A story in two parts

A story in two parts


This happens like every time a new player joins a big team. People were saying the same thing about b1t, perfecto, misutaa, etc. and look how good they're doing now. They just need time to acclimate to this level of cs and all that comes with it.


Bro you exactly right, people were saying stewie2k was the worst pick up of all time when he joined c9


and now he's the most successful north american player of all time


OCEAN would like a word


Fuck OCEAN, all my homies love the savior of NA CS, Mohammed 'm0E' Assad


OCEANs 1v4 was the best clutch of the decade


I don’t know who ocean is so I think your point hasn’t landed.


he was the igl on the first team Stewie was on. Dude discovers a lot of talent


He oulled of the most insane 1v4 of all time...


1v4 lol


S1mple has only 1 1v5 clutch in his entire career, think about it


https://www.hltv.org/stats/players/individual/7998/s1mple He has almost 60 bro.


Idk if you're joking but a 1v5 clutch isn't the same as an ace


Ppl were just bad, anyone with a modicum of brain/gamesense could see why he was good


It's almost like some people are unhappy with their own failings and can only take pleasure in tearing someone else down.


Straight to the point, all these people talking shit are 90% silvers who don't know how to reload their gun. Worst ones are the wannabe pros lvl 10 face it who will never make it in professional landscape, so they try and hurt who actually did


People who have never played an ounce of competitive CS really love to talk shit about new players in pro teams. Simply because they haven't heard their names before.


I dont remeber people saying much about perfecto he proformed well in his first event Unlike lucky who got judged for the 5 or so matches hes played


People talked a lot of shit about Perfecto because he was like the 4th option when Navi weren't able to get Fl1t, Qikert, etc.


And now he's the new clutch king lol. Watching him vs Liquid a few weeks ago (maybe FaZe?) hurt my soul. Navi is so good now because he's such a solid player and a great clutcher.


I think you are referring to the Faze game, he had a crazy amount of clutches in that one


Yeah must have been, I was so mad lol. As a Faze and Liquid fan, my life is pain.


Aged like a good Amarone


People say that about new players everytime They said perfecto is bad, yeah he is bad but he didn't have enough time because he was busy clutching a 1 v 4 on 15 hp Yeah is b1t is ba.... Lmfao, no. Can't even complete that sentence. He is an assassin genetically modified in b1ad3's secret lab to carry when s1mple and electronic retire


I swear I would not hold a damn minute watching a twitch chat if I was pro. It’s full of toxic dumbass trying to be funny when they are just dickhead


I'm not even a pro and I can't stand a second of it. Thankfully there are great Balkan streams for Blast and ESL tournaments. Chat is slightly more tolerable there


It’s not toxic. Nobody there is serious. It’s just a spam fest. Literally anybody dies -> fit the word “bot” in their name. Reddit/hltv/Twitter is where I don’t think it’s a good thing


I love it when the val kids are spamming "50k viewers major final LUL dead game" its funny to me


They are csgo players trolling and you fell for it


And also, Naffers SeriousSloth


>Nobody there is serious That's where you're wrong.


I can't imagine people spamming in twitch chat genuinely care though. Like I've always thought of twitch chat a bit like the iem Sydney audience. People there love cs, but equally just wanna drink and shout random shit.


It is the exact same on every social media, just watch the comments on any team post after a lose and you will see the same. There is a huge amount of toxicity and it’s really a shame. Twitch, Twitter or Reddit is exactly the same and toxicity is not acceptable just bc you are on twitch


Twitch is irrelevant, they will go from spamming S1mple GOAT to s0mple the second he gets killed


nah the worst part is that some are serious and you can barely tell the difference


Honestly you should just disable twitch chat when watching any esport on twitch. It lets me enjoy the game so much more at least.


Twitch chat is full of spammers and toxicity, they saw someone perform badly = bot, even s1mple, they change his name to s0mple. So much cringe


If you take twitch chat seriously then it's your problem


Wow, of course it’s Lucky the problem for taking negative comments personally. You are really dumb


I said twitch chat, genius man


Yeah and of course I said that twitch chat affects me, you are a clown. You don’t even understand that words can be hard for anybody it doesn’t matter if it’s on twitch or on Twitter.


Oh yeah definitely. I can’t fucking stand Twitch chat in those events. Best to watch it on YouTube or keep it closed completely.




Mad about what ? Am I mad about someone getting trashtalked by a bunch of silvers that can’t even understand the pressure behind those players ? You are really dumb if you find it ok to trashtalk anyone for any reason.


Actually, there is a great reason to trash talk someone. If you are bottom fragging by a country mile in a pug, your job is to shit talk the enemy team. It's just the rules.


yeah you sound pretty mad i'll just be chilling in twitch chat ;)


You’re either very young or just a little stupid lol


Of course, only explanations :)


If you're chilling in twitch chat you must be mentally challenged


Why so toxic?




yeah :(


The funny part is that not even 2% of them are a faceit lvl 10. Shit players talking about pros like they even understand the game themselves.


Lucky heard you talking shit


I'm sure now he bottom fragged against Vit. in the group final that the twitter mob will be on him again. Maybe we should stop putting the microscope on every individual performance of a player who has played literally 1 month at tier 1. That includes the good ones as well btw, holding a player like this up in the light after 1 good series and exlaiming "look he's actually sick he top fragged against TL" is probably just as harmful as all the hate in the long run. Wishful thinking I suppose.


Agree. Lucky needs time for Gla1ve and Zonic to do their magic on him


What’s his leetify score though


i didn’t even realise there was any criticism of lucky. in the games i’ve watched he’s playing really well, especially for his first real tier 1 experience


All except yesterday against vitality. I hope and believe one day he can fill those shoes.


didn’t get to watch that one, still i’d like to see half these haters put up a single frag against zywoo and co


he's right


Kids talking shit whenever there's a new dude on the block they don't know. Wait a moment and they are all fans dissing the next newcomer. This is just the circle of life.


I would be one of them if I wasn't full time K0nfig fan


bullying works


Anders and Semmler was after Lucky in yesterday's match right?


He was very poor on vertigo against Liquid and Vita. Definitely a map he needs to improve on because it's a different style of awping.


Best style of awping on that map is picking up Ak and popping heads with it


Or camping A-Ramp on both sides


He did seem to have this really great match, but he's still the worst player on the team. He needs to show that high level consistently then critics will mostly go away by themselves. He obviously has great potential, but even in the same match he had horrible rounds.


Why do people get so offended by calling someone is shit? Some people who dont know how to kick ball are saying that Messi or Ronaldo suck in football, yet they richest sport people out there. A tweet or whatever wont change that. Ignore it and do your best, just like stewie2k, b1t and I dont know who else




freedom of speech is when dupreeh doesn't ask you to be nice to a new player. literally 1948


No..using his free speech to tell haters to fuck off


Free speech is controlled by the government, not by a counter strike pro...


1/ mind your own business 2/ don’t comment 3/ only type positive things or not at all, how about fuck off and stop trying to be a dictator? The fuck does he think he is?


Player that knows a lot more about the game than shitters on Twitter


He said don't comment if you don't have anything positive to say (or should I explain you, keep your opinion to yourself) and he isn't a dictator for saying that - it's easy to say something negative and harder to say something positive, and internet is full with negative people. And it's funny how faceit lvl 2s are totally more experienced in tier 1 cs and Lucky is just a bot, amirite?