Sir i played 400 hours in like 3 weeks, i had to catch up on laundry and deep clean my house lol


I don't even remember what NG # I'm on LMFAO Send help


I have 10 Characters... I... I think I have a problem because they are all built up well enough and up to or past the Mountain area .-.


Wait, how do you have more characters...


Just press new game atvthe menu screen. It will automatically use a new load slot


Im on ng+5 i think and the fire giant is still a pain in the ass.


Fire Giant has the same weakness as everything else in the game Big fuckin stick


100% Taking a break. No where close to being done with that game.


I already took a break lol. I'm back again.


Right?! I just beat the game for the first time. Took me about 90 hours, 120 levels… I just need a bit of a break. I still got lots of weapons I want to find and builds I want to try.


I haven't beaten the game yet, on hour 171 at level 173. As far as I've been able to see I've done everything I can(at least the stuff that I can still get to, I missed a lot of the quests) and I only have four achievements left to get. Three of them are endings and the last is getting every achievement. I took a break after finally defeating horoah loux. Gonna take several more hours preparing for ng+ before finishing the game.


You dropped this 👑


Makes sense. It’s essentially a single player and it’s also in the very hard category. Majority of players have a difficult time and don’t necessarily want to relive that Financially It’s more about the copies sold, since there’s no micro transactions either way. That’s where it matters and they sold a lot. People will come back for the dlc for sure


I talked 3 friends into playing it. 2 of them gave up before the capital, and the one remaining only plays if we play together.


The friend I introduced literally can't even navigate the overworld without constantly dying so I've played the game through in its entirety with him. Makes invading very frustrating as he either just dies instantly or stands there and admits defeat as he knows he will never beat them anyway.


I think your friend might need to learn the lesson that the struggle isn't antagonistic to the journey, but that the struggle *is* the journey.


Strength before Weakness Life before Death Journey before Destination


These words are accepted.


Gotta have that bridge 4 mentality.


These air-sick lowlanders don’t know what they’re doing


One might say, they need to “git gud” even


Typical elden ring abuse victim mentality /s


Very underrated comment


>that the struggle > >is > > the journey. Exactly, Git Gud is a motivational mantra as much as a goofy taunt. Figuring out the game, learning the weapons, finding what works for YOU. THAT is Git Gud.


Dude that’s some solid advice for life right there


Some people can never adopt this mentality.


I think, I am that friend. Dies. Dies again. Dies again. But I don't give up. A week ago, I finally managed to kill Godrick۔ have booked around 50 hours. Level 45.


Don't go hollow, friend.


I feel like that’s how I was on my first play through. I spent 40-50 hours struggling in Limgrave (and Liurnia since I didn’t even realize I skipped Stormveil). Beating that first boss felt like a game all on its own, and afterwards I got to enjoy an adventure that I didn’t want to end.


I can understand being low-level and being upset about getting invaded, but do you try to encourage him to fight with you? Its annoying to be invaded but hey at least you're fighting a 2v1


If the friend is the host, getting involved just to get stomped might make it easier for the invader


> or stands there and admits defeat as he knows he will never beat them anyway. That is not how you get better in video games, or anything in life. I get it, it is frustrating to fight against much better players. But why not try to learn and improve?


Modern games do a lot more hand holding than from soft games do. That’s probably what they’re used to, and some people just don’t want a challenge


And People just really underestimate that Fromsoft doesn't give a flying fuck when you're ignorant towards their game. I've seen a couple casual newcomers attack Varre by now. Because "he was talking shit about me" and all of them were surprised that he stayed aggressive towards them after he already killed them, haha


people who killed varre for 'insulting them' are basically aliens to me. i cant understand that *at all*


Because he's not real, so if he wants to talk smack and can't back it up whatever happens next is on him.


I mean, he’s a shady character trying to manipulate you. I can understand why someone would kill him. I did something similar my first time playing dark souls cause I didn’t know any better. of course now I know it’s better to keep npcs alive


He's not like that with anything else in life (very successful and driven) but has always despised PvP in games, as do I. We got through Bloodborne together which we found way harder than Elden Ring and there's been plenty of bosses that took of dozens of attempts and we never quit, it just simply isn't fun dancing around trying to fight someone who doesn't seem like they will ever engage with 95% of then using cheese builds. Different in other games where people doing PvP are set up to fight others in PvP but our builds are just for fun and way too slow to compete.


PvP is a very specific and non-essential part of the game.I would love to group up and take on content, but I won't because I don't like being invaded. If I don't enjoy PvP, why would I spend my precious game time getting better at it? Being really good at PvP doesn't reduce the number of times I get invaded.


If I group up with a struggling player new to the series, I bring every dirty trick I can to the table in case of invasions. Bloodhound step, rain of stars, Ancient Rancor, Rotten Breath, you name it. It ain't pretty, but welcome to Elden Ring...


Ya exactly. Most casual players I know don’t even bother with souls at all. Let alone try it. And even out of the 100% of players, historically 50% of players didn’t get past early bosses. Like gascoigne in bloodborne. It was around 48% that didn’t beat him


Dude in the beginning I almost gave up after I died to the mad pumpkin head boss before you reach Sellen like 20 times. I was convinced that I was just shit at the game and said "who the fuck finds this fun?!?!? This sucks!!!" I'm really glad that I persevered and got the hang of it because now I am on NG+3 and absolutely hooked.


At least on PC Elden ring has very low abandonement rate. According to Steam achievements almost 50% have beaten Morgott and 36% have beaten Maliketh, arguably the hardest mandatory boss. Most games have some sad stat like 50% have not done the first boss or something so to me it looks like Elden ring is dropped less than the average game.


I noticed this on PS5 as well. The platinum trophy had something like a 9% achievement rate, which is pretty high, especially for a game this long. A lot of mainline bosses have 50%-60% trophy rates, and even optional bosses were in the 30% range.


I'm on my way to Platinum, and the PS5 Platinumachievement rate is up to 10%, which is quite astonishing. Having said that, with the aid of a guide you can get everything you need to get Platinum in one run. I only didn't because I was playing semi-blind, killed Malekith and missed out on an armament in the Capital City. I like that there's nothing grindy in the achievements.


And then two extra endings but that’s kinda fast once you’ve beaten NG


Yeah there’s some very basic achievements like complete a tutorial and it would say 60% players have done it. Warhammer 3 total war has 30% completing the prologue!


The Prologue is optional isn't it? I skipped it, and I have... Many hours in the game.


Steam also doesn't represent the entire player base either.


It was like my fourth attempt at bloodborne before I actually got past gascoine, the first three times I started playing the game I just couldn’t get past him and gave up- after that tho I got through the rest of the game and finished it beating gherman on my first attempt on moon presence on my second


I got stuck on blood starved beast and abandoned the game for months. I came back, beat him, and ended up having hundreds of hours on the game. It’s the second best game for me after Elden Ring.


I preferred it lookswise cos the atmosphere and gothic aesthetic was so beautiful and some areas were legit scary. I think it’s too hard to recreate that in an open world game without making everything feel samey so I totally understand and think the places in Elden ring are gorgeous and the different areas defo feel different. Would’ve liked some friendly towns and a quest log but this is from software after all


Volcano manor prison town was the most reminiscent of Yahrnham for me, but I wish there were more “cities” like Leyendell Capital to explore. Would be cool in a DLC


i probably missed it i went to volcano manor via the front door i missed patches till it was too late


I had the same problems as everyone with him too—Kiting+trapping Gascoine in between some headstones in the graveyard was what ultimately got me past him, lol. And THEN I learned about the music box stagger.


The "shackles" in Elden Ring reminded me of the music box in BB.


I was nearly one of them, gave up for a week on Gascoigne (it was my first fromsoft game) and then after I beat him I was like ‘oh now I get it, these are the best games ever’


That's why I'm really impressed with my brother. Er is his first souls game and not only did he beat it, he beat it before me the son of a bitch


I JUST got to the capitol last night and I've been playing since launch day. My good friend, who got me into the series in the first place and has platinum'd every one of these games (so have I) told me last night he probably won't be finishing this one. He really dislikes the open world (so do I) and thinks it detracts from the experience, as well as making co-op exceedingly difficult to plan out compared to a linear experience. I didn't mind the open world too much until I got to Altus, now it's really weighing on my desire to push forwards. My other three friends that got it (one souls vet, two new to the series) all quit at or before Raya Lucaria even though I said I'd hop in with them.


That's so weird I think open world makes this experience vastly better than previous souls games. Before open world you would play and get stuck at a point in the game and just have the same places to level up before doing a run-up to a boss and dying again. With this I can just peace out go somewhere else and explore this massive world.


I can understand that aspect of it, it does give you options, but I just don't like open worlds in games in general. They almost always feel like filler content or just completely empty, and I absolutely loathe having to travel long distances just to get to the stuff I want to do. I'd rather be done and move on after 40 hours than spend over 100 hours just because there's a lot of travel or copy/paste dungeons but that's just my preference. I am very much in disagreement with the wide notion in gaming circles that longer = better, just the same that I think hours/dollar is a horrible measure of value but now I'm going off on a tangent lol.


Agreed that some open world games like Assasins Creed just pad content and have massive empty maps but I get a hint of Breath of the Wild when playing Elden Ring which surprised me. Being able to bounce between sites of grace and explore a map without a checklist of things to do is nice. I get what you are saying I just know for most people with Souls games is you reach "that boss" that just makes you quit and with this I can go somewhere else level up and then come back and not feel like I've run the same 3 corridors over and over. It will be interesting to see if From decides this is the way from now on or not but with the sale for this one I have a feeling this may influence future games.


I agree. I normally bounce HARD off open world games. Not that I dislike them or think they’re bad. They usually just don’t keep me focused and interested enough to complete. However, Elden Ring has kept my rapt attention. It’s close to perfect for me. Everything just feels so natural and flows so well. It feels like DS1, but with more flexibility for me.


There isn’t much past Altus honestly. You’ve unlocked most the map. Mountain of the Giants is almost a straight line as is Azula


That's nice to hear. I still LOVE the game overall but I just don't love the open world parts of it, I'm just using it as a thoroughfare to get to the next legacy dungeons. I know I have Capitol/sewers, not sure what comes after that. I also have Sekiro and Demon's Souls remake (I platinum'd the original game 3 times tho) after this so I'm kinda ready to finish it up.


Honestly I hope they go back to the old world design but who knows. I don't fully mind it now as 10+ characters have given be time to get used to and just steamroll through early and mid game.


Seriously, like ER is my first From Software game. Never played DS, BB, or Sekiro or anything in a similar vein. Finally beat it a couple of weeks ago after about a month of grinding it. I haven’t touched it since then, not because I thought it was a bad game or anything, I absolutely loved it! But holy shit it’s an absolute slog to get through if you’re not used to this type of gameplay. I’m not playing anymore right now, but I will absolutely come back to this game when I feel like revisiting it. Definitely the best that games this year have had to offer. For me it’s up there with Halo, Mass Effect Trilogy, Skyrim, Fallout 3/NV, or Red Dead. Great map, great gameplay, great story (and lore, if you care to delve into it), great community, and it’s just overall fun. Plus, it was a complete game on launch, which a lot of other big name games can’t even compete with. Once some DLC drops, I’m gonna be right back in!


To be fair I feel like ER has much less replayability value than all the other from games, except Sekiro maybe. It's not a bad thing per se because it has as much content in one playthrough than the three souls games combined, but I don't see myself replaying it "fully" anytime soon.


I absolutely get this. Dark Souls is one of the best games i’ve ever played yet I’ve only completed that once. It absolutely does not detract from the games’ quality.


I have 300 hours in ds3 and I've never beat it. I'll get to the end, life happens, come back to it and start a new char.


Not too much in the replayability respect either. I did 3 games, three different builds, and maxed out the weapons I wanted. Great game but it’s time to move on until DLC comes out.


Not too much in replayability but you completed it three times? 🧐


Right?! Dude probably has like 300+ hours but hey the game has no replayability


People saying there's no replayability are lying. The game has 6 endings alone, if you don't want to stick it out for all 6 endings, its fair but say that then.


You only need three for all the achievements. Say what you want about achievements, they're the equivalent of completion percentage we had back then, and in this game reaching 100% is surprisingly easy.


I think Elden Ring has more replayability than any Souls game to date tho, because of the respec option. I've replayed DS3 4 times with the same build tho so it could just be different for me😅


You can also respec in DS3 if you didn't know


Lmao you've just opened my eyes my friend. I had no idea.


Articles like these are helpful to determine which online newspaper you can block




The result? All of them.


Most of the content these days, in addition to ridiculous clickbait like this, is just stuff taken from reddit posts. It's pathetic.


It's mostly done by bots, with human oversight. Just like people karma farm on reddit, these sites are click farms.


Yep; people *massively* underestimate the level of automation in journalism these days. The majority of sports articles were being written by bots more than a decade ago, and bots have become exponentially smarter since then.


Looking forward to Google sending me a push notification later on an article about how "Gamers react to Elden Ring losing 90% of Steam users".


yea i saw an article about someone having a malenia plaque that i remember seeing 2 hours before on this sub🤣🤣


Bruh what annoyed me was when I searched for Vyke's bug workaround, I saw a thread on reddit where people speculated out of their asses the most bullshit reasons for vyke not to spawn. I bitch you not 2 weeks later found all these crappy ideas in an "online gaming newspaper". and of course the article popped high and the reddit thread was nowhere to be found anymore.


This clickbait article got posted multiple times already and got countless people talking about it. In a sense the clickbait won.


The instant it falls off "hot" it comes right back...


Mom, when is it my turn to farm the karma


Totally it did, reddit LOVES to talk about stuff they disagree with. You want high comments and upvotes post something that will make nerds angry, not happy. This article is getting a TON of press, likely mostly from hard core elden ring crew so we can all circle jerk to it. Can't wait for the next "LoL tHeY think ViD GaMeZ cause ViOlEnCe


Wouldn't people need to go there to look at it for there to be any success? I assume most people would see the name of the website and remember it's trash. But I'm sure there will be some suckers who would look it up.


I guess it does. But I also guess one or three people going to click and comment because of this spread is better than a sensible article nobody ever clicks. Better than zero.


I neither clicked on the article, nor intend to check out the publisher. I would imagine the vast majority on Reddit do the same.


Every single "Dark Souls needs an easy mode" article is this. It gets angry nerds to click on the webpage and gives them a ton of ad revenue. And people fall for it every time


A few months later: EVERYONE RETURNS TO ELDEN RING BECAUSE OF DLC?! Why is that????


DLC in FromSoft is always post end game content. [60% of players have not pushed past the capital though with a Fire Giant kill](https://steamcommunity.com/stats/1245620/achievements). So the "90% less players" is actually a lot of quitters and many probably won't be back for DLC. Edit: Also most people here don't represent typical gamers. We are on a forum about the game we play, we are clearly more invested and will skew the stats for our completion rates vs everyone elses.


A few months 🤣 You're real hopeful, eh?


wdym? Ashes of Ariandel came out 7 months after Dark Souls 3 release. The Old Hunters came out 8 months after Bloodborne's release. We can likely expect dlc before the year is over.


Sekiro DLC when


Unlikely and I don't believe Sekiro is a good indicator here, it was a very different kind of game compared to their others. Elden Ring falls more in line with their design philosophy of Souls and is likely to have DLC.


I remember going through metacritic reviews of NieR Automata, and one reviewer, obviously giving 0 points, said: >there's no content after finishing the game let that sink in.


That's pretty funny considering Nier Automata has 26 "endings" (5 actual endings and 21 joke/game over endings, but still) and that route E >!highly encourages the player to wipe out their save.!< I also remember one critic gave the game a low score after only playing through route A...


I've seen one review saying that the person writing it deleted the game after 3 hours, then mocking the game for childish story


Childish what game did they play because the story is heartbreaking.


Don't you have to play the game twice to experience the full story in NieR Automata???


Other reply is technically right, but Route B is indeed basically playing the first half of the game a second time (with minor additional content) to unlock the (superior, IMO) second half of the game. And of course the game doesn't tell you you've only played half of the story until after the credits of ending B, when you get a trailer for the C/D story.


You don't play the game twice, every playthrough is different, either different POV (A, B - 2B, 9S) or past prologue - C, D I would say that's the case for NieR Replicant tho. Still. You're not 'done' with the game after first playthrough, so it doesn't count as 'finished'


There are some examples where that can be frustrating. Like in Outer Worlds, I whizzed through the story thinking I could go back to the other planets and finish quests later only for me to not be able to do that even though it was an open world RPG by Obsidian.


The game warns you when you're about to pass the no-return zone.


Your standard thinking should lean towards thinking that every videogame ends when story ends (in story games, rpgs) more than every single one should have post-game content.


Seriously; even in the big open world games with tons of content, beating the game/final boss is always the last thing I do. I actually find post-game content gated behind the "final boss" to be a slight annoyance.


Didn't that one have a "this is the point of no return, are you sure?" warning?


Aaaand in other news, did you know that water freezes in freezing temperatures ? Stay tuned as we tackle this shocking discovery.


Dude you're telling me water can freeze????


Wait, we have water on Earth?




we have shit on earth!?


I'm learning alot today!


Oh the loathesome earth shitter


It would more certainly be like: SHOCKING NEWS!!!!! Water froze on Siberia/North pole!!!! Is this a new Ice age ??????!!!!!


Next you tell me it expands when it freezes, get there’s conspiracies out of here


No way! Next you’re gonna be telling me that water is wet!!


"But people die when they are killed" Fromsoftware: you sure about that?


Man I’ve been blowing on this ice cube tray for weeks and you’re telling me I could have popped them into some kind of freezing device?


Breaking news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \*insert smiley faces and other stuff If you touch water you might get wet!


Wait for them to make the news when the first DLC will drop. "After hitting 500 000 concurrent players after it's first DLC release, Elden Ring loses almost 90% of its Concurrent players on steam AGAIN!"


"Movie goers stop watching the movie after credits, more news at 9"


Lol, this is my favorite sarcastic example so far.


Garbage reporting. Side note: I’m 150 hours in and still didn’t beat the game yet! PvP is too fun and I’ve been levelling a second character to duel at a lower level bracket.


Steam also doesn't represent the entire player base either.


Steam is the only one who shows the numbers, that's why


It would represent player base trends


Isn’t most of the player base on console anyway?


I would call it representative of the player base. If there's a 90% reduction in steam players, you'd be a fool not to expect a very similar reduction in console players.


That’s a bit of a leap. There are fairly significant demographic differences between console and PC gamers for a number of reasons. Console is generally more casual. Across my friends on PS5, none of us have finished ER yet but are still playing it as our primary game. Work/life gets in the way.


It was such a long frustrating road to slaying the Eden Beast. I am taking a break.


And here I am, who can't stop playing despite beating the game


And here I am 130 hrs in the game. Started from launch and currently in Gelmir. I wish I had more time to play.


enjoy your time with it. The first playthrough is magical. ng+ is pretty fun cause the boss fights are fun but that sense of magic and exploration is mostly gone, although I have found a good deal of stuff I missed in my first playthrough. However big you think the game is, its bigger.


5th clean playthough here lol


Phew, thought I was alone


307 hours and I’m on ng +3 and I’m still finding things I missed on my first play


I must be in the extreme minority but I honestly never play a game again after beating it no matter the "replayability-ness".


Mass Effect and the Souls games are really the only exceptions for me. Otherwise, same, I have too big a backlog to stick around one thing for too long.


I don't either EXCEPT FromSoft games. DS3 and Sekiro were straight to NG+. I took a week break from Elden Ring before i made a new character for a new playthrough because it burnt me out a bit with how long and repetitive it started to feel towards the end. Not to mention balance goes out the window after the capital.


Gaming "journalism" is mostly clickbait or non-news-worthy articles. Mostly not of any interest or relevance. If you care for gaming news, go to Youtube, where you'll get better news around gaming from people that actually have a clue about gaming.


Make sense. SInce there's a boom in popularity of Souls game, there's bound to be lots of unsuspecting casual buyers buying it. As easily as they pick it up, it's equally as easy for them to ditch it. Then again, even my friends that's long time souls player kinda not play it anymore. Looks pretty discouraged by the abysmal PVP. They are hyped up more than me when they got it, but soon lose interest.


Yeah I’ve been playing these games for years and was really excited for the game but I don’t really play it now, I’ve hopped on occasionally to do PvP with my friend but don’t feel compelled to play otherwise. Just went back to the old games


It has probably the least replayability of any souls game for me. I'm only really tempted to go back for meme builds and to mess around but also I'm busy. There are so many ways to trivialize most fights and theres so many bosses with so many movesets that I'm not super tempted to try to master all of them unlike most other From games. That being said it was well worth it for me and the first run is so content rich


Yeah, the game sold more than 12 million copies (including my Collector's Edition). I don't think FromSoftware will feel particularly bad about this kind of "drop" :-D


I’ll put myself in this category. I love the game, but I don’t see much replay value in it when I’m finished with the campaign. It’s to be expected for a fantasy RPG. The multiplayer just doesn’t interest me. For one, I just have trouble wrapping my head around the invading and Hunter concepts, all the different fingers and whatnot. I’ve only tried the summons / coop a few times and it didn’t even work.


>I don’t see much replay value in it when I’m finished with the campaign I mean, there are *far* too many weapons and spells for one playthrough. I have like ten characters and I've got build ideas to spare. So if you enjoy the combat, there's plenty to sink your teeth into. >I just have trouble wrapping my head around the invading and Hunter concepts, all the different fingers and whatnot. I’ve only tried the summons / coop a few times and it didn’t even work. If you want to host a session, use a furcalling finger remedy. You can then see the summons signs of other players left on the ground--gold for co-op, red for duels--and summon them to engage in that kind of multiplayer activity (up to two co-opers max). If you summon someone for co-op, you're eligible to be invaded by another player whose goal is to kill you, the host of the session. If you use the white cipher ring, when you've been invaded, you will automatically summon players that are using the blue cipher ring into your world as hunters to fill any empty co-op slots you might have. The hunter is on your side; their goal is to kill the invader. On the other side, if you want to be summoned, use the Tarnished's Furled Finger to leave a summon sign on the ground for other players to interact with for co-op and the Duelist's Furled Finger for duels. For invasions, you can use either the Bloody Finger (gotten as part of Varre's quest) or the Recusant Finger (gotten as part of the Volcano Manor quest); just use them while standing in an area, and it'll look for parties to invade nearby. You can only participate in multiplayer with people within a certain range of your current level and max weapon level (that is, the max level of any weapon you have ever had in your inventory)--see [here](https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/Summon+Range+Calculator) for an explanation.


Thanks for the explanation. I’ll have to experiment more with the multiplayer. I agree there is just so much gear and spells in this game that it makes me sad i’ll only experience 25% of it. For me, I need original story content to keep my interest. I’ve done over half the game now as a battle mage. I want to keep it going to experiment with all the OP late game sorceries and gear, but part of me wants to use a larval tear to try a different build before I lose my interest in the single player campaign.


When I saw it I almost died, it was a riposte...


"Viewers leave theater after movie ends"


Also outsold Call of Garbage and already a GOTY contender in the First 3 months after release, and still getting updates and waiting for atleast 1 DLC. Also Steam is not the only platform. Gotta love these Clickbait articles


The way article framed it in the title, is very interesting because they didn't say what is the amount of concurrent players still playing, being around 80k, the last time I checked.


That’s cool that will jump back up when DLC hits


Also, water is wet.


I stepped away after beating it the first time but I’m now level 50 with my second character


I looked at an article like this, don't know if it was from the same source, but it went on and on about how everyone is quitting elden ring and the player base is dwindling. At the very end there was a sentence, maybe two, that added that it's a single player game and people probably just beat it so it's no big deal. Journalism is just sensationalism these days because that gets the clicks.


oohhhh what an interesting information ! And next : "people get out of the cinema after the movie end"


I definitely play it less but it is mostly because I went on holiday, and decided to have a break before NG+


I put in 200 hours already. I’ll revisit in half a year or so. Got my money’s worth a long time ago.


I mean, just because I don't really play it anymore doesn't mean the game was bad. I had my fun, in fact more fun than I thought I would. Definitely got my money's worth which is more than what I can say for the last 3-4 games I've played recently. (Halo, BF2042, to name a couple).


After 3 months it still has around 90k players on Steam and 6.7% of people got all achievements. Those are crazy numbers for a game like this.


You’ve copied the exact same caption used on the Twitter post for internet clout. SMH.


That's like 100k players active, nice.


call me crazy if you want ... but when I reached the threshold of 300 hours, without ever having touched a Souls before, in a game that was not a sandbox, I have never passed them ... and I haven't even seen all in the game yet !!! It will certainly not be the perfect game that many say (I would never have given all the 10/10 that I saw) but it certainly is a great product. whoever writes such an article has no idea what he is doing, what he is talking about and many times he does not even know what he is writing ... whoever then copies and pastes such filth should be burned at the stake ...


The thing is it’s already been bought. Moneys been made. Whether they okay it for a minute or a year it makes no difference. And of course a largely single player game will have an expiration date. They’re not made to be infinitely repeatable.


All of this reporting for battle pass games has rotten the game journo brain even more than before. It’s just their backwards way of viewing the gaming industry the best thing we can do is not give them hate clicks.


Once all the fake trend riders play the game they move on...now we play untill 2032 when dark souls 4 comes out :D


I mean I have 220 hours in the game. I needed a bit of a break lol


It certainly doesn't help that the pvp (what usually keeps a dedicated population going in these games for years) needs work.


Isn’t that how most single player rpgs work though? You get them you play the content you retire it until you get the itch again. I’m not sure how this is news


Games journalism is a low effort joke. There was an 'article' recently-ish that claimed to have silksong release date knowledge, proceeded to state one person had some random theory, and then ended literally apologizing for the jebait. That was the article. This one is barely different at best. It might as well read "Game experiences typical engagement levels as it ages. Here's some numbers to make you think I'm writing an article with anything of value."


big spoiler ahead: >!all story related single player games lose most of their numbers after a while...!<


Well no shit Sherlock. It's not a live service and it's far from the best PVP fromsoft has made. \[Edit\] Oh yeah, this could also be read as "Normies finally give up on trying to git gud."


Honestly, who reads this clickbait trash ''journalism''?


From 1,200,000 a day to about 100,000 a day, so...technically correct.


This article brought to you by a grant from Ubisoft


Still doing better than most multiplayer games which just goes to show how shit theyve been recently


Game "journalists" are the worst.


They’ll come back for the dlc


Yeah let's see what the average NG+ is for players who have stopped though. Game articles are all doom and gloom + fearmongering anymore. Can't stand it. Shocker, after 800+ hours I stopped playing Skyrim too. Game didn't get any worse, I just beat it 8 times with 8 different builds and saw everything there was to see.


bold of you to assume the 90% beat the game...


Its bc the game needs actual multiplayer, like after u beat the game you should be allowed to play full co-op no restrictions.


Yup. I was wondering how this was ever news to begin with.


What's amazing is that more than 2% are still playing after beating it. Pvp is fun , so is melting early game bosses through another journey.


"Shite websites desperately vomit out clickbait headlines"


I see a lot of people bashing the validity of the article or calling people casuals that quit but I have another take. What the heck is wrong with big player drop off? Not every game has to suck 1000+ hours out of you to be considered good. The game has been out a few months now and most people have had plenty of time to put at least 100-200 hours into the game. Maybe finishing or even doing 1 or 2 NG +. This game is not an MMO. Once your "done" theres nothing wrong with setting it aside, maybe revisiting occasionally with plans to buy the next Fromsoft game. Falling player base isn't a big deal, Elden Ring is an incredible game, its great for what it is, its a game that is not going to occupy most players for years.


People ain't bashing it cause they don't like the player base going down, more cause it's such an obvious thing and they are sensationalizing it like there's something wrong with the game. Most people are saying there's nothing wrong with big player drop off cause it's just what happens with primarily single player games.


It might be more active if the game had a PvP arena. As it is now, multiplayer is more of a supplement to the gameplay. Can’t compare numbers in a game like this to a game that is multiplayer focused, but people will anyway. And tbh even if they added more pvp focused content in future updates, it wouldn’t change how everyone plays through the game, just some people.


I played it for 200 hours over the course of a month and a half. I put more time into it consistently than I have any game in the last ten years, with maybe the one exception being Apex. I beat all the bosses, got all the legendary items and finished almost every quest. It's my game of the year, no question. Now I want to play something else. Simple as that. Just because it's one of my favorite games, that doesn't mean I want to play it every day for the rest of my life.


Why are elden ring players so attacked at the notion of a news website reporting on something like this?


Its so weird how rabidly this fan base defends this game from any and all critique. A website dedicated to gaming talking about player base decline...the horror!!!


They do this for every single player game? Are game journalists trying to encourage micro transactions and turn every game into a season pass with stupid cosmetic changes for 25$ each? I still haven’t finished the game, and have so much left to find. Aside from the multiplayer co op elements which keep it fun, I help friend beat bosses and they jumped in my game a couple times. If a game has natural re playability it’s this one.


I feel like it would retain more player if they just let us invade players :(


Why would they downvote you? They gutted the pvp system. The pvpers are some of the core players.