These price predictions and options trade videos are worthless clickbait imho. If you’re bullish on Nio buy and hodl.


A wise man once said “time in the market is better than timing the market”. My strategy is: buy stock in a company I truly believe will be successful and leave it alone. Day and swing traders just won’t do as well. But no doubt they well tell you how much they made going both ways. $8.43 average here. I’m not selling until 2025 or $250 which ever comes first. Just a simple man’s opinion here, this is not financial advice.


I’m buying anywhere below 40 trying to buy at the 37-38 cause my average is 27


Dude 27 is so sick, i wish i had my holding at 27


710 shares @ $22 I'm so fuckin sick bro


Buy the dip. Below $40 is a gift. Don’t wait until EV owners realize the cost of replacing a bad cell or the entire battery of their EV and then NIO will get the long awaited boost. NIO is the only company where you are rest assured replacing your bad cell is free. My thoughts. In addition, imagine NIO a us company and you will easily see high triple digit price target


Full disclosure: this is not my channel or my content, please do ur dd


I agree NIO could go back to $45 if and only if their September delivery is around 8,600 cars. That will be in line with their new guidance of 22,000-23,500 cars for this quarter. Selling cash secured puts is pretty lucrative. It's a great strategy to buy the stock at a cheaper price and getting paid for it. The catch though is the individual have to have that exact amount of free cash in their profolio in case they have to buy those shares if get assigned.


If NIO goes up in price enough, it may end up being the case that that cash you put aside to sell cash secured puts may have been more lucrative if you had simply bought shares.


It will go up in the long run, but not any time soon in short. Chinese share regulatory crackdown is real ! + Chip shortage! 😑


The ADRs will probably only start flying once NIO lists in HKG. The Chinese will pump their own TSLA and the ADRs will Moon.