One of my characters takes 3 hits to go down from them


Thats pretty cool. I had my Vigor decently high, and never survived. Maybe pumping it beyond 45 does help.


60 is where you start to see diminishing returns that make it hardly worth the cost of a level


Preceptor Miriam is a stupid POS


Thats the one in the tower right? FUCKKKKK that.


yepppp I didn't rage at anything to the level I raged at that stupid wizard nerd, topped off by the fact I spent forever killing them before I even got the item to spin the tower, and they RESPAWN once you do the spin, so now you get cheap shotted and run away from all over again, legit, I hate no boss in the game like I hate that stupid little nerd in their stupid little tower.


I was still a stupid wizard nerd myself then so I could just keep sniping them from a safe distance


Getting beat to death while admiring a "gate has opened somewhere" message.


Or “Stonesword key was lost on use”


Dear God that got me so many times in catacombs. The imps didn’t make it any better.


Being ganked by dogs and rats in this game. Fuckers won't even let me move


This may be the only game I’ve ever played where you can give a veritable Demi-god a sound beat down then immediately die to four rats.


Beastial torch found in cealid at one of the merchents. It scares most animals enough to keel them from mawing you as long as you don't get tok close.


I actually love you for spreading this information I never knew that and it will be a life changer I wish you the best I hope you become elden lord irl


It doesn't work on rune bears. Of course not. Why would it. I really gotta put my foolish ambitions to rest.


What's that I killed every shard bearer and beat the game, I should be able to kill a bear? No sorry I will be running past them I enjoy living.


It’s kinda fitting. You begin at the bottom and strive to take down those at the top, and the rats are the same…


The rats below the Madness Tower still give me nightmares


Can you perhaps say that they *drive you mad?*


And birds. I fucking hate the birds


gotta slaughter every dog, rat, and bird you see


Getting oneshot by astel for 30 minutes, then running into him again in a dungeon


>running into him again in a dungeon Wait what? ...Fuck


I remember posting on this sub, "Guys! I finally just beat Astel!" and someone commented "Real Astel or baby Astel?" My heart sank


Is the Ranni quest line the big one? Please tell me it’s the big one.


That's the baby


Oh god damn it, how is that not in a dungeon.


So you're saying there's 2 astel?!


To be fair you have to go waaaaaaaay TF out of your way to find it, buuuuuut…


But hole?


And he's twice as strong in the dungeon. I know this because I faced them backwards


I’m having memories of the Amygdala in the Chalice Dungeons.


How can the one in a cool boss arena tied to an alternate ending be WEAKER than a random dungeon? This game man...




That was a snowy surprise for me as well. Lol


I actually saw him in the dungeon before I saw him underground 😂🤣


mf looks like krampus in that snow dungeon


3 Crystallian's with scarlet rot at the same time. How the hell is this supposed to be doable with a thrusting weapon build..???


I upgraded the nightrider flail specifically for rock bros, scales off of Dex well


The motherfucking bell bearing hunter in ~~Florida~~ Caelid.


From Florida. Can Confirm.


Yeah - f that guy in particular. I killed all the other bell hunters without much of an issue, but the caelid merchant one is a lot stronger - he wiped the floor with me - hard. Finally found out he (mostly) can't swing the flying sword UP - so I sniped him fron the shack roof while flipping him the finger between shots till he died!


Fall damage


The true final boss of Elden Ring.


The number of times I fall and manage to save myself last second by catching a rock and then drop the last 3 feet only to die is beyond count. I need to get the remembrance of the fall...ING


Is this a safe place to admit I attempted Rykard for about 5 hours with my moonlight Greatsword range attack before realizing the serpent slayibg sword was an option?


It's a very safe place. Who has two thumbs and did the exact same shit? THIS GUY.


Why did I read this on Maui's Your Welcome song.


Okay to be fair, while I did get the serpent slaying sword on my first run, I didn’t realize that you can use normal attacks. I just assumed you had to kill it with the skill.


Skill's honestly one of the best ways to fight him. It staggers him super fast.


I spent ages chipping away at him with my sword of night and flame wondering how to deal with the lava damage and figured I would try the serpent slaying spear thing for something different. First attempt with it I drop kicked him into orbit. Felt like an idiot not listening to all the obvious hints to use it.


I was like "strange, loot before the boss? Okay, nevermind, there's a fight to win here". Then I spent all my FP and killed it, only to realise there's a phase 2. Following some dial-up router noises in my brain, ruling out that I'm underleveled, I realised this is going to be the giant fight from DS3 and equipped the weapon. Took me five more tries to realise there's a follow-up attack with it that keeps it practically stunlocked.


I did the same thing AND didn’t realize there was a grace behind me after I teleported


Millicent died.


That's awful. I sympathize greatly, as I JUMPED on her in the early days of the game and also ended her life.


This one was a bummer. While going through her quest line I was convinced that as she regained her memory, we (both the player and Millicent) would find out she was actually Malenia. And up until the Halligtree, it really does seem to go in that sort of direction. I was imagining this cool climactic moment where she would confront the player, putting their friendship aside in favor of her sworn duty to Miquella. The actual quest ending felt a bit extra sad given all the work you have to do.


I had just finished Alexander's quest and was looking forward to Millicent, hoping that I'm gonna save her in the end. Seeing her dying afterwards just broke me.


The invisible black knives in the Evergaol to get to the Haligtree


I thought it was bad design (invisible enemy grabbing you for tons of dmg), but then I learned you can actually see them with a special torch


Wait, you can fucking *what?*


Check out the notes the merchants sell. They give hints about some how to do certain things. For the torch, the hint is: >*Note sold by a nomadic merchant imparting knowledge in brief.* > >*Some assassins cannot be seen with the naked eye.* > >*Seems the Erdtree sentries once carried torches that could cast light on these prowlers.*


Well holy shit. Probably didn't help I found the city and finished it after finding the isolated merchant


Sentry torch sold by the merchant in the isolated shack in the capital. There is a even a note that hints at this interaction.


This entire time I was just raw dog killing those assassins while blind. Hardest thing of my life. Now I feel denser than lead.


lol i literally just ran past them and hoped for the best it worked out well


This Jump scared me. No lie.


Honestly I don’t even fight them. You can stay on the rooftops most of the time and even if you die getting your runes back is never an issue


Reviving Torrent is a mini game


The gank party with the suicide bomber soldiers, ballistas, greatbow knight, SnS knight, and **PUTRID EDTREE AVATAR**. I'm sorry, isn't this overkill?


See I never raged at this part because I instantly knew that would be a bad idea. I snuck around behind them, activated the grace and then sniped the Avatar from behind, baiting it to me for a 1v1.


Yeah I discovered the backdoor before I even realized how many enemies were there. I went back through and killed the erdtree avatar, the two knights, AND the ballista guys And I was like "that really would've sucked if I'd tried to come in the front"


Screw the knights, I just killed the Avatar and then screwed off. I ALSO ignored the crystal bastards too.


Screw them all, I went around them and never looked back. haha


I believe this is the intended solution to this encounter. I noticed almost every bullshit section in Hailgtree had some sort of alternate route around that gave you the advantage. Cool level design.


In previous From titles, it was obvious when cheese was cheese. In this game I'm almost certain they designed numerous encounters to be cheeseable on purpose. You can't tell me that not a single moment during Q&A Testing that no playtesters or devs brought up the fact you could snipe the Death Rite Bird in Consecrated Snowfield from the nearby cliffs almost entirely safe from harm. Nah, that cheese was built in, or at least left in on purpose.


They definitely did, it's far too intentional. That same area has another overworld boss that you can drag the giant octopus balls to and they mostly handle him on their own. Every important item in Haligtree can be reached without fighting any of the truly awful encounters. I've never bothered full clearing Mohg's domain because you can cheese the bird off the cliff, using that corner to fight one invader unhindered for the armor set, then just horse run all the unique items while holding a beast repellant torch. This shit isn't just in one area here and there, it's *everywhere*.


Where’s this?


Oh and yea let’s sprinkle in some Cleanrot Knights and just a Crystallian for the fuck of it. And it just keeps getting worse. That area is a classic red flask count check. You’re fucked if you don’t have enough.


Killing the Fire Giant. He was just chilling, making some stew, reminiscing about his family and friends (my head canon), then me, Engvall, and Alexander come strolling in


The Camera Was the real enemy in that fight for me. Lol


X-Large enemies in general, the giants was just the worst. They rotate in place and end up on the other side of the room without actually moving, and then when they do move you’re always in reach regardless of distance


BIRDS... BIRDS.... BIRDS!!!!!!


Ordina… those stupid archers and that invisible guy were worse than every boss combined!


Ordina was AWFUL


The Ravens in the red zone. I’ll have nightmares of them for years to come.


I thought you were talking about the NFL at first, I was like yeah all those 2-pt conversion attempts were maddening last season


You may have been mistaken but I still agree with you. Stay strong, not much longer till pre-season!


The Royal Revenants at the bottom of Haligtree. I’ve never come closer to punching a screen.


THANK YOU. This was the WORST


I had so much trouble with those until I saw on this sub that AOE heals decimate them. Since then I haven't had a problem.


Thank god it's a summon zone. Wouldn't have made it through without my Greatshield Soldiers.


The guy guarding Maliketh the black


ngl, he took me more attempts than Maliketh himself


I honestly hate dung eater… on my first playthrough I started doing his quest line. But when he killed blackguard… I went back to his body and destroyed him. He made me so angry! That pos


I turned that walking chamber pot into a puppet so I can summon him un-upgraded to boss fights to watch him die over and over again. Who’s corpse is being defiled for eternity now? you shit slurping fuck


He's a really good summon if you upgrade him lol, would recommend. Just think about it as enslaving him for life


The god damn fact that you can't open your map while your in combat. I swear, sometimes I make it to a different zone on horseback and I'm somehow still in combat.


RIGHT? like don't let me fast travel, sure. But lock it out entirely? Come on.


Exactly, I don't want to escape combat or anything, I just want to look at the map.


Black knife Alecto.


I actually enjoyed that fight. I fought her with hookclaws and it felt like we were dancing with all the dodges and slashes at each other. The tracking on her aoe can chomp a dick though


I did a projectile attack while she was in the air and it canceled her AOE and knocked her prone every time. And she gets up slooooow. It was like watching me pick my ass up off the ground after getting knocked off Torrent. Or waking up irl on a monday.


While I enjoyed that fight, I want to know who thought losing your targeting on her when she does the grab attack was a good idea. That was so annoying.


Lions claw carried that fight for me. All black knife enemies were such a pain in the ass


I don't even know it's name, but that bird you find in the peak of the giants with the black flames. **FUCK** it, the worst possible boss on the game. I hate it so much, I can barely remember the fight by now but I still feel the consuming hate for this bitch. I was fucking wearing Radahn's armor along with 50-ish health and this motherfucker two shot me everytime, along withe the fact that since it's a beast (I have big problems with beasts) I could barely differ one attack from another, some of it's attacks were so fucking unfair, like the swarm of black flames, then it would attack you WHILE the balls were filling the aire with his 5km bitch-slapper almighty 7 edged infinite spear. I HATE it, I hate this boss so much, the double Crisol fight is the most pleasant evening next to this 7 hour oddessey this dark souls version of a pokemos made you go through. ​ and this is about the BOSSES, don't even get me started on the enemies. ​ Update: FOUND IT! it's the Death Rite Bird, I found the one in the peaks of the giants. Worst boss on the game by REALLY far.


The catacombs in consecrated snowfield with two burial watchdogs and frost traps. Fuck that place.


Jumping puzzle down to the Frenzied Flame ending. F* that place.


Every death is like a captcha. Are you sure you want to end the world in firey damnation? Really sure? Super sure? Extra super sure? If only the irl nuclear button had so many safeguards...


I’m imagining a line of marines falling to their deaths in a parkour course to use nuclear weaponry.


"Hoorahhhhh!" *fades into distance*


lmao I died like 20 times one night trying to do this, then just walked randomly down as if it was NBD on my last try. ​ I'd had a lot of beer at this point, somehow in the beer goggles i gained serenity


jumping puzzle for the frenzied flame was ok to me, but getting the fingerprint shield specifically was annoying af.




I’m not saving my waifu. And it’s simply because I’m unable to get down.


Eh, she hates you for it anyway.


Kindred of rot. Grouped together. Spamming pest threads.


Death rite bird at mountaintops of giants. It was one of the most painful and humiliating experiences I’ve ever had while playing any Fromsoft game. I was never able to beat the boss and had to run past it.


If you have a weapon that does holy/sacred damage it makes this fight super easy


Commander Naill, that sorry sack of peg-legged dicks is fucking wrecking me


You can also use a bewitching branch on one of the bozos he summons to make your life much easier


You can rush one of the two adds and backstab them if you’re fast enough that helped mitigate the issues for me otherwise keep your distance hes dangerous with all that AOE shit


A connection error occurred. Returning to your world. A connection error occurred. Returning to your world. A connection error occurred. Returning to your world. A connection error occurred. Returning to your world.


Double tap hp flask on a boss when you have 2 left and the boss is at half hp it really sucks


Have Elden beast down to one last hit needed aaaand YOU HAVE LOST CONNECTION TO THE ELDEN RING SERVER...... gg no re bb.


That Manatee swam to another server, it would seem.


Castle Sol Banished Knights


Godskin Duo




Fighting Malenia. Hands down my worst favorite to fight.


I fought her solo for 3 days and made it to her second phase 4 times, 3 of which I died instantly to her meteor strike opener. When I eventually decided to summon, it still took 33 furlcalling remedies, each used to summon two people, to finally beat her. It was, of course, a naked man wielding two twinblades named LongDong Johnson that finally got me the win.


Wanted to share my achievement of beating my first ever soulsgame but I got bullied for being overlevelled :(


Who cares what your level was? Finishing the game is a great achievement and you should be proud. And of course, what really matters is if you had fun. Don't let the haters *tarnish* the memories of enjoying the game.


Legitimately helpful, I'm near end game on my first ever soulsbourne playthrough and using whatever i can to get through. I'm really enjoying this game, but admittedly sometimes feel weirdly bad for not being as fast as others, or more levelled. But my aim right now is just to get through, because then I got through the game.


Good job 👍👍👍 doesn’t matter what level beating the game is definitely an achievement


Don't let anyone tell you how to play, however you do it is the right way. Congrats on finishing the game.


Stupid birds with knife feet… almost broke a desk because those bastards


Any 2v1 boss fight, godskin duo, commander niail etc


General Radahn, I was underpowered and didn't know you could respawn NPCs. Also F Fia, I had no idea she lowered your health by 5% until I got to Morgott.


I've yet to get rid of my 1st hug as it was so precious 🐳


I regret getting rid of my radiant blessing I'm coming back for her in my next playthrough


I went through 2 entire play throughs before realized it lowered my health on the third play through.


Fia definitely wants you to F her.


Only if you're dead tho


When Fia tricked me into getting a debuff. Fromsoft knew I could never turn down such an offer.


she actually tells you that it'll steal some of your vigor the first time you talk to her


put your damn message outta my f*kin graceeee


I hate Preceptor Miriam and her nonstop bow spam


The rune bears in consecrated


One word: NIHIL. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|feels_bad_man)


There's a certain physick tear to help with that


Delayed attacks everywhere. Lightning fast execution when the attack finally comes. Dodge on button release. I think this is the one thing I cannot forgive in this game. That, and Malenia.


Auto-lock is the most annoying thing in this, otherwise brilliant game. I had to mostly learn to fight without using it, because i was sick of it rotating 180° away from the boss im fighting to zoom on the bird that is shitting several meters behind me.


So far... that tower on Ranni's quest with the mage. And then another mage.... And then a godskin...


Birds... f*ck the birds


I was groaning and malding when after 20+ tries **Malenia** offed me at 15%, the non-stop fucking **crucible knight** attacks especially the duo cancer in the chariot tomb, the **ball bearing hunter** in Caelid, the **Knight Rider** on Maliketh's bridge, the **ballista guys**, knights and walking tree guy all teamed up before reaching the bottom of the haligtree grace, the no chill **battlemage** guys in front of Loretta's boss arena.


That area with the archers, like I can’t even pass by without turning into a hedgehog...




learning that yes, enemies do input read your moves. like that just seems so unfair to me, can i see the enemies inputs? no? then keep your eyes off my controller. it feels like the PvE version of being screenpeeked.


Platforming down to reach the three fingers


Fia gave me an item that lowered my hp and I didn't notice for 100 HOURS


Ok so the boss does this combo and I can get a hit in right now..and there's a follow up move


The double gargoyle fight. It isn't fun, enjoyable or creative boss design. It's just two of the fucks at the same time. At least godskin duo is two different enemies at the same time. Gargoyles is so lame with their toxic breath that is barely visible and the first boss I truly felt like I absolutely had to use a spirit ash on and it was not an enjoyable difficult fight. Fuck them gargoyles.


The first crucible knight in the evergaol in stormhill. Hardest boss in the game for me 100% since i was underleveled and got one shot by everything


Jesus Christ just let me open my map even when I’m being attacked


The ease with which you can be locked out of gear and quests in this game.