Nice to see something about Detroit on here that shows the positive growth it has had.


I know, I was expecting the pictures to be in the opposite order.


It is in opposite order can’t have shit in Detroit


Those of us who live here (metro at least) beg to differ


That is some serious good growth in that short period


I like in the second picture how the School of Business sign (I’m assuming that’s what it says) cuts off at School of Bus and right underneath it is a…….


No it’s just the school of bus. That bus is on its way home after class


Has to pick the kids up first




Is that first picture the house that Nicole Curtis re-did?


Yup. The house is locally known as the Ransom Gills house.


Makes me happy to see!


The D is making a comeback


Not so cold anymore!


[say nice things about DETROIT](https://i.imgur.com/CY4D8QW.jpg)


Wish this kinda growth could come of E. St. Louis. Would love to see it bloom with some positivity.


On one hand, it’s sad to know that the former historic buildings are gone. On the other hand, it’s nice to see new life breathed into a city that’s been running on fumes for so long.


We coming back baby! Detroit vs. The World


Detroit making a comeback or something?


Parts of it are at least. Since 2010 there has been tons of new development, the city shed a ton of its debt during the bankruptcy, and both the city and some very wealthy people have dumped a ton of money in turning areas like Midtown, Corktown, and core Downtown into much nicer or cooler places to be. Pandemic def hit the brakes on some momentum though, and even before that there were a lot of areas (the neighborhoods in particular) not seeing the same kind of improvement. Things like the schools still struggle. Overall Detroit I think can comfortably no longer be the butt of a joke, but there is still a long way to go when it comes to becoming a destination city again. But they are on the right track.


Thank you for this! Im cheering on the Detroiters


Slowly but surely! Still a lot to do, but the wheels(no pun intended) are rolling a bit... A big hold up is the Ilitch family(own the Tigers/Red Wings/Little Cesar's) not having their act together and honoring their contracts. [write up on the issue](https://woodwardsports.com/detroit-sports/the-ilitch-family-runs-a-hat-trick-of-flops-in-tigers-red-wings-and-district-detroit/) Dan Gilbert has been a bright spot. Think he bought another building in the city today. Ford and GM have doubled down on EVs so probably some good business there. Time will tell for Detroit, but I'm optimistic with the direction right now. Edit:Oh! Oh and the Gordie Howe Bridge is being worked on. Finally be able to free the city's dependents on the guy that owns the Ambassador Bridge!


That was an interesting article, I would like to hear from the families perspective and intentions side of the court if they have any.


[Here is an article from the Detroit Free Press](https://www.freep.com/story/money/2019/04/24/district-detroit-hbo-real-sports-ilitch-family/3562524002/) in response to a report on the above claim. It's pretty much just the usual tug of war of moving ahead on bigger projects. Now we're dealing with [insert pretty much ya want here], so things have kinda hit a standstill. But yet, progress is moving forward regardless.


I’m always infested on the come ups of things and how they compare to other countries. I wonder how Detroit stacks up to other cities In Asia and Europe at the moment.


The second picture is the Mike Ilitch School of Business, he was the late owner of the Detroit Tigers, among other things.


Yes. They have done some good things for the city no doubt. It is important to note this, I agree. Thank you!


Some is a stretch since the majority of work the Illitch family did was surface parking lots.


You know, I've been thinking of moving to Michigan but the state of Detroit worried me. This makes me feel better. It's coming back!


There just HAD to be a sign mentioning Kid Rock!


I noticed it was gone in the 'After' photo though... nature is healing


School of Bus


What's up with modern architecture just being god-awful ugly? All of the new buildings are just blocks on top of different sized blocks, completely devoid of any architectural sense or identity.


I actually don't mind the style in and of itself and think it can look cool but I hate how ubiquitous it's become.


Trends happen based on both material requirements and design trends. The irony will be In 30 years someone will be complaining about these blocks being taken down and replaces by domes or whatever the next cool thing is.


I think it's a refreshing sight to see some different architecture. I love the old brick work we see on the cathedrals, but the masonry around the city has been dated. To evolve into a new city, more tech central, I think a new kinda look invites new interest into the city. Detroit is a massive city land wise, so I'm sure there's room for a range of buildings. Making it great for people of all walks of life to find something they enjoy.


Looks a whole lot better than urban decay! Who gives a shit.


I think a lot of the stuff in that Brush Park development (called City Modern) is really good. The apartment building clad in wood is 🔥.


same exact thought i had




Do John R & Erskine!


Or as I like to call Brush Park…Bourg Park!


Nicole ( can't recall her last name) refinished the corner home, and had a show about it. It's a beautiful home.


It’s beautiful, but is this area affordable, or are they in for more of the same in another 10 years?


Affordable homes were added as part of an agreement for ceartian tax credits. Granted it's like 20% but they exist.


Too bad the new buildings are rather ugly 😕 better than blight tho


I personally don't find any of them ugly


I'm glad other people can enjoy their look at least!


Less ugly than the burnt out or collapsing building they replaced.


Hence the "better than blight". Ill take an ugly functional building over brunt out/collapsed anyday


Wondering how much the demographics changed




Those are the only thing that can be built there and still sell at a reasonable price.


They sell between $800K to $1.4 million so not exactly the most reasonable.


Wow! Out 0f my price range


Gentrification is nice


Don’t think most of this is actually gentrification. The areas were barren for a longtime so nothing is being pushed out


Yeah, because a small group of land barons bought half the land in the city, sat on it for 30 years, let it fall into disrepair to push everybody out, bulldozed entire blocks to remove the blight they put there, then built new basketball stadiums, fancy restaurants, and parking lots on that land as the great revitalization of Detroit. And it's all being done to increase the number of people coming in from the suburbs who have money, not to improve the city for the residents.




Forreal? It’s the first word in the title


Yeah. The top photos are from around 2010 and the bottom photos are from 2021.


it’s detroit, but only where white people live.


If you don't think there has been progress in outer neighborhoods, I would recommend looking at the Avenue of Fashion, most of Jefferson east of downtown, West Village, etc...


who do you think live in these areas? if you really wanna talk progress then go from 8 mile from the westside till you get to kelly, then do the same from 7 mile, and then 6, it’s good downtown and surrounding areas is getting together but detroit still isn’t where it needs to be because none of that shit is helping us in the city yet. 7 mile and woodward/livernois is probably the only spot that’s not close to downtown/midtown that had a good revival. look at 6 mile and woodward or 6 mile and livernois and compare. at a certain point we gotta call it what it actually is.


West Village and Jefferson Chalmers don't count? Jefferson Chalmers had a new restaurant open in the neighborhood for the first time in 30 years, don't tell me that the area isn't improving.


The current strategy of rebuilding Detroit involves rehabilitating downtown first, where the companies are, and then expanding out to the communities and suburbs from there. You're not totally wrong that communities like 8 mile are neglected; however, you've failed to note the efforts that have taken place across the city that have improved quality of life for all citizens, including, but not limited to: - Major companies HQ in downtown Detroit, resulting in job creation - Major building & renovation of buildings downtown, resulting in job creation - Creation of public/green spaces downtown, creating economic stimulus - Installation of infrastructure projects to improve quality of life (i.e., LED lighting, speed bumps, bus shelters, repaved roads, revitalized parks... The list goes on. It's important to understand that city of Detroit covers nearly 150 square miles and integrating change takes time and an immense amount of money. Feel free to bark at your local politicians if you are upset. They are the ones who make the decisions (or don't).


Found the racist


you a goofy. why can’t you acknowledge when progress is only being made in 95% white neighborhoods? why is that a controversial thing to do?


Why did you bring race into it at all goofy boy? Guess who makes up 100% of Detroit? Detroiters.


oh you one of them i don’t see race we all equal type of people huh? 🤣🤣 get yo goofy ass out my replies.


Oh you one of those racist types YOU get out douche canoe


Have you been there to see who lives there? If not, STFU.


i live in detroit stupid ass lil boy. everybody that replied to me except you and one other person can acknowledge that this change is happening in white neighborhoods, why can’t you?








It’s trying to not look like a bombed out crater


Honestly it's a bit sad to see cities growing bigger and bigger and eating away at free land, parks and playing fields


This city is almost one-third the size it was in the 1950s (700k versus 1.9 million). All the vacant land used to be home to factories and houses, but we’re torn down due to abandonment (not parks or fields in most cases). I’d say Detroit is one of the few exceptions to big-development critiques. The city is receiving some much needed investment finally.


Thanks for the info, I don't know a lot about American cities (am European), I thought that the city was just expanding and it kept on going from the 50s


No worries, I’m glad I could help! I hope that this development is sustainable so I definitely understand where you’re coming from.


That's.... Not really what's happening in Detroit.


From the pictures you see playing fields and open ground 10 years ago and concrete covered land today


Except that all of those playing fields were abandoned and condemned buildings prior to that.


You know that some free ground is needed to preserve the underground waters and to prevent possible flooding and drainage problems? An abandoned field is not useless


Are you aware of the history of Detroit, and do you know what 'brownfield' means?


I only know that Detroit was one of the boom cities that regressed after the boom, I don't know much as I said in another comment


They're rebuilding a city, not expanding one. It's pretty good to see as parts of the city were a ghost town.


"Regressed after the boom" is a mild way to put it.


why are you donwnvoted lol green space and trees are precious and should be protected


Guessing neither of you have been to Detroit. I’ve lived in metro Detroit my whole life and lemme tell ya, it is in terrible shape, but making vast improvements. Dangerous, ugly, filthy, run-down, abandoned buildings and streets everywhere. The city has been in dire need of renovation and honestly it looks better and better each year. There are still plenty of parks in the area, and I wouldn’t use “park” to describe the images in the post. They were abandoned grass and dirt patches, not places people would walk their dogs or take their kids.


Because Detroit has more abundance of green fields than any other city it’s size—especially in its neighborhoods outside the downtown district.


And I believe the most farmland inside city borders of any major city if I'm not mistaken.


Picture 3 they should have kept the trees.


This is uplifting


So cool