Evidently Milwaukee and Phoenix deserve to lose because they're "terrible cities" that no one wants to go to, according to First Take.

Evidently Milwaukee and Phoenix deserve to lose because they're "terrible cities" that no one wants to go to, according to First Take.


Fuck that whole network. Ernie and anyone from TNT are welcome on the Mean Streets tho


Yeah it pissed me off to see. Like I don't pretend that we are some sort of vacation destination for most or a glamorous city, but it's just crazy hearing them say they didn't go to MN for the Super Bowl or that they wouldn't come to a finals here simply based on perception of the city.


Not that any of you in MKE need reassurance...But MKE is absolutely low key fun. Lived in the ‘burbs for 5 years near there, but have been in Chicago the last decade. My fiancé is from a south side Chicago neighborhood and absolutely loves MKE, having brought her up a few times. So much so, she threw her cousin’s bachelorette party up there, and treated me to a surprise weekend trip to a Bucks game on my bday just before covid hit. A lot of it is that she enjoyed its walk ability, and it’s food scene that’s surprisingly food allergy friendly at a lot of places. it’s basically mini Chicago in many ways minus the skyline, in a good way. It’s a shame to hear it trashed. Would love to move back one day. It’s changed so much in the past 15 years.


I live about an hour away and Milwaukee is the best city in the area to visit by far. Awesome city.


I mean have you been to Johnson Creek tho?


But you gotta pronounce it as Johnsons Crick.




There's a reason people in Chicago come here to do shit instead of staying in Chicago. MKE is a great place to visit, and the summer festival season outside of pandemic scheduling is a great reason to do it.


No one wants to vacation in the city they live. You can do a night out in your home city any day of the week.


My grandpa was a southsider, which is why the Sox are my American League team. Some people would take that "mini Chicago" remark as a backhanded compliment, but it's really not. Hell, the more time I spend in Chicago, the more I realize it's just a big Milwaukee. Even the geographic layout of the cities is eerily similar. I think people prejudge Milwaukee because it's in what is seen as a hick state full of forests and cow fields, but it actually has a lot more in common with Chicago than anywhere else in Wisconsin... if only people could get over their preconceived notions and see that.


It's fucking stupid lol. I've been all over the US. NYC, LA, Atlanta, etc. Milwaukee is a fun city with cool shit to do, twin cities are fun and have cool shit to do, Phoenix is a fun city with cool shit to do. Of course we're not LA or NY but if you can't stand being here a week for the finals then it's because you're a lame. Says more about you than the city. Also like how they were trashing Utah briefly, which is a fucking beautiful state.


Not nyc or la in a very good way.


I had the pleasure of taking an RV trip out west a few years ago and Utah was our main destinations for all the national parks it has. Utah is top 5 for natural beauty in the entire country. It has some weird alcohol laws thanks to the Mormons but not a big deal. People that trash cities like MKE or states like Utah can stay wherever they hell they live. We don't need them here or want them here. Fuck those guys.


They must be scared off by the 75 and sunny weather or maybe the brand new stadium…..


I get the Minnesota thing because the superbowl was in February and I dont blame anyone for not wanting to come to the upper midwest in winter, but summer time is a blast.


Very happy TNT covers the Eastern Conference Finals.


Yup, I much prefer the TNT games and the studio personalities.


I don’t think there’s a better coverage team in any sport than those four.


There is one downside, we do end up getting Marv Albert for this series. He was once really great but the dude should have retired a few years ago.


Yeah, Marv is a bit outdated, but he can still call a good show now and then.


The TNT crew produce a infinitely better product than the fucks over at ESPN.


Elitist trash who have not been to either city. I have been to every single city mentioned and to say Atlanta is better than Milwaukee is absurd. TNT is by far the best and least petty of the NBA commentators by way of them being real and having actually been in the cities playing the games, doing the damn thing. ESPN commentators (and FS1'S Skip Bayless) trash Milwaukee like it's a sport.


When i was briefly in ATL i think somehow every road was peachtree street or peachtree ave.


Seriously. I can't imagine driving there before the days of GPS.


This was my experience too. Aside from that though, ATL was a very nice city!


Theres also a Peachtree City. Its really cool. Everyone owns golf carts and you can drive them to almost anywhere through a network of side paths.


Colin Cowherd belongs amongst the enemies of small markets as well.


At least yesterday he admitted he was wrong and said that he's glad that some new blood is in semis. Said that he didn't think he'd like teams like Milwaukee or Phoenix being the two finalists but is still captivated. I at least respect that he's open to saying he's wrong. Don't get me wrong, he can be an arrogant jackoff a lot, but there are times he's good.


They just want their job to be easier, they may have to actually watch a few teams outside of major markets because they wont be able to bullshit their way through the finals with Lebron and KD debates.


I was born in Atlanta and I much prefer Milwaukee.


I hope everyone on First Take (and espn) stubs their toe every morning


And steps right on legos


Nah. I’m hoping for something horrific. F them


ESPN is trash and should be regarded as such. Why people give them the clout by reposting and writing articles about what they say is astounding. There are PLENTY of other news sites for sporting news that don’t stoop to sensationalist or shit takes and don’t just yell on TV to make them sound important.


What makes a city not terrible? And when has that ever been a argument in sports? So lame


Mke has to work on desegregation to be fair


That is most definitely not what they're talking about here. San Francisco is white as fuck and there's homeless people everywhere, but I doubt these guys would clown on SF in this way. They judge a city based on its night life, and by that I mean its number of clubs that stay open until 6 in the morning.


That's fair, they hatin


Do they know we have a river *and* a lake?


A GREAT lake, at that


Yeah fuck these coasties with their hurricanes and undrinkable water. We’ll have the last laugh in 50-100 years when the coasts start getting railed by climate change


It's such a nice place, one might even call Milwaukee *The Good Land*


**BREAKING NEWS** Disney Sports... er ESPN is a terrible network. No one wants to watch it if given a choice. Fuck them. Ex-Milwaukeean now living in Phoenix, so this is personal!


Very sorry for you, must have sucked moving from one terrible city to another /s


I always choose where to live based on how terrible it is!


Suns fan here. I was initially neutral on who I wanted to see coming out of the East but now I hope the Bucks sweep the Hawks just to spite these assholes.


No offense but I’m rooting for the Clips because the Suns are actually a good team and I want that chip


If a team reaches the finals, shouldn’t be assumed that they’re already a good team?


bruh, a small market championship game would be absolutely legendary. Bucks vs the Suns, LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Good, fuck em. More cheese curds for the real ones


I’ll assume Phoenix to include Scottsdale. Scottsdale is fun. Lots of great resorts and recreation opportunities like hiking, cycling and golf. Especially in spring before it gets really hot. And of course Milwaukee is always awesome. City of festivals. Summerfest. Six Flags down the highway. It’s the town I grew up in. Both are very easy cities to drive in. These people never take a vacation in their lives it seems nor know what the hell they’re talking about. F them.


Stephen A is so corny anyway, I hate when he softens his voice and tries to talk about a serious topic


The saddest part is their tricks worked. It's got us all talking about them and their show more Still glad this actually got reported by the news


We can talk about it but just don't watch the show


Good call you're right


Tried posting this but Mods took it down. Mark Cuban telling Skip Bayless & co. why current media coverage is void of any actual content: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYtFXydSo2g&ab\_channel=BasketballUnleashed](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYtFXydSo2g&ab_channel=BasketballUnleashed) Truly an insightful video that has evidence to support the argument.


Can we get some “Fuck Molly Rose” signs at these games?


Part of me wants to say that but as someone who was a Pacers fan growing up I respect Rose for help getting them to the finals


I must be missing something then, because my first flight in nearly two years is taking me to Milwaukee. Can't think of a better way to enjoy real summer again than a Brewers game and a brat. I'm traveling on July 9th, so hopefully there's some other ball-related sporting event going on too....


Just remember they are paid for their opinions. They are not journalists. When you are paid for your opinions sometimes you say things just to rile people up (see Skip Bayless). Both Max and Stephen A were on Jen, Gabe and Chewy on 94.5 this morning. Max pointed out that he never actually said that, he was just there for the segment. Stephen A has been in Milwaukee, knows people that have worked here, said a few nice things, but said he hates the cold weather. The cold weather cancels out every nice thing about Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc. But he will have to come here when we’re in the Finals. He can have that opinion, but shouldn’t say it on national tv. That’s not helping anything.


Also I did get around to listen to it and honestly I'm honestly a little disappointed in Jen, Gabe and Chewy just letting Stephen A get away with it and laughing up. I mean Max was fine cause he didn't really say anything then and like they did try to do damage control but got drowned out.


Stephen A saying that is dumb cause you'll be coming here in the Summer when you don't have to deal with that.


Completely agree


> The cold weather cancels out every nice thing about Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc. So what's his excuse for Phoenix then? Also, it ain't gonna be cold in Milwaukee in July! No way he'd crap on Chicago as a city if they were in the Finals too. He's just hating....


So true. Stephen A. Smith and a bunch of famous people like Drew Lachey of 98 degrees and The View host Paula Farris auditioned to host Windy City Live in Chicago. So he would have lived in Chicago. [https://en-gb.facebook.com/WindyCityLIVE/videos/405949186660865/](https://en-gb.facebook.com/WindyCityLIVE/videos/405949186660865/)


From Phoenix. The two biggest gripes that people who live here have is number one: it's so fucking hot in the summer, like to the point where it could literally kill you. Number two: Everything is so spread apart. You pretty much have to drive anywhere you need or want to go to unless you're living downtown (which is now unaffordable for many people, but that's a different gripe).


Yeah but stephen A is from nyc. They have cold weather, granted not bitterly cold like the upper Midwest but they get a lot of snow. He’s just using that as an excuse. He really doesn’t like any small midwestern cities because of preconceived notions. He said what he said. He just needs to own it.


Stephen A. Smith was willing to live in Chicago when he auditioned to host Windy City Live so the cold was not a problem.


No one should care what some jackoff from The Bronx thinks is a nice city. Every road in your entire 20 million strong metro area ends in a stinky river. But to be fair, Stephen A has us as a lock in 5. So at least he understand basketball. Just not civilization.


The elitism and snobbery is unbelievable. How can anybody support these clowns?


Yeah, as a Hawks fan this is dumb. God forbid they have visit a beautiful city like Milwaukee, that will likely have breathable air and an amazing fan atmosphere due to not having been to the finals in forever.


I think it's funny they separate our two cities because I feel like both are big enough to attract all types of people, but also have still held on to our unique identities.


Fuck ESPN chant at Fiserv tonight if your going.


God I wish, I'd kill for playoff tickets haha


Also, can i box Stephen A Smith please.


As someone who has lived their either life in either the Milwaukee or Phoenix areas, they all can fuck right off. Both are amazing cities, both have incredible & passionate fanbases. If you can't see past your major city/elitist bias to recognize that, that's on you and your simple mind I'm so happy I cut pretty much all ESPN content from my life besides live games & SVP


As opposed to NY and LA, which famously have no problems whatsoever...


First Take can suck all my inches


I get it. Living in Milwaukee area isn’t for everyone, especially during the late fall through early spring. But Milwaukee is far more enjoyable and beautiful in July than any of the other cities. Go outside in Atlanta or Phoenix right now. You got swamp crotch in 5 seconds. You seriously can’t shower enough in those cities. LA? That city can eat an everloving cock for life.


It has felt like August already this year. I give global warming a dozen years or so before everyone tries moving north to avoid the heat. We're getting close already.


John Anderson, Tony Kornheiser and Wilson are likely the only exceptions left. Oh and SVP


Buccigross too


No ill will to Bucci. Linda Cohn also but she's rarely on anymore


Nicole Briscoe (SC AM anchor) is also from Wisconsin, but she is a Cubs fan


See and we gotta hold that against her lol.


The ESPN crew is straight doo doo. They started downhill with Michelle Beadle and are even worse now. TNT FTW


It probably is terrible for them. I don't want them here anyway hopefully they stay home.


just came here to say FSAS


What a load of BS. I had a job in Kenosha for a couple months and visited MKE twice to see Bucks games and I loved the city and quite frankly the state of Wisconsin overall. Everyone was friendly, the food was great, the traffic was never terrible outside. If I didnt fuck up my job and get fired Id still be up there. Id do anything to get back.


Why is this sub so soft? It seems every time anyone in the world says a bad thing about the bucks, y’all gotta post and cry about it together. You do know they only do this to get a reaction out of you?


I seriously don't SAS or Molly Rose are saying this stuff to hear my reaction. Or any of ours.


Yeah that’s not what that means. Guess you’re too busy whining about the mean tv people to figure it out.


Shouldn't you be buying a Dalton jersey or something?


Still can’t figure it out, huh?


In my eyes, the only downside to Milwaukee is the snow in the winter(I hate snow) but I’m also surprised that they prefer Los Angeles and Atlanta, I live in California and trust me, Los Angeles is terrible, everywhere you go there’s homeless people and the traffic is insane. Also Phoenix…(which is also a bad city apparently), the only downside of Phoenix is the heat, but it’s dry heat so it’s actually very nice(IMO) as long as you have access to AC, also I’ve been to Atlanta before and it’s pretty humid down there, which in the summer, would honestly be worse than the 110° weather in Phoenix


Can't say I am surprised at all the bs coming out of their mouths. Molly can stay the f-k away from Milwaukee and Phoenix if she wants. She is not welcomed here and that is the same for everybody else over at ESPN and First Take. These people have never talked good about any small market team in the NBA. Smith was bitching so hard over having to cross over the border to fly to Toronto in 2019 for the Finals. The city of Toronto is not a small market by any means but seeing as how it's the only Canadian team in the league it's considered small.


Id much rather vs Milwaukee or Phoenix than LA or ATL. ​ and its not even close...


Oh wow First Take Hosts being straight garbage? What a surprise.


Fuck these people


Every city is terrible according to mainstream sports media if its not LA, Miami, NYC


Who cares, fuck this bitch. I don’t even know who this lady is and it’s not worth my time to find out. All I have in this world, is my word, and my balls….. and fuck Mike Dunleavy.