UXIN will blossom into something amazing with NIO helping them

UXIN will blossom into something amazing with NIO helping them


Can we take a moment to recognize the amazing resale capabilities with Nio’s BAAS? The car is sold to a totally separate individual after the first owner and the company STILL makes money off of the first sale. The fact they’re assisting Uxin now and their ceo helped Bin Li with Bit Auto solidifies in my mind the potentials of this company. I’m buying.


Exactly! Recurring passive income. Plus the used car market is massive in China


If this this the Chinese Carvanna...CVNA is up like 1,958% in five years...


That’s the plan ^_^ that’s why I got 10 calls ending in 2023 @10


Hmmm, that's not a bad price...


Uxin at it's peak was up 600% for the year. I've been in on it since 1.42 and have been buying all the way up. I saw them being a 10 dollar end of the year strat but at this rate, with what I'm seeing here with Nio, I can see Uxin filling in that Carvana gap more and more everyday. Something ain't right with Uxin right now though. This stock has been steady until this deal was struck. Now it's acting like a shitstorm. It's a long term hodl.


Cool...will look into it, I was wondering if I might be right


The market this year has always acted negative to good news lol. Especially joint ventures with other companies. It’ll go up in 2-4 weeks once people digest the info n crunch the numbers


Moving nicely today


A Short Squeeze is needed here....UXIN was shorted over 50% yesterday!!! #UxinGang #NIOGang


How do you know? I have 8500 shares in UXIN at 1.20, sucks that is plummet on good news of new funding.


$NIO will be big one day, be patient 🚀🌙 Join our investors only chat on Discord! [dsc.gg/ttm.trading](https://dsc.gg/ttm.trading) Great community, lots of DD, free alerts!!! 💪


lol please