I hate drivers like this with a passion. Especially the ones driving behind trucks that don’t switch lanes when it is free but just as I’m about to pass them with a 50 mph difference.


When I come up on that situation I proactively move to the left of the lane, take my foot off the gas and cover the brakes. Too often have I needed a full ABS brake.


PSA: You'll stop faster without engaging ABS generally speaking.


You're absolutely right and still getting downvoted. Sorry to see that. It depends on the car. In motorsports, ABS is adjusted with a dial and can be set up to maximize braking and tire life. Some production cars can at least brake like a well-tuned ABS system. But most production cars are engaging ABS so you don't spin out and to save the tires, not so you can stop faster.


No worries about the downvote. It happens. ABS is designed to keep you in control when you apply brakes and try to turn. Previous to ABS you were taught to pump the brakes especially in the wet so you don't go skidding in the direction that the vehicle was already traveling when you need to navigate a turn. When you are taught to drive on a race track they teach you to learn the maximum braking threshold for your car before ABS kicks on as that will provide you the shortest distance to get to the desired speed. That means you can stay on the throttle longer and brake the shortest duration and maximize speed on the straights/etc. Anyways not everyone understands that, and the vast majority of the population are not taught to do it. I will say that having applied ii on the track many times and subsequently on the streets, it has helped to avoid potential accidents numerous times. That too says I'm probably closer to the vehicle in front for my given speed but it's been used when people cut you off and slow suddenly as is frequent in SoCal. edit - grammar/spelling/caps.


Completely unaware of their surroundings and their impact on the world around them.


When I was in driving school, I switched lanes a second after signaling and I didn't double check to see if cars were behind me. It's been two years. Sometimes I still wake up in the middle of the night hearing the extremely angry (and extremely justified) horn sound I received that day. My instructor just said to me "well, you learned the lesson". Oh, fuck. I did.


This is exactly why I was always a bit sketched out any time I was going 120+ on the autobahn when I lived there. It only takes one person making one small stupid mistake to absolutely ruin your day, and your window to react is so small that you have to drive ahead of the car


I was old enough to drive when I lived in West Germany, but Dad wouldn't let me get my DL for that reason - the autobahn was just too fast. It was a very wise decision on his part, because I was a terrible driver when I was a young man.


If you were a terrible driver he did the right thing, otherwise it would not have been the right thing. You get better with practice


How were you a terrible driver?


I think by default new drivers are "bad" drivers. Speaking from experience as I've had license for ~1 year and consider myslef mediocre at best.


I wasn't being clear. I'm actually asking for habits that made OP a terrible driver.


Sorry mate, your dad robbed you on a big opportunity, probably because he didn't want to pay the big money for a German DL. German driving classes teach you littlery everything. I would assume you did your license afterwards in the US (correct me if I'm wrong) and payed your bug fifty to learn jack shit about cars and how to operate them. Coming to the conclusion, bad driver needs less training is not a realy wise decision in my book.


No - I think he really was right. Waiting two more years to get my DL was 100% the right call.


As a dependent of someone stationed overseas, I didn't have to take the German driving classes. I had to take a written test, a sign test, and a driving test. My father gave me driver training and would have done so in the US too. He was happy I had my license so he could be a passenger and sight see on the weekend trips we would take. We stuck to western Germany and the Benelux for those trips.


Americans stationed there (and their family members) can get licenses without any of the German training requirements.










You always have to drive ahead of the car. ALWAYS!!!!


120 is a pretty reasonable speed that's allowed in most European countries though


Mph. American who was stationed overseas. Even when following kph signs I translate them in my head to mph


For anyone wondering, that's ~190 km/h. Pretty damn fast.




190 is not even that fast. I go 230 on the regular when driving down the A2 or A7 north of Hannover. It's great fun, and people generally drive pretty reasonable.


Hurry up everyone and get in here to tell the “190 isn’t that fast” guy how cool he is


Lol fuck off


American that means 120mph instead of 120km/h? Otherwise it doesn't make sense.


it's safe to say that they're not talking about miles per hour, because Europeans don't use mph in general.


> during my time living there Makes me think he’s not European And also 120KM/h is only about 75mph. He’s talking about going very fast, and I don’t think anyone would call that very fast for a highway, especially when the autobahn is the highway in question. So it’s safe to say he was talking about mph and your assumption that he wasn’t is likely inaccurate due to all the context provided.


except the ones that do.


I hate that you're being downvoted. This video is about Germany, so saying the speed is 120 is clearly for that country, which doesn't use mph. Sorry my +1 didn't do much.


Exactly. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.


You're talking 120+ mph, right. Because a German would laugh at you if 8t was kph.


Just playing devils advocate here but blame needs to be apportioned equally. The speed differential is just inherently too risky to allow one to do as fast as their nerves will allow while saying you can go as slow as you want in the other lanes. Presumably the only lane that permits unlimited speed is the passing lane here. If someone Is doing 100mph already in non passing lane and encounters a car doing 60-75mph let’s say and attempts to make a pass and sees the traffic is clear then executes the maneuver all of a sudden a veyron comes up at 350mph and kills them both. Legally they’ve both made every effort to follow the law and be safe but this still happened because of physics. No way you can see a car coming up at that speed so that’s my argument against this.


There's a recommended speed of 130 kph, 80 mph. If you're (much) faster than that, you'll be at fault in case of an accident, at least partially.


It was fun I was doing it but I only felt safe when there was a clear lane between me and traffic. Passing with traffic in the lane next to you is too high risk as the video shows.


Why the fuck would he change lanes, there were literally no cars in front of him


My thoughts exactly. Something similar happened to me many many years ago. In the US, in the late 80s... I was a teenager. I was driving with two friends, we were going to meet a few other friends for a midnight movie. So, heading to the theater, I tell them "You know, for an econobox, this thing really actually has some pep." It was a highway, 2 lanes in each direction, no traffic, so I got in the left lane and opened it up. Definitely got over 80mph, and as we raced on, we could see ahead a car in the right lane, going fairly slowly. That car decides to switch to the left lane, despite NO OTHER VEHICLES being out there. I slam the brakes, and I experience a rumbling noise and what is very definitely brake fade (I didn't know then, but warped rotors). I came very close, but did not rear end that car. Switched to the right lane and passed them. It was quiet for about a minute, then, in a rather low voice, I said to my two friends: "Remind me never to do that again..." ​ But, seriously, like the other car in the video, why did the only other vehicle on the road decide that they HAD to switch to the left lane to get in front of a very rapidly approaching car?


There is no speed limit on Autobahns in both lanes as far as I know, so there was literally zero reason for it.


context: Autobahn. it's extremely illegal for cars going less than a certain speed to stay in the fastest lane. Those cars capable of massive speed have right of way and you being there and being slower is a ticket-able offense. Checking mirrors and judging speed differentials is a must, otherwise stick to the other lanes! \-Source: My personal research due to basic interest. https://www.german-way.com/travel-and-tourism/driving-in-europe/driving/autobahn/driving-on-the-autobahn/


The rightmost lane is for overtaking only. If you are going the recommended speed (130 kmh) and cars in the middle or the left lane are not slower than you, you can't be on the passing lane. And no matter how fast you're going you use the passing lane only to overtake, if the right lane is empty you have to be on that. Germans follow a thing called lane discipline, sonething people should know about Edit: I meant to say the left lane. Where I live we drive on the left side of the road so I accidentally mixed that up.


Did you mean left


I think I might have, I've been living in a country where we drive on the left side of the road so I might have screwed that up a little.


Correct, Germans call it "Linksfahrgebot" which roughly translates to "Left-driving-rule". \*EDIT: WOW, I did the same mixup. It's called "Rechtsfahrgebot", as in "Right-driving-rule". Sorry for the confusion.


The source is a bit whack, it's not extemely illegal to be over there below a certain speed. It depends on the situation, congestion, weather. It's perfectly fine to pass a truck that's going 80 while going "only 90" yourself. In fact, trucks are overtaking trucks on 2 lane Autobahn sections all the time in germany, even if the speed limit is lifted on that section. There are specific road signs that govern when such maneuvers are allowed and when they aren't. Yes, left lanes have the right of way, you need to use your indicators all the time and you need to check your mirrors before lane switching (twice, only then will you see how fast you're actually being approached, if). Generally you should never ever have someone else need to brake because of you. Left lane is for overtaking lanes on the right. If the right is free you're obliged to return to the rightmost (free) lane. Even when you go 250kph, if there's space enough you have to drive there and keep the left unoccupied. The legal wording here is a bit weird as you can stay in a left lane if there's a vehicle in the right one "from time to time" but the general rule of thumb is "if there's space, move over". It's called the "rechtsfahrgebot", translations I've seen also call it "lane discipline". On top of this it's not allowed to overtake on the right of someone. What is extremly illegal however, is for vehicles not capable of driving faster than 65kph to even drive onto the autobahn in the first place. Like vespas, agricultural vehicles, so on.




I can't find the article at the moment - But if drivers exceed a certain speed - they are AUTOMATICALLY at fault for any crash. Maybe they guy was looking for a payday?


130 kmh is the recommended limit, but if they crash going more than that insurance companies are not happy but you are not at 100% fault




Would love to read a source to confirm either way - I was basing my comment on memory so it could be wrong.


Rumbling may have also been ABS, on older cars it was very loud and distinct.


Agreed, warped rotors don't really make any noise. They simply make every squeak and rattle in your car activate at the same time! lol. Old school ABS was definitely loud and off-putting. The feeling he thought was brake fade may have also been the ABS pushing back on his foot. That's assuming that the 1980-something car he was in actually had ABS.


My first car was a little older and had that rumble style abs, first time it kicked in I thought I really messed something up


My first 3 cars didn't have ABS. Then, in my 4th car, I experienced the worrying rumble of my ABS. I then proceeded to go ahead first into a tree.


Yikes! It was weird first feeling it bwcause I grew up in ak so I was used to not locking the brakes up just with my foot, glad you’re okay now though! Those pesky trees come out of nowhere


Before I even started learning I knew everything about cars, I could assemble a car (on a computer) and about stuff like weight shifting, oversteer, understeer all of that exciting stuff. I was not surprised when I got the ABS. However I was surprised when I got understeer and then while controlling it I got oversteer and somehow I didn't get wrapped around a tree. I controlled oversteer in a fwd car, I kept on going in a straight line after the bend.


You obviously didn't control the understeer because it resulted in oversteer in a FWD as well. People tend to panic on understeer and apply more steering, while you need to just lift off and apply less steering.


I overcorrected it, and the road was slippery because it had a bit of loose gravel and it was wet. I gradually let go of the accelerator and slowly reduced steering to get grip, and when it turned I think I pressed the gas because I was near the figurative tree, I don't exactly remember but the back went out so I just pointed my wheels where I wanted to go, eased up on the accelerator and then proceeded straight. It was my first time and I didn't know about the loose gravel since I drove there everyday and there was never any gravel so I thin I did pretty good for a first time Never had problems like that again on the road because I got pretty good by practicing my rally skills in mud and dirt.


Underaged driving yikes though.


In an 1980 Honda Civic DX, there was no ABS. I imagine the sound was because I was standing on the brake pedal and the warped rotor was still forcing its way through (didn't lock up). Normally, the brakes would lock those little 155R12 tires. ​ I just didn't understand certain automotive symptoms at the time.


Oof, close calls like that are so scary... Good thing your reaction was so good! In this video, it looks like there's another lane/on ramp merging into the autobahn with a car approaching from the right. in Germany, cars on the right lane usually switch onto the left to make it easier for others to merge onto the autobahn seamlessly, so it makes sense that the other car would attempt the switch...


I think there was another car trying to enter the autobahn. The slower car decided to make room for the new car to get off the on ramp.


Some people decide either that today is their lucky insurance payout day, or they alone judge the road and have decided thou must slow down! Becaust theyth said so! Fucking asshole either way.


I drove out tonight to check a rental house. I had almost 3 wrecks in about 40 minutes of driving (down and back). All three were the exact same, I was in the left lane moving faster than them, I come up on them and then start to lane switch into me such that I had to hit the shoulder and slam the horn so they were aware I was there. It would be one thing if I were in their blind spot, but I was fully next to them every single time. I was just happy to get home in 1 piece...


I'm also thinking that since it was the 80s that thing must have had terrible brakes


Car was merging onto the highway I'm sure they were trying to be nice and get over but didn't check mirrors


There's a car merging from the on ramp on the right


I noticed now that you pointed it out. But still, you should still check the mirrors before going into different lane, you can't just assume there is nobody.


For sure


Not only that, but it's the merging vehicle's responsibility to check lanes and identify a safe opportunity to merge, not your responsibility to get out of their way. The merging vehicle's responsibility.. That sounds familiar. Where have I seen that before? Oh, right. This video.


Sometimes the guy going 120 mph isn’t in your mirror when you check


You should really check less than 4 seconds before indicating to switch lanes. 4 seconds is a lot of time for things to change.


Especially if you know that you're on a road with an unlimited speed limit.


I don't know why but there's something hilarious about the term 'unlimited speed limit'


the other guy was going so fast that...hard to do.


This is Germany for you. We have our own kind of idiots in cars over here, regardless the intense driving schools and high level difficult driving test.


That is the reason, but that's not a good reason. I hate people that do this with a passion, it's the merging car's responsibility to merge. Don't pre-emptively yield to them.


Most people on the road have no idea how to drive. I say something along the lines of "why thr fuck did he change into that lane" at least twice a day


Idiots don't tend to do logical things.


At 5seconds you can see a car merging onto the road on his right side.


That happens all the time to me here in NJ. Literally switch lanes for no reason at all. It blows my mind and drives me insane.


Also in NJ, also a big favorite move when you have your blinker on and the guy in the next lane you’re trying to merge into speeds up to match you. Like my brother in christ I am not afraid to take us both out. (That’s a joke before I get downvoted to hell)


Seems there was an entry lane coming on the right with traffic. He was switching to better allow for merging traffic. Probably didn’t check the mirrors first or thought there was no traffic behind. Also, you are not allowed to drive on the left lane unless you are passing traffic. And the fast car wasn’t signalling that. This would have been a fun day in court.


Because he's one of these fucking idiots who thinks they MUST move over to allow somebody to join. Just drive and let the person joining make the decision on where to merge.


Most likely an American. Clearly failed to remember basic German driving. *edit* those downvoting clearly don’t realize that sadly, Americans stationed in Germany don’t comprehend or follow German driving rules. I had to deal with several troops who fit this bill. They think they can drive like they do back in the states. Which they can’t.


Yup. Typical, unaware American 🥴🇺🇸


In the last seconds you see a car appearing on the right side. Most likely someone trying to enter the Highway. Some drivers rather switch lanes to let someone enter a highway rather than let them enter behind you or in front of you depending on the speed.


There is a car coming onto the highway. You can barely see it. He wants to make space for him as people are taught in Germany. He made the mistake of not checking the mirror before doing so.


One of the few times my butt has actually clenched while watching a video.


Immediately turned ac on cool to vent out the shit from the pants 😝


What’s crazy to me is that even though this near miss did happen, the autobahn has fewer incidents than roads that do have imposed speed limits.


Fewer incidents but more fatal ones :/


Going by percentage of total accidents yes. But total amount per driven km no


Why the hell was he changing lanes to begin with?!


I'm assuming because of the car coming on via the ramp on the right? Driver was considerate enough to move over for the merging vehicle, but not considerate enough to check the rearview first!


Because some people are fucking stupid and shouldn't even be allowed to walk anywhere unsupervised.


License retests every 5 years. Every 2 years if you're over 70.


10 years if you're under 50, 5 years after 50, 2 years after 70


Nah, over 50. I work with a landscaping company and a dude in his 50’s waves for me to walk across the road to get to my truck because he was at a stop sign. While I’m in the middle of the road, he proceeds to start going after waving me to go. Then acts like I’m the idiot. I’m wearing a neon yellow vest. You can most definitely see me. Edit - just to let you know, I was at an intersection in a quiet mall parking lot. I was not walking in the middle of a busy area


turns out he was actually doing a trust test, and in his eyes...you failed


Apparently I did. Another car was yelling at him for it cuz he was on my side. Idk. It was a very confusing moment


Around me drivers on their phone are a far bigger menace than olds. Distracted driving should carry a license suspension imo


>Around me drivers on their phone are a far bigger menace than olds. This sub *loves* the idea of picking on the cohort with the fewest accidents.


I go to Germany quite regularly, and went there for the first time since corona hit, last week. Drivers on the Autobahn used to be extremely civilized, but it feels like this is being less and less true. I saw so many people just switching lanes like in the above video, it made me itchy. And my cheap rental barely made 180 kph, the German wagons doing 250 on cruise control just kept zipping by me.


[Turns blinker on as lane change commences]


I lived in Germany for a while. The Autobahn is great. No speed limits, go as fast as you want. WAY faster than any us roads would allow. But God help you if you fuck up


How about doing the safe and sensible thing by going 130? That sounds pretty good to me, I'm gonna be doing that 95% of the time if I had to drive on the autobahn


you’re free to do that


Ja leck mich doch am Zückerli


What an absolute clown. I lived in Germany for three years and the Autobahn was refreshing. Most people rigidly followed the rules, didn't ride the left lane unless flying, and I never once had someone get over on me like this. Not checking your mirror when changing lanes on the Autobahn is a death sentence.


If you can’t see headlights in your mirror at night, might be time to stop driving.


How was there no contact?!


OP is a wizard


How did the driver have the wherewithal to flip on the hazards at the end? I’d still be in mid-pants-shitting at that moment.


If only you were going faster. Would have solved everything.


Germans love doing this. I had this happen to me so many times when I lived there.


Yea especially the new radical generation trying to force speedlimit on the autobahn. They think it’s necessary to give you a lesson and scare you with stupid actions like this


Reminds me of the first time I drove on the autobahn. I was shit scared to changed lanes for this reason. A BMW or Audi would zoom past you so fast you wouldn't even notice them in your mirror.


No speed limit but I have been told by a few people that you can get a ticket for going too slow on the Autobahn at American highway speeds. Does anyone here know if that is true? Highway speed where I currently live is 80mph. Edit: forgot to specify


Yes you can. Driving, say, 45mph on a 70mph highway is dangerous.


I fixed my comment to show what I meant to ask. I wanted to know if you could get a ticket on the Autobahn for doing around 80mph, American highway speed limit.


80 mph is about 130 kph which is a normal cruising speed on the autobahn. Just be careful passing anyone because cars going 200 kph or more in the left lane will get on you super fast.


Minimum speed on the Autobahn is 60km/h. It's been a few years since I've taken that training.


60 km/h minimum is for driving on a Kraftstraße. And it only is there to exclude vehicles wich cannot get that fast. ( basically tractors and bicycles) The Richtgeschwinfigkeit for any stretch of Autobahn is 130 km/h as far as I know.


I think under German law, even there is no speed limit, if there was an accident in this video this would be the speeder’s fault because the high speed was more of a contributing cause to an accident.


There are also many times/areas when there are speed limits and they have cameras to enforce them You will get a nice piece of mail with photos and the ticket in it a few weeks after speeding through one. Thankfully German speeding tickets are pretty affordable compared to those here in the Netherlands.


The Autobahn (and driving in Germany) was better before they started letting anyone with a license from an EU country drive there. Now it’s a just the same untrained morons on this subreddit dropped into a country which is renowned for some of the most stringent and expensive driving exams around.


That would piss me off as a German


Could they put a rule that driver who have not passed the German test can't drive over the suggested speed?


No, the EU would Not allow it because it would be discrimination


Stupid EU letting maniacs drive everywhere


How does that fix this problem?


They would be stuck driving at 130 in the middle or left lane. They wouldn't dare come to the passing lane with all the cars speeding by. It could do something because the problem is the non German EU drivers


So it doesn’t fix the problem, since a very fast car had to slow way down because of a driver switching to the left lane. The solution is straight forward and has been implemented in some parts of Germany and rest of EU - have a safe maximum allowed speed. It’s not rocket science. There are no need to go 200 km/h.




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This is Nissan 350/370z right?


You’re still supposed to you your mirrors on the autobahn right?


I lived in Germany briefly and drove the autobahn Everyone stays to the right it’s beautiful Just curious do cars last longer going at the high rates of speed or stop and go ?


Almost seems intentional since the car had no reason to change lane. It’s also german law to drive at the most right side if you can. Personally when I drive on the autobahn I brake to around 140-160 km/h so that if someone (that probably drives around 120 km/h) does some stupid shit like this I can brake in time.


Sorry if my opinion sounds bad, but a speed limit at night would be nice for the autobahn.


If you go on any automotive forum and see a guy saying the "autobahn is paradise" and that he cruised flat out for miles you know he is a poser. It seems like at any one time every 3 km out of 10 is under construction, the rest are filled with people like this, overloaded trucks from Eastern Europe, as well as angry Oma's in diesel station wagons and people from the UK/Netherlands towing campers with 1.3 liter Volkswagens.


When I was in Germany, the people I saw driving this stupid were Americans.


Or Dutch... They cross the border and think they're Max Verstappen immediately while totally not being used to the high speeds they go.


And that is why....WE DO SAFE AND PREVENTING DRIVING. In theory speed kills, in practice it's the morons. Just a second missed to kill someone. Never go fast, lots of morons out there. Edit* kudos for the driver, really good reflexes. Never go too fast


Interesting thing in these situations is you always see the driver slow way down. They never are like "yeah this speed was definitely safe and gave me time to respond". Not saying OP was in the wrong, but it's a good lesson to pick up


Which is why the recommended speed on the German motorway is 120kph.




Yeah, like I can feel the person re-evaluating their choices and priorities


I’ll say that OP was wrong. No posted speed limit doesn’t mean that any speed is safe. Its night and they aren’t the only car on the road. Even if it’s legal, they were going too fast.


No speed limit does not mean you get to drive how you please.


No speed limit does not mean going as fast as you can on the left lane. OP is at fault … reckless, irresponsile, we need 130 on Autobahn because of jackasses like OP




Maybe checking a lane before you go into it for no reason is a good idea.




He switched lanes on purpose. I despise people like that. Let others be dumb, you're not a cop, get over it.


looks like he moved over for the car coming up the on-ramp but neglected to check his mirrors first


I can't count how many times I've had/seen this. People seem to prioritize the wrong things. Trying to move over, while literally having the legal way of right (car on ramp has to wait, and should), and endangering themselves \*massively\* in the process. The worst I saw was when I saw some AMG speed up, and someone in their little Renault Twingo moved over to block both lanes on purpose just as that guy hit about 200 km/h. Wouldn't let him through no matter what for a minute... It was 2AM, no one else was there, just our 3 cars.


Legally I may have the right of way but I just give them room just to be nice, ofc I only do this if I know 100% that the lane beside me is clear. Also to encourage them to speed up to match traffic. Few things are as shit as being stuck in a line of cars on an on-ramp held up by some midwit at the front who's scared of matching speed.


Any time someone does that shit I make it a point to pass than make some room between us because fuck that noise


All of this is so relatable. The bitch who decides you need to slow down (using their life as the speedbump ig whatever). The stress being so bad that you have to put on the hazard lights and think for a minute. Sigh.


Seems kinda intentional. Man tried sum insurance fraud maybe.


Insurance fraud? More like attempted murder and suicide


cam driver is an absolute chad for not panicking


Must be a Dutch person overtaking


No camper behind the car so they are probably from Belgium.


Thats why no speed limit is dumb, especially in a dual lane auto


It's not dumb when there's no dumbasses


Yeah but there’s *always* gonna be dumbasses.


The autobahn should be 3 lanes 1 for trucks and normal speeds 1 for 80-100 and one that’s just go


Thankfully he did a double-take, otherwise that could’ve been painful.


I could never trust other drivers enough to go at those speeds.


Hope he had on his brown pants


That was on purpose, you can tell by how quickly they shifted lanes I'm going to guess Germany has its own nutcases who want the Autobahn regulated soo bad they're willing to do this to get it done


It wasn't on purpose. A car is coming onto the Autobahn and trying to merch. It is a common thing to move over so they can merge more easily. The right thing to do would of course be to check your mirrors first




Issa Z!


If you watch carefully, the car was changing lanes because another car was merging onto the highway ahead. They didn’t look before starting their lane change though and at the last second realized they were about to get slammed, so they moved back to the right.


You're supposed to signal and wait a few seconds. Instead that guy just started to move to the other lane and then hit the turn signal. Going that fast you have to take time to let other drivers know where you're going.


Wow, I wish I had your driving skills


The classic, randomly change lanes and put your signal after you turn your steering wheel




This is totally a simulation, physics don't add up on the avoidance and passing.


This shit happens way too much in Germany. Well way too much anywhere really, but you’d think with the increased risk of a derestricted limit they’d be more careful.


I can understand how a person can switch lane without checking his mirror This is so stupid and dangerous I m starting to think mirror as an option when you buy a car … 😅


wiR wolLeN kEin LimIT