15yr old steals daddy’s Tesla and takes an uphill leap at a gas station, while drinking.

15yr old steals daddy’s Tesla and takes an uphill leap at a gas station, while drinking.

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Being grounded will be the least of this kid's worries. Edit: I'm referring to the nuclear fallout level of trouble this kid will be in once he's released to his parents.


Homie’s gonna be sent to that Paris Hilton wilderness camp.


fuck i went there for 10 fucking months because i smoked pot edit: almost 100% sure it the same place too just a name change later


Have you tried smoking the plant instead of the pot?




Hi, buddy, just grabbed the cigs, will be back soon, cya


r/notopbutok and it’s been 15+ years dad wya


Just remembered I had to pick up some ice cream


I was at evoke. Those places are evil. I was stuck in those progra.s for over a year


Jesus christ


Dad is not gonna be happy about this, I'm pretty sure.


Unfortunately, learning to walk again may be one of the things this kid has to worry about. Not defending his actions. Just noticing that was a very hard impact and even belted in, he would have probably been tossed at a 90 at the waist there.


The news report said "no injured" so the kid survived that pretty good


Jesus I wish I could be young again. If I went from 90MPH to 0 in the span of 3 feet, I'm pretty sure parts of my body would be ripped away just off the G's alone! In my mid-30's, if I sleep weird, I'll have neck pain for the rest of the week!


:( I slept funny a couple days ago and my back still hurts.


I stretched my neck and shoulders two months ago just before getting out of bed in the morning. Prolapsed a disc in my neck and tore a tendon in half just below the shoulder, can't lift my arm. Lot's of physio and surgery on the horizon. I also managed to fuck my L5 up again which I'm awaiting surgery for two weeks ago when I twisted in my cars footwell to replace a fuse. Life is pain.


I gave birth ONE TIME, back hasn’t stopped aching since and I was 27. Shits wild.


Really sorry to hear that, the human body is wild, some people can fall off a building and be OK, others twist the wrong way and have a life time of pain.


Being intoxicated does help in this particular case.


I once fell asleep while driving on the highway and woke back up right as the tires caught going sideways on the highway. As I started to roll, I thought "go limp, drunk drivers always live" and after rolling six times (I think, hard to keep track but it was a lot) I got out of the car and was basically fine. My neck was just a bit sore that night.


What caused you to fall asleep?


I was a dumbass and decided to drive to my home town (three hours away) at 4am. My air conditioning sucked and it was really really hot. I think the accident was a little after 6am.


The only reason he survived was that he was grounded. Otherwise, electrocution.


Actually grounding leads to electrocution as it provides a path to ground through your body. What you want to be is isolated from being grounded.


Can confirm.


Electroboom is that you?


Username checks out.


Thank you car tires!


I love the Electrical Warning sign the reads "Danger! Do Not Touch! Not only will this kill you but it will hurt the whole time you are dying" Yeah, I think I'll leave that shit alone and leave to the professionals


Years ago I had a construction project where we had to make some tie ins to live switchgear. On 2 of the 3 switchgear the electricians were able to wear what looked like bomb disposal insulating gear. The 3rd set of switch gear had a wonderful safety label on them that said No safety PPE exists that would protect you if inside this cabinet while it is energized.




That’s all we need. A lithium battery fire on top of some gas pumps.


We have in Italy, trucks with a container to submerge Ev’s that catch fire in some kind of chemical foam liquid thing. Almost all the major cities have one or are buying one.. Obviously the funny rumour is that ever since Fiat decided to make ev’s; Italy decided to get fire proof car sized Tupperware for it.


That’s a good idea though. Lithium fires are no joke. They don’t extinguish like conventional fires. Even in the video, shits already burning green!


Lithium burns red.


Oh I remember this from the Rimac crash in Switzerland..it was like pure red in the cores and like burnt for 2 days or something…




Yup yup..


Mention rimac in Switzerland and anyone who watches GT or top Gear will know Instantly.




That's specifically why Tesla made their cars electric, so the batteries would be kept away from gas pumps! Then this fool goes and does that!


He took that horse to water and WILL make it drink.


Don't worry I heard they were very fuel efficient. That fire should burn for days maybe weeks


When I was 15, I was too scared to give someone the finger because I was afraid my dad would find out.


I cant recall my parents ever hitting me, but I always assumed I was one stolen tesla away from a beat down.


My old man smacked me so hard one night the whole family turned on him lol


I'm sorry to hear that, honestly. Mom always threatened me with dad, but she was usually scary enough. My wife calls her the dragon lady, and many a cousin and neighbor has been "baby sat" by my mom when they needed some behavioral correction. By the age of 13 me and my dad would box in the living room and make enough noise the neighbors would call from time to time.


I had this weird feeling as a kid because I thought so highly of my dad I never wanted to beat him up. Even when he would call me out in 9th grade when I was 6”3 230lbs, I just didn’t have it in me…. I played foozball and hockey could totally have wrecked his old ass In a fair note, he had a tough upbringing it’s all he knew


My dad went too far with me as well. Physical and mental abuse at times. Anyway, I grew up and moved away never talking to him for years. We finally started dialog and were friendly. One day I was moving and he was being nosey and “helping” (dictating how I should move stuff). Me and my cousin left with a load , unloaded it, and came straight back. He was livid. Took too long for his taste, apparently. I was 28 years old, 6’2 230 or so and lifted. Fit. He was 60+ and had copd. He chewed me like a child. But I wasn’t a child any longer. I was a grown man who had another grown man berating me over nothing. I lost it. I cussed him like a dog. Years of fury I had held back came up. I was so close to knocking the shit out of him. He acted as if he would do the same but knew he couldn’t. He said he’d “get a shovel and work me over” if he had to. I happened to have a shovel in my pickup from work and grabbed it, walked up to him and said, anything you can do, so can I, hoss. lol Just a fucking mess. I felt bad for my cousin watching all of it. The only thing that kept me from beating his ass was his age and health. He needed it but I was 20 years too late, and too young the 20 years prior. Life is cruel like that sometimes. We ultimately made up and he died few years later with us at peace with one another. I owed him that, I suppose. He gave me life and did show love much of the time between abuse. He was as broken as his father was to him. I do my best to be better with my son. I know I’ve accomplished at least as much, as he does not fear me coming home after work as I did my father. He is excited to see me and that gives me hope that I’m doing something better. Edit- Thank you for all the kind words of empathy and encouragement, everyone. I’m reading every reply. I am saddened to hear some of you faced abuse as well, but am confident we can do better and be better.


You did good not to hit him, even if he had it coming. I hope you’re able to break the chain of bad fathers that ran in your family. Best wishes


Thank you, friend.


My dad was the same way, dude. With my older siblings (M and F), there was a lot more physical and verbal abuse but with me (F), he knew physical wouldn't work because I was too stubborn so he went with verbal. Finally when I was 15, one day he was hitting mom and was about to kill her when I got in the middle of it. Imagine a 5'1 100lb girl throwing punches at a 6ft, 220lb athletic 50 year old adult man. It gave him momentary pause and then his focus shifted to me. Oh I got the worst beating of my life then. It was bad enough that the muscles in my left ribcage still get bad cramps and my hair has just now returned to its original thickness and I'm 26. I remember after he told me I was a bitch and I responded with "At least I'm not you"


You know, that's the hard part about abuse. You were abused, sure, but damn if it ain't hard not to love the person who is your father/mother. I'll never get over my abuse either, but I'm more accepting of it.


Lol, dad was in the marines, 6 ft and in good enough shape. He worked out a lot the whole time I was in school. He always had physically demanding jobs. I was well into college before I felt like I could honestly take the guy, and maybe not even then. I was 6'1 and 240 in hs, a "soft body that needed the marines to burn the baby fat off" as he would put it. I laughed my ass off at "foozball" I'm sure you meant football, but the thought of foosball making you tough cracked me up


That was a Bobby bushay reference, curtesy of captain insano


I LOVE that you referenced this… god damn I need to watch the watuh boy again


I was never ‘hit.’ But I got my ass beat. I was very familiar with those. Lmao


I'm sure I got my ass smacked when I didnt listen when I was young, but by the time I was 5 or 6 it was more finger shakes and depriving me of toys. My parents also were pretty good at rewarding good behavior.


You never got the belt ?


I can recall it being snapped in my general direction, but I dont think I was ever hit with it. Sometimes I wonder if I repress stuff, but I'm far too handsome and well adjusted for that. :))


I’m almost there pal, (fist bump)


This almost feels like the late 90s, when you could just talk about dumb shit on the internet with a stranger and no one got all shitty.


I'm loving this dialogue y'all. Feels like I'm not alone.


I got the belt, but the switch was worse. You knew it was gonna be fucked when mom made you go pull your own switch from the tree out back.


I was given a choice sometimes: the belt buckle, a whip or the switch. I didn’t deserve any, I was the stress reliever because he had to drive in traffic.


Belt? My mom loved using her fists, feet, chairs, lamps, whatever was in her general vicinity that would cause the greatest harm to me. She was a fucking control freak, a tyrant, who would never take no for an answer. It was her way or the highway and she meant it. I got a C in Biology in 8th grade? Threw me down the stairs. Lied about not having homework? A little round of boxing. Her boxing and me taking the punches. The 60’s-70’s were tough times.


You were smarter than me. 😅


because you had parents that actually gave a shit.


As long as this kid jacks up the ass end, puts in reverse and takes the miles off. Dad will never know. I bet he’s in a catatonic state right now


My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who got your joke. I think it’s pretty serious.


Chikah Chikah, _Oooh yeahhh_


Idk man I seen some good parents with some shit kids. Some people just evil. Or stupid. Or both.


always exceptions and you truly never know people unless you live with them.


Even then it's a toss up...


some ppl deserve more than just a finger


Bruh when I was 15 I was scared to drive. I would go 10 km/h on residential streets and still be so nervous. I don't understand how these kids decide to go full throttle right away and not be scared!!




Lol this reminds me of the time I locked my sister out of the house and was teasing her through the window (we were younger than 15 but I can't remember exactly) and she stuck her middle finger at me. Oh course I said, oooohhhh I'm telling mom and dad!!! I was a little brat that time I definitely deserved that middle finger! I didn't tell our parents though. She's still my best friend!


My older sister and I definitely pulled some shit. 😂


I did the same thing but with my tongue. I was sticking my tongue out at my sister and put it through the door and she slammed the door on my tongue. I deserved it


The kid is [alive and was arrested afterwards](https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/texas-news/tesla-erupts-into-flames-after-teen-crashes-into-gas-pump/2716966/%3Famp&ved=2ahUKEwiFhKif-YTzAhXjmmoFHSNvDOoQFnoECAUQAQ&usg=AOvVaw0OvQQTaUpYLO_nXsVIQZon&cf=1) according to the local news article.


Says nothing about a 15 year old ‘stealing’ the car or that it was his dads. It says he crashed ‘his’ car. Anyone have any further reports?


Yeah more info would be nice. But in terms of speculation I doubt it was "his car" unless hes been playing the cs go knife stock market for keeps


idk those people definitely exist out there. when i was in high school a 16 year old got a two year old stingray corvette for his birthday. he surprisingly never crashed it


No adults in their right mind would freely let a 15 year old drive their car (let alone a Tesla AND being intoxicated). So "Stealing" is probably an appropriate word to use here. I agree with you on the "dad" part.


The article doesn't say 15...they could be 19 for all we know. And rich parents usually spoil the crap out of their kids, it could easily be a graduation present for some spoiled brat.


CBS article says “juvenile” instead of teenager.


> Normal car fires can be put out with 500 to 1,000 gallons of water, but electric cars can require 30,000 to 40,000 gallons of water to extinguish the car's battery pack, Damn ...


That's...not right on the normal car fire. I was a volly ff and we ran on car fires monthly. Even fully ablaze with grass on fire we wouldn't even come close to tapping the 500gal tank. Modern CAFS (foam) trucks like in well funded cities would use a fraction of that.


The electric one seems potentially legit. The Rimac that Richard Hammond crashed apparently burned for 5 days and the fire fighters couldn't get readily extinguish it.


Oof, I forgot about that crash. Poor Hammond


Where the hell did you volunteer as a firefighter that you were getting monthly cars on fire? A demolition derby?


He was starting the car fires in his free time to then save the day as a firefighter.




It’s not too uncommon for the slightly rural departments. I live in a very rural town but we would get one every couple months or so. Probably due to covering and assisting with a larger area. Normally caused by meth heads or idiot kids screwing up the wiring for their sound systems. Slightly off-topic, but my first ever non-medical run was actually a car fire.


In the US there are on average 170,000 highway car fires per year. So any somewhat major city is going to have more than a couple a month.


EDIT: Per the comments below, water + lithium battery isn't a concern because the batteries don't contain lithium metals. The larger concern is overheating which water prevents. So needing crap ton of water makes sense. I found this article from Tesla on how to deal with fires - https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/downloads/2016_Model_S_Emergency_Response_Guide_en.pdf Tesla specifically states "DO NOT SUBMERGE VEHICLE TO EXTINGUISH/COOL BATTERY FIRE" "USE LARGE AMOUNTS OF WATER" "USE WATER TO FIGHT A HIGH VOLTAGE BATTERY FIRE. If the battery catches fire, is exposed to high heat, or is generating heat or gases, use large amounts of water to cool the battery. It can take between approximately 3,000- 8,000 gallons (11,356- 30,283 liters) of water, applied directly to the battery, to fully extinguish and cool down a battery fire; always establish or request additional water supply early. If water is not immediately available, use CO2, dry chemicals, or another typical fire-extinguishing agent to fight the fire until water is available. NOTE: Tesla does not recommend the use of foam on electric vehicles." Original: I'm not 100% sure but I think that number is only if they use just water. The water will cause an even worse fire if the batteries are damaged due to lithium reacting with water. I believe there's a specific chemical to deal with lithium fires but it's not widely used by fire departments. But dont have the sources on hand for that. Id imagine using the specific lithium fire suppression chemical would reduce the amount of water required.


Water is terrible for lithium and other metal fires since those metals react with water to make hydrogen, which effectively explodes then keeps burning until all the metal is used up. A foam extinguisher isn't ideal but will work. Most dry extinguishers are good, or dumping a whole lot of sand on it works too.


There is little to no lithium metal in a lithium battery. In fact, the extreme reactivity is why lithium metal batteries aren't common.


I asked about this when I was firefighting. The answer was: “We have more water than it has lithium” I couldn’t argue with that.


Water still helps cool down the fire and stops the surrounding areas from burning so it can still be quite effective. It just won't put out the fire itself. The danger is if you only have a small amount of water like one bucketful or a water extinguisher and use that on the fire.


The safe way is to dump the car into a container full of water and wait a few days, otherwise they can't be sure the battery is done burning.


I could swear I saw a picture of a Dutch contraption that was literally this. In Europe they have special tow trucks that are actually a crane with a remote controlled claw that picks up the car and deposits it onto a flatbed. So they paired one of those with a giant pool instead of a flatbed to make a solution for EV fires. Pick up flaming car, place in pool. I'm not sure how the claw's hydraulics and cables don't burn in this operation though; it moves slow and that's a hot fire.


I was about to say here in the Netherlands we have special containers for this now. So you're totally right! Not tow trucks though, the fire department owns this stuff.


Thank you for this! I was reading all the jokes and thinking “my God did this kid get out alive!?” I’m glad to know he did!


I knew a guy in high school who, with permission, took his Dad's 50something Corvette convertible to a dance, got drunk after and and wrapped it around a telephone pole on the way home. Put him and his date in the hospital with several broken bones each, but they were ok. I heard his Dad walked into the hospital room, just kind of stared at him for a minute and then said "Are you Ok?" He said yeah and started trying to apologize. His Dad just said "Good" and walked out. Hopefully this kid's father is as controlled as my friend's was.


Oh christ, glad to hear he was okay but a 50s Corvette? *Shiiiit...*


Right!? A couple other friends went up the scene of the crash after and found a little chunk of the car that still had the baby blue paint and sanded it into a circle and made a key chain for him so he'd never forget the stupid thing he did.


My dad’s colleague - same story, but a Porsche, and kid is dead.


I can't imagine.


“Oops, tank is on the other side.” Edit: I know the car is electric. Whether it’s my failed attempt at sarcasm or the joke going over people’s heads, what a great way to start the morning! Thank you for all the awards!!


tesla literally puts gas stations out of business.


The Tesla held up really well, bullish


Oh, it definitely burned. https://cbsaustin.com/news/local/tesla-driver-crashes-into-tarrytown-gas-station-bursts-into-flames-thursday


Wow. No injuries! That’s impressive. Also… “Normally a car fire you can put out with 500 to 1,000 gallons of water, but Tesla's may take up to 30,000-40,000 gallons of water, maybe even more, to extinguish the battery pack once it starts burning”


No injuries until his momma caught up with him. I hope.


Yea.... if I did this with my dads car I would have stayed in the car and died cause that’s a better fate. Now if it was my moms car then there is no escape not even in death.


Lol, exactly.


lol or he's disowned. Mm. um how do you say: you are beyond busted and going to jail in piseed off mother. I know when I find mrs wonderful. If they boosted the car. they wouldn't be able to sit.


Dude, that kids going to juvenile hall for a few years, and thats not even talking about that gas station owner coming after everything you own and ever hope to own.


doubtful. tarrytown is one of the richest neighborhoods in austin. it’s easy for a kid to get away with blowing up gas stations and other things poor people can’t get away with blowing up.


Damn rich people. Always getting away with blowing shit up.


If my neighborhood kids have to blow up gas stations in an Honda Civic


Detonation equality NOW


Yeah that kid is joy riding in his parent's tesla. He has a bright future and we wouldn't want to mess that up.


Saying the full name usually sends the message.


I was under the impression you shouldn't use water on an electrical fire. Or does this count as a chemical fire? Either way I'd think some kind of foam was the way to go.


When a lithium cell goes into full thermal runaway, it's a chemical fire.


It’s a chemical fire, not electrical. Lithium metal batteries will burn worse if you put fire on them, but Tesla uses lithium cobalt batteries which don’t have that reaction. Water is not as effective as a fire extinguisher or sand bucket on a lithium cobalt fire, but it will still work eventually. I work in personal electronic batteries and our training is always to use a sand bucket, fire blanket, or fire extinguisher in the case of a fire. My guess is that emergency response vehicles are only equipped with water maybe? Or they don’t have enough fire extinguishers to deal with the sheer amount of cells in one electronic vehicle fire. Edit: I meant water, not fire, when talking about lithium metal batteries. Gonna leave the typo cause people seem to be enjoying it


>Lithium metal batteries will burn worse if you put fire on them I'm no science man but this checks out


Lithium metal batteries will burn worse if you put fire on them I would think most things would burn worse if you put fire on them.


I think they would burn better


Depends if you want it to burn or not to burn.


I have been first on scene for a few car fires unfortunately. I can definitely say that they don't carry enough fire extinguishers for a fully engulfed car. They are pretty much preventative.


We have a fuck ton of water, enough to douse anything if we have a hydrant, we also have a specialized foam that’s fed through the water to help smother flames


The US navy has 4 classifications: A, B, C, and D. A: Paper wood and other solid non metal combustibles. Water. B: Gasoline, other types of fuels and oils. Firefighting foam (Aqueous Film Forming Foam AKA A triple F) to create a barrier between the combustible and oxygen. C: Electrical. PKP (Purple Potassium Powder). D: Metals. Sand or throw that shit overboard.


IF it burns: get a watertight open container, fill with water, drop in Tesla, keep it there a week. SOP in the EU.


It'd be interesting to learn how they deal with the lithium battery fires. Would you even be able to remove them to a safer location?


I believe in some places (mostly europe) the fire department comes with a giant water tank, lift the car up with a crane and drop it in there. https://youtu.be/KzJ6LperQUk


No, they just douse it with water until it stop reigniting itself then they go home. It takes several hours. Meanwhile some lovely things get spread into the environment.


In the Netherlands some of our fire departments now use a forklift and a shipping container to just dump the entire car in a big bucket of water. Saves a lot of water and is way easier to control.


I immediately went to check the comments to make sure I didn’t just witness someone die on reddit(again) thank you


“Ooohh Tesla, they’re so hot right now” -Mugatu




That's the most interesting Tesla in the world.




Millennials: it took our jobs, we were supposed to kill the gas station industry


Update: Child is being tried as an adult because o: excessive speeding, possession of stolen property, reckless endangerment, destruction of property, driving without a license, DUI, and there are more charges.


I honestly don't understand the whole getting tried as a juvenile vs adult thing? If someone does something really bad and they decide to try them as an adult, what is the point of the cutoff if they can choose to ignore it? Wouldn't it just make sense to try everyone the same but there is judge's discretion to give people under a certain age lesser sentences? Obviously you would still maintain juvenile detention centres so you don't have 15 year olds in with adults. It just seems arbitrary to have a seperate system for juveniles but still be able to decide to ignore it and treat them like an adult when it suits.


trying as an adult is only for extremely serious crimes, because essentially, kids DO get an automatic lesser punishment when in the court system. I've seen it first hand because I'm a little fuck and you can reeeeally get out of some shit by telling a cop you're 15 but in actuality you just don't have your id and youre looking for a way out.


That still doesn't explain why there are two different systems and the authorities have the ability to just ignore the split if they want. Procedurally, what is the difference between the two systems not including sentancing? For example, did juvenile trials have a jury?


I am not a lawyer nor work in the legal system so take what I say with a grain of salt. Juvenile courts don't have a jury because as the poster above mentioned only serious crimes are tried as an adult. Kids will have drug charges, assault, weapon charges, and a slew of other things that will get expunged. The idea is that a 12 or 13 or even a 17 year old 99.9% of the time are not alone in their action or poor decision making. The peer pressure, grooming, or otherwise external forces that lead to the child's situation often heavily influences what leads them to trouble. While the juvenile system isn't perfect by any means, it makes an attempt at rehabilitation and getting kids away from those external influences that got them in trouble in the first place. Being tried as am adult puts chikdren who are inherently dangerous or mentally unwell into a system to keep a close eye in them. One other child that was tried as an adult that I know of off the top of my head was a 10 year old that was with her mom at a in-home daycare and the 10 yr old dropped a 6 month old that started crying, she panicked and stomped on the infants head. Sad situation all around.


Well he won’t get a license until he’s at least 21 now. Cost dad a Tesla that will probably be a covered loss but he will save a fortune by not insuring that little prick for at least five years.


Not really. I work in insurance and can tell you if their of driving age their “supposed” to be listed/rated regardless of license status. A lot of people don’t and get away with it because they won’t show up in searches when agents/underwriting does their stuff. But have an accident? Yah now the insurance company knows about you. 15 year old with DUI, totaled Tesla, and some expensive property damage? Expensive as shit. Kids dad can have him as an excluded driver to avoid this, but if the kid takes the car out again NOTHING will be covered by insurance.


Can confirm. I can't even count the number of times kids end up getting added or excluded only after an accident happens. But if the insured reports their car stolen, liability falls back to the driver. Unlisted daughter let her boyfriend borrow the car without dad's permission and hit another car. Not only was there a lot of property damage, there was a medical claim opened as well. Dude hit the other guy who was at a complete stop pretty hard. We would have paid it all. Except dad was sick of both of them because they had already stolen a lot of things from him and were generally disrespectful of him and his property. He told me some stories!! They were around 19/20, legally adults, so this wasn't going to affect dad. He claimed the car was stolen- which it technically was- and he reported it to the police as such. He said she didn't really live there but was staying with him until she could find a place. He suspected she and her boyfriend were on drugs and stealing his stuff for drug money. He kept his keys in his bedroom because he didn't trust her, so she must have gone in there while he was sleeping. He worked night shift and was a deep sleeper so he didn't notice. He said he didn't care if they threw them both in jail, he was done with them. It was crazy, and it was the only time in my 20 years I had a parent deny the claim and report the car stolen.


I’m a fire/theft manager. I’ve had to pay a similar claim, but the kid still lives at moms. Mom was furious, while she continued pressing charges.


I'm sure you've paid out some crazy claims. I'm not in claims but in the office so I still hear about them. Once there was a couple on vacation who get a call from their neighbors a car is in their living room. Drunk guy crashes through the living room and leaves the car there so of course he was caught. It sucked having a claim while on vacation but if they had been home, it could have been much worse! There are so many stories.


Being in non-standard, you have no idea. For a while my team was getting 2 claims a week where a married man had a hooker steal their car after they passed out on drugs. Every time we get a claim at a shit motel in the city they live in, it’s this.




There is not enough information to answer that. We would need to read the policy language regarding unlisted drivers, if a DUI/DWI waives first party coverage, etc. It’s rare that an expensive car like a Tesla would have a limited liability policy, so it most likely is. That being said, unless this dudes dad pays A LOT for insurance in the future - the next time he crashes the car it likely won’t be.


Pump was at fault, tesla clearly had the right of way


Yeah, that pump is the real idiot here.


I hope that wasn't the premium.


"Tesla will destroy the gasoline industry"....I think they meant it metaphorically, dude.


Not very fuel efficient now...


Goes up in flame. 11/10 would not recommend.


As the saying goes, "it's good for starting fires"


If I had done this as a kid. Old man would have fucking dropped me off at the police station himself. Kids beyond fucked.


I just don’t understand how that kid will ever have trust in their parent-child relationship again. “Yeah, remember that one time you drove my car into a gas station?” They’ll never forget that.


I would’ve walked to the station rather than go home. My ass would’ve gotten beat; I’d take my chances with the cops.


Jeez. Did he survive?


[He survived](https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/texas-news/tesla-erupts-into-flames-after-teen-crashes-into-gas-pump/2716966/?amp).


Take that, fossil fuels! - that kid, probably


This kid will forever remember the colossal ass-whooping he received that evening


I mean, assuming they made it out of the flaming wreck.


[if this is the right crash](https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/texas-news/tesla-erupts-into-flames-after-teen-crashes-into-gas-pump/2716966/) the kid lived, he got out of the car & was waiting near it when the police arrived.


That’s when you’re begging to be arrested, tried, and incarcerated because the alternative is going home to dad.


Jokes on him. Being a juvenile, most likely he’ll be booked and released to his parents.


After this stunt? I highly doubt it. That wasn't just a little misstep, that was a series of colossal fuckups.


Nice sleuthing!


He’s not dead he’s just very badly burned - Austin Powers


You have to work pretty hard to start a gasoline fire with a Tesla.


Made it look easy


What an idiot, that thing doesn't even need gas.


When I was 15 I stole my parents 1994 Ford econline van and got it stuck in a ditch while it was snowing. I was able to get it out eventually and get back home without them knowing though lol


He hates these cans!!


Die, gas pumper!


Hey, you're not carnival personnel!


These cans are defected!


This is hilarious because I literally said that line to somebody about two hours ago at a restaurant.


Does insurance cover your own kid stealing your car? I don't think my kids would do this, but you never know.


Bruh when I was 15 I was to scared to ask my dad for a ride to the cinema (a 10 minute drive) because he was after work and I assumed he was tired and this dude gets fucking drunk and steals his dad’s Tesla? Are you fucking kidding me?


No TANK you!


Stupid kid. Teslas are electric. No gas.


And TRIX are for kids...




"Fuck you, petrochemical industry!"


The irony of a gas station destroying his Tesla.


Wow. The driver managed to cause a gas fire AND an electrical fire at the same time. Impressive!