I may get downvoted for shit for saying this, but I’m Canadian and frequently roll my eyes at Canada’s “safety” standards. We used a Mini playpen (with the infant level insert to being the mattress halfway up) as a bedside sleep space for both our babies (the infant level is safe sleep approved for some reason btw), and then transitioned our first baby to a full-size playpen after that. We’ve never used a crib, only playpens, due to our on-the-go lifestyle. Zero regrets with this decision. Playpens are not illegal in Canada. They are still available for sale and no one is going to arrest you or confiscate your playpen/child for sleeping in a playpen. Also, I’ve seen this explained several times in the BabyBumpsCanada subreddit; Canada changed their certification process and required all the playpen manufacturers to recertify their products. Almost all the manufacturers basically said “fuck you” because why would they pay more money to sell their products in one country when they still have the entire rest of the world market to function on just fine (and because a lot of parents will probably go “it’s fine for the US so it’s fine for me”which is absolutely true). I have no links to hard evidence to back this up, only repeating the word of several others who heard this from baby store employees.


Thanks for this I was too scared to say this 😂


Yes, the standards are a little extreme! Ours slept in a pack-and-play when we room shared (we recently transitioned her to her crib in the nursery for overnight sleep) and it was totally fine. We used the infant insert until she was able to sit unassisted.


Are all brands half way up spots considered safe sleep? The only ones I found info on are super expensive pack&plays.


I don’t know that answer off the top of my head, unfortunately. I have a Nuna Sena Mini and a Nuna Sena, and both have safe-sleep certified infant level inserts. I picked them both up on fb marketplace for less than half of current retail value.


The bassinet part is only good for 15lbs. Damnit 🫤


The bassinet level is just the higher level. Most playards have a weight limit of 30lbs on the bottom level.


I haven’t used one myself but here in the states I know mini cribs are popular!


Some of it you just have to take with a grain of salt. I’m in NS, and we use pack and plays. NS health has its own safe sleep recommendations which say don’t use bedside bassinets, but a laundry basket on the floor is ok, don’t swaddle, but knitted blankets are ok. Honestly, read the info and make your own informed decision. The AAP, Health Canada, WHO, they’re all making recommendations based off of what they think people will follow, and data from different areas on extremely rare deaths. They’ll all have conflicting information, so I say be smart and do what makes sense for you. No one’s calling CPS because you’re consciously ignoring one safe sleep recommendation that doesn’t make sense to you.


And these are recommendations, not rules. You use them to make informed decisions.


How are pack and plays not safe? I’ve used one with both kiddos and it’s basically a crib


The mesh sides maybe? Once bub can move and roll around the cot standards might be a bit different. OP is a mini cot an option? Something bigger than a bassinet but not as big as a full size cot.


I just put them in their own room, with the doors open. In the long run I think it’s easier so they get use to sleeping in a different room. With that being said that’s not what you’re asking… i put my baby in a playpen on vacation and at peoples houses . I don’t see why they aren’t safe. Sometimes Canada is extreme


https://youtu.be/bSP03BE74WA It's actually very unsafe to leave doors open, which is the main reason why I share a room with my kids. In case of a fire, that open door is a massive problem. Family members being former firefighters has made me anxious about the open vs closed door thing.


I put my first on a pack and play and will do the same when my newborn outgrows the bassinet too. I don't think my first outgrew her bed til 5 months, maybe even 6, so I wasn't really worried.


Next2Me Crib?


We use a pack n play. They’re perfectly safe for sleeping.


I’m not in Canada but is a mini crib an option? We have the babyletto gelato mini crib and it turns into a toddler bed when the time comes, as LO’s room is too small for a full size crib.