NIO Stock: The Biden Infrastructure Plan News Giving Nio Shares a Nudge

NIO Stock: The Biden Infrastructure Plan News Giving Nio Shares a Nudge


NIO isn't in the American market, so this doesn't really help them in any way in the long term


It eases the process of entry in United States


That's true, but it's not in their plan to enter the US market anytime soon


We don’t know that! None of us sits on the board of directors, none of us has access to Nios operating, and growth projections. We are all speculating. We all want good things for Nio.


They want to go into Eu markets by 2022, I doubt they’d wait any longer to enter the us markets as well


NIO is already opening offices in Europe, and the US hasn't been accounted for in financial projections in their model through 2025. What does this tell us? They're not planning to go into the US anytime soon


They will eventually, but more importantly is that they’re opening in Europe, this will catapult their earnings even farther




Nio's financial model doesn't even account for the American market through 2025. So it's gonna take at least that long. NIO is gonna expanding to the European markets before America


Long term it definitely helps...Just not right now, given that NIO has 0 penetration into our consumer market as of now.


Might help the whole EV market but it won't benefit NIO in any substantial way. The tax incentive is going to be most likely for American made EVs which NIO is not


Exactly. I hold NIO but this is grasping at straws.


This sub...I mean we post customer reviews like a yelp site and call that company relevant news. I'm still waiting to see someone post a negative nio review.


A lot of the "negative" things I've seen posted were not well constructed. So it came off as just trolling and 0 effort to actually bring real discussion. I think people can differentiate between quality criticism and just bearish trolling.


It'll never happen lol. Anything negative will get downvoted to oblivion.


Tell me something negative that I should consider


To be fair, there are many Chinese companies stepping up to compete with NIO but honestly I’m not fazed as well because NIO’s lifestyle element + high end segment puts them on another level


Exactly (Biden) specifically said American 🇺🇸 made! Unless Nio opens a factory 🏭 here and starts producing...then it’s a possibility!


But as Tesla stock moves up so does Nio!


It helps in the sense that it will bring hype again to the sector


Europe first then America. US is still a few years off for NIO in my opinion


EU is a long way off too. Relations are not good between the west and china, NIO will be a pawn, like Huawei.


Ya all should know that if Tesla does good Nio does good.


Nio is in the inverse etf with tesla, so if it helps Tesla it helps us for now while the bologna sausage is still happening


I swear this sub has some of the most low quality post just hoping to push Nio upwards


The way I'm seeing it is, the plan calls for building out charging stations. Nio still can use charging stations (maybe adapter needed). The USA plan seems to be reactive to the idea that someone like Nio is building out their own charging/swapping infrastructure. This is the start of where the world is planning to go with EV infrastructure. Honestly, seems like Nio has a head start.


NIO can set up a plant in Ohio or GA.


Pretty sure this isn't why Nio is going up.


Biden giving China market a boost. What does that tell you about the state of America's future under his leadership.


Um what - how so?


Do you actually mean this as a legitimate question?


Yeah I do - we eroded our credibility under Trump and we will expect Biden doesn’t do much in one direction or another. America is losing its foothold in the race for technology - rather than trying to solve rural Americas issues we should trying to move as quickly to speed up jobs in STEM and try to make sure we don’t lose our economic dominance which at the moment might be getting closer. Your assumption that Biden is responsible for this is just patently wrong - I will also not assume Biden will fix many of these problems either so unless people start putting an emphasis on being an economic super power which will require us to move quickly into EV, into new sustainable technology and enable people to get into these spaces via education we will lose to a regime that emphasizes these things as a means to erode our power.


I'm not in your camp! Good luck to you though!


Lol that’s fair. And you don’t have to be, but I’m just telling you that people can be anti chinese government and be pro technology especially on companies like NIO. I just hope here in America we continue our path to innovation. We need that more than ever


Some will never figure this out no matter what happens in this country.