Should you pull? [Los Angeles Tour Pipe 2 Evaluation]

Should you pull? [Los Angeles Tour Pipe 2 Evaluation]


I got surf sailor in a free pull, I’m out of rubies though so that’s about it for me in this pipe.


Got the Jet Crusier with my first free pull - the only one I wanted as I have most of the spotlights. So I'm done. I want it for the design. It goes well with Blue Koopa. Lol.


That’s actually probably one of my most wanted karts for design and cause it’s decent.




I got Surf Sailor off my second free pipe, reset, and got it again from the third free pipe 🤯


same I got that + the star spangled glider in b2b free pulls!


The good luck must be contagious, because I got the star spangled glider on a free pull too 8-)


Oh nice I got surf sailor from my third free pull, right after two cheep cheep chargers


Look how they massacred my boy Sunshine... Only City Track buffs. Hey at least he is still good. And the fact that my favorite driver is a very viable driver makes this a win for me personally and a win for my account HAHA.




Much as I want the hawaiian shirt, this is a hard pass. Nothing exceptional and will probably only get funky before my rubies run dry.


I got the Jet Cruiser from a free pull! Even if it isn't the best, any new D/K/G helps my odds at having Top Shelf on the increasingly paywalled new tracks. Especially a newer one(Jet Cruiser is pretty recent).


So why is giant banana such a great item? Especially because I’ve seen others say triple banana is horrible, and they seem pretty similar to me (though I don’t have a triple-banana driver).


Triple banana only allows two strands to remain on the track (2x3 bananas) - the rest disappear. People refer to it as being broken. Compared to single banana frenzy and giant banana frenzy where all the bananas thrown stay on the track. Banana barrels too I believe although I rarely use it. Giant bananas split into 3 (?) small bananas when they're hit. If you have a lot of giant bananas on the track it makes for absolute carnage and massive points 😁 Please feel free to correct me if I have the triple banana info wrong! 🍌 🍌 🍌


Giant banana sticks around on the track for a lot longer, and so do the bananas that pop out of them. Triple bananas end up with like 6 remaining after a whole frenzy. Basically, it’s 10x better of an item.


Giant banana frenzy leaves giant banana all over track and can result in many wrecks and monster scores. In Triple banana frenzies, the bananas always disappear quickly. Really a normal banana frenzy is better than triple banana frenzy.


Yep that’s why Dixie Kong, DK JR, Waluigi Bus Driver Waluigi, and the new Daisy Alt got shafted in the special item department. I still use Dixie Kong and DK JR but that’s most because I love anything DK related.


Thanks, glad to see Sunshine Mario score 8/10. I reckon he gets underrated sometimes. The reality is that if you want a giant banana HE you have literally one option, so he is unique on every track he has.


I'm already good for Los Angeles Laps 3RT, and I already own spotlights from this pipe, so I will pass on this pipe. By the way, I've noticed the banner and icon of this subreddit have not changed to match the Los Angeles Tour.


Yeah I forgot to change it, think it's too late now anyway


I think Funky Kong deserve more than 2/10. Banana Barrel isn't one of the best skills, but in my opinion he have much better coverage than Sunshine Mario. At least, from lv. 4 Banana Barrels spit few giant bananas, too.


I got sunshine Mario from my last free pipe so I guess this in a no for me, I'll save my rubies.


Id rather pull the special gold pipe, although I could need some of the gliders and carts


Awesome analysis.. thanks


No worries :)


Nice evaluation! I'm at a loss on evals... usually pipe 1 isn't worth pulling, pipe 2 usually is simply because of better odds. I'll do my take soon.


I'm a newer player. I emptied out the gold pipe and got gold ghost and gold dry bowser. Should I reset and pull more from that? Invest in this pipe instead? Or hoard gems for anniversary event i've heard is comin gup?


I would probably save for anniversary. Unless you have 500+ then maybe spend some more on the Gold pipe and reset


i have 37 currently lol so i think i'll wait :)


Spotlight total should be 18/35, not 16


Oh yeah whoops


10 pull to get another Funky and level up....got him and also got Dixie


For someone who spent the last few tours beefing up Gold King Bomb Om and Swimwear Rosalina, this tour is a crushing disaster. I'm not even trying for the pipes and ranked on this one. I just emptied the gold pipe and I'm saving my tickets to improve more CB drivers next tour. Funky Kong is overused and kind of a lame driver, and it's a bummer he shows up so much as a spotlight.


This is the tour where I have to let my super drivers do the heavy lifting. Even though I doubt Blue Yoshi will be useful in the future with the roll he's been on lately, getting him up to Level 6 was one of the best decisions I've made. Toadette in Maple Treeway T covers a second course. So really it's just down to coverage in the city course, but frankly it's unlikely this course will ever return, so only level up a driver you might have there if he's useful in other places. So if you're struggling, just make it two drop weeks in a row.