First FromSoft game. I haven't been this hooked by a game in years. Yeah it's difficult and getting curb stomped by enemies every 5-10 minutes is frustrating, but it keeps me coming back because I want to beat them. I'm really really enjoying my time with it. Shit I'm 90 hours in and I've been taking my sweet time, finally got up to Altus and Gemir.


I hear you. The exploration on my first run was fantastic. Hit the 190 hour mark, and I still missed a few things.


Might be more informative in r/gaming than here. Massive selection bias here.


It was fun but confusing as hell. I tried not to look up quests, etc. until I beat the game. After the fact, I feel like I missed 50% of the content. I guess I can replay it.


First MMORPG ever actually, took quite a lot of time for me to learn the basic when everything is horrifically scary. The fantasy design of the npcs and characters are cooler than other games I had play though


I actually avoided this game at first because it was a souls like game and Sekiro in particular made me hate the From games. I had beaten Horizon Forbidden West and thought that to be my GOTY. All of my friends kept talking about how great Elden Ring was and just to give it a shot. My first playthrough lasted about 5 hours and I was so confused that I restarted my character and have since completed it. It is hands down at this point my GOTY nominee. It has made me want to try the rest of the souls games and try to push through even the bs moments


Probably a lot more positive than what Im feeling tbh. Seeing how many enemies are direct copies of enemies in previous games soured my experience quite a bit.


Even though I'm a huge fan of their games, this is a legit gripe, IMO. Even in game, a lot of the dungeons do this (I never want to see another imp or Watchdog again)


Yeah but then again, they do need to finish the game with enough content lol. Still a valid complaint