500 is the milestone! Let’s get there nio!


Target was moved up to 700c i think. We can hit it


Ok I’m more concerned about ramping up production. Tesla is really escalating it’s first to market and if Nio doesn’t stay focus, they might win the battle but loose the war


Agree , supply chain and ramping up is the biggest issue now. They seem to be doing great in other areas which is big deal. Still i hope the deliveries start to explode in the fall


Shortage it's not in their control right now but bulding station is. So they're doing what they suppose to do.


Sorry I'm not agree with that opinion although Tesla is ramping up its production but i think you haven't seen what they did in Tesla Plaid they are using zip ties f*****g zip ties to HODL the world fastest ev car parts,seriously....Although $NIO isn't producing that much car yet but they are making royal consumers, branding, marketing, and don't forget NEO Park with a million vehicles annual capacity.




Actually I meant to say win the battle but have a loose interpretation of what constitutes losing the war……. Or maybe an o went awol…. We shall never know🤷🏾‍♂️


Where are the counts reported?


“As of September 4, NIO has 430 battery swap stations in China.”


Great. Heading towards 500.


$5000 next


Other companies are starting to pick up battery swap. What are the odds of Chinese companies that decide to use battery swap partnering up? That way companies can set a standard rather than waste money having multiple swap station businesses with different battery sizes? I do personally speculate and would love for NIO to act as battery management company and lead swap infrastructure. Where we one day has NIO owned swap stations having multiple sizes of batteries or NIO batteries being the primary battery used. And the swap stations are capable of fastening adapters to allow for batteries to adjust into other vehicles that opt in for NIO services. I've thought about this for a long time but now I'm not too certain about this. If China wants swap stations to be the gas station of the future. There is no point in having NIO, Geely, and other brands have swap stations everywhere that aren't interchangeable like how EV charging stations can be. So I will be looking for signs that show cooperation between companies that are using swap technology. It could also cut down costs for NIO if they want to do a partnership to sell mass market with BaaS while not tarnishing NIOs luxury name or clients.


They were one of the key people to define regulation guidelines around this baas or batery replacement strategies


Wen Lambo?