This happened to me once. Turned out the driver was crazy drunk and was using my bumper to help them stop at the light.


Saves wear and tear on the brakes at the small cost of totalling your car. Brilliant


Insurance companies hate this one weird trick!


Just drive an unregistered car and speed away really fast! /s


I saved on car insurance by not having any.


I save money on Valentine's by pushing everyone away.


This got dark....or sad? 🤣






0-100 real quick on "no insurance company will insure you"


Learn this simple trick and never pay for car insurance in your life. Insurance companies hate this!


Utilising contact sport tactics outside a race is surprisingly affective


"e"ffective... sorry it just rankled me...


The real pro tip is always in the comments


Rubbin's racin'


8 tires grip better than 4.


lol my step dad in the 80's, did that to a city trash truck. The guys in it just let him drive home in a smashed up car because the truck was fine. The windshield was hanging half way out. He was almost ejected, because seatbelts kill. No DUI. He was stumbling into the house, shiiiiiitfaced. Crazy they let him go.


Um. That’s... logic I guess. Not good logic but they tried


What exactly happened after this? What did she say?


She said her brakes malfunctioned lol in a 2022 Corolla Must have just mixed up the brake and gas pedal


My ex-gf in HS drove with both feet. I warned her about that problem... didn't listen... slammed into other car at stop sign because she mixxed up the two.


I also drove with both feet.... For the first WEEK until my mom saw and explained why it's incredibly dumb.


I've driven with both feet for 2 years. But I have 3 pedals


Had me in the first half!


And me in the first two thirds!




i drove stick for 20 plus years before getting an automatic. i had to HIDE my other foot for a bit of time XD.


Lol. I experienced the same, after purchasing an automatic having driven stick for over 20 years myself. I had to consciously relegate my left foot in the penalty box - erm, footrest area for a little while. After three years of driving the automatic, I still on rare occasion put my hand on the auto gear shifter while driving in anticipation of shifting, lol.


I still have the compulsion to press down the left side of an automatic's brake pedal when I start a car.


I was like, what do you mean, you are supposed to use both feet, how are you gonna change gear? Then I realized you were taking about automatic, then I realized I haven't touched a manual car in 7 years, why did I immediately think about manual?


Lol, sure they did.


It's those crazy unreliable Toyota's, the one car company infamous for their unreliability (งツ)ว


To be fair Toyota recalled like a quarter million 18-19 Camrys for loss of brake power.


As well as the accelerator “sticking” issue. Something where they modified the floorboard or carpet because in some case the accelerator pedal got stuck. Could be someone didn’t secure their carpet and it got bunched up or something, but by that point there was a lot of gear already spread I remember my dad reading about it and teaching me how to stop a car with a stuck accelerator: bump transmission into neutral or turn the ignition off.


This was a notorious problem that has been debunked numerous times as Operator error at nearly 100%




How the hell does someone mix up the two pedals. I mean it's likely to be a auto as it's in the states. I driven manual all my life and never have come close mixing any of the pedals, even when I was learning.


It’s not uncommon actually. The brain isn’t perfect and especially in times of stress or when the brain has to focus on a lot of different things people mix up the pedals and hit the gas when they mean the brakes.


It's one of those things that my brain is infinitely better at when I'm NOT thinking about it. Related pro-tip: don't think about what your feet are doing whilst running down stairs.


Idk old people do it all the time and end up inside businesses. If it's a new car you'd think it would have those brakes that brake for you in situations like this. I've seen kids mess it up learning, op said she was 19. We all learn a bit differently. I have 2 teens driving and one is definitely more confident driving than the other. Just glad no one was hurt


>How the hell does someone mix up the two pedals When you drive you keep your foot resting above one of the pedals, press down occasionally, switch to the other pedal when needed. In your mind you keep track of which pedal you're currently on. Sometimes that last part fails, especially in a moment requiring quick reactions. You instinctively press your foot down in the desire to brake. But your foot was still on the acceleration pedal. Depending on your reaction time, you would either instantly correct or you are thoroughly confused and keep pressing harder wondering why your brake doesn't work. Some people even end up still believing their brake malfunctioned after everything is over.


She got her money’s worth with that second one. Lol


She’s gonna regret it when she finds liability coverage won’t cover intentional acts. Though OPs claim is suspect.


OP made a goofy title, not a claim of malice.


Looked to me like their foot was on the gas instead of the brake by accident at that point but who tf knows


Exactly. Rewatch the video and put yourself in that driver's shoes and imagine your foot is on the brake. You go to brake, but instead accelerate. Whoops, wrong pedal. The timing of the acceleration is exactly when the brake should happen. Obviously she should've made the adjustment after braking straight up didn't work but nobosy said she was intelligent.


Exactly. Being under 25 that incident is gonna sky rocket her premiums. In my area when I started driving at 20 it was $365/month and even then I had no accidents or tickets plus drivers ed.


Jesus Christ, I'm 20 and it's 75 a month for me.


Goodness gracious, that's a steal. My mom pays that but she's fully licensed, 15+ year insurance history and a clean record. Rampant fraud and governmental apathy have the insurance rates running rampant in my area


$365 would cover my car's comprehensive insurance for nearly a *year*. I pay $37 a month


We pay $250 a month for one car with two drivers. We're both almost 40 with only a single speeding ticket between us in the last 5 years, zero at fault accidents ever.


Insurance is such a scam


In my state you can't even get a full Year's coverage you have to get it 6 months at a time and they raised you as soon as the six months is up. IPay $149 a month for the absolute bare minimum coverage $10;000 comp and collision.. )on a 2001 vehicle and I have a clean driving record.im also in my 50's.


That 365 figure is almost exactly how much I pay for my cars insurance per year. Although different country but still. I couldn't image paying so much for insurance monthly.


Farm Bureau just has good rates I guess


do you live in a farm in the middle of nowhere with no chance of hitting other people? I don't see how those rates are possible otherwise


I have 3 cars on my insurance, 1 Full coverage and 2 liability only. I pay 68/month.


what magic is this.


I didn’t realize insurance would be so high for other people. Maybe what state you are in could be a factor?


Liability or full coverage? That makes a huge difference in cost.


I have full coverage for $60/month. One car, two drivers, both of us middle aged with no tickets or accidents. Crappy 14 year old car (probably biggest factor lol) and low crime neighborhood. Edit: in Hawaii. Apparently we have the lowest rates in the country, though.


Holy shit I'm 58 and mine isn't even that low.


My daughter is 20 and her full coverage is only $110 a month. I consider that pretty good.


It’s actually super difficult to prove an intentional act. So difficult that literally all she has to say is “my foot slipped off the brakes whoops” to either insurance carrier and it’ll be covered. At least this is my experience in working with many auto insurance carriers. Takes a real serious incident with tons of investigation and evidence to be officially deemed as intentional.


Doesn't look intentional to me. First hit was a lapse in judgement. There are flashing lights coming up behind them and driver may have been distracted looking for the source of the siren (I am assuming siren as there is no sound). The second hit looks like foot slipped off of brake pedal and onto accelerator. Nothing here looks like malice.


I thought that without even noticing the flashing lights. I just thought they hit the gas instead of the brake


Yeah, this looks like a case of an idiot who tries to slam the brakes, but is mashing the gas pedal instead like all those cases with toyota where people claimed the car accelerated on its own but turned out they were almost all user error.


While not everyone that accidentally accelerated in those cars was honest and did involve cases of human error, Toyota [absolutely did have a recallable issue](https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/toyota-reaches-12-billion-settlement-to-end-criminal-probe/2014/03/19/5738a3c4-af69-11e3-9627-c65021d6d572_story.html) with their accelerator pedals.


I love it that corporations are able to control the narrative so well that their disinformation becomes the believed truth. It's amazing how many lawsuits were completely legitimate, but most people believe them to have been frivolous. This and the McDonald's one are the ones that always spring to mind.


Dang… what bumper sticker did you have 😂


I think they're driving a Ram and the girl took it literally


Shame she was concentrating on the Ram, not the Dodge ...


Fun fact: it's actually just Ram now - hasn't been branded Dodge for over a decade


Well, thanks for making me feel both very old and very out of touch all in just fifteen words.


“Hit me baby one more time”


It’s a gta npc reacting to the ambulance siren behind y’all


LOL that’s exactly what this looks like


I guess she mixed up brakes and gas. Edit: brakes not break. Ok I got it. Give me one!


*brake. The word is brake.


GTA 6 looking good af right now. Too realistic. Is this VR?


Zombieland rule #2: The Double Tap


For good measure.


She's just testing her airbag. It failed both times.


It didn’t fail. She didn’t hit him hard enough to cause a fast enough change in velocity, which is what causes frontal airbag deployment.


Frontal airbag deployment sounds like a sex act I used to do on your mother.




Naw he's in the closet though


Almost always dressed as Superman


Happened to me once, turned out to be a disabled lady. Asked if I could be kind enough not to report it, and that she'd pay me to fix the car. I couldn't accept, I told her my car could've easily been a pedestrian, and that she shouldn't be driving! Edit: Thanks for the silver!


Happened something similar to my dad and his friend. They chilling and talking, friend was parked by the sidewalk and my dad was leaning in the passenger window, elbows propped. When a car rammed into the car at full speed. Whiplash the fuck out the friend and tore tendons in my dad's shoulder. My dad ran to the car that hit em because it started smoking, including inside of the car. He broke the window and pulled the woman out, the fire had started to burn her feet. Made sure she was all right. She had a seizure while driving, causing her to slam her foot onto the pedal. She couldn't even unlock the door or unbuckle her seat belt. She wasn't supposed to be driving. My dad had to sue for damages to his left arm, it hurt to see my dad, so active become sluggish. His arm has never been the same, he requires eletro shocks to calm the pain. I am glad you didn't accept her plea, they can destroy lives.


My elderly stepdad is in this situation…he’s suddenly gone downhill (rapid onset of dementia?) and gets really hostile if he decides he “needs” to go into town and mom won’t let him have the keys. They live way out in the country, 20 mins from town. The last time he drove, my sister was visiting and went with him; he hit a car in a parking lot (minimal damage) and by the time they got home he couldn’t remember it. Mom’s having a hard time with him, but we keep telling her she can’t give in; if he runs somebody over, at the very least they’d lose everything.


Holy crap that sounds similar to my dad right now! He gets in these horrible moods where "everyone isn't doing anything correctly" and my mom is getting sick of it. Idk if he recall the incidents because he says that didn't happen at all or he is purposely being a dick. He is usually a kind man with big heart.


Dementia can cause hostile, aggressive mood swings and behavior. My stepdad will just suddenly fly into a rage for no reason. Sorry you’re having to deal with that, too.


Sorry to hear this. I know how it feels about your Dad, mine got thrown off his Motorbike by a drunk and high driver and has recovered to the point of walking but will never move the same. Wishing you and your Dad well.


Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. It's something that's been bugging me for years. I wish you and your dad well too.


No problem. It's not an easy thing to live with. The hospital time, the insurance companies, and the emotions surrounding it all. It's draining. But talking about it makes it a bit easier.


This happened to my friend. In his 50s. A guy fell asleep and eased onto the shoulder where he was cutting grass, and hutbthe fuck out of him. Damaged his back, hip, elbow, knee. He used to act like a 25 year old. He could work a 12 hour day, then work all night, then do it again the next day. He could load sheds onto trialers and build entire houses by himself. Now, in a day, he became a crippled old man. Sheer negligence makes me see fucking RED. If you fuck over a fully innocent party, you should lose your lisence for X time. And if you get busted violating it, jailtime and no lisence for life. My ex did stupid shit, drinking and smoking weed while driving. I reported her ass to the cops when she was drunk driivng, and they did a field test and LET HER DRIVE AWAY.


She probably asked you not to report it because it sounds to me like she's probably been done before. Good choice.


She did mention her license would be taken away if I reported it. Sounded like that was her last strike.


Also not reporting it is a great way to hear nothing for months, and then when you follow up on it hear “what accident? Fuck off”. Always call the cops, ALWAYS get a report. In general, whenever someone says “don’t call the cops”, you should almost always call the cops


Or, as happened to an old friend of mine, have the one who asked you not to report it turn around and report you for a hit and run


Holy shit, what an assbag. What happened in the end? Did your friend get is sorted out?


Exactly. Happened to me when I got rear ended stopped at a red light. Guy didn’t want me to call the cops because he was driving with a suspended license and his parents threw him out of the house for drugs. I called the police and at first they wanted us to just exchange insurance but then I mentioned the guy told me he was on a suspended license and not to call the cops. They sent an officer who got there in 5 minutes. Turned out he had multiple reckless driving violations and a dui that got him suspended. Always call the cops.


Only way I'm not calling the cops is if they can fork over like 30 grand on the spot.


Agreed. If you need to excuse your poor driving skills, start by growing a spine and not driving to begin with.


I don't understand how not reporting an accident works. I imagine you could very easily get in a situation where the person doesn't agree with the mechanic about the work or just stops returning calls. The couple times accidents have occurred in my family, we needed a rental car and an expedient fix. Maybe my accidents were all more serious, but I feel like someone who doesn't want it reported is also likely to worm out of any responsibility. Who's to say they even have the means to pay for it if they were willing?


You did the right thing. For everyone else, never ever agree to let the other party pay for damages out of pocket. Just go through insurance and let them handle it. It's better to get everything documented then to go through a he said she said situation.


Her passenger is flipping out too


According to OP's post 20 mins ago, that was her Mom! Happy Mother's Day!!!


Automatic emergency braking is standard on all corollas. Either these systems don’t work well or this person ignored the warnings. Even if it didn’t sufficiently brake for them it must’ve at least beeped to warn them of the car in front


AEB can be overridden by gratuitous application of accelerator pedal, if you keep on the gas you can still hit what's in the way - I know from first hand experience, it comes on and yells at you and attempts to slow down, but if you keep on the gas you still make contact. As other said, looks like they mixed up the pedals, so instead of hard brake, it was hard gas, probs enough gas to override the AEB - twice...just to make sure.


So the AEB is more like a "Don't do that...or do it, I'm not a cop"


Kinda has to be that way - or you end up in a case where the car just won't drive in some situation for whatever reason tripping that particular mechanism in an undesirable way - like a tight parking lot or like a more serious situation that they'd be liable for; like, let's say, you get stuck on train tracks and the sensor is picking up the train barricade... has Wrongful Death written all over it...


Mine on my VW literally tripped out yesterday and said Apply Break!!! two different times while I was cruising on an empty highway in clear conditions. The second time it actually applied a burst of breaks in a couple of hard spurts that I accelerated through but it was kind of terrifying. It’s clearly malfunctioning and who knows what other faults it could have


Almost had an accident a couple of weeks ago because I'm an idiot. Over a hill, an exit ramp is being worked on and they had just installed lights there. Traffic was backed up and I still wasn't used to the traffic lights being there and almost rear-ended a lady that was stopped. AEB came on and I still had to swerve to miss her. Grateful for the AEB though. Probably would've if it hadn't been for it.


What's the story there?


Probably a double footer losing track of gas vs brake, and failing to process that it was indeed their fault. "Oh my, I accelerated *into* that guy, but I was pressing the brake with my left foot!? Well, now that my stupid car came to a stop, I'm going to hold my left foot on that same brake again just to make sure we're all safe from this crazy, crazy car " *double taps u*


It also looks like she wasn't paying attention. you see her drifting over the center line just before the impact. It looks like she took her eyes off the road, glanced up and saw that traffic was moving, then accelerated and looked away again. The second impact, though, was definitely a matter of accidentally hitting the gas instead of the brake.


I swear you can see a phone in her hands right after impact, distracted drivers are the cause of most rear-end collisions.


Self-driving cars can't get here soon enough. People like this have proven without a shadow of a doubt that they can't drive for shit, and only AI will fix their shit driving. Good news is when that happens they'll be able to use their cell phones as much as they want while driving! 😜


Sorry Officer, it turns out my car was distracted mining bitcoins when it drove into the back of your patrol car.


Even just the modern vehicles with back up cameras, driver assist braking, lane assist, and blindspot alerts are game-changers and can prevent a lot of low-speed accidents.


People actually double foot? What the fuck?


No point double footing outside of farming or racing. Left foot is for clutch only on the street!


Wait, farming? Like, farming farming? Like with crops and stuff? How would the left foot help out there? I'm not doubting you, I'm just curious. And why do I suddenly feel like I am the only person on this thread ignorant of proper farm-driving techniques?


Then blames it on her floormats


Inexperienced distracted idiot.


In my mind they are staring at the approaching flashing lights in the rear view and drives into the car and doesn’t realize it and keeps their foot down and hits the car again.




"How dare you take photographic evidence of the mistake my daughter made!"


Don't take a picture of a mistake being made by the mistake I made!


Ok that is pure gold


Judging by her reaction her kid wasn't a mistake, she just made a lot of intentional mistakes 'raising' her precious baby who can do no wrong.


How dare you use proper protocol on me


By "brakes malfunctioned" she meant pressed the wrong pedal. She clearly accelerated again after the first impact. Brakes only work if you press the pedal that operates them.


Her steering must have malfunctioned too and made her cross the center line before impact.


I noticed that too. Had wondered if the driver was drunk or having a medical issue.


Ive noticed in the last 5 years a lot of people drive in toward the middle of the road now. Especially in parking lots i have to swerve sometimes to miss them because they are literally going down the line


Yesss!!! What is up with this?!? I’m so glad to see someone else say this. I started noticing it during lockdown in 2020 and thought it was a temporary thing with less traffic. Nope, still happening and now twice as terrifying because of all the other cars and pedestrians around


So many people don't nkow the size of their cars. They're worried about scraping their passenger side so they hug the center line or drive in the middle of the road.


idiots, yeah quite a few ppl drive like right on the line like mf when u passing cars u should at least be in the middle of the lane if not to the right more, don’t even get me started on motherfuckers pulling out in front of me… every single god damn day, someone pulls out in front of me, at least once per day that i drive which is most, only a 10mim trip too and from work each day on average, and in those 20min, usually the first 10 on the way there during the day, at least 1 person pulls out in front of me close enough that it’s annoying and i have to slow down or i would otherwise hit them if i kept going my current speed, it varies in severity. today this dunbass pulled out in front of me, no car behind me as usual.. i’m going 55-60 and have to slow all the way down to 40-45 in about 2 seconds, saw em pulling out and was watching them beforehand just waiting for it, so sure enough they did but i easily slowed down i was ready for it and braked immediately, but like fuck, if it were some driver who had a slower reaction time or was distracted or stupid like them they would have been fuckin destroyed, getting rammed either t bone style right at the driver side door or in the ass if they got all the way out and turned. fucking idiots, sorry end rant lol these mfs just get on my nerves lol it’s so stupid like just wait 2 fucking seconds and go after me like there’s no fucking car behind me u motherfucker! and they always end up going slower than i was going too like at or under the speed limit the worst is when they gonna turn 5 seconds later anyways and nobody behind me like u just fucking slowed me all the way down, could have been rammed, and you just turning like 20 feet down the road??!! just fucking wait for me to pass u stupid fuck! idiots smh


I drive for a living and I see this shit a lot. Along with people who stop halfway in the road while turning out of a store or some shit and I have to swerve into the other lane to avoid them. Like do they think they are stopped far enough away or what? And the idiots who are always seemingly about to change lanes but nah they are just riding the line. I’m convinced so many people were stuck at home during the pandemic they fucking forgot how to drive, because it’s realllllly bad the last few years. The worst are the people that seem to think they can pull out in front of my truck because I’m a truck, but it doesn’t work that way I’m in a fucking truck it takes me longer to stop than other vehicles idiots. Ok I’m getting heated just talking about this lol. End rant.


Is being a moron a medical issue?


It will be if she keeps driving like that.


"Brake malfunction" is oftentimes later diagnosed as "driver hit the wrong pedal."


I'd say more than often, plus you don't accelerate when brakes fail.


Especially true if it’s a car from 2022… literally less than a year old and having brake problems? Really?


I bet she's got one foot on the accelerator, and one foot on the brake.


Well whose fault do you think this is? The 19 y/o princess driving a brand new car with her air pods in? Or the manufacturer for placing the break pedal irresponsibly close to the gas?


There's a reason the break is wider than the accelerator. There's also a lot of blame on mum letting her wesr the pods as well as idiot wearing the pods


Exactly my thoughts. She panicked and pressed the wrong pedal...


The fact she's driving with airpods and also someone else is in the car (How fucking rude is that), she's clearly an absolute troglodyte.


It boggles my mind that people do this. Your car has *stereo* speakers!


And factory bluetooth


Happy Mother's Day!


>The cop told me the driver sa- HEARSAY!


> The cop told me the driver said her brakes malfunctioned Oh bullshit. She 100% still had that accelerator pedal down.


FYI you can prove this is incorrect - the SRS ecu would have logged this incident (even though no airbags went off) and you would likely see there is no brake pedal input (which we know there wasn’t).


There's no situation short of a fatality where any cop or insurance agent is gonna bother to get EDR black box data.


Ah yes, the poster child of unreliability and random failures: a brand new Toyota.


I don't get how a person can be this incompetent at operating a vehicle


Likely her first ever accident, panicked, and slammed on the gas thinking it was the brakes for the second hit.


That's almost certainly exactly what happened, but if you spaz out and lose all control of the vehicle in that situation, you are a terrible driver. I stopped the car immediately after my first accident


In New York if you claim that the accident was caused by faulty brakes the Police are required to impound the vehicle for further investigation.


Operating a vehicle with a headset or something over your ears impeding sound is illegal in a number of countries and (US) states.


Best mother day’s present she could have received from her daughter. I hope you’re doing okay OP.


Hopefully she got a fat ticket for driving with "defective equipment"


hahahahahahahahahahahahaa enjoy the insurance monies pal :)




Bad breaks on a 2022 Toyota. If that's actually true, I'm sure she will be rich.


Failure of brakes causes full on car acceleration? That engine must have been at top RPM.


Glad you had a dash cam!


To me this video screams pretty new driver who was probably looking at her phone (thats why she was so far behind at the start) So she accelerates and when she gets close to the OP she goes to brake but hits the wrong pedal and hits OP. Then panic happens causing her to hit him again. I have seen this exact thing happen with a lot of very new drivers. Edit: spelling


I don't think it's new drivers who look at their phones. It's people who have been driving a while and have become complacent. But I agree, this looks like some wrong pedal panic.


I am a 23 y/o new driver. I can barely make myself take one hand off the wheel. I'm still trying to get comfortable with looking away from the road in front of me long enough to check my mirrors. A few days ago I managed to reach over to the radio and skip a song I had playing on Bluetooth, which felt like an accomplishment. How are some new drivers able to look at their phone at all?? It absolutely happens, yet I cannot understand it


Depends where you’re driving. On an urban street or downtown areas, I can definitely imagine wanting two hands on the wheel all the time. On highways and residential/suburban roads, I almost always drive with just one hand, provided the road isn’t narrow.




If this is NYC then it’s typical behavior


Most certainly NYC white and yellow plates, street layout and bus are all from NYC just couldn't tell you what street or borough, a local might know.


Downtown BK


Atlantic Ave?


I didn't know Burger King had a downtown.


This looks like NPC behavior. Badly coded NPC behavior


She can say after the first she panicked and hit gas instead of brake. There is reasonable doubt it could be unintentional.


Downtown Brooklyn 4th Ave


This is Atlantic Ave.


Get off the damn phone Margret!


Why twice? In this case, I think once was enough! Car shopping succkkkkksssss......




Y’know, that was a nice Toyota. There are people out here who can’t afford halfway nice cars, and then there are people like this…


She just ruined the banks car, I doubt she owns it


Is that an ambulance in the right lane? And no one is moving over?


Looks like a utility truck with yellow hazard lights to me.


The driver wanted to make sure you knew they hit you!


Black vehicle behind her looks like a cop suv.


There’s an ambulance there too, excellent timing


Clearly you should have moved the first time


She hit the gas instead of the brake…… *twice*