How many albinaurics did you slaughter to get there ?


couple of millions


690,280 assuming you start from level 1, didn't use rune buffs and only on journey 1. I think there's 17 of them (on the ledge) so 17x2452 is 41,684 runes per massacre. 1,692,566,842/41,684 is 40,605 massacres. You can get each done in about 30 seconds with the sacred relic sword so 40,605x30 is 1,218,150 seconds or 20,302 minutes or 338 hours. Probably cut that time in half on NG+ and probably even more on NG++ with gold scarab so I'd say it could be done in about 150 hours or less counting in the time it takes to get Sacred Relic Sword, golden scarab, and at least to NG+ for double the runes. I'm not 100% sure how much runes increase on NG++ but it might be worth it to get there if you can beat the game a second time in under like 10 hours. Anyone have the time and want to test it? Edit: this actually does include the Golden scarab buff


The math of how much albinauric genocide is needed and the math per massacre is so cold-hearted that made me laugh. Latenna would be disgusted


Gideon would be proud


You're not wrong.


Welcome to one flesh one end bitch!


H: you want to fight that thing? G: yep H: because it's arms look like swords? G: yop


tf she gonna do chase me


Maybe she's going to try and stand up for her people...oh wait, SHE CAN'T


Thanos would nod approvingly. Sacrifices must be made to bring the universe into balance, as all things should be.


jesus christ man. but no i started farming at lvl 80+ if im not mistaken. Was pissed of duying from around the corner mobs so i got to farming. i decided to go to ng+3 for better rune farm


The absurdity of "I was pissed off getting ambushed so I grinded to max level" is hilarious, thank you.


This should be an anime, it already has a modern anime title


Cautious hero maybe?


So..solo leveling ? Essentially the plot


“I Was Pissed Off Getting Ambushed, So I Grinded To Max Level” sounds like the next big light novel title


Solo Leveling be like.


Ur welcome


"They kept killing me so I decided to outclass Radagon and become a god myself"


I remember there was an anime kind of like this not so long ago. Basically it started as the typical "guy from our world gets transported to a fantasy gsming world he will save" story, but the guy is so overly cautious that he then goes on and tries to max every stat in the fantasy setting to be absolutely overleveled before doing anything.


What was it called? I want to check it out :D


Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious About as light novel title as it gets


The one thing I learned after spending some quality time in Caelid and Leyndell is that there is no such thing as being overleveled or overpowered in Elden Ring. There is always a bigger fish, and that fish usually wants to eat you.


Is the rune increase capped on NG+3?


No, everything stops increasing at NG+7


Do you still get shit on or is 99 vigor just too much?


You can still get shit on with 99 Vig, especially in NG+7. Generally though, by that point you’ve pretty much mastered every boss encounter.


Isn't the difference between 60 and 99 vigor just 200 hp IIRC? That's a lot smaller increase compared to earlier levels in vigor.


Yeah 200, which is a 10% increase. So yeah not huge in survival considering those 39 levels are expensive.


I have info on this! When I was in NG+2, I farmed 18.5m runes in roughly 90 minutes (god I hope I'm remembering those numbers correctly). Run to the right spot, send out one Wave of Gold, then instantly run back to the grace. You miss two or three (sometimes four) of the Albinaurics, but it's WAY faster than killing them all before resetting. I didn't kill the bird at all because I wanted to farm as mindlessly as possible lol. I'll round down to 18m runes since this is more of a ballpark estimate, and I could very well have taken a little over 90 minutes to farm them all: 18m runes/90 minutes = 200k runes/minute (1 minute/200k runes) \* 1,692,566,842 runes = 8462 minutes \* (1 hour/60 minutes) = **\~141 hours in NG+2** This seems pretty consistent with your estimate of 338 hours in NG! Obviously, you can subtract from the 1.692b number to get the actual number of runes needed to get from your current level to 713. Also, it is absolutely worth going to at least Journey 5 for farming, and probably worth going all the way to Journey 8. Per Fextralife, these are the multipliers for runes gained relative to Journey 2 (runes roughly double when going from Journey 1 to 2): |Journey|Multiplier| |:-|:-| |3 (NG+2)|x1.100| |4 (NG+3)|x1.125| |5 (NG+4)|x1.200| |6 (NG+5)|x1.225| |7 (NG+6)|x1.250| |8 (NG+7)|x1.275| As you can see, there's basically a soft cap for the rune multiplier at Journey 5. If you just want to speed through, you can go Margit -> Godrick -> Rennala -> Magma Wyrm Makar -> Draconic Tree Sentinel -> Golden Godfrey -> Morgott -> Fire Giant -> Godskin Duo -> Maliketh -> Gideon -> Godfrey -> Radagon and Elden Beast. A pretty optimal setup is high Dex and Arc, Rivers of Blood +10, White Mask headpiece, Shard of Alexander, Lord of Blood's Exultation (or something like Ritual Sword Talisman for Golden Godfrey/Radagon/Elden Beast), Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, and Millicent's Prosthesis. Quickly swap to Golden Scarab after a boss kill for max runes, or just use it all the time instead of Millicent's Prosthesis (least damage benefit of those four talismans). Pretty sure it's faster to go to Magma Wyrm Makar than it is to get the Dectus Medallion halves, but I have not tested that myself. EDIT: Dectus Medallion *might* be faster due to the teleporter near the Third Church of Marika, forgot about that.


Anyone looking to maximize this method: It is 100% worth it to spend an hour or two farming the materials needed to craft golden pickled fowl feet! Look up the locations of the three items needed, and farm enough to craft 50+ feet. (I found the Impassable Greatbridge in Caelid to be the best spot for finding Four-Toed Fowl Foots). The feet last for 3 minutes and provide A 30% INCREASE ON RUNE EARNING and yes, it stacks on top of the golden scarab. So this means that with the golden scarab you are earning a whopping 50% more per swipe. So, the method is pretty straight forward: remove armor (helps you run to the site of grace and back faster if you are lightweight), pop a golden pickled fowl foot, swipe the Wave of Gold from just at the crest of the hill (sometimes you miss a couple, that’s okay…), run back, rest, and repeat until the foot runs out. On NG+2, each swipe was about 110k per massacre. Doing this gave me an accurate estimate on how many runes I was getting per 3 minutes. Between 1.2 and 1.3 million runes every 3 minutes. Or 26 millions runes per hour. Sometimes I could get this number closer to 30 million per hour. This is 100% the best way to farm in Elden Ring. I have tried every other method and nothing even comes close to 30 millions runes per hour. TL;DR: spending 1-2 hours farming Golden Pickled Fowl Feet is worth it! You will quite literally level up 50% FASTER! (If stacking with the golden scarab).


Ferb I know what I'm doing today


What I'm doing this week*




Also, please let me know how long it takes if you do end up doing it. I might try it, but I'll be on vacation until the 28th so I won't have a chance to test it until then. I've also never done a "speedrun" so I will probably take at least 30-40 hours getting through my first playthrough.


my NG+ playthrough was a skip everything and start again in NG++. Took 4 hours to get through the whole game.


150 hours is nearly 4 work weeks lol, I'll pass. At level 300-350 you can do 99 on key stats for most builds and hit soft caps on other stats. That's fine with me.


on NG+7 i’m able to get about 16.5 million runes per hour so the total 1.6 billion runes would take me about 96 hours to get.


i used a lot of golden feet


Mmmmmm. Feet.




Out of curiosity, is the time spent farming the mats for golden feet faster than just continuing a footless grind?


How many hours to get to NG+7?


But not just the men, but the women, and the children too. They’re like animals! And I slaughtered them like animals! I hate them!


How many breads have you eaten in your life?


"So what do you do now?" "What do you mean? Now I can finally play the game."


The amount of runes needed for next level makes my 100k rune requirement look like clown college rn jesus fuck


My husband watched me play and in the beginning, he’d farm gatefront for me and it was lovely because at like 5,000 runes to upgrade, he’d get me leveled in no time. Now I’m in NG+ and he’s so shocked that it now costs 275k to level lol


Find the chicken, or the frog people. Moghwyn palace has the solution.


Yeah that’s the only place to farm in the game. Although early game I killed those men in black in Caelid for 1000 runes a piece.


Also the big stone ball in caelid - only worth it really early though


The chicken? I know about Mohgwyn palace and the frog people. But what chicken?


We affectionately refer to the bird across the ravine as the chicken. poke it with an arrow and see what happens


Lol good to know. I’ll give it a shot later today! Update: hell yes! Loretta’s super bow thing + golden scarab + gold fowl foot nets over 34k for that damn chicken. Thank you all!


Since you have NG+, just go to Moghwyn Palace through Varre's quest, at the grace "Palace Approach Ledge Road" Just look at the Albaniurics and use your Sacred Relic sword and press L2 and they'll just evaporate into plenty of runes


Ppl should also know if you're having issues with madness during varres quest, go to that blind maiden who sends you with a letter to take to her father and kill her instead. Should be able to use her blood to soak the maiden pad or whatever it was


Equally easy way is to just use the four belfries to get to the church of anticipation, there's a dead maiden there


Oddly enough, isn’t that *our* dead maiden???


There's also a very easy farm spot at the liturgical town in the consecrated snowfields. Bunch of YouTube videos on it. You can zone out watching TV.


the bird is worth 11k runes in regular.


it's over 13k with the golden scarab talisman, and over 17k with that and a pickled gold bird foot.


Why am I the only one who's chicken is broken? Since the last update it doesn't go over the edge. I'm on PS5 if that matters.


At least for me, as long as I’m close enough to the edge of the cliff for it to see me, he’ll jump


You have to position yourself so he will run to the right side of the tree(your right). If he goes to the left of the tree he won’t jump off the edge, it was like that a few patches back as well, then a patch made it not matter and now we’re back to how it was


The Rune Chicken!


The chicken is best for lower levels. Frog people is best again once you gain better ways to farm them.


I know it's too late now but I always found the trolls on the hill just up from the gatefront to be the best very early game farm. 5k or so per run.


Get something with blood loss and go whack the massive dragon in Caelid who doesn’t fight back. When he’s at low health, hop on the horse and keep whacking him. As soon as he dies sprint to the nearest site of grace. You’ll get the runes (50,000) but the dragon will respawn. Takes no more than 5 minutes per run and only requirement is blood loss as his health bar is massive. Can be done immediately at the start of the game until you can get to Mogwyn Palace


He respawns if you leg it to the bonfire?!


Yes. Gotta be quick tho. You won’t get the dragon heart drops, but you will get the runes.


I've only successful got him to respawn 1 time after that i was too slow to make it back to the bonfire 😭


too slow to kill, go north the bridge in dragonbarrow. 1k per drop enemies, with less health.


They’ll one hit you though, so watch out. This was my spot for ages though, if you sneak up it’s pretty straightforward and low risk.


Same, im at 800k. I couldn’t imagine 8 million like op


I haven't beat Malenia yet and I'm over 300K to level


That's it. Im going to clown college!


I’m at lvl 305 and it costs around 800,000


I don’t think anyone of us expected him to say that


100k is nothing. Especially when you farm at the one popular spot. I’m at about 480k at level 240. Can’t imagine having to harvest millions to gain a level.


I’m level 551. it costs me about 4.3 million runes to level up😅 found the best way to level up fast is pvp…kill invaders (or hosts whichever you prefer I guess lol) I’ve had some invaders drop me close to a million runes 😏


How are you still finding people to invade at that level??


All players that are higher than level 301 (I think) get put into the same matchmaking pool.


But what did it cost?




a small price to pay for salvation


With all levels to 99, I could simply snap my fingers. Alburnaics would all cease to exist. I call that… mercy.


I hope you drop all your golden runes for somebody on your way out.


1.6 billion runes




Varrè's questline


"Alright, now its time to try Malenia, Blade of Miquella"


"I can finally beat Soldier of Godrick"


*Cutscene plays, unveiling Soldier of Godrick's second phase: Soldier of God.*


And after a long and grueling battle begins phase 3: Soldier of Rick.


And then: *"God Soldier Of Rick"*


99 vigor and stamina would be so fkin useful for when she catches you out though damn


She would use waterfowl dance and you would just stand there like it’s Metal Gear Rising.


Standing here




I have 99 vigor and it doesn’t exactly help too much lol.


"what build are you" "Yes"


8 million runes per level. I need 400k/level and I'm already disheartened. This is fucking insane.


Almost 9 million.


*all of them*


Mr. Dragovic, how did you manage to farm for all that? Or did you go through NG+100 and kill all the bosses over and over again?


frog people farming, took a long time ​ edit: NG+3


I guess NG+3 must be the optimal place considering the overdamage rune bonus? Sounds excruciating, but well done!


Overdamage rune bonus? The NGs have bonuses?


Yup, there are a few factors that go into it. It seems to be split up by area, but on NG+1 you get anywhere from a x2 to x5 rune bonus for enemies. Once you hit NG+2 you'll receive an additional x1.1 modifier and each successive journey adds an additional modifier that varries from 1.1 to 1.275 at NG+7 which is where the additional increases stop.


Im at NG+7, precise number is 7.3k rune with Golden Scarab, 9.5k with Golden Fowl that last 3 minutes. Per slash earn about 120k, and in the 3 minute time you can earn 1.8mil runes!


When you say long, how long we are talking about? I’m genuinely interested and kind worried about you


well i cant say for sure, but it was 2-3 months


Go to load game and tell us the playtime


401.3 hr on steam




Assuming they are worth 10k each at ng+3 and op was at least level 200 by the time they started then it would only take 82 hours at optimal performance.


Curious, how many rune do you get out of a single frog farming run and how long does it take for each run ?


at ng3 100k per run


And how much time it takes for each run including the loading ?


Like 10 seconds


Consider levelling more vigor


Holy shit it’s John Elden Ring.


“Yeah. I’m thinking I’m back!”


But did u max all weapons


No man wth, dont give me ideas


Lol. Ok. You've done enough. Guessing u got all the trophies/achievements? I just 100% the game 2 days ago and am about to start my NG+. I don't dare have the balls that you do tho. Respect.


100% yes, now im thinking of going to collect all weapons/armors. Got most of them and all talismans.


Do it man, you already did the hardest part. Squeeze all the juice out of it.


Make sure to get 2 of every weapon for duel wielding :)


I did this. Maxed out level to 713 and have every weapon, catalyst, seal, bow, and shield maxed. I'm just playing fashion souls at this point


What ng are you on to have had enough ancient stones to upgrade every single upgradeable item..


I did it on NG+19. Murderous task and I don’t know why I did it. There are basically 3 weapons in this game that makes everything else obsolete.


Does the game continue scaling past NG+7?


NG+7 is the highest it scales


I'm very far from max level but thinking of doing this shit... I maxed out all equipment that required somber stones and am upgrading some of the best normal weapons per category now. Not sure if I'll go all weapons, but in any case it's waaaaaaaaay faster than going for max level for sure


One Punch Coffee? More like One Man Albinauric Holocaust, holy shit.


bless you, i loled


The person doing the math above showed the total required at a little under 700k, so surprisingly still not as high a body count as the actual holocaust.


Are you still able to be summoned and invade at that level? I imagine not


rearly but yes


I’m 713 as well and managed to find a player summon outside Godrick yesterday. He lasted like 10 seconds lmao


I imagine most players who are that level just bought or duped the runes - and rely on being over levelled than actually having any skill.


Players above a certain level are bracketed together. It follows DS3 rules I think, so could be above 300 or so everyone gets lumped together.


"What did you do when you found a small alcove full of innocent young albinaurics?" *"REDUCED THEM TO ATOMS"*


At this point do you just one hit anything and everything?


Almost, depends on the enemy. But it's a good feeling knowing you can make any build with any weapon.


I love the idea of using big bonk weapons and being able to switch it up to magic mid fight.


Definitely doable on a reasonable build. Zweihander only requires 19 Strength, and you can infuse with magic/holy to give it decent scaling. So you just go 19 in strength, 60 or so in Int and you're set. On the faith side, Troll Hammer only requires 28 strength and has inherent faith scaling so leveling up to 28 strength and like 50 faith also works.


My Brother in Marika, you can’t just make any build, you ARE the build


My man swapping colossal weapons in the middle of the fight, both hands, nice


I'm at NG+3 maxed out like OP, and nah. You don't one hit stuff. It is still pretty easy though outside of Malenia. Was hilarious deleting Lord of blood in 10 seconds with dual occult scavenger swords +25


Please, I was already taking bosses out with the comet


No, even with max stats you will not be able to onehit everything unless you make a specialized build for it


It would if he was in his first play through


Marches out on that grateful universe--still gets mauled by a rune bear.


How did you know?


Need more vigor.


He can beat Margit now


Soon he'll be ready for Soldier of Godrick


Ready to enter the cave of knowledge.


Man, here I am afraid to level to not feel lonely and still be able to do coop and people are maxing :D


I almost quit when I lost 24k runes in a boss room…


lmao it's the reason you shouldn't feel bad about farming though


Yeah every time something like that happens I get pissed and farm at least 5x the amount I lost. Then I feel ok.


Yeah I’ll hold onto runes and level up when I can. If I lose them I’ll make an attempt to get them back and if not then I’ll just go farm a bit.


If I'm over a certain amount of runes, I'll farm to the next level before going anywhere dangerous so I'm not too mad if I end up losing them. It's worked so far.




Highest I lost was 90k so far, had to do platforming in an area and missed my jump.


Now you can finally play the game


“So what now” what do you mean? We can finally play the game


Yas elden lord Yas spill the tea


Elden Kween 😼🤪


You are now legally required to touch grass


That poor, poor bird


Level 648 here... the grind continues for this Tarnished... very nice maxing out!!


Man congrats! I’ve been thinking about trying to get there. Is it worth it? XD


Hell yeah!


Now do it again.


"never" again, lol


I'm only level 63 lol. Long way to go. What armor set is that by chance?.


scaled set armor


I wanna do this just so that I can light roll/dodge with a pair of colossal weapons.


Build type: god


trust me, you can still die.... alot


What doesn't kill you makes you... Wait.. I mean.... What you kill a lot of makes you stronger!! Rip frog dudes.


How much is your carrying capacity at ? without talismans


no matter what i put on, the highest i go is medium.


Now you’re ready to take on Margit


Maybe you can be a fair match to the soldier of Godrick now.


Now do it on RuneScape


He's too dangerous to be left alive.


Well done. I commented on your previous post and now I’m really glad you achieved your goal


Idk how grateful the lands between is rn with you having set fire to their magic tree and all


Just because none of the NPCs are good guys doesn’t mean that you are the good guy.


It’s him. John Elden ring.


Bruh how much did it cost u to go from level 712 to level 713


8+million. about half an hour farm


Jésus Christo. what were u farming


Probably the only farm anyone does after completing the game. Sacred Relic Sword's ash, golden wave at the albinauric hill in Mohgwyn, with golden scarab and gold fowl foot. Nets you on average 50k per run which takes like 10 seconds.