Who cares? Grammys are a joke anyway


Didn't they say they weren't going to do this in some statement recently? Did the pressure get to them afterall and this is their sly way to get it done? Or is he still in it for a different nomination? I fucking hate Marilyn Manson. I had to overcome my initial instinct to hate him and think he was a creep because I didn't want to be a bully someone for their looks but I was fucking right


Damn. I was hoping The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would see this in the same way we see the bizarre additions to their little club.


I don’t know much about rap, but I know the Grammy’s do not understand metal at all, so I’m not surprised.


Unpopular opinion warning: Removing Manson’s nomination is counter-productive. Learning to separate the artist from their art is an important part of critiquing art. If the Grammys are going to do this, we also need to stop praising Michael Jackson for being the king of pop (even though he undeniably is regardless of his allegations).


I’m fine with that if we wait until they’re dead. If their art is truly that great then it will still be worth acknowledging when the time is right. There is no reason to bestow awards on toxic and dangerous people while they are still in a position of power and influence and will only do further harm.


The grammys don't care about art.


Wow you’ve accidentally arrived at the correct point: we shouldn’t be praising Michael Jackson either.


I hope he rots in prison.