Perfect timing

Perfect timing


Yeah, and y'all americans can joke about the motherfucking bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki. Hitler jokes are famous and i'm sure the holocaust was a bigger tragedy than 911. Jokes about Black people are still a thing and they had to go through slavery and subjugation. We can be here all day and more than half of the joke we tell wouldn't be allowed .


Woah woah there fancy pants. I joke about nearly anything unless it's going too far. Also that person is a dumbass but a very small point which is that is was like 20 years ago. Also no need to bring in race as that has nothing to do with it plus very little people from the Holocaust and bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are alive now. Also almost every race has had prejudice or slavery happen to them so don't ever bring that up. So stop caring about what other people say because if you care so much, then leave


Jokes often exist in multiple, sometimes quite opposing, states simultaneously. They can be sick, mean and offensive, and still funny. That's just how the human brain works. Humans have told jokes about every single major tragedy since the first one., when probably a cute puppy got trampled by a Mammoth and fur slippers were invented. The real tragedy is that you can't just wear one slipper. They would have needed another puppy. The bigger the tragedy the easier it is to laugh about it. Not so easy when it's small and personal. It's not like that stupid looking kid has drawn a window on the paper plane with a scared face and the words "Steve's stupid dead wife" and an arrow pointing to the window.


Jokes have punchlines, they're meant to be laughed at. Nothing funny about "haha, your sister was raped and murdered" like where is the funny?


So as I said, the smaller and more personal the tragedy the less funny. Humor emanates from that same part of our brain that processes awkwardness and tragedy. 1 person dies, it's not funny. 10,000 people die and someone will be cracking gags about it. People usually only get upset if someone does it too soon. Just because something is not meant to be laughed at it doesn't mean that it isn't funny. And of course humor is subjective. Unlike grasping simple straight forward concepts.


Most of the people who talk about “they didn’t experience it” didn’t experience it either, you saw it on the news were shocked for 15 minutes then went to work and forgot about it until lunch


Was on my birthday. Lol.


so you celebrate on 9/11


Yes I always go to my local mosk. Spend the day with the boys.


nothin aint stoppin me from my bday


haha same, on my birthday I usually build a lego tower and blow it up lol


Yeah. This year gonna have a costume party. It's gonna be middle east themed.


must've been quite the treat!


It's always fun to order the twin tower birthday cake. Make sure to place the candles on both towers. Then I get to blow them out.


do you get mini airplanes to fly into the cake towers?


The candles are the planes. Sometimes put little edible people on the bottom and in and around edible towers.


​ That's my nephews birthday aswell, really easy to remember the date.


I hate it when you have to celebrate holidays on your birthday.


I bet nobody forgets it!


That's not how I remember it. I was in high school when it happened. Shit went down. For weeks/months where literally everything that was talked about focused on was the attack. Every single class I had became centered on terrorism and what the word trade centers were. Psh even art class became highjacked (pun intended). I remember seeing gas prices jump from around 1.20/gallon to 4.99/gallon over night (luckily that didn't last long, however gas was never low again until height of pandemic days) I remember going to one class and a teacher was crying and getting furious at the students for "being ignorant kids that know nothing of the world". It was...weird.


Yep. I woke up and was getting ready for school on the West Coast when I saw it happening on the news, saw the first tower fall on the news. I was a sophomore in High School at the time. Went to school like normal, we all talked about it... Had normal classes, not too many wanted to talk about it. Went home, knew the world had changed. I experienced it, but I didn't EXPERIENCE it.


Non American here! I remember when it happened, I was 9 at the time, a few days later we found out a cousin of my moms was killed in 9/11, he was a fire man. His family moved to NY back in the 70s. So I guess I can claim iv experienced it, even though we were thousands of kilometers away, on another continent.


One of my best friends died in the North Tower. So Your sense of humor sucks.


I was enraged at the age of 16, and every waking moment of life for the next 3 or 4 months centered around 9/11, what happened, and what the response should be


Little prick


People are ignorant af these days and don't care to learn anything. 🙄 it's all about self. I feel bad for little kids and the shit show they are in for.


Meant to post this on Reddit or Facebook Antivax groups?


No ppl are ignorant af. To laugh at something u don't know about or understand is ridiculous. I said what I said


WW2 jokes Vietnam jokes Jokes about people all exist and i'm sure you laugh at all of them.


No I don't. What is there to laugh about. I laugh at what's funny. Ppl losing their lives isn't funny.


My joke was bad taste. And you not attacking me, shows you to be the bigger person.


Haha plane go wee


free award


Take it


America: uses 9/11 as propaganda Also America: Has committed many atrocities and war crimes around the world and doesnt talk about it


This is NOT funny.


It is, and I am tired of presenting it’s not