It's ok banished knight has it under control


His name is Oleg, give him the respect he deserves


They better put some respect on that man's name lol


Keep my BRO’s name, out yo fu**ing mouth! 😡🫱


Or as I fondly refer to him, BROleg.


Or Ohmyleg. 🤣


I send him home after fights. He doesn’t need to hang around while I loot and look through my inventory.


1. Summon Oleg 2. ??????? 3. Acquire Maidens


2. Scarlet rot, maybe?


4. Profits


No no. That's after the maidens.


>Scarlet rot, maybe? Yo who's your fuckin' maiden? Malenia? Millicent?


All of them. You're welcome to use whatever you find. Even the doll, should it please you.


>Even the doll Don't mind if I do


Ayo lets be fair, neither is a bad choice. But I call dibs on Milicent.


Just wear the mushroom armor, you don't want to get the mother of all STDs.


I just killed her for her hand… I feel dirty


I want to 100% the game and I gotta kill her for the talisman :(


2: ## RAGE! RIP! AND! TEAR! ##


Don’t forget 4. **PROFIT**


The banished knight will become elden Lord.


Elden ring, oleg's run


I was super thankful for that 😂


Oleg is playing the game for you 🤣


Oleg has carried me through so many battles. Such a tanky G. Love him.


You don’t need to be right up in the enemy’s face to hit them with that dragon breath. It has a decent range to it which you can take good advantage of while your ash is distracting them.


I’m still learning how it works 😂 thank you for the advice


To be fair it’s pretty difficult to use. You need to be careful with getting locked into the animation and timing it right.


It's helpful sometimes to not lock the enemy and just sweep the attack after charging it up. Useful for enemies that dodge, or for multiple targets relatively close to each other. My first build used Dragon Communion incantations a lot, they're pretty great tbh.


Not sure why all the “git gud” players are downvoting you. You will get it.


Honestly most "git gud" advice is just there to be intentionally unhelpful.


It is and it isn't the whole point of "git gud" was to shut down people who did nothing but whine about why [insert soulborne] game is the worst thing in existence and how everything is buggy and broken and unfair and doesn't hold your hand etc etc and obviously "I'm not bad at this game, the game is just terrible". git gud means to calm down and take your time learning to play the game, and to stop taking your deaths and failures so harshly. Of course nowadays just as many people use it obnoxiously and turn their nose up at anything that doesn't fit how THEY think the game should be played. Either way just ignore the mouth breathers and play the game how you want.


Very based and souls-pilled


Thank you for this clarification


Bro-leg doing work


That’s what he’s there for.


Broleg is my boi, we’ve been through so much together. I think I might just let him be Elden Lord at the end.


He is my bae. He carried me through the game like the maiden I don't have.


huh... I might be way way better at this game than I thought


This sub either makes me feel like a pro gamer or a complete noob, no in-between.




Me: *Annihilate every boss I encounter.* Also me: *Dies repeatedly to trash mob/falling.*


I've never had a comment literally make me do a spit take.


This comment made me laugh so hard


That’s the spirit, never doubt yourself


Oleg is the spirit. Never doubt Oleg.


You'll die if you doubt yourself.


Hesitation is defeat


I swear to god if the DLC doesn't contain an enemy that whips out a straight up 44 magnum I'm going to be so disappointed.


Took the words right out of my mouth


Thought the exact same thing




LOLOL I too now feel this way lol.


Thought the same, and then I thought, but I just smashed all summon signs I could find against Radahn because lol.


That’s the intended way to fight him your first time tbf.


Banished knight said 'i got this my child'


I just stayed back like “thank you daddy”


Bruh is out here panic rolling the whole room


Fuck all of this furniture!


Woodworking has been a thriving business in the Lands Between since the Tarnished returned


Damn right 😂 that thing is terrifying


I have terrible news for what you will face throughout the rest of the game.


Forces of satan, skinwalkers, 360 no scope pro gamers, half dead seizure having spiders, poop men, an average sized bulldog, and *the* woman


Poop *men*???


Poop men of sewers


Just wait, there's 2 more non boss versions that will jump you when you least expect it. One is surrounded by dozens of wolves, the other just jumps you from behind when you try to pick up some items and is scaled for endgame.


The “non boss” variants were the toughest damn fights in the game, that and the black knife one


"Well I'm about ready to NG+, better go back to Nokron and finally kick that wolf's ass"


I literally just got destroyed by it for a solid thirty minutes today on my second character. Hardest fight yet since I'm a mage.


You all forget about the calid bell bearing hunter, that guy gave me grief for at least 3 straight hours before I cheesed him with torrent


And there’s another boss version of it, too!


Trying to avoid a spoiler, but don't leave the room when you fight this one, if you're a str/fth build, you'll want what is in the chest... If you're not, you still get an ancient smithing stone for completing the quest tied to that item.


There's another one in a graveyard


The one near the moonlight altar area is no joke


Me the whole time: "Why is he just running past the lost runes? Does he not care about levelling up?" \+158 runes Me: "...oh"


Yep, wasn’t much to care about 😂


That was my favorite part. Panic rolls for no reason. Staggered because of stamina. Walks past his runes, then returns to it for 158 runes


It’s so ingrained in me to pick that up that I sprint and dodge to get it even when it has 0 runes


I call shenanigans. My dude beat fringefolk heroes grave and decaying ezykes, he knows how to block ranged attacks, and he upgraded Oleg to what appears to be +10? But they claim they don’t know anything. I think OP is fucking with us.


you dont have to kill ekzykes for the standard rotten breath but youre probably right


If you had to kill Ekzyke to get regular rotten breath i would think 15 times before attempting a dragon build lmao


If you can get pest threads from Gowry any large creature (including bosses) just get melted by it. I’ve killed Ekzykes in a few second on ng+4 using it.


They’ve gotten this far with that little health/mana/stamina. Can’t summon Oleg everywhere. We’re being played.


Yeah Oleg soloed the wolf. Had to be pretty highly upgraded.


Too low vigour


Is it though? He beat the angry dog.


Oleg beat the dog lmao


You'd probably really enjoy putting Shabriri's Woe on ur mimic tear when you get those items. Look up the strategy. It locks the bosses attention on ur summon.


I appreciate that you're the only person I've seen in here that offered a unique piece of advice well-suited to OP's playstyle.


it wouldve actually been cool if you could make a build around/improve summoning capabilitu if the system was a little different. Maybe letting you summon multiple summons to fight for you, necromancer style!


Same here, even if I have no idea what Shabibi’s Woe is 😂


Habibi's woe


First put on a helmet, what if a brick fell on your head


Nothing goes over my head, my reflexes are too fast, I would catch it


In reference to your stat spreading comment that’s most peoples main mistake with these games. You really want to pick a “build” and stick to it pretty tightly. Like you can do minor miracles or spells that do decent damage (especially dragon stuff, stick with those and a decent anything else they come in super handy) and also be a tank of a character that barely moves takes tons of hits and deals massive melee damage. I got a bit into ng+ and I’m playing around with some lighter more dex based weapons and stuff and it’s fun but being a Holy Dragon Tank is probably the funnest and easiest way for most people to play the game. In my personal opinion. But you only invest exactly what you need to in your side hustle and everything else is your main stats for health weight capacity and stamina. You’re also going to find weapons armor and rings that make your build easier to play as you go so don’t freak out if it’s not working right now or if you have to swap weapons or armor or something to compromise as you get there.


Bruh.... 5 vitality


Step 1: level vigor Git gud: stop panic rolling away from enemies and roll towards them


Panic roll is what I do and can’t seem to stop myself. Like an instinct.


Just change the direction of your panic roll. You want to panic roll towards the enemy.


My wife only knows how to roll while holding W and being locked on. Doesn't understand that "dodging" doesn't mean "completely impervious to all damage sources constantly" and dies a lot. No hope.


Just know that the enemies work with a window of attacks, so there’s a timing for everything. It’s your job to learn it and take advantage of it. Some bosses can take time depending on your build. But I do understand panic dodging with Margit ang Godrick when you’re new due to their delayed attacks


lol this was basically me my first playthrough. I didnt start getting good until midway through my 2nd playthrough. Tooke me like 150 hrs just to finish the game the first time. lol Now i Can run through the game in half that.


Yeah but Oleg the fucking boy does


That was almost painful to watch. I at least expected you to do something during the fight but you didnt. Maybe thats what a real pro is. Dont even have to lift a finger to win.


Heyyyy…I poisoned him 🤷‍♂️


Have you tried casting from range? 9/10 casters recommend it


I’ll give it a ‘shot’, thanks 😂


The true Elden Lord rules others, I guess it checks out.


>I still have no idea what I’m doing in this game idk OP, seems like you won that fight to me. as long as you have fun, a win's a win.


He'll stop having fun real quick when everything one shots him and he deals no damage cause he wanted all he stats at 20 for some reason


well wouldn't you know there's a mommy with a breeding kink right up ahead 🙃. let the guy play however he wants, distribute stats however he wants, use whatev weapon he wants. if he *does* need help he can come ask the community. which will hopefully give him the advice he needs without telling him he's been playing the game wrong for the past x hours


Not knowing what you're doing is part of the fromsoft experience, there's nothing wrong with it but i won't tell him to keep at it because I'm sure he'd have more fun actually fighting instead of being forced to spectate cause he'd get onshot. But obviously it's a game and if he wants to suffer through it he will.


Oh you sweet summer child, you best wish winter never comes.


fire giant says hello with his trash can lid


Your build is too generalised, try focusing more on a specific stat like Dex, especially if its your first run


First of all, why such smol health bar


What even is that health bar


The “I want this to be more difficult than it has to be” special


Thats fair haha. When you beat the boss of the academy >!you should respec to get a bit more vigor!<


“I have no idea what I’m doing in this game” “Hey man, leveling everything to 20 is a bad idea. If you put points into vigor first and then specialize in one type of weapon, you’ll have a better time” “I don’t want to learn how to play this game stop giving me advise” ???


If someone tells you Elden Ring is not the easiest souls game send them this video.


Well, this is not a late-game boss. And in the first Dark Souls, you could very successfully hide behind a shield and circle around while Solaire or Tarkus obliterated the boss for you.


Margit alone would beat all but like 3 bosses in that entire series lol


Tarnished plus summons would take on 5 DS bosses. Its not that bosses are weak it's that we got so much upgrades.


Listen to the Ds vets friend


This is the weirdest post ever. “I don’t know what I’m doing!” “Oh np here’s some basic advice since you said you dk what you’re doing” “IDC LOL tryhard asshead lmao!” Imagine you posted a video of you fucking up cooking pasta, titled it “I have no idea what I’m doing” and got advice on cooking better pasta… wouldn’t it be FUCKNUTTY to basically admit you were attention whoring the whole time? And then cop a bitch attitude? Fucking wanky bizarre post


I used to be deeply confused about how people can play elden ring and then struggle with the OG dark souls trilogy, since the enemies and bosses seem so much harder in this game. I am no longer confused.


Well for starters put some fucking points into health. That would be a start


Don't worry, you barely finished the tutorial. There's still plenty of game left for you to learn more!


when they whipping out the Scarlett breath you know they’re just looking for a way out


You seem to be doing alright, it just takes some time to get it all down. My biggest tip for you would be this: Holding down on the D-pad will bring that selection point to the start. So rather than circling through all of your items to get to your HP potion simply have it mapped to the first spot and holding it down will get you there instantly. I hope this helps you on your journey fellow tarnished and remember to have fun.


Or map it to triangle+one of the d-pad directions


No shit, seriously? That’s a great tip. 🙂


Yeah and it works for almost every D-Pad entry, so incantations and sorceries fall under this as well. Good luck and I hope you have fun as you adventure in the Lands Between \^\_\^


I dig it. You’re the real mvp today


Omg target lock pleaase


OP: “I still don’t know what I’m doing” Reddit: “here’s some advice to help you” Op: “fuck all of you”


How did you get Oleg if you’re so bad?


Just to drop in my own tips with everyone else’s: * dragon breath spells work from pretty far away so you don’t have to run all the way up to the enemy before casting * I prefer to use the left/right “pocket” spots for my flasks rather than cycling through the item. That’s just preference but I find it really useful for getting to the flasks quickly * I struggled with that damn dog for several tries before killing it, so way to stick with it!


And it shows 😂 you’re doin great bud!


Pop summon, watch it beat boss. What else is there? No notes.


I got some second hand sadness from this. Totally know how you feel. Whenever I summon people into the game it looks like this. Had to fight Radahn over the weekend. Would summon people and immediately get invaded, they'd defeat the invader heroically etc... then Radahn time. They'd do such a good job and I'm like "I should get a hit in".... Immediately died. Game over for everyone. Did this too many times to count. Sorry summoned players.


Why didn't you attack him with your weapon?


The persistent panic rolls take me back to my first time playing DS1, keep at it!


Dude you can’t be a glass cannon and be afraid to fire lol.


I feel like you have to be really good to make this look so unbelievably bad lol


Go fight the crucible knight at the evergoal and git good.


Fuck. That. Guy. 😂 There are some enemies, like him, like the Deathbird, that I’ve resigned myself to knowing that with my current build I shouldn’t even fucking try yet. 😂 I’ve alllllmost gotten him. But he’s a son of a bitch.


I'm not trying to be glib but the crucible knight is, atleast for me who's also a first time souls game player, one of the best training fights in the game. Also I'm sure you're aware by now you need to level your vigor you won't go too much further with it that low.


That’s what I’m spamming points into now.


I really like the halo scythe it's got a good ash of war and great for clearing packs. The holy damage is really strong until probably the last part of the game when everybody has holy negation. Edit: winged scythe


….god damn it. 😂 No one told me that


Man I’ve put hundreds of hours into this game and still can’t beat those damn birds.


holy damage


That makes a ton of sense. I never even thought about that.


Yeah fuck the birds lol those never get easier trust me... The Crucible Knights tho.... you're gonna have to learn to fight those fuckers and learn it well


Or try the misbegotten warrior and crucible knight duo. Just beat that sick and twisted fight last night


*i* have no idea what you’re doing in this game either


Playing the victim


Yeah…don’t have 4 ashes in your quick select like that..have one and save the other 3 slots for buffs or cures


I got to say I believe Elden rings ability to reach new audiences was straight up due to summons. Not to be rude but it's very clear you have never played a Dark souls game before but you're progressing and having fun! That makes me so happy to see and give me more appreciation for the addition of them.


Level vitality first and foremost ya clown. It should be your highest stat until endgame build is achieved.


You literally fell uphill lmao


Imagine if ashes werent in the game


Wait until you find the consecrated snowfields :o/




Banished knight is like "dammit Flannigan" 🤣🤣🤣


Bro’s got no HP but enough stamina to panic-roll across the arena and somehow managed to get Rot Breath Honestly it’s impressive enough that you’ve made it this far. You must be good enough lol


this is the shittiest fight i’ve ever seen lmfaooo


How the fuck did u beat the dude who gives u that ashes man. Based off this fight I'm not sure no offence! That tree dude was one of the hardest fights so far


It scares me how you spent a good bit running with your camera not locked on. That’s asking for trouble


Dog barks. You : roll for 100th time


Next fight, fight tho


Looks to me like you’re avoiding playing the game. Scarlet Rot + Spirit + Shield. Get in there and die a lot, it’s the only way you’ll learn. You might want to turn your sensitivity up a bit though as it looks quite slow. You want to be able to look at your surroundings at all times.


Lol first - sorry that you’re experiencing so much drama and folks aggressively down voting you despite saying very clearly that you don’t having any idea on what to do. Will try to provide some tips and food for thought without any judgmental tone First - in early-mid game vigor is far and away the best stat to level. Your damage stats basically don’t add any scaling until you get better gear (and more importantly) upgraded gear. Basically all damage gains will come from just upgrading your weapon at this stage. On leveling stats evenly - why this isn’t a great idea has been addressed ad nauseum. But I’d bear the above point on early-mid game scaling in mind. So even if you did want to use a bunch of different attributes, just level them to the minimum required for the spells and gear you want. Going beyond that to something like 25 has minimum dividends, so you can save yourself a lot of points to dump elsewhere. The logic also applies for your weapon choice - sure winged scythe is best dex / faith. But at your stage in the game it honestly doesn’t matter as long as you can wield it since most of the damage comes from the weapon itself for now vs your stats. So I wouldn’t sweat that as much. As food for thought, if youre committed to primarily int/faith there’s some things to be aware of. The only melee weapon with that scaling is sword of night and flame (which is still good post nerf), and there’s no infusions that scale with both. The unique sorceries you get for int/faith aren’t great IMO (and the staff is only ok), but the incantations are alright (and so is the seal).




a small addition I might give to this is if you do want to inflict damage to magic resistant enemies while keeping some distance. give the "rock sling" spell a try. while it is a sorcery it does physical damage which can work wonders sometimes


OP being this bad and fighting with people isn't going to help you. You wanna do base 20 everything then you can suffer through that grind. People don't dislike you, but you posted in the main sub putting out your gameplay out there. Responses will happen.


My advice for maximizing the fun you’ll have playing any souls game? Be less scared. Be okay with dying a lot in the vein of trying out different things. Try rolling through certain attacks instead of away from them.


Same... same...


ah, that brings me back. I remember when I was still fresh and just tried to brute force it with summons. now I’m actually able to play the game with a good build and weapons I enjoy


Hold the down button, it will instantly jump to first item (crimson flask) , you won't have to scroll through your equipment.


Failing with flair.


dag bro level up that Vigor!!


You need way more vigor for where you are. You’re going to start encountering basic enemies that will one shot you given how low your HP is


It's "fun"


You have a major vigor problem


stop spam rolling son


That last 30secs is almost pure panic rolls lol 😂 gg op welcome to the lands between.


That's some quality panic rolling.


Omg put some points in vigor


I’ve never been more impressed with someone just bumbling through a boss fight. And I’m over here getting my heart rate up.


You make a great sidekick at least


So many questions here... Why is their max HP so low? Why are they not putting the healing and mana flasks in quick inventory slots? Or why aren't they just holding down to return quickly to the first slot since they are using the normal inventory (and putting healing flasks in the first slot)? Why are they using the dragon head attack instead of just going there and just... \*hitting\* the boss? Or at least why not use a spell with more range that hits equally hard if they want to be "ranged"? Why don't they have their camera even *LOCKED* into the boss at the start? Like, seriously, each time I watch this, it gives me [***conniptions***](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rg3xyYH226M)***.*** (DS3 reference for the uninitiated)


Looks like a faith build with a summoner focus. You won, so you're doing something right. Try looking into incantations that buff allies. If you plan to hang back and let the summon tank for you, you can make him even more powerful using certain spells, I believe.


“I find your lack of vigor, disturbing”


I think you are a sorcerer but you just don’t know it yet!


Entered red wolf with no health and no fucks to give


Fuck yeah get those 200 runes


It seems to me you know exactly what you’re doing