Anti mask idiot at Miami airport

Anti mask idiot at Miami airport

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[https://www.local10.com/news/local/2021/08/28/military-veteran-hospitalized-following-violent-outburst-at-miami-airport/](https://www.local10.com/news/local/2021/08/28/military-veteran-hospitalized-following-violent-outburst-at-miami-airport/) not anti-mask


Considering the article is gaslighting for this guy by very quickly referring to his status as a veteran I'm not sure I believe much they claim. I'm a vet and know a lot of others that have seen some stuff but don't know of any that act like this. Any in our circle that are having a bad time are quickly referred by someone in our cadre for help and strongly encouraged to do so. Seems like him being a vet is just making excuses for him really just being an arsehole.


I thought you were calling him an animal until I remembered what "vet" means in American English.


Yeah they always add stuff like racist, bully, karen, anti-mask, anti-vax, etc.. in their titles.


He said the N word


Ok... what does that have to do with masks?


It doesn't have anything to do with masks. It's a bad title. But nobody added racism except the guy in the video.


I think he was just using slang.


Nti mask.


It says he was refused from his flight because he was intoxicated. Wasn’t anti-mask.


and got into an altercation with his GF in the women's restroom.


Like a toddler tantrum


Nice sweatpants bro…


Either way, he's being an asshole and he's going on the no-fly list.


Sooooo… do we just not do airport security anymore? I was led to believe you got about 30 seconds before you get get pounded in an airport.


Where are the tazers?! Zap this asshole.


Tazers suck, don’t get me wrong, but some people can almost shrug it off (some mental disorders or if they’re on drugs like PCP), most will jolted and then be almost back to normal in 30-90 seconds. If you want to incapacitate someone without killing them, pepper spray is the way to go. Most of the effects of CS gas and mace/pepper spray is a natural response from your body. Lung and skin irritation, runny nose, watery, swollen eyes, and once it starts, you can’t get it to stop. Milk or cream can help, but most times, you’re going to need an hour or two before you can function (seeing clearly, breathing without coughing, etc) again.


Incapacitating them briefly is the point of a Tazer. Also, the electrodes are still attached after recovering, so they can be zapped into submission again. Pepper spray is an "area of effect" weapon that will affect the user and other in the vicinity. Also, the same things that allow people to pretty much ignore literal electrocution also let them ignore pepper spray. It's the intense *pain* that's immediately incapacitating, not the effects you listed.


Good video, downvoted for incorrect and misleading title. Someone else linked the news article.


He wasn't anti-mask. He was intoxicated.


cell phone man has entered the fight.


Sometimes all you need is one good punch on the reset button for people like this. Hell, with how the dude fell backwards on his ass after he tried punching someone, I'm surprised someone didn't attempt a quick jab.


...That works both ways though. Not all of us have Mike Tyson KO power.


Since he's white, I can point out that it's his trash *behavior* that likely lead to the negative results in his life, not his skin color. The way he talks, and gestures, his lack of impulse control, apparent low intelligence, and the ghetto dialect he's chosen to define himself by....these are the personal traits that land people like him in prison, and into the lower strata of society, regardless of race.




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That's a lot of words to glaze over some old school casual racism.


Calling it "racism" is a good way to avoid thinking, isn't it. Are you missing the point, or do you not like the point.


No, it's a way of avoiding having to explain the entire history of coded racist language to someone who is well aware of what they're doing. As far as I can tell, you're not even making a point other than that you hate the fact that this dude isn't conforming to white middle class culture, and that deviation from a made-up whitebread norm is the cause of inequality (the "lower strata").


I hate flying this much too


I would have kicked the shit out of that moron. That guy has clearly never been in an actual fight and just thinks he's tough from watching too much WorldstarHipHop.


Military veteran, but looks drunk, which negates much training


Military veteran doesn't mean a whole lot. He could be chair force.


he mentions being a marine in the video


I'm a marine. Does that mean I'm actually a marine, or am I a douchebag claiming to be a marine?


>am I a douchebag yep


>I douchebag I can quote things out of context too. You'll notice (well, a normal person would; I can see why you don't) that it has no bearing on anything at all.


Still more capable than internet tough guy.


Spoken like an air force veteran.


Spokenr like an internet tough guy.


The chair force has pj's and cct. Those guys don't sit in chairs. If anything they save a ton of lives. Straff runs too by the other chair jockies. I understand it's a joke but more than once have they saved friends of mine. Quit being a brickhead.


Wow. That's a whole lot of words that have fuckall to do with their hand to hand training or lack thereof. Emphasis on lack thereof.


And you think you’re different, huh


Yes. I've been in actual fights and would never telegraph that hard. Honestly, having learned that this was a veteran melting down, I'm impressed that he had enough control to not injure anyone. Unless he was in the air force.


Ok buddy


Isn’t it fun to see r/iamverybadass people in the wild?


Jesus christ


They shot of just shot him


When your balls so itch but you ain't allowed to scratch it on public


Bet they didn’t get a mask on him.


Because they kicked him out of the airport and probably arrested him


I don’t ever really like to make fun of people for things they can’t help. But you can just tell this guy has a really small penis.


I'm happy to wear a mask at the airport to ensure I get on my flight because I know as soon as that plane levels out and the food cart comes along it's masks off until we start to descend.


He is never flying again.


Wow so cool this guy should be given a treat made out of POISON :-)


There is nothing in this to claim anti mask... the news report the follow up police report the back story nothing....Bullshit title from a stank ass karma farming whore.


This veteran that apparently didn't injure anyone gets more negative reddit comments than Billy Chemirmir. Speaks volumes about Reddit. Most of you are for the first time googling "Billy Chemirmir.". Sad