Should you pull? [Summer Tour Pipe 1 Evaluation]

Should you pull? [Summer Tour Pipe 1 Evaluation]


You will be missed, sad to see you go, such a reliable source as you manage very well to put together information every week


I'll still be around if I quit. Just not as much


No senpai 🥺


Thanks as always for these write-ups, super helpful!


No worries


Thank you to everyone for the kind comments. I won't reply to everyone, but really appreciate them all :) Maybe I'll stay past next tour and just take a break, depends what my motivation is like, but right now there's no reason for me to play this game anymore and don't think I'll ever enjoy it again unless something in particular happens.


This new pipe with a 2% chance at Nabbit 😍


Spike, thanks for your contribution to this sub. Your posts have always been knowledgeable and fun to read. I know your posts take a lot of time to create and that's why I think many people enjoy them. You've helped me progress in the game a great deal. You should do what you want and not feel obligated to do anything. Appreciate all that you do!


"I’ll also give a heads up that next tour may be my last, not for certain yet though. The things I want out of this game just aren’t happening and I’m not really enjoying it anymore, so maybe it’s best to say goodbye to it, or at least take a long break from it as it just feels like more of a chore to play at this point." I'm so sorry. I'll always be there to do my take on the should you pull posts. I'll do my take today. Thank you so much, HGProductions00!


I'm in the same boat, Spike; the second half of last tour I was really losing steam. I came in 15th in the last ranked cup despite doing the best I possibly could with what I had, and I was just so bored and joyless with the game at the time. Now with this new tour, I have to admit that I just don't feel the same joy I did even when the last Paris tour started. I'm usually so excited to race through everything and buff my d/k/g's and try for new characters...but man, they really need to shake things up and nerf coinbox drivers or I'm afraid there's just not much left for me to do in this game. But, who knows, maybe I'll take some time off and come back and start enjoying it again! Maybe you will too, you never know!


I took a break and got rid of gold pass. A lot more fun because no pressure to pay because I pay for it. Plus seems ranked is better when u don’t pay like they put us all in one boat since we can’t upgrade our items since we don’t get any high end tickets. So that kinda sucks. But my pipe luck is a lot better likely because I am chossy on what I pull since you also don’t get a lot of rubies. I just did a lot of auto mode so I could at least pull the gold pipe to kind of stay in the game just in case I wanted to come back.


We'll miss you so much. Take care and always do what makes you happy!!


thank u always ❤️


Thanks for another great post! It’ll be sad to see you go


Pulling because its Daisy.Been waiting for another alt.Just wish they quit shafting her so damn much.


I don’t pull until I read your post and now I won’t know what to do! 😢


It sounds pretty rubbish. I hear an anniversary tour is coming. I'm saving for it even though I don't know why. It sounds like the thing to do.


Didn't need her, but I wanted her, so I went 7 ten pulls deep. Overall not to bad, still got 300 rubies, can build back up from there.


That’s the way to stay healthily involved. I didn’t need that Eiffel Tower painting glider but I dug deep for it and it was really expensive and got nothing else for it. But I wanted that remembrance of the tour and luckily got it.


I started playing a month ago, but just wanted to say thanks, as these are incredibly helpful. It’s a bummer when a pastime doesn’t “click” anymore.


I appreciate your work .. it's always so helpful especially for a newbie like me! I hope u come back -.-


haven’t had a daisy since september. Im pulling!


First off all I hate how Daisy keeps getting shafted. All her alts suck and she still doesn't have a coimbox variant. This Daisy should atleast have had big banana, but alas. One day there will be a meta Daisy. Second off all, and more importantly I'll miss you Spike. It's quite an understatement that you've done so much for this community. I get why you leave. The game leaves a lot to be desired. You'll truly be missed!


Least she actually gets alts though tbh. Thanks :) I'll still be around anyway and I won't definitely be leaving yet


One of the first thing I do after every new patch is search for your posts .... You will be missed


Thanks for all of your fantastic and steady pipe reporting. I look for it every week without fail. I am similarly frustrated with the game. The onslaught of obnoxiously bad drivers and karts, and the dearth of resources to use to boost my premiere drivers makes it a less than satisfying FTP experience, but I guess that's why they call them GACHA Games.


You helped me so much to understand more about the value of the drivers, cars and gliders. Thank you for all those posts


I believe the trick to continue to enjoy this game is to treat it for what it is, which is a casual mobile game. I think trying to optimize every element takes away from that fun, and so if I drop down in rank it's not a big deal. Ranks are just artificial numbers, and unless you're planning on being a whale you're making it to the top anyways. I found I was getting too irritated while playing, and so focus more now on just collecting the drivers/karts that look interesting.


Ranked isn't the reason I want to quit the game. The competitive side is nothing to do with it.


Even though I don’t comment on your posts, I always try to upvote them and I always look for them every time there is a new pipe, thank you!


Thanks so much for the post and sad that it may be one of your last! My son and I always wait until your post to decide on pulling the pipe! It’s been great to help teach him delayed gratification. Thanks for what you do! Your work is greatly appreciated.


Aww no worries :)


If your days are numbered it is a sad day for sure but, it'll be what's best for you. I'm at a sort of crossroads myself with the game. I still enjoy it just not into single player as much. Multiplayer is becoming my go to during down time. Your contributions have been indispensable and are a big reason why I was able to reach my goal of Top 1000 at the 1.5 year anniversary. Ever since then, the game has lost steam for me. I took a two week hiatus and it was a great breather. I honestly really wish they'd add battle mode or even something new like it with a twist. Or just add coin runners, that could work pretty well in this game. Anyway, take care of yourself and keep up the creative ventures!


Thanks :)


I really think you're underselling the Triple Banana. As a regular item it's quite good, and while it's far from being the best frenzy, you can get a fair number of hits in with it on average, particularly with those final bananas it leaves behind. Certainly better than stuff like the Heart or the Fire Flower. I pulled her and she seems fine so far. She covers RMX Choco Island 2T, a course with a nasty top shelf and no coin boxes, which is a solid start. I personally didn't NEED her for this or Cheep-Cheep Island since I had Angel Peach and SNES DK Jr, but those aren't super common and they were still level 1, so I'll use Daisy over them. Also got the Sunny Surf Master, it's pretty nice too. Both the two new courses it covers have difficult top shelves, and they're going to be back.


I agree. I'd take triple banana over bubble, ice or fire flower any day.


It's pretty sad to see the game losing steam. Nintendo tried their best to keep us entertained, but their thoughts obviously aren't the same as our thoughts and the last few tours proves it. But in defence for Nintendo though, not every game company can satisfy EVERYONE. Rather they should really at least TRY to keep everyone satisfied a little. And they should've started by taking community feedback but nope that fell on deaf ears. Really though unless they start taking community feedback, this game may someday end up being like the whole Pink Gold Peach rant situation all over again.


thank you, this was really helpful! i do like the triple banana tho lol


Thank you for all of your hard work. You will be missed


Thank you for these writeups; they really help me as a f2p player. Is classic DK with his triple bananas still a better choice than koala baby Mario with ❤ skill? Both of mine are lvl 1.


Best to check with Bam's tracker tbh. Haven't made a tier list in a while


Thank you for always putting together great posts, they help so much!


Thanks for taking the time to do these posts. I don't ever pull without reading your post first. You'll be missed.


Damn I hope someone takes your place cause I loved these posts


I gave it a pull and it was a green pipe…..that had 2 of the spotlights in it lol. Got Daisy which helped me go up in rank already so yay! Also got the kart


Thank you!


I didn't think this one was that great either, but inhqd no driver and no glider, so i had to have a go. Got the glider on the 2nd 10 pull, and Rosie on the 7th.


I really appreciate the analysis and all the time you put into these posts. I read them every tour. That being said I’ve seen you mention in posts/comments quite a bit over the last few tours that you’re not feeling well. I don’t know you, but all I can say is please please please take the time to take care of yourself. It’s waaaay more important than these posts or this game.


Spike, I wish you the best on your break/retire from Mario Kart Tour. I wish you very well and hope to talk to you again soon.


Always appreciated your write ups. You will certainly be missed.


Sad to say but what you don’t want out of this game, in essence, is the point. Just a harsh reality because plenty of game designers follow popular threads like yours and alter game because of it. Thanks for all the helpful insight, it will be missed…


The pirate pipe that’s just dropped this morning is a bit fun…!


Goodbye sgt. spike, I knew you well!