Wow this is fucking bullshit lol. At least we get a stable build out of the gate I guess


Noooooo! Well whatever. That lag fix better be backed into this Dec release and fucking PERFECT!


Wtf is this nonsense?? It better at least come with the December security patch then.


This happened to the September/October update as well, if I remember right. They packed two updates into the last one.


At least you have a date. Meanwhile other people like me in another part of the word we don't even have news regarding Android 12.


What's your model number


SM-G998B and my csc is UFN which is from a carrier from Argentina.


The BUK8 build exists for the 998B. You could get Frija, put 998B and BTU as CSC, it'll find the build for your model. Download the files. Then load them using Odin but load the HOME CSC file to update without wiping.


Thanks. I know I can do this, but I don't like to mess around with it. I killed to many android phones doing stuff like that lol


You're not missing anything


Destroyed my battery life


And my 120hz


And my axe


With all of the complaints in here, I think you've dodged a bullet


At least we have confirmed esim


Source? It's confirmed Canadian carrier variants will get esim with this release?


Well the link that OP posted states that esim functionality will be enabled. As for carrier specific releases no idea.


You should be thankful this update is trash in it's current state.


Idc. The US is already receiving a 2nd update to address bugs. Delaying the update two weeks is not the solution. https://www.reddit.com/r/GalaxyS21/comments/r0bgtn/a_new_update_available_is_available_for_the_g998u/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


So you want a broken update?


It's not broken. And the 120hz adaptive issue is being fixed with another update. So yes I definitely want the update.


Apparently the fix that was released doesn't fix the refresh rate lag completely. Some users are saying they are still seeing the lag while scrolling through Twitter or Instagram


Twitter has some lag even on OneUI 3 so not sure if related to the update






Exactly, I was worrying the same


Idk man, my patience has run thin with this Canada bs. I'm getting the Pixel 6 pro or 13 Pro Max. Fuck Samsung really


Yeaa I can see that. Pixel 6 Pro looking very tempting right now


Mad annoying, we don't get the Beta even, just nothing but late dates and delayed dates


I know. I was checking to see if we got the update at like 12 and at like 2, then I said yea, another delay for sure. I hate it. Just give us the damn update and fix whatever needs to be fixed with a later update. I hate that Canada seems like it can only get max 1 update a month and it absolutely needs to fall on a Tuesday for whatever reason, whereas everywhere else gets updated as need be any day of the week.


Instant gratification syndrome right there. Samsung has really sped up the roll-out of new OS updates, yet people are so spoiled and impatient it's almost beyond belief.


This has nothing to do with being spoiled. It's actually the exact opposite happening with Samsung in Canada, and you're definitely not helping. The beta was released in the US only when Canada is essentially the exact same phone but has the W model instead of U/U1. Carriers have given us a date of November 23rd and Samsung finally pops its head out yesterday and announces December 6th... Like wtf is this weird discrepancy between what the carriers announced weeks ago and Samsung.


You're not missing out on much. The update is underwhelming.


People must be bored if they cry over delayed updates. Big deal it's just an update. What's a 2 week wait


So people are bitching about the fact they will not get a bug laden update, and instead get a stable one. The words immature, entitled and privileged come immediately to mind. Actually, the phrase "grow up" does as well. Here is a clue: you are not being treated unfairly at missing out on two updates when one is a mess and the other is an emergency fix that will probably break additional stuff. Seriously, people may as well be arguing that it was unfair they did not receive that shipment of e coli tainted vegetables being recalled. Think it through before saying monumentally stupid crap......


Based on your comment I am going to assume you are not Canadian. We constantly get shafted in all areas of technology constantly being left behind or left out completely. Getting mad when you don't get a major update for many weeks on our very expensive devices seems pretty reasonable. I think you need to grow up.


Completely agree with you, we get shafted all the time with tech. We pay more for our devices as well, yet we have to wait longer for updates. Granted, if it's broken, maybe waiting isn't such a bad thing for this specific update. But others? It's just not right.


Guessing the T-Mobile US Unlocked version is going through the same process. Oh well, I'd rather wait and get a more stable build.


US Verizon S21 base, my OneUI update was the buggiest update I've had in a smartphone. And my last phone was a OnePlus, which was notorious for buggy updates. I would've waited for a better solution. And it's more than just the 120hz bug, which was only partially fixed in the second update I got this morning.


Some people have 0 issues with the US update. So it seems like YMMV


I'm one of those ppl. Haven't had any refresh or buggy issues myself since going to 12, on Verizon. I also got the apparent bug update pushed through yesterday, that was pretty fast, didn't even have to manually search for it. But I wouldn't be in such a hurry to get the update. There's really nothing *that* special about it tbh. A few little things here and there but overall my phone's 95% the same, setup and operationally


Yeah I hear ya. It just sucks that Canada got shafted but yea what's another 2 weeks I guess


Annoying but whatever hopefully it fixes the bugs and issues others have been repeatedly posting. Once iPhone releases a phone with USB C, I'll probably make the switch.


Hopefully. I've seen it before where the delay is just a waste and we end up getting the same old build just later. This probably won't be the case now because of the bugs but just saying


You should be grateful you're not getting this POS bugdate. If I could switch back to 11, I'd do it in a minute.


You'd rather be forced to update to a potentially buggy new version?? Because you can only choose to delay the update a limited number of times before it is forced, assuming your phone has downloaded it.


Who cares?? You'll eventually update to it, we all will. They're patching it pretty rapidly


>Who cares?? 100% of the people affected by any semi-serious bug would say they care.


It's not a show stopper, it's getting patched. The update is fine and a lot of people have 0 issues.


Well I updated mine and now several apps I used won't work correctly. Namely Plex.. won't stream and a chat app crashes 🤦


I’m sick already with the ads in weather, the compusolry garbage app installation and this. Moving to pixel as soon as my next phone. ​ unless sumsung offers me another almost-free trade in like they did to my s10 again 🤡


You guys don't want it now lol it's a buggy mess