I buy to own.

I buy to own.


Fidelity did a study and found that the clients who earned the most on their investments were either dead or had lost the PW to their accts. In other words, they never sold and earned more than the day trader clients. Additionally, taxes are a lot higher on gains from shares held for under a year. Long plays are the only plays imo.


I truly believe this as well.


Nice one! I’ve got too much on my mind to try to be a “trader”. I invest, and then I try to forget.


There could be a lot of perspectives that explain this. Day Traders are higher frequency traders, so they are going to be investing in more companies, and taking more risks. The companies that a day trader may take a chance on are going to be more volatile by design. Someone that is going to buy and hold try to find a sure thing, and wait it out. That is a high percentage of probability play. Personally, I think there is a smart way to do both. If one of your investments has a big run up, it is going to have a dip that follows. If you sell at those peaks, and then buy back in the dip, you secure your profits. You can then increase your position using profit, or take the profit for your next move. I wouldn't suggest trying to do it on every peak or valley, but on major moves, you get definitely expect it to dip down to buy back in cheaper. You just need to really be informed on the stock, and know how it has been trading historically. There is risk with all types of trading. Taking profits along the way may be a more aggressive style, but can be beneficial if done intelligently.


I don’t see the point of looking at stocks in day’s and week’s but in months and years. 4/5 years+ is a great long term holding period for any stock, including Nio.


Yeah and I’m definitely in it for the long haul!


Most people are scared of ‘red’ and short-term volatility. It’s impossible to predict the market or how Nio will react to news stories. If your holding for the long-term there’s no need to sell, if your holding for a few years you also get the magic effect of compounding! I wouldn’t hold for a long-term if your trading with leverage as Nio has shown it’s a volatile stock, but most high growth stocks are.


What do you consider long term as opposed to NIO? I’m thinking 4 - 5 years and see how it’s looking.


I am new on buying stocks. However, my plan is to invest for a long term. NIO and charge point got my attention. I bough these stocks and some others. I sold the other ones except for NIO and charge point because they are the future. I sold the other ones because they were Pump N Dump stocks. newbies need to learn that you buy and hodl for weeks to months to years. NIO looks promessing!


Yep. Smart! I just got to 500. I’m going to work towards 1,000 now. I hope it stays in the 40’s or lower during the process. In 2/3 years when it’s 200/300.00 a share it’s a nice payout for being patient. 100,000-150,000 👍🏼👍🏼


Exactly! Great minds think alike!!


Manipulation of the market can do that in terms of staying in the 30-40s I think the new floor has to be 40 now dor the next quarter ... it would be bulls hit if it weren’t


If you really believe in a company you should hold the stock and average when it drops. Most times I have sold a stock I liked because I had a nice profit I looked back and found the stock I sold did better than the one I bought with the sale


Yes it's stupid and so is technical analysis.


Modern day witchcraft


TA isn’t that dumb if done correctly you don’t have to trade but you can do timely buy ins at better prices .. to hold for long term.. just saying


Thanks for the input. I’ve been eyeing NIO for months now but never had the money to buy until now but it went up too high. I’m a long term investor for growth stocks with the occasional swing trades on daily movers. I want to invest in NIO in my IRA but don’t know which price point would be good. Can you advise?


I don’t know enough to advise anyone but I’m pretty certain every Wall Street analyst and bank are correct with giving NIO a $73 price target EOY. So buying in now pretty much guarantees profit.


Deutsche bank lowered its price target from $70 to $60. After the chip shortage which is expected to last until Q3, I’m not sure many analysts have PT’s that high? Unless you can prove me wrong


Keep believing to Deutsche Bank............


Well my point is most big banks are lowering their PT’s because of the general market conditions we find ourselves. I’m still bullish on nio and see it hitting $60 EOY, just $70 seems a bit out of reach given chip shortage and rotation of money out of tech/high growth


Yeah $60 EOY seems feasible, let’s see.. All the best


Thanks. I hesitated yesterday because everything was up and then today became a red day. But yeah I definitely do see NIO as a long term hold.


I like it. I own NIO, I get out of positions when I need money for another position that I'm interested in. It is good to take profits, especially if you hit your target. I think most people don't set a proper target for entry and exit. I feel like it's easier to get in, but harder to get out due to FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out.


Timing the market is fucking impossible. You have to be a real dork to be any good at it.


Technically speaking, you would be better off if you sold at every peak and bought back in during every dip, but in order to make a difference in the long run, you need to be right way more than 50% of the time. If I own 10 shares of Nio and it's at $60 and I think that's overvalued, so I sell everything for $600, and then it goes to $50 and I use my $600 to buy 12 shares and then it goes to $100, I will have $1,200, whereas with my original 10 shares, I would only have $1,000. So it can make a difference, but in order for that to work, you need to make the right calls 50% of the time, plus when you also consider the fact that in the first scenario, I will be paying higher taxes, then I need to be correct even more than 50% of the time to compensate for the extra tax cost.


Yeah I think I’ll just let them sit there for the long haul. With my luck I’ll be wrong 80% of the time.


20 percent tax savings or whatever your income bracket you are falling into can add up to a lot.


They say sell because they want you to sell 🤐 it’s prettty obvious most of the time


Here is the logic i believe behind that, you can buy and sell and take profit several times rather than just one time, let imagine, u bought the stock at 30...and it went to 35 and u sold...then went back to 32 and u bought again and u sold at 37 and so on and on...you can make more money! But then yeh it takes a lot of effort too!!




Time in the market > timing the market