Party finder is hell. You either get a party full of idiots or party full of perfect speed-runners, there is no in between.


Im lucky because usually when I join some random f5 party some cata 40 hype mage sweat joins for literally no reasons and kills everything in -1 seconds like bruh go do f7 bro.


They probably wanna drop a shadow fury for themselves and don't wanna buy from ah


I don't know how monkeys from pfinder even manage to get into this situation. There is shot ton of mods that can solve it, just install them, turn solver on and follow simplest instructions and both "get mods" and "follow instructions" doable even by 9 yo kids Like why they don't have ot? Potato PC? Too bad, potato PC can't run dungeons with all their entities and blocks. Or they just another b*dlion users who are too lazy to spend 1 minute switching to forge to not throw their 10 minutes run? I'm legit curious


It kinda makes me sad that "get mods" is one option to avoid this. Tic tac toe isnt that complicated, just memorize the 2 or 3 scenarios or think 2s about it


Agree. You shouldn’t need a mod to help you with something this simple. You’re literally just blocking the opponent.


even then if they say the don’t use forge i know for a fact that both lunar and forge have puzzle solvers and even if you play on vanilla wait for someone who has solvers


You can even open google tic tac toe, set up hardest difficulty and copy opponent turns


Yea, if youve ever played tic tac toe in your life u should be able to tie everytime u just need to know to start in the corned when hes mid and mid when hes corner


Hey give badlion some credit, recently they’ve made it basically the same for dungeons as any forge mod you could get, albeit a bit buggy occasionally. Lunar is the real problem, that’s what all the 3/4 sa nons use


people make mistakes, also when going into pf, check all their stats to make sure they got 10+ secrets/run and pb decent


This is worse than 10- secrets a run. My 5 yr sister could start this tic tac toe better lol. (And also below f5 players sometimes not focusing on s+ but just complete the run so they don't do secrets)


run f7 then


Yeah sure ez pz except for the fact I can't do f6 yet


join a party that says s+


Won't help, since same amount of monkeys. Also sorting by cara won't help either - at F7 somehow teams with cata 32+ can manage to do gaga and die on Necron wtf (or throw terminals)


Laughs in 190 secrets per run


any good servers for finding parties? ​ im tired of party finder


My cata 35 coops member agrees that everyone has an iq comparable to a monkey


Well you still used party finder to get this screenshot so.....


Monkey finder




People with high iq’s don’t say they have a high iq.


Ok, so I did an iq test online, apperently i have 147 iq, since it's online it's not really accurate so let's take like 10 away making my statement still valid


I'm not saying you're stupid but saying you have a high iq is stupid, particularly for something like this where it lacks relevance. It comes across as arrogant and it honestly ruins your statement since it implies "I'm really smart so I don't have to worry about losing Tic Tac Toe but anyone who does is stupid". It would have been better if you left it out since it doesn't add anything meaningful. Not trying to beat you up I just want to help you.


Welp, have a good or something


I am basing it around the iq of my brother (150)


The point’s more that someone who has really high iq (140 is 99% percentile) would naturally be smart enough to realize that it’s not a good idea.


Obvs not a good idea but ok