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this is sad and heart breaking to watch.


Fucking awful. I cannot imagine what an absolute cunt you would have to be to do this to anyone, let alone your own son.


Wait… you’re saying the parents did this?!?!


yes its his dad which did it


Which is even more bizarre considering molesting young boys is a pretty big part of the culture over there


Did someone call the catholic church?


These are muslims dude wtf


Both Muslims and catholics molest boys. It’s got nothing related to race or religion though: some people just do it


Most of the time the parents take care of it. They don't want the word getting out so they deal with it themselves and discreetly... Well most of the time, this guy decided to film it which accomplished the exact opposite


No, in this situation it is likely already gotten out, he has filmed it to show his friends and others, to "regain his honor". Fuck that guy.


Dont be surprised, remember they do “honor killing” to their own.


Something inherently wrong when a person lacks the natural instinct to protect their own child from pain and suffering. Let alone to be the one that inflicts it.


Religion is a hell of a drug


Sad!? Its fucking horrific.


Yeah I cannot watch this. This poor kid


[https://api.vadoo.tv/landing\_page?vid=RbRbAqGzZpBTDHjkfAlKs5upWTp7Q7kz](https://api.vadoo.tv/landing_page?vid=RbRbAqGzZpBTDHjkfAlKs5upWTp7Q7kz) translated script of what they are speaking edit: i have seen people crossposting this post to other subreddits, if you get banned from it i am not responsible!


Thank you for the translation but what do they mean by 'fucker'?


im not sure, maybe its a swear in their language translated to english roughly. or maybe a sinner or smth idk


In that context maybe a slur for homosexuals


that too yes, we may never know unless someone who can understand arab translates it for us separately


its a slur for fucking in general


This is an offensive slur used in slut shaming and against gays in Iraq and some parts of the middle east.


Sexually attractive girl ,women ,gay ,lesbian, trans you name it plus used against ppl who were raped or kidnapped


So you have any sex out of marriage you’re a fucker?


It's less of a slur and more of a random swear word, it's typically used for more than this specific circumstance at least in Egypt.(I apologize if my English isn't that understandable, not my first language)


It's closer to f\*ggot than fucker I'd say. The Iraqi word is Manyach


It's an Arabic word and it means someone who has been fucked (as in a dick has gone up their ass/vagina). It is used for men and women.


No one's ever called you a fucker? You stupid little fucker.


It means the guy who gets fucked. The receiving end


a proverb with the word pimp?


Proverb translates into most of the Semetic languages weirdly. In this case \*I'm pretty sure\* he means an example to the world of your pimp. It would be equivalent to "You have brought dishonor onto our house".




a deep dark hole


with snakes


[Son ►] leave me, leave me .. I'm tired [Son ►] I want to die please That transcript is heatbreaking to read


i couldnt believe someone could do such acts on a young child.. he is gonna suffer from so much mental issues in the future... thats if he even survived his father's punishments.


Those die hard muslims dont have time for mental issues. Trust me i've been there.


It's a lot easy to treat a broken arm then a broken heart.


Isn't he too yount to have sex anyway? Like, where did they get this information even


maybe rape but this info came through some 3 sources, but either way there is no reason to torture a child


This would make it even worse tbh... That reminds me of that shit when a married woman gets raped, she still gets stoned because she "cheated" on her husband... What a shitty time to be alive.


These are the same people that blow themselves up in elementary schools, shoot up little girls at school because girls shouldn't be allowed to go to school and will train kids to be suicide bombers. I'm not surprised at all by what I'm seeing here. I've spent time with these people; their outlook on life is nothing that you could in anyway compare to yours.


Not all of them are alike, my father said this to his "friend" who was annoyed at me having a girlfriend who now is my wife from a different religion. His friend told him to make me leave her because it's disrespectful to our religion. My dad said "if you can't change the views of the children, be happy for them/join them (be there for them) or else you will lose them" I was so fucking happy when i heard it and yes he is a Muslim.


Oh of course not. I've met many a great muslims and Afghans. But in the end, if they don't want to be seen as such then they need to take the fight to the extremists a lot harder. I feel for anyone mixed up in this that doesn't deserve to be. I should also make it clear that I don't believe this sort of extremism is limited to muslims, just the most outspoken and harmful at the moment happen to come from the Islamic states/regions. These people are like anti freedom fighters and it baffles me. I can't imagine growing up under conservative, oppressive Islam only to want to make it worse for everyone. Christian's can be just as oppressive, don't get me wrong. But right now they're not the point of focus or widespread perpetrators (at this time in history).


holy shit, all this time ive been thinking that this was just western media being racist but nevermind


That is that mindset that gets passed around. However, having seen some pits of the world, I will take my shitty Healthcare (usa) over the mindset in a lot of places in the world. I repeatedly question the "horrors of humanity" that those that bitch about the US's shortcomings have seen. Spoiler alert, they haven't seen shit. This is very routine and common, what isn't common is it being blasted onto the web. But that may be because this father either was ignorant of how digital media works or he was showing off his commitment to the religion for redemption purposes or to prevent him from recipient the same treatment from other zealots. Hard to tell.


Wait a young child and gay sex? Dunno man


rape maybe idk


It was Iraqi accent, and he said Dad: this is the fuck you were looking for( extremely unspoilt way to say fuck) ,is that what you want?this is the fuck you wanted?is it? Dad/papa please leave me ,let me go I wanna go Then the dad will say the same thing again multiple times, they're from Baghdad, I dont know them personally but I know the "story" The son left this cruel world, the wife left the" hero" that's what he calls himself More context the kid was gay dudes and didn't tell anyone until everyone knew about them ,he just kept the secret for their own safety, one of them run away to Italy I believe, the other dude was set on fire and this child he left Edit: if you can see the wires they were used to beat him ,in Mosul they used it on us (the nun's church )she used to discipline a boy every single day for the minimum ,he was 12 ,older than us (we were 6-10) ,he left for the orphanage after that irdk where he is but I hope he's doing well


>the son left this cruel world. Reading this sent a shiver down my spine. Poor boy.


What happened to the boy?


That's an old video so last time I checked he left us ,hopefully for better next time ,I wanna lie to myself and everyone else and say hes doing well but I cant but I can believe or tell myself he will reborn in better place and gonna be happy,just for now yuu Know


After reading the translation i felt heartbroken, hearing the boy give up and want to die just hurts


I've seen many violent videos but this is the first time I've watched something this bad happen due to religion, and honestly I feel the same way too, heartbroken. To me his mental safety is more important than physical. You maybe able to recover physically but some memories will never go away and will only manifest into PTSD and other mental issues.


I couldn’t last one second… forget the boat. Get the Death Star




*christians and Jews in the Middle East staring at this* ;-;


we'll just point it towards saudi arabia, iran, and south afghanistan and we'll deal with the incoming economy crisis when we get there


Not even that. Back into a desert of nothingness.


Why do they film this do they enjoy watching it later?


Yes thats what I wondered too.. why film it and upload it to the internet? To show the world that you are a monster?


He doesn't think he is a monster, he thinks he is doing something good


This is a bit of a rant sorry but here is the tldr: As a muslim i know for a fact that He uploaded it for praise because most modern muslims dont do anything for islam they just do this type of shit including prayers to receive approval by those around them, he didnt torture the kid for allah or the kids sake he did it to restore his public image which was hurt by him having a gay son. No its to get praise, im a muslim and i am telling you right fucking here that islam despite being the religion of peace most people in it have a different definition of peace. I’ve been surrounded by other muslims my entire life and for some reason they take something that was said or implied by the prophet or god and crank it up to 100, other muslims always talk about how they are in no position to determine the judgment of god yet we get ass wipes like this cunt over here torturing his son which im willing to bet my left nut he says he does it for 1 of 2 reasons:1-“i must discipline my son so that he doesn’t fo down the wrong path” yay congrats ass hat! He now determined that islam is the wrong path dumbfuck. 2-“the gays are punished by god so i must punish them here too!” Aight then go ahead and punish every single person who drinks or isnt muslim oh wait you wont you probably drink and watch porn in secret dont you? Wanna know the funny part? He doesn’t do it for neither of these reasons he does it to gain the approval of others. He didnt bother listening to his son just went ahead and beat him up, he didnt bother teaching the kid that what he did was wrong he was so blinded by rage because his ego was hurt, his ego was hurt because his son made a mistake that can tarnish his reputation, this man isnt beating his kid for gods sake he is beating him and and torturing him to gain approval of the people around him and to fix his image. Dont fucking trust those fanatic know it alls who say that they live and die for allah because they fucking dont I’ve read the quran and not in a single page did i see it say “rape women and kids and play god whenever it benefits you” We are literally taught that humans were given the complete choice by god if they wanted to be muslims or whatever other religion so i don’t understand why some people find it within themselves to force someone to stay in islam its fucking stupid. Fuck these types of muslims man if allah is merciful and just why in fucks name would you who acts like a barbarian go to heaven for being muslim and a person on sentinel island who doesnt know about islam but has helped hundreds of people hundreds of time get sent to hell? Idk if muslims are stupid, misguided, brainwashed or just look down on god thinking that the all powerful being they worship is as simple minded as a dictator with the “follow me or die” mindset. Im pretty fucking sure its not that simple since most muslims seem to forget that the prophet received major help from none muslims, so are the people who helped the prophet no matter what going to hell for not believing him? What about the people who died before islam could reach them? No shit there is something else that goes into judging if a person is to be tortured eternally or granted entry to heaven i swear most muslims are downright retarded and can suck a dick and die for all i care. Its fucking stupid.


Bro I'm boutta leave this place and go to another dimension in the name of Allah


The extremes that religious people of cultures will go to to punish people who have done ‘wrong’ in the eyes of their god is just unbelievable to me. I mean I get it to an extent but the most I can ever see happening rationally is like a slap on the wrist or something.


It's unbelievable to you because you are viewing the world through the cultural lenses of Post Enlightenment upbringing. Its likely impossible to REALLY get the mindset. It is for me too. I can describe it and SAY why, but I can't accept it no matter the reasoning. A good parallel is Christian executions in the middle ages. What looks like barbaric torture to me and probably you is written about as beautiful. We see a witch trial and torture as a way to force a false confession. But that is NOT how either the executioners and public saw it nor how many of the victims saw it. The executions that the public saw as most disturbing were not the ones that were too brutal, but rather the ones where the accused would not repent. My point is that you are brought up in a culture like this you will never understand. It goes even beyond religion. You can take a Post Enlightened raised person and convert him to Islam midway through his/her life and chances are they will never be ok with this sort of thing. And you could this same POS doing the torture and convert him to Christianity and he would still be capable of this.


Some extremes are more extreme than others. I've never seen an extreme budhist doing shit like this.


Buddhist Tibet was so terrible that when China occupied it in 1959, the Tibetans did not come out to defend it.


This shouldn’t even be happening, this is wrong in Islam or any religion, this is wrong in war ffs


being gay is a crime punishable by death in islam. so, your wrong, its not the extreme, its how the religion is. Im not being islamophobic, i am ex muslim living in a muslim majority country.


He is being punished for homosexuality in the land of the pedophiles and slavery


and iliterates


Welcome to Islam, where fucking little children isn't okay when they're male


Or rather, it isn't ok when the one fucking little male children _is another little male child_. Absolutely fine if it were an adult doing it.


Some dummy downvotes this video thinking the people who recorded posted this to Reddit.


What happened to the poor kid tho?


He left us ,I wanna believe he gonna reborn in better life I just want to lie to myself for now ,reality sucks


He died??


based on how everyone's been implying that i'll assume yes


Disgusting fucking savages.


Most schools of Shari'ah Law view homosexual sex as deserving the same punishment as adultery, ie death. This isn't exactly a very tolerant view on things is it.


*hey i dont like that.. death shall be the punishment!*


The fucked up thing is that he was probably raped so he had "gay sex". I don't know if what I said was true but knowing how it's like over there it probably was


im not sure, if its sex or rape but either way its some homosexual activity and getting punished like this is just unacceptable


I will beat and electrocute the shit out of you so God will love you like he loves me.


I don't care what the kid did, no person ever should treat another kid like this. These.. beasts (and I type that with the utmost contempt) are beyond evil. Even Hell will probably be revolted by their deeds.


Yeah, that kid would face some really bad PTSD when he grows up, if he even survives his father. No kid, in fact, no one should go through this in the name of religion.


Jesus Christ


no, Allah


Friendly reminder that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all follow the same god and have different messengers


But for some reason Christianity decided to do a 180 and started calling a prophet god.


Yep, Islam believes in all prophets and the 3 holy books and the untampered Christianity, aka where Jesus was a prophet to bring people to god


I always found it fun (however incorrect) to view it as the original series, the expanded universe, and the hard reboot.


How can they think that this is what Allah wants?


You overestimating they ability to think




And they want to bring those customs to europe... I agree with cultural exchange, but when those restrict real rights (like woman being able to wear whatever they want) I have to say... this is the endgame. Tolerance of intolerance takes out the tolerant out of the picture.


They want to, but I doubt any people in their right mind would accept those ideals. Sure they could integrate into the western society, and the other way round too, but bringing those kinds of customs is just devolving. Humanity can only start moving forward if people accepted each other and stopped being violent for it. Sorry if I offended anyone.


It's just that. You said it exactly. We have to be tolerant of everyone, except those that are not tolerant of everyone else. But Violence doesn't help here. My father was an asshole to me my whole life and I literally told him multiple times I wanted him to just kill me... and I only got punches and belts... I can't even imagine the pain this kid is suffering. Knowing this comes from your dad... This breaks me whole.


I'm sorry to hear that, I've had mentally abusive parents and I know how it feels to have such parents.. Hope you are doing well now.


We left our dad when I was 11. I had to see him every weekend for 2 years and suddenly he decided we didn't deserve that and I started getting better but I was always weird around people. Wanna hear something funny? I have a high IQ (above 140 most times I have done tests). My dad made me think I was literally retarded and I was too stupid to notice how everyone else was smarter than me and that people "told me I was smart because I looked so retarded they were amazed I wasn't more stupid"and only noticed I was smart when I got to college.


140 is really good, i never had an IQ test before so IDK mine


Ciaran said stop calling her. \\[T]/


Yeah, that's how you'd wanna evolve your average religion.


This is why people run away from these countries. Then they take with them these same barbaric practices, go figure...




Someone please tell me he is ok


The religion of peace


Full of pedophiles who rape children boys and girls.


Certain people would have you believe that the west is just as bad for lgbt people as it is in places like this. The lack of actual hardships for people in society leads to any insignificant problems being classed as hate crimes. Crazy how twisted some peoples minds are. This shit is disgusting and heartbreaking to watch.


Religion of peace


Bout to catch a body, this shit makes me sad


whoever did this to this kid needs to be placed in a hurt locker first, and blender second.


Please tell me the person who did this to the child is in prison


Probably not, he is a “hero” to his community now.


I've seen some many fucked up videos over the years but this one is making me ugly cry. That poor kid... Fuck the "hero" utter disgrace of anything he claims to be. I know not all Muslims are this way, I know that not all Christians are this way, I know that not all humans are this way but this "thing" doesn't deserve any respect for anything. He is less than dead. He might as well be.


This is fucking psychopathic. Holy fucking shit. I can’t finish this.


I imagine Allah would think torturing a poor kid is far worse than gay sex. I hope that boy is alright.


If you’re in the comments defending Islam, you’re probably a piece of garbage theist and your life is worth less than the oxygen you steal. Ok bye.


"Islam is peaceful" They're making this super hard to believe.


>peaceful It's peaceful if you live anywhere else sad


I don't care if I get downvoted. Fuck islam and it's fucked up ideologies. Religion of peace my ass.


fucking islam call me islamophobe but this is disgusting


Typical radical bullshit.


Still some fcukers be like: stop spreading hate that's Islamophobic! 🤡


The religion of peace


Religion is pretty dumb.


You'd think that if children can accept that there's no boogeyman crawling around under their beds at night, that adults could accept that there's no boogeyman flying around up in the clouds.


Fuck religion, and fuck Islam in particular, fucking savages.


I know this will offend some people, and I want to get this off my chest. Islam is a horrible, sadistic, racist and extremist religion. I do not care that not all Muslims are terrorists, i do not care that not all Muslims act like this, the Quran states that you should kill all Jews, non Muslims, gays etc. This religion turns people into brainwashed beasts, who torture their children like this. This is horrible


A failed father for his son


Jesus I can’t watch more than a few seconds. Absolutely heartbreaking and infuriating that stuff like this still happens in parts of the world


It's funny because Noah's story is written in the Quraan


That is utterly horrific and I regret watching it.


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The religion of peace.


That kid is going to grow up and do one of two things: 1. He'll just kill himself 2. He'll become a terrorist and his father will be the first on his hit list.


no 3. he comes back as adult. tie his father with a fucking lock like an animal and start skin his head from top to bottom until he bleeds out


thats if he even survives his father's rampage


Things like this are one of the reasons I truly hate religion.


As a person of the LGBT community this is why coming out to religious parents can be scary. Don’t come out if it isn’t safe pleases


Why is it always Islam ? 🤔 Barbarians.


This religion needs to end.


Islam moment


Noah, get that fucking boat right now. In fact don’t even wait for the boat, just send the fucking flood now and be done with it. EDIT: omfg, I didn’t realise there was sound to the video. I literally don’t have any words I can say in response to this.




At the very end someone reaches over to the cooler to fill their cup, like don't mind me kid, just trying to stay hydrated


Something something of peace




And my parents wonder why I'm an atheist. Religion just strike me the wrong way especially how people use it as an excuse to do abhorrent acts like this one. I'm legit feel so fucking sorry for him.


too much violence for a religon of peace


This is one of many reasons why I have avoided and will never date a Muslim man. No matter how westernized they seem their core values will never be aligned to mine. Yes I’m a Christian who is considered as an atheist by my parents and goes to church once every five years.


Fuck your religion!!!!!!


I hope the Middle East becomes as progressive and civilized as the west. That'll take a long, long time though, sadly.


(Comment 2) I can sorta see why some people are against immigration. From the Middle East, at least.


Imagine what that's do to people that change to other religions 😳 poor kid


This is horrible, I am literally shaking by watching this.


Im an ex muslim and this is ecactly what islam is right here... nothing but fear and hate


It IS ALWAYS, will ALWAYS BE.. and ALWAYS HAS BEEN.. that same disgraceful bunch of Loser that follow this dark age horseshit


All of this over religion. The amount of harm people have done to others over a book and a made up concept in the name of faith is astounding.


Are you referring to the religion of peace?


es very peaceful


Whoever claimed this religion is peaceful clearly hasn’t seen how it expanded in the first place. - Muslim who enjoys history.


Why is it always muslims?


I'm not sure, some people say its the western media making the Muslims look bad but every time there is something horrible happening there is almost always a connection to Islam.


Ok fuck this religion 100% in the ass.


Stuff like this makes me wish religion didn't exist


religion splits so many people and places apart, its the enemy of humanity


Can someone confirm that this is true? Because I have no idea how you got this info.


[https://api.vadoo.tv/landing\_page?vid=RbRbAqGzZpBTDHjkfAlKs5upWTp7Q7kz](https://api.vadoo.tv/landing_page?vid=RbRbAqGzZpBTDHjkfAlKs5upWTp7Q7kz) I originally found it in r/lgbt but the post was removed for being too violent/gory and it said in the post that it was his dad which was beating and punishing him. Other than this link and my contextual knowledge there is no more reliable evidence. And I mean the video itself is the proof.


Please devil come down and erase this scum from the earth


If someone told you this is not islam do not believe them, I live in iran, real islam is worst than this.


holy shit.. could you give more insight on it?


Just read Quran, you’ll under stans how sad this religion is, it start with good stuff but then it gives you horrible ideology of kill anyone who is not muslim.




I hate fucking all these religions. They are such garbage that these people put all their negative energy into. What kind of God could be so cruel? Every fucking one of them, according to these assholes. Edit: to be taught something and exercise what you have learned is one thing very few people can actually do. Most are just unwilling. The point is, these types of people use God as an excuse for their evil deeds. If that is what God is, I don’t want anything to do with him.


Religion of peace


Ah yes, the religion of peace and human rights.


No guys it’s peaceful I swear


When will people understand being gay is normal sexuality!!and to do such cruel things to a child.


anyone who downvotes this is either a homophobe or a religious person


I got called racist online once for saying the Muslim and Islamic religions were very bad.


While I think people should know about this I don't think a video of a child being tortured should be shared. It's too much


well unfortunately people dont learn unless they see it themselves...


All religion needs to just fucking disappear already.


So? You don't think this is the real islam :D islam is this no matter how much you deny it you fucking useful idiots.


Fuck religion


all my homies hate religion


That’s it. I’m unfollowing this sub. Watched some talibans play football with some heads a while ago and recently some dudes getting blown up by a grenade, and now this. My mind can’t handle this shit anymore…


as a bisexual this made me want to cry…


ReLiGiOn Of PeAcE


Please tell me this kid didn’t actually die, the fact that he’s begging for death is heartbreaking


Tell me this was reported to the authorities. Ffs, these people seriously think their going to heaven with this on their souls?


Its Iraq, i dont think the authorities over there would care much as domestic violence seems prevalent there. I heard that organizations abroad have been informed but I doubt they can do anything to save the kid simply because of how closed off they are.


..I don't have words


Jesus Christ, wtf


Did the father face any repercussions??? And what about the kid?


i dont think so, no new news about the kid


Jesus fucking Christ.......


This is wrong in every way, but wtf is this 10-11 year old doing having sex in the first place? With a boy or girl?