Best episode next to the Assanti's. *opens trailer door and cereal floods out*


Their "packing" was such a mess the cereal was not surprising.


I assume it was even worse that far into the trip because they were probably digging through it for the stuff every time they stopped at a hotel.


The only thing you could add to that would be Steven himself falling out of the U-Haul along with the cereal.


THIS! HEY TLC!!! THIS IS HOW WE DO IT. \*Foul mouthed sister screams at idiot brother about his lying girlfriend. Brother wishy-washes his way into dumping girlfriend on the side of the road. Police are called, feelings are hurt. Girlfriend screams "Let me get my oxygen". The U-Haul door is opened....\* "Uh-uh-oooohhh. OOOOOOHHHH," Steven Assanti screams as he "falls" out of the U-Haul in an avalanche of Cheerios. "I'm gonna call the NEWS!!!!!!" And we cut to a preview for next week's show "Steven Assanti pt 5"


This is the screenwriting we deserve. Do you hear us, TLC??


OMG YES! Remember when he fell off the golf cart and started being a fake whiny baby? 不不不不 *high fives you


Agreed. Best episode yet!


I immediately starting laughing when the cereal came out 不不不不


Or when Lacey whipped out the jumbo cookies mid lecture from Sharon during the first car ride 不


Sharon, if you resent the hell out of driving people and a uhaul halfway across the country, then don't do it. I mean, the first time of someone crapping in my car would be the last time. Just say no. There is no excuse for dumping a medically vulnerable woman on the side of the road in a strange city and taking off with all her stuff.


The whole trip was dumb anyway. I never understand the beginning part of the shows where they act like getting to Dr Now's is going to miraculously save them. Then they eat tons of shit food all the way there. No miracle is going to happen. He's going to tell you to go on a diet and if you don't lose weight, don't bother to come back. I know they do this all for TV but it would be smarter just to Fedex them the materials, have their local doctor get their weight, do an online consult and don't have them drive all the way to Houston unless they hit their target weight loss. The whole "I HAVE TO GET TO DR NOW'S TO SAVE MY LIFE" while they're cramming in shit tons of fast food is just nuts. He's gonna tell you to stop eating the shit that you're eating to "cope" with the drive dumbass. You're not getting weight loss surgery until you do that. Watching them spend 5 days to drive down there so she could be told to stop eating was just exhausting.


I totally agree, especially during a pandemic. She was told, "Don't come down here til you've lost fifty pound." But she went anyway and they were not even approved for an apt til halfway through the trip! I simply could not live like that and don't get me started on their packing skills.


Really well said, and Dr. Now even says the trip at their weight is a super strain on their already to-the-max strain body. Like they are mowing down fried chicken and shitting grease all the way to the miracle. It is so dumb. Yet I watch 不 This episode was a road trip from hell. X2.


I can't use my words on how much I dislike Sharon. I have physical feelings I dislike her so much.


Same here, I was getting mad at her and making comments under my breath at the TV. Especially when she told her brother Lacey was nasty looking, didnt take care of herself, and how could he be seen with her in public. Has Sharon ever looked in the mirror? She has absolutely no freaking room to talk! Not only is she all of those things but her mouth and personality are disgusting. Lacey has her issues but Id much rather be around her than Sharon.


I didn't like her at first. But she was protecting her brother . Ricky seems like he was being taken advantage of. And I think she just boiled over. At first I was in your camp. Why is she so mean. But after thinking about, heck while I was writing this reply. I am getting more and more on her side.


Cant tell if I just watched Jerry Springer or 600lb Life


I think it was My 600lb Springer.


I dont know if you are a 90 day fianc矇 fan, but there were times she reminded me so much of Danielle I thought it was some sort of a cross over episode.


When she said "thank you for wiping my butt" when they were leaving her at the gas station, I screamed.


And she repeated it. Like


Just remember y'all.....Sharon said she's not a judgmental person. She's a "good peoples person".


I don't agree with how Sharon kept bullying Lacey, what I will say is she kept me entertained. She really did say what the audience would think: you aren't taking this seriously, you're using the brother for care, and you continue to lie to escape responsibility.


And Sharons reaction to Lacey sharting. That whole scene is burned in my brain now.


"Ooh wee. Ooh fuckin' wee!" 不


She was like a medieval court jester; only the clown is willing to say what everyone else is too afraid to say.


Sharon also bleeping takes *cough* bleeping good care of her bleeping self.


Man she was bleeped so much I thought she was speaking in Morse code.


Nobody in this episode was mentally prepared for or capable of any of these things they claimed they wanted to attempt. Except eat.


And cry.


And eat.


and shit their pants.


Thats all you do. Eat and cry! Eat and cry! So let me drive you for 5 days to Texas again. Sharons plan from the beginning was to get her brother away from Lacey. The saddest thing was the ending where Lacey still dreams of moving to Houston with Ricky. And I was this close to screen shotting Sharons eyebrows and posting them on r/awfuleyebrows


About to start this episode, from what I read it sounds like this is the train wreck Ive been waiting for all season. Christmas has come early this year.


Oh Jesus. She just shit her pants.. those damn wet farts 丐


Clean pants. Get me clean pants. -Sharons phone rings- Bring me a diaper.


And yet did she not emerge again wearing the same pants as before?


They looked similar but were (iirc) bluer and longer, with ankle decor. And Ricky was carrying her used ones! (Because what that Suburban really needed was a pair of unwashed shart pants. But luckily, Sharon's chain-smoking, Lacey's basic hygiene, and four days' worth of 600-lber-sized fast food wrappers probably covered up the smell).


She thought it was a fart, but it wasn't a fart.


Sharted is the appropriate term here


It's Assanti tier


Oh, honey尖ou have NO idea


When I lie to you, its just to start a conversation- best line ever


You look really nice today honey


I still have ?? all around my head over this one. I really wanted her to change subject and ask him to elaborate, despite all the other drama. How does telling someone a lie start a conversation? I can see how it could start an argument. And he presented this as if it was wonderful advice. My head is still spinning... There were so many WTF moments in this episode, this was just the icing on the cake.


I think he had more going on than just a seizure disorder


Someone on this thread suggested he might have brain damage from the seizures, which seems possible. He could also have other things going on too, and it was mentioned that his sister had power if attorney, so I wouldn't be terribly surprised if that were the case.


What the hell did I just watch? Christ on a cracker, what a shit show!


Christ Crackers are not part of zee diet


zee body of christ haz too many carbs


Literally and figuratively


Sharon VS Tammy Slaton. Make it happen TLC.




I would watch that all day long.


Lacey- YOURE FAT TOO Sharon- I KNOWWW!!! Im dying 吋his episode was so trashy & i love it.


This episode was a meme machine. So many amazing one-liners, omg. My personal favorite: "Your body is like, bitch, give me something healthy!" Honestly might make that my flair lmao


I am immediately making a mug that says all you do is eat and cry and eat and cry!


Hands down top 3 trashiest. And Ive seen EVERY episode.


Anybody else a fan of 90 Day Fianc矇? For some reason I get Danielle vibes from Lacey


Except in this case, Lacey is the UUUUSERRRR!!


But do you have a binder of receipts to prove it?


Yeah but its in the Uhaul underneath all my Cheerios!!


Sharon Ricky has seizures and they vary on how emotionally charged he is Sharon > Screaming and cursing the entire show


That's exactly what I was thinking.


Im just trying to figure out how you ask someone to just take you back to WA like its just right down the road from Texas?!


The family decided they weren't going to live in Houston & headed back to WA, with Lacey attached. I'm not sure how a family decides "hey, let's drive to Houston this weekend. If we like, we stay! ... we didn't like. We goooo!"


They probably told her they were going back to not have to take care of her, then she wanted a ride back. Then they probably DID go back to Houston. Lol. Driving her across the country was probably better than being her live in butt cleaners.


Live in butt cleaners I am deceased omg.


Her bag when she was back in Washington appeared to have a luggage tag from an airline so perhaps they just put her on a plane and said see ya.


Honestly, I thought the show had a hand in getting Lacey help. Maybe she did put up a message on facebook that an acquaintance responded to, still she would've had to tell them she was filming for a show. I don't doubt that the family was doing a kindness, but they probably expected some compensation for driving and taking her to an appointment.


Sometimes TLC will throw in a rescuer for an emergency transition and create a story about a "friend" or "aunt". It's been done over and over. I sense that this was one of those cases. There is no chance in HELL that randomly, on social media, she happened to locate an old friend who just happened to be on her way to RIGHT WHERE SHE IS! Nope. This was one of those "TLC thinks were are stupid" things. I'd rather them just say, *"This patient got stuck into a predicament and we brought in someone to help."* Be real, ok?


Well in dr. Nows, the uncomfortable friend with the teeth said SHE came down with her son & get a place, then go get her husband and rest of kids. Not much better of a plan, but somehow a little? She also said she was in Kilgore. They stranded Lacey in temple. Thats over 3 hours. Then another 3 hours from temple to Houston. Fuckin insanity for an acquaintance from your home town


Like honestly she either has some massive balls or she is just absolutely shameless. It's a long ass journey, she KNOWS that she requires a lot of breaks and has "accidents", and she's still out there asking someone who already helped her a ton to drive her almost 2,000 miles back home. Imagine how many extra days were added onto that family's road trip. Hopefully she kept her poop situation under control.


THIS. Like hey okay then can you just drive me 2000 miles the opposite way?


There was an airline tag on her suitcase. My guess is they told her they weren't moving to Houston and got her a ticket because they didn't want to wipe her @ss


Here I was thinking her reminding him to put butter in the pan for the bacon was going to be the craziest thing from this episode.


My favorite was the fast food order. I didn't even know you could order extra, extra bacon. So if you just keep saying "extra" they add two more slices each time? And after she orders for 30 seconds straight, she still asks for the mash potato and gravy add-on...lol.


the fact that her shitting her pants and having her boyfriend give her a diaper WASNT the wildest part of the episode. Laceys in the 600lb hall of fame


Am I the only one who felt like that Tahoe deserved a break. It looked rough on the first trip carrying about 1,500 lbs of people that far. On the second trip carrying them and pulling a UHaul, while having the ugliest rims Ive ever seen was just too much. I suspect Shanon doesnt regularly do maintenance either. That poor truck.


The suspension on they Tahoe is the real hero here


My boyfriend pointed out her check engine light was on lol


The electric green rims gave it 100+ defense


Im literally rewatching the episode because I just couldnt believe the craziness


The editing was atrocious in this episode, which added to the craziness. The drama during the U-Haul fallout - the clips seemed out of order of occurrence. Producers definitely omitted footage and context, because I had to rewind a few times to understand WTF went down, but I still couldn't figure out what exactly Lacey lied about and shit went so sideways. Missing an appointment doesn't seem like enough to abandon her at a gas station, break up with her, then and donate her belongings! Here's hoping Sharon gets arrested for what I'm speculating is drug use, and then TMZ can fill in the gaps for us haha


There was so much going on the poor camera guys didn't know what to focus on. I think Lacey didn't tell Rickey and Sharon that she didn't actually go to the first appt and they thought she did. Sounded like Sharon helped her raise money/gave money for plane tickets and Lacey went shopping with it and lied saying she went to Houston. Someone else posted that Sharon's kids got taken away. Shocker.


That totally explains how Lacey was able to buy Ricky an engagement ring!!!


Yes! We had to rewatch the breakup scene. We couldnt figure out wtf happened.


I need them to release the super size episode with more context to what happened on the 2nd trip moving to Houston. They only added in a title card to explain that there were car troubles and tensions, seems like more happened than we know that kept boiling over. Especially the breakup scene, I believe there were more lies that Sharon exposed from Lacey during the trip. But the episode made it look like the boyfriend couldn't handle the conflict and just sided with Sharon because he is easily impressionable.


It was also mentioned at one point that Sharon is his power of attorney, so, ultimately, he might not have had a lot of choice in the matter.


She had this guy wiping her ass after only 1 month of dating?!? I couldnt even fart in front of my now husband for the longest time when we got together


6 years with my bf and nope


Im not eating *AS MUCH* pizza Is probably my new favorite. Idk. This episode has way too many embroidery-able classics.


Can we get a part 2???


Please let me recover from part 1. I need to go wash my eyeballs


We need a Bares All Spin Off for this episode


immediately restarted the episode over after finishing it because i feel like i just needed to consume it again.


Same! I was half assed watching like I normally do with the usual boring hum drum episodes and when shit started popping off I was like wait who are these people?!


Did anybody else get the impression Rickys sister was under the influence of something? She didnt sound speedy, so alcohol or opiates would be my guess.


Im curious about whats wrong with Ricky. I know Im not entitled to that information, but he does seem like hes on the spectrum. Also what was laceys mention about power of attorney to the cop?


Im wondering if Sharon has medical power of attorney (which is also weird), and not something like a conservatorship.


He's definitely got some delays. Because he's epileptic, too, I'm wondering if he'd suffered brain damage in the past. There were a couple of times where it looked like he had a scar on his scalp under his hair.


They mentioned that he had stopped breathing multiple times during seizures. It is quite possible there has been some level of oxygen starvation that happened. Additionally, from personal experience, its easy to collapse and if no one is there to assist, the movement during a seizure can shake the brain, but also cause the head to repeatedly make contact with other objects including things like concrete during and after falls. I think in addition to his health issues, Sharon alludes to the fact that he is very nieve and shelter. There is reference made to his mother and how Sharon has to check Lacey out to make sure everything is alright so I assume he has been coddled for most of his life.


"My biggest regret is letting Sharon take us Houston." One quote summed up this entire episode. Totally delusional. As if just being in Houston was going to get her the surgery. Acting like Sharon held her hostage and forced her to go to Houston. Never mind Dr. Now told her not to come until she had lost 50 lbs. Never mind she didn't go to the doctor and have her weight taken. Never mind she knew damn well she hadn't lost any weight. Never mind she flat out lied. It's all someone else's fault. Not hers and she still thought Ricky was coming back.


Yep. Thinking back, I think Lacey's lies started to unravel. Like I think she had told Sharon and Ricky that she had been approved for weight loss surgery and they were moving for that. I am thinking this because Ricky mentioned something along the lines of "you are lying about doing the program". I think this is plausible because we know Dr Now told her NOT to come to Houston, and it seems natural for someone taking 10 days out of their live to try to ask things like "when is the surgery". The only other thing I can think of is Lacey kept asking to pull over for fast food, which would have infuriated Sharon and caused Ricky's two neurons to connect that Lacey cannot possibly be actually following the diet.


>The only other thing I can think of is Lacey kept asking to pull over for fast food, which would have infuriated Sharon One of my biggest pet peeves s feeling like I'm wasting my time. Driving the two of them to Houston was such an out of the way thing for Sharon to do, and then to find out she's not even really doing what she needs to do, would have seriously pissed me off too. Sharon has gotten a lot of shit in the comments here, but she was right about Lacey all along. And it was pretty evident from earlier in the episode when Lacey said she was glad Ricky was there because it made her feel "cared for". Lacey wanted a slave, not an equal. She should have just gone back to her food porn.


i...I haven't been this speechless by an episode since Steven Assanti pulled out all his hair. good fucking lord.


Could this be the 600 lb version of Scared Straight? Scared the shit out of me. Lord deliver me from a life like that.


Im gonna karate chop this bitch!


Lacey is a manipulator, never fully answers a question, and said so many lies and half-truths its hard to know what really happened during those 3-4 months after the first visit with Dr. Now. And so many crocodile tears.. Sharon is a crack-head and a horrible person, but isnt necessarily wrong about Lacey and her motivations. Ricky is being used and manipulated by both of them. I feel like there are hours of missed footage that would fill in so many information gaps in this episode!!




Yeah I was really curious when they just stopped filming for a few days during the trip to Texas because "exhaustion" Like whatever happened over those few days definitely caused a switch. I also agree, Sharon wasn't great herself but lacey deff doesn't feel any responsibility and desire to take care of herself.


I wonder if the missing footage shows what kept triggering Sharon: Lacey demanding the car be pulled over for fast food and sharts.


Definately agree about the gaps of missing information. How did it go from the sister agreeing to drive them both to Texas to her freaking out like that in the car?


Lacey and Rickey had me thinking of that Lowered Expectations skit MadTV used to do Im a 600lb queen that needs my ass wiped and a full plate. Looking for literally anyone. Im an intellectually challenged epileptic with a methed out controlling sister. Looking for literally anyone. Dont mind wiping ass in exchange for middle school style kisses.


Dr Now gets a cameo in his own show lol


What.... Just happened.


Weird question, if they donated her furniture, how did she get some back. In the end, her apartment was pretty well equipped. I still cant believe what I saw. This is the only Supersized Im looking forward to.


My understanding was what she got back in the apartment is furniture the church had taken for her. She must not have taken a ton with her on the U-Haul to Texas.


It looks like the local Mormons still had some of her furniture


She left stuff at her apartment that the church was going to take圭ouch must have part of that, though I was sure they took it out the door


My thoughts? WTF?! I can't believe this even aired!


I was a little surprised it aired as an episode of 600lb. It had a total of 2 weigh ins and 2 little clips of Dr. Now.


Surprised? This was TLCs gold!!! Of course they aired it.


If they were smart they would lock these people into a contract for their own spin-off.


I lie to people to start conversations all the time too Ricky


I died laughing when he said on that lol


I was like, what?!


that's the only time it's OK to lie, if it doesn't hurt anybody -Ricky


personally my favorite part is when the police officer laughed at the situation


I worked as a dispatcher for a few years and one thing I learned, is that cops love weird calls so they can constantly tell the story. That dude has told this story many times.


Lemme get this straight No, officer. You literally cant.


That day after scene was honestly one of the most bizarre to me, these people have barely been in each other's lives and got WAY too entangled too quickly and now they're talking both like they were together for 10 years and like they were together for a single month at the same time, just wild. They should have just left her stuff tho, it's super illegal to just take someone's stuff and donate it like that. I guess maybe the U-haul was rented in Sharon or Ricky's name so they couldn't just leave it but the actual stuff isn't ALL theirs, presumably some was Ricky's cause he was moving too but not all of it. I would legit be devastated if I lost all my sentimental things, I can live without a couch but there's some things I would hate to lose. Bottom line is that you should not become your partner's caretaker less than a month into a relationship and you DEFINITELY should not be planning to move states to start a weight loss journey when you still don't even know each other. Like they dated for less time than most people dated their first high school boyfriend/girlfriend and they were at the "wiping her ass, moving to Houston" stage, that's not healthy in any way. This "person from her hometown" that just HAPPENED to be on a road trip to Houston and offered to maybe let her live with their family is super suspicious to me to begin with (TLC plant?), not surprised it "fell through". And they drove her back to WA?? Again, incredibly lucky. And I do not envy her being completely dependent on the charity of others like she is, literally she cannot take care of herself at all in any aspect and seems to always be relying on church people to sweep in and save her. Not a good precedent going forward, I'm sure everyone remembers Sean. She even complained that the hospital wouldn't keep her overnight even tho there was nothing wrong with her (during COVID times no less!) I feel like Dr Now had a point about her being the type to create chaos in her life - no stable person gets with someone and enmeshes their life that fast and then decides to move hundreds of miles away despite the doctor telling you that you need to lose 50lbs BEFORE you uproot your life. She didn't listen and now she's homeless. Some people honestly can't live without chaos in their life and they'll create it themselves if they have to.


I got the feeling the family probably said well we can see about you staying with us for a little while. And Lacy took that mean you can live with us whilst on your weight loss journey.


Re: people confused about the break up, I rewatched it and it seems that Ricky and Sharon didn't know that Lacey had already missed appointments with Dr Now and it made Ricky reconsider moving to Houston and being away from his family for someone who he now thinks isn't going to be trying to do the program. Also, the sister seemed to be implying that Lacey was also lying about money and acting like she was too broke to fly herself and Ricky and Houston so they had to be driven but then she was also going out shopping a lot so the sister didn't buy that she was too broke to pay for plane tickets. It seems Ricky also believed the money thing even though I have no idea if that's true. So basically he thought she was lying about a bunch of things to him and that she wasn't going to take the program seriously and he backed out of moving with her. I would bet that maybe he was already having doubts and the sister losing it and then Lacey not being honest about missed appointments gave him the chance to jump ship. That or they had some issues with money and/or lying before that they didn't put on camera and this is part of an ongoing issue. Lacey saying "I told you that I would screw up" to Ricky makes me think we missed a lot of shit going down, maybe during that time they took a "break" from filming and that's why it doesn't make sense, a whole ass fight probably happened that we didn't see. Also Ricky was extremely pissed that she called the cops on them and says that she told them he was abusing her so I'd imagine that also throws a wrench into things if that's true. I bet cops all over the country are absolutely thrilled to be dealing with this kind of shit.


"She tryin' to fake cry right now next to me. You tryin' to fake cry right now." One of the funniest lines ever on this show. Still laughing over it.


Just finished the episode. This was the most stressful episode I've seen in a long time. I don't feel like I even understood fully what went down. It was just two hours of stress and misfortune.


What in the high holy fuck did I just watch?? I was staring the whole time like "...are you serious. Are you serious. *Are you serious?!*" lmao The "zero calorie" tortillas. The ass-wiping after only a month. The "new pants, new pants, NEW PANTS!" THE HORROR. On a more serious note, anyone else think we didn't get the whole story regarding the sister and the breakup? Things don't usually deteriorate that fast in a relationship-- there had to have been more going on, because she seemed kinda okay with Lacey at first, or at least not actively pissed off. (Gotta say, though. If someone shat in my car I'd be done with 'em too.)


Im almost positive that we dont have the whole story. Waiting for the tea to drop to fill in the blanks.


TLC needed to break this up into a limited series for Discovery Plus ala Tiger King and I would have bought a login at full price. What a journey.


Whelp that was a roller coaster of a show! I started with "Wow! There really is someone for everyone if that clearly dysfunctional woman can find her ass-wiping true love after a month!" Then it was "OMG they're a mess but they might have a chance because they're equally needy." Then Lacey needs to hit the drive-thru in minute 45 of a 5-day drive... Then the "Number two" incident...Then comes SHARON! Somewhere in there the second road trip went from zero to dumpster fire in five seconds and I got lost. And maybe it's my upbringing, but if I think my brother is dating a user, (A) I don't agree to drive her 2000 miles and (B) if I am stupid enough to agree, then that's on me and I'm not dropping her at a gas station and selling/donating her shit. Then two hours of my life were gone and Lacey had gotten engaged and un-engaged, pooped in the car, been berated and abandoned, been driven across the country by two different relative strangers, and lost a whopping 12 pounds. I'm exhausted!


Omg. You summed it up perfectly. LOLOLOL


Lacey was immature and never had the right mentality to lose weight. She could have stayed home. Sharon is a bitch. She didn't have to leave lacey by the road like that and sell her things. Also she shouldn't have been screaming in front of Ricky since heightened emotion can induce his seizures. She could have asked Lacey questions before they left home. Ricky was never on board with the weight loss. The tortillas scene proved that.


Yes you nailed it. Lacey didn't listen to one thing that Dr. Now told her! She was suppose to lose weight way before even thinking about moving to Texas, She never went to her local Doctors to get weighed, Missed appointments and lied to Dr. Now and apparently Ricky and Sharon. Yes Sharon was a mouthy bitch to Lacey I can understand why but I do not condone how she talked to Lacey. Also I think Lacey just kinda dreamed up allot about hers and Rickey's relationship, Yes he asked her to marry him but I don't think he had the mentality to understand how marriage really worked, not trying to be mean but I think he was off a little bit off. Lacey most definitely dreamt up that 16 pounds was enough wt. loss to pack up every single thing she owned in a uhaul and move, Did you notice they got a call on the road saying they was approved for a apartment so WTF was she lied about having a place to live?? If she had listened to Dr. Now from the beginning she'd at least have all her belongings and her apartment. But Sharon and Ricky should be held accountable for her personal personal she lost in some way.


Rickey strikes me as having a mild mental disability. No seizure is good for the brain let alone lots of them and I wonder how severe his epilepsy is.


Well, yea. That's why Sharon feels the need to protect him. he can't look out for himself.


YOU nailed it!! This episode was insane.. I was glued to the screen, couldn't stand Sharon (I knew she was looking out for her brother who clearly needed it) but she was a complete bitch, felt bad for Ricky, was totally frustrated with Lacey (but when she was back in her Washington apt with just that chair and a few bags I wanted to cry for her)


Because it was a domestic thing most likely Ricky and Sharon wouldn't get arrested for like theft or anything, the most Lacey could do would be to take them to small claims court and sue for the value of her things. And it would be used value, not new, so if all she had was like clothes and small things then she would not get much. And the sentimental things like pictures etc don't have inherent value so they'd technically be worthless in terms of getting money for them. If they had kept the stuff there are some states where she could sue to have specific things returned like pictures or whatever but since they donated it, there's no way to get it back. The weird thing tho is that unless they withheld the location of where they donated it, and I don't put that past Sharon, she could have gone to the place they donated it to and explained that they donated her things illegally asked for like the pictures and things back, that stuff just gets thrown out anyway. She was still in the same area as the stuff and she had that "friend" there helping.


what you don't believe in diet tortillas


But he did say that the tortillas had zero calories. (I acknowledge thats impossible, but its the thought that counts)


I think he is more delayed than we even saw


I agree. I told my husband that there was no way they would survive on their own being married. The critical thinking and problem-solving abilities are just not there. And the way Ricky just repeated everything his sister said in the car once things blew up was another giveaway.


I wonder if Sharon has a drug or alcohol problem. She seemed erratic and verbally abusive.


Sharon could make a lot of money from people who have a fetish for being verbally abused & humiliated. She could start her own ride share business where she gets a small bio before she pics them up and then berates them the entire ride.


You can even shit your pants in the back and she'll still deliver you to your destination!


Meth head for sure.


My neighbor is a meth head and Sharon sounded just like her. Just ranting and raving.


This episode was emotionally draining. I need a hug.




Best quote He likes Dragon Ball Z and I like Anime Thats how they know they love each other WTH ???


as crazy as sharon is, i think she was also trying to show off for the cameras too. she seemed to be on something too. idk, she's just trashy


I feel like she was protecting her brother in her own way. I thought he was a bit slow from the start, then Lacey told the cops that the sister has power of attorney. I dont think that he has the intellect to take care of himself and I really do think that Lacey was using him. Clearly the Houston apartment was in his name (he got the call and it fell through when he didnt stay in Houston). Plus after less than a month knowing her he was literally wiping her butt. She had no family and the only friends were church friends (who would literally help anyone pack and move). She burned the Michelle bridge awful quickly too


also one additional thing i want to say, while sharon was absolutely insnae and over the top, lacey had ricky wiping her ass, literally, after one month of dating. it's actually pretty good he had SOMEONE openly telling him that her shit stunk, since he didn't notice it in the literal sense


NOT EVEN AFTER A MONTH. Like within DAYS of meeting. They started filming after they'd been dating about a month. This unfortunate dude got rooked so bad.


I forgot I was watching a weight loss show. I don't even recall any large portion food binge scenes besides breakfast. It was just pure drama 不


Who is this person from social media that is just going to take her in to live with them?!


Ill use the immortal words of sister Sharon to summarize this episode: Ooo wee. Ooo-fucking-wee, bro. This is the shitshow (pun intended) Ive been missing this season so far. I had to rewatch the entire Assanti saga for classic trainwrecks, but here we are finally with a new one as fresh as a Lacey shart in a ghetto ass SUV. NEW PANTS NEW PANTS!!!! Happy Hanukkah to me.


I am still watching this episode but first, this season has been entertaining and this episode...holy moly! I am at the scene where they abandoned Lacey at the gas station. In the midst of the craziness, I am fascinated how Ricky's personality has flipped and how much Ricky mimicked Sharon's mannerisms. He really took her words on in a flash, it was strange.


Something I keep wondering: Dr Now didn't help Lacey by hospitalizing her and/or hooking her up with a controlled environment. He's done that before, usually for the terrible patients who put in absolutely no effort. Like Steven Assanti. Dr. Now tried so hard with so many of these patients. And like from the moment he met Lacey he was like "let's not fuck with krayzee". She made it to Houston under some delusional plan that she would magically lose weight on the drive over, and showed up with an internet rando she was clearly pressuring to move to Houston to help her, and he could have said "well I can put you in haspital for 1 munt and that should give you tayme to fint a nu place tuh live". But instead he was like "well, good lack wit yur layfe". Like how effing insane do you have to be for Dr. Now to straight up refuse to take you on as a patient?


I suspect its harder to get hospital space for patients of elective surgery these days. Also, theres an argument to be made that hospitalizing her would increase her risk of catching COVID, which shed never survive.


I think he has to actually have a credible medical concern to hospitalize someone and Lacey wasnt in imminent danger from her weight/medical conditions.


Lacey and Ricky call each other Babe more than Michael and Jan in that dinner party episode of The Office.


1. who in the fuck cooks bacon (which already makes a lot of grease on its own) in butter 2. dropping someone off in the middle of nowhere is shitty no matter what to me, I could be mad af at you but I'm not gonna drop you and leave you alone and vulnerable. we'd just have to hate each other the whole time. 3. that episode was a ride and a half I had to get off that train


They didn't even drop her off at a hotel or a train station


I had to pause it and Im at the part where the police just came. How did it devolve into this!?! They broke up!! Im so confused lol


I know it smell crazy in there


That was the craziest episode ever since the Assantis


Literally the strangest episode. From the poop incident to the police in Texas what


Once she hobbled out of the car and asked for new pants I knew we were in for a classic


There is no way Sharon didn't yell out "DEUCES!!" as she left Lacey at the truckstop.


And who was wiping her BEFORE she met Ricky?!


I got this weird vibe that she just would rotate through "friends" at her church.


The single egg roll on a plate balanced on her belly after her Zoom meeting with Dr. Now sent me.


The devil works hard but the suspension on Sharons Tahoe works harder


Well, that was...an episode


One of the side effects of a very common diabetes medication is uncontrollable diarrhea. I'm guessing that is why she crapped herself on the first ride down to Houston.


Talk about a trainwreck. I really do get where Sharon is coming from but her approach is to go nuclear immediately and it comes off as trashy. This is also the first time Ive ever hears the term emotional epileptic, I wanted to say BS but then again what do I know. The whole relationship seemed very childish and forced imo; Ricky really needs to be around someone who cares for him.


I never watch the supersized episodes but my tv records them anyway. Will definitely be watching this one because holy smokes


I don't think Sharon was a bitch for what she said or convincing her brother to break up with Lacey. It absolutely seemed like a relationship where Lacey was using him to achieve her goal to move, and she wasn't bothering to put in enough work herself. When Lacey said "I'm not eating *as much* pizza" I laughed because of how horrible it was. She wasn't making any fucking effort. I do think Sharon was a bitch for electing to do it when they were only 2 hours outside of Houston. This was a conversation she should have had before they left home or had after they moved Lacey in to her new apartment. After all these episodes where people were determined (even with setbacks) to lose weight, I was waiting for an episode like this, but not eagerly awaiting it. Its very disappointing and sad.


I knew it was gonna be a train wreck cuz right in the beginning instead of saying this episode explores 12 months in the life of it only said 7 months- and it didnt disappoint


I fucking LOVE that the people who were taking care of her (wiping her ass and driving her across the country) left and she IMMEDIATELY found someone else to take care of her. Thats next tier manipulation. (Honorable mentions for: I havent been eating as much pizza. I really hoped theyd let me stay at the hospital, but they said theres nothing wrong with me. Thats just not true., Sharons weird ass steering wheel cover, the long series of beeps that was her rant, Lacey taking for fucking ever to come up with a lie, it look like you got a new friend now., I dont eat fast food allll the time., and blaming Sharon for your break up and bad behavior)


I interned at a day treatment facility and discovered there is a whole society of mentally ill and disabled people who know one another from cycling through various area psych wards. They socialize with each other and help each other. Totally blew me away that there was this pocket of society out there kind of making connections and family for themselves. Ricky and Lacey reminded me of some of those clients. And then, theres Sharon, who is an example of I-dont-know-what. I wouldnt have gotten back in that Tahoe, either.


The last line, Lacey was so clear and spot on with her response to Ricky in that scene. Like, who would voluntarily get back into that car. I have a feeling Ricky was the reason why that offer was made, cause it didn't come from Sharon.


I feel like the whole episode was just them bickering in the car like the focus was not on her losing weight at all. Then again, she never really tried imo.


Sharon could lose a few elbees herself.


Tag yourself. I'm Sharon's fuzzy seatbelt cover. (It was a tough choice between that and the UHaul cereal.)


Confused by her being able to get a boyfriend to wipe her butt just after one month. Trying to figure out who wiped her butt before the boyfriend Laughed so hard when the hospital kicked her out because nothing was wrong with her. Scratched my head when she told Ricky she wasnt getting back in the Tahoe Side-eyed TF out of the friend who just appeared and agreed to get a house with her?? Ready for the part 2 where she reveals she actually got a one bedroom with the new church friend.


When Sharon asked her about the apt she missed and it took her a whole minute to answer I truly thought we were going to witness someone having a stroke


I am so confused about the breakup. What was the catalyst? How was she lying?


They are so god damn dumb -my wife