This is what it states: “Quidditch is not playable in Hogwarts Legacy. However, broom flight for traversal and broom race challenges are part of the game. Players can also fly brooms to explore new and familiar locations surrounding Hogwarts Castle.”


Oh baby, challenges = rings I'd bet $1,000,000 on it.


no it's going to be spinning gold galleons


After completing the challenge they will spew out of you and the automaticaly return to you. Mark my words.


I mean, tbh, it's a Harry Potter video game staple...


Cause Superman 64 is the best game ever who would not copy it’s revolutionary flying mechanics


They're all guilty of it. As soon as they add a flying element to a game, they make you fly through rings. They all do it. Wings=Rings..it's just science


Well that's going to piss off a lot of people


Hi, it’s me. I’m people.


Hello people. I'm also people.


Hey, guys, nice to meet you. I am also people.


Wow, I can’t believe I’m meeting so many more people.


Yo is this the meetup for people who are pissed off? Cause I’m here.


Now this is peopling


For a game that’s supposed to be an rpg of hogwarts I feel like quidditch should be a massive part of that


Could be a cool DLC later but hopefully they spent the time making the rest of the game high quality. I’m happy as long as we get our own broom eventually and can fly around Hogwarts


You do get a broom but yes good point with DLC. Like if you could make truly a stat building strategy and playing for the team would be awesome.




As I am a big potter head myself. I've never understood why it's so popular. The rules are not logical.


It scales well as an "activity" that real people can talk about and enjoy but yeah the game itself is extremely flawed.


It works in context of the story since Harry is the pov character and him catching the snitch wins the game and makes him the hero every time. Also lots of hijinks can happen hundreds of feet in the air while on a broom as we’ve seen


That could have been accomplished without the snitch literally making every other part of the game pointless.


Lore wise Harry is just crazy good and it would take a lot longer to catch it if Harry wasn't involved. Also the game was probably balanced around slower broom but they keep getting faster and faster.


People would learn how to instant catch the snitch and the games will be ruined.


It’s logical in the sense that it was specifically made to make Harry a star player.


It's Calvin Ball under another name.


lol. Fuck it just make it soccer in the air. Fuck the snitch


It's basically soccer plus basketball with a video game style comeback mechanic


I've said this a few times, it was literally created as a narrative device for the main character of the book to have heightened importance...not designed to be played like an actual sport.


Seriously, they’d have to get rid of the snitch entirely for it to make any sense lol


It’s worth too many points. Catching it is basically an instant win and makes the other sources of points irrelevant. It would be more strategic if it was worth no points, but still required to end the game.


From a gameplay standpoint, yeah it's really dumb lol. From a storytelling standpoint, having your main character be the big hero swooshing around the field avoiding enemies and chasing this magical golden ball that wins the game when he barely catches it at the last second is great. She wasn't worried about creating a real sport, but about writing a great story (specifically for younger people who don't really care if the sport is feasible or not).


Yeah when she wrote it she probably wasn't expecting grown adults in college to form a sport based on it that would one day be on ESPN.


Well she should have! /s


Let’s have a bunch of people play a game while two others do something entirely different to decide the entire outcome of it




Yeah a time limit seems like something they would have added a long time ago in that world haha


Alternatively they could make it work different, like it just gives more points than the normal balls. All tho the Rules as a whole make no sense whatsoever, so I guess it wouldn't really change much.


They *could* work pretty well for a video game though. You essentially pick one of two game types depending on position (Seeker vs. Every other position, really), and the progress by the unchosen position is essentially a timer for how long you have in the chosen one. For instance, if you pick Seeker, it's very difficult to get the Snitch and the regular points are scored while you go after it so you are limited in how long you have. Gameplay revolves around tracking it and ensuring the opposing Seeker doesn't get it. Meanwhile the other positions play like Sky Soccer and you're just trying to either get a sum total of points to end the game or a timer of sorts, and you make the seeker position unlikely to end the game while it's still competitive.


> if you pick Seeker, it’s very difficult to get the Snitch and the regular points are scored while you go after it so you are limited in how long you have That sounds so boring though... just flying around doing nothing waiting for the snitch to show up for like 90% of the match? I think the only way it works is if you can switch between players on the fly like an ea sports game (but this kills the rpg immersion).


Idk, I just don't see a scenario where this doesn't play out like Blitzball


Yo blitzball fucking owned


I think I played as much blitzball as I did main game.


Oh I played more. Even made our own version of blitz all on a trampoline where we taped goals to the net on the side and you had to kick a squish ball into our goal. So many bruises from kicking the shit out of each other. Such fond memories


Correct, I will not tolerate this slander against the sport of Blitzball


The game is already huge as it is. To expect then to do the “ultimate Hogwarts experience/story” AND have a whole sport game in the middle of it. In this studio first massive game like this, is a bit much.


A whole sports game where the rules don't even make sense. Why would you ever play any other position than the snitch hunter. You could score goals all game, then the other team's AI catches the snitch. You lose...


FYI a quidditch game has already been made in 2003 for Gamecube - Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup. It was fun as fuck. Yes the rules are stupid but these are video games not real life.


Did the Gamecube game use different scoring rules than the books?


As BruceWayyyne said, same rules as the books. The snitch was based on a meter that gradually builds over the course of the game-- anything from passing to scoring to hitting someone with a bludger (presumably, I never touched beaters) built your team's side of the meter. When it fills, both players switch control to the seeker and start pursuing the snitch. The meter you've built is basically a boost gauge. It was pretty feasible to get far enough ahead by the time the meter fills that you could lose the snitch and still win. The tournament structure was built around point totals, too, so losing by *less* was still valuable.


It used the same scoring format and followed more or less similar rules as in the book. They got around the snitch issue by requiring you to do special moves and complete combos to begin a snitch chase and control the seeker.


Honestly I don't give a shit about Quidditch. Everything else is what enriches the world of HP for me. Not Quidditch. And I respect that they're not throwing it in just for the sake of throwing it in.


Same here. Actually kind of happy because now I won’t be forced into playing it


I'm just happy that they're not adding a crappy game mechanism just to please fans. I'm sure a properly implemented Quidditch system could be really fun and cool but by then it's basically almost a seperate game. Maybe later as a dlc for those fans that want it but I personally dont care for it


This is a developer who are the at the helm of creating a triple A RPG based on one if not the most popular franchise in the world...this is their first project too. The depth of quidditch can make it a game in and of itself...if people think for even a second they should see reason enough


>The depth of quidditch can make it a game in and of itself Seriously. I have no interest in Quidditch as an afterthought. This isn't Gwent, where you're just structuring a card game. The amount of effort it would take to make an actual quality Quidditch experience would take away from the main game.


I'd rather no Quidditch than a shitty on-rail mini game like in the Half Blood Prince game.


Honestly, with how complicated that would be to execute well, I’m glad they skipped it. Save it for a sequel or something when we know the base gameplay mechanics are solid.


Blitzball from FFX is somewhat similar, and came out on ps2. Just a mini game in the midst of a big game.


Quidditch is inherently a terribly flawed game. I'm fine without the 15gb, 75 employees, and $450k it would've cost to implement it into the game, likely at the expense of other QoL improvements and features that we ARE going to get.


It is, the rules make no sense and it would probably be boring anyways..


>Only the Keeper can block quaffle shots thrown by the opposing team. >No substitution of players is allowed throughout the game, even if a player is too injured or tired to continue to play. Step 1. Brutalize opposing Keeper Step 2. Profit


Step 1. Use the entire team to protect the Seeker so he can find the Snitch. Why anyone wastes their time scoring goals in that game is beyond me.


I could be totally wrong but I thought the snitch was worth 150 points and ends the game. But the goals cost 10 each. So hypothetically team A can get 16 goals and team B catches the snitch and still loses. I think it happened in the 4th book during World Cup. The seeker thought they weren’t that far behind or something.


You're right about the scoring and also yeah it was Viktor Krum, but if I'm remembering right it wasn't that he was confused about the score, he just knew his team was never going to make a comeback and decided to end it on his terms.


Ah that sounds better. In my kid brain I don’t think I understood the “end it on his terms” part of his plan so I associated it with “he was confused” lol.


This still means that the only valid Single Player position in Quidditch is the Seeker. Otherwise you might play an entire match and unless you get at least 16 goals more than your opponent you automatically lose if your AI Seeker fails, which would be incredibly frustrating and unfun. So you *always* play as the Seeker, playing a game of tag basically over and over. But then if your AI teammates either don't matter at all or if they really suck you catch the Snitch and still lose. It's a bad sport and would make a terrible minigame.


I imagine you’d play Seeker, AKA main character position, and just spend a few minutes flying around looking for the Snitch. Rinse and repeat.


Imagine not being the Seeker, casually playing for 37 minutes and then the game randomly ends because the opposing AI randomly decided to find the Snitch. Or you are playing as Seeker... and you just can't find the damn thing ever... but the AI is scripted in a way that it will never get the damn thing either. Like, I really don't see how they could turn this into a proper thing without making it its very own game where you're playing like wizard FIFA inside the game.


Yea the game itself is pretty silly. If they eliminate the seeker and get the broom flying physics right then it might be fun.


You need to have a seeker. Otherwise it might be possible for the team you’re playing on to lose.


Wait you're telling in sports there's a losing team sometimes??


Not for the *main character*. Only Ws.


That's my thought too. The time and cost that would have had to go into adding it is absolutely better spent elsewhere. This is a prime example of "the juice is not worth the squeeze" in software development.


$6k per employee


What if they just ported over blitzball from FFX, reskinned it and called it a day lol


Idgaf as long as you can still fly around


you can, in broom and mounts


Can we fly-by Avada Kedavra people? ^/s Gotta' let the other Houses know what's good you know...


You're an OG, Harry.


Ey, yo 'Arry, run that Hufflefuck for his Robes bruh; tired of these Muggle-lookin' asses acting all uppity and shit while roaming the halls.


if we can use crucio, sure we will be able to use avada kedavra, I wonder how "bad choices" will impact in the life of our protagonist when we wander around hogwarts


Avada Kevadra has already been showed, I doubt it's a regular spell and you can use it anytime on anyone, it may be a finisher or something like that (otherwise it makes the game trivial, it's one-hit kill, also it's supposed to be forbidden and you're a student at Hogwarts which are under surveillance)


lorewise you are right, but when it comes to gameplay, things always change just to make the game more fun in a lot of games, there are things you arent supposed to do, but the devs let you do them because if fun or another example, the new assassins creed games, an arrow to the head is a one shot kill, but because the gameplay is like an rpg one, you cant kill them with one arrow to the head (unless you lvl up, unlock skills and blabla) BUT, I guess you're right, the spell must be just for key moments in the story, altho I wished you could use it anywhere


In mounts?


You can fly on a thestral hopefully possibly also a dragon maybe???


Dragon would be cool, but I think Hippogriff is almost guaranteed


Did people ride dragons in the books?


Yes toward the end


Just the escape from the bank but also one other time in the movies


I meant you can fly in brooms and also using mounts


Hopefully the Quidditch pitch is still on campus and we can fly around it at least


I'm fine with that. Let's face it, the only position worth being in a video game version would be seeker. It would be utter garbage to be any other position considering the game could just end out of nowhere and it would basically be a coin flip if you win or lose.


People don’t realize how bad of a game quidditch actually is.


Quidditch epitomizes the scale of JK Rowling's universe and how it exists to serve the story. I'm not criticizing it by any means. It's just a writing style and there's nothing wrong with it. But since the sport serves the story it's extremely flawed as a standalone game.


I think in Goblet of Fire she did a good job redeeming it. While the seeker is important in professional matches, the quality of the rest of the players is so much higher that their importance is diminished. Kind of like how in college football a scrambling quarterback can do a lot of damage, but once they're in the NFL the quality of the defenses is so much higher it's more of a rarity.


I think the main issue, especially with making Harry a “natural” seeker, is that it makes it seem like finding the snitch is relatively easy and can be done very quickly.


They gave the seeker position to the one kid in the entire school wearing prescription glasses.


Look, Insaw a Tumbler once, and there are like, ten kids, spread across the entire series, with glasses. Like 5 of them are in Philosopher's Stone.


And a teacher who is, ironically, a seer.


She's got the biggest ones though.


She sacrificed points in physical sight for future sight. She just didn't commit fully and go blind. It's why she's right only once every decade or so.


In that world they can regrow bones overnight like nothing and cure any number of other physical ailments with barely a thought. It's kinda weird there's anyone in that society who needs glasses since you'd think their vision would be perfect via magic.


Yeah, the game only works if the snitch is incredibly difficult to catch, which seeing as it’s magic might actually make sense. Apparently a quidditch pitch is 500 feet long and 108 feet wide, and based on the movies the snitch can basically go infinitely high in the air. That’s a pretty big area to search for a golf ball sized object. The point total is still stupid, but it *could* work depending on how fast the snitch moves. Of course, Rowling kind of negated that by having Harry easily catch the snitch all the time.


What makes it the worst is that catching the snitch is a ridiculous amount of points *and* how the game ends. So one team eventually *has* to catch it. It makes all of the rest of the scoring completely pointless unless one team is just *dominating* when the *other team* catches the snitch, which they wouldn't, because it would lose them the game.


Krum caught the snitch at the World Cup and lost lmao


As I recall from the books, the "losing team catches the snitch" is an incredibly rare occurrence, to the point that when Fred and George bet on it, their bookie called them crazy and gave them insane odds. He then proceeded to spend a good chunk of the book dodging them when they won the bet (which makes sense, given that their winnings *would* have been enough money to open their shop had they gotten it, but needed the money to come from Harry's Triwizard Tournament win instead). This information may be completely wrong, been a hot minute since I read the books.


No ur right. But i think krum caught the snitch as a ego thing imo. He didnt want to lose by more points because the daily prophet kinda made fun at him for never winning a world cup but being in a bunch. Infact he never won until his late 30-40s or something waaaay after the books.


Yeah and when I read that my eyes literally rolled into the back of my head. He literally threw the game because he thought his team couldn't win, coincidentally making the twins win their nigh impossible bet. Almost like he was in on it.


Bloody bagman


If catching the snitch was like... 50 points and still ended the game it wouldn't really have changed anything plot-wise but it would've made the other positions so much more relevant.


or even get rid of the snitch and just make it basketball on brooms. Harry could have made a great 3 and D player on the wing


In the books and movies the snitch practically always shows up “just out of the sight of the other seeker” it’s almost like some powerful witch who is best friends with one of the seekers who is known to use magic to turn the results of sporting events is behind it all.


I also found in the books something that pisses me off is how many matches Harry wins just by having a better broom. Like half of his wins the other seeker finds the snitch first and he just beats them to it. Kinda silly


Quidditch is pay to win


mfs be spending thousands on broom loot boxes just for that legendary broom but Harry had a [VALVE] broom


And it’s apparently the only school sport, there’s no JV team, and only like 40 kids in the entire school get to play.


Also each team plays each other once a year. That is six games total for the whole school.


Which is great! When it’s Harry. When the Slytherins all get Nimbus 2001s, then suddenly it’s a problem


Lucius did nothing wrong for once in the series


Harry Potter is a trust fund jock.


Except for when Krum caught the snitch and they still lost in the World Cup Final. Like ok dude that makes sense if you are in the group stages and going for points but it’s literally the world championship final match. Why would you EVER catch the snitch to LOSE????!!! And the way everyone just shrugs it off as “oh well they were falling behind they never could’ve come back.” DUDE there have been quidditch games that have lasted weeks!!! If you are down by more than 150 you should literally just be getting in the way of the other teams seeker nonstop. Also they won money because they bet that he would catch the snitch, but lose. That should not even be a bet because no one in their right mind would EVER do that. I know JK Rowling like wasn’t super into sports but come on, just basic logic should’ve caught this in the editing stage. Why not implement a shootout and have Krum catch it to tie. That’s at least possible.


I remember it as the rest of the team had no hope like Real Madrid playing a Sunday League team so Krum wanted to end things on his terms. Doesn't change the fact that the rules are not logical though


They need to retcon it imo. Classic DM shit. Make a plot device. Players decide to turn plot device into favorite thing and keep returnin the plot toward the plot device. DM retcons to make plot device work beyond its intended use. The game should have an odd number of snitchES (plural) and they should be worth a non "game-winning" point total (50 points or so) They should be VERY hard to catch, based on maneuverability NOT raw speed. Bludgers should be aggressively tuned to go after seekers, and each team should have two seekers, with one on bench. Beaters become MORE of a support role, Seekers become LESS important (in current build they are the only player that matters 90% of the time) and keepers amd fielders actually matter with this build. Game should be purely time based. Snitch capture should not signal game end. I get that she used it for a plot device, but JK could have done some LIGHT sports and balancing research before writing this atrocious system lol. Its not like DMs have never developed playable games within their worlds.


I think it would be better if the snitch didn't award points at all, and is just the signal for the game to end. That way seekers can switch between guarding the snitch and chasing dependent on their teams score.


Oh I like this actually. If your team is behind your job ad a seeker is to disrupt the other seeker. Only issue is that games could go on indefinitely, but then again that would be a very Wizarding thing to do I think.


It's already like that. I think it was the 4th book where they mention that one professional game of quidditch lasted like 11 days


In the Quidditch Through The Ages book, they talk about a game that went for six months before both teams gave up in disgust at how shit their seekers were. Legend said the snitch was still there.


I like this retcon to the rules as well


I've made a few rules up in my head: 1. Snitch is only worth 50 points. 2. If the match ends level on points then the team actually catching the snitch wins on tie-breaker. 3. The seeker can play as a chaser at any given time. This allows for more even and interesting tactics as the winning team's chasers will be playing 3v4 as long as they're winning by 60+ points.


All great ideas as well. See how easy this is haha?


I find it did the opposite. That result was specifically highlighted as so incredibly unusual that it was laughable to bet on it which only underlines how the seeker is the only position that matters in 99% of matches.


> Kind of like how in college football a scrambling quarterback can do a lot of damage, but once they're in the NFL the quality of the defenses is so much higher it's more of a rarity. Sure, great. Now change the game to award 45 points (15 field goals) to the team of whichever quarterback performs better, and tell me how often the team with the worse quarterback wins. Hell, do it with basketball, which has a *lot* more scoring events than either football or quidditch. Award one team 30 points (15 2-point shots) based on a single player, and you decide something like 95% of games with that alone. Make it 45 points (15 3-point shots) and there's maybe one game a season that it *doesn't* decide, which seems about right for quidditch.


Just make 50 yard field goals worth 45 points and automatically end the game. See how many teams just kick field goals at 50 yards over and over and over. That’s all the game would become. (And 45 is just 15 x the usual 3, showing how dumb Rowling was for doing 15x10 snitch value. At least football has touchdowns so the field goal example is actually a better game than quidditch)


I think if you get rid of the snitch, it's alright. You just would remove the seeker roles and you got a decent game.


I saw a suggestion once that the snitch should end the game and be lower (like 50 points) Or should be worth a good amount (like 100 points) but not end the game, and the game ends on a timer.


Rowlings worldbuilding deserves a lot of criticism. It’s not very good. Coming from a Harry Potter fan


The PS2 game Quidditch World cup was amazing, you never played it ?


Loved that game


Around the time my wife and I started dating she was showing me all the video games she loved playing as a kid. She was very proud that she could beat her whole family very handily. I wasn't allowed to watch Harry Potter so obviously I had never played that game. After our third game I was starting to feel bad that I kept beating her.


Gamer gene's kicking in


This is the sentiment I was looking for. Quidditch is a dog shit game in concept and practice.


Oh? A game where only one player matters at all on the team and points basically don’t matter? Where do I sign up? Might as well have been Blitzball


Yeah me and my cousins talked about that and realized just how dumb the game is. The fact that it doesn't end until the snitch is caught means the entire test of the team doesn't matter. Frankly there should be a team that is like. 1 really good goalie and everyone else is a seeker. I imagine they probably would get a lot of wins.




Hey. Don't knock Blitzball. (I'm kidding, the concept is cool and all but the execution is dogshit. Why have a sphere of water if I can only move left and right?


I think I’m just traumatized. At least Blitzball makes sense in theory if physics aren’t factored in. Quidditch is just dumb all around


It's not intended to be a good sports game but a plot device. She wanted to have a game where her protagonist has a huge role in who wins and who can achieve the game winning thing.


I feel like you could still have that by having the snitch not be worth any points, just ending the game. So the seeker's job would be to get the snitch when they're ahead, and actively prevent the opponent seeker getting the snitch. Still a vitally important role but now the rest of the players have a point to what they're doing.


I think the issue is that all of the Quidditch rules are laid out extremely clearly in the first book (before she knew how big this shit would get.) Making it more vague in TPS would've allowed her more time to get input on the specifics before CoS.


I suppose if she felt it was important enough she could've had some breakaway faction of quidditch associations looking to fix the game, ultimately proving to be the most popular before long. Like real tennis Vs lawn tennis. I actually think it would be the kind of daft C story that would suit one of the books.


Yeah, imagine if in soccer someone before the game pressed a needle into the grass somewhere on the field. One person from each team has someone whose job it is to look for the needle. The game only ends when the needle is found and the needle also grants the finder 15 goals. So essentially everything else happening on the field is a massive distraction expect in the extremely fringe case that a team scores 15 goals (and even then, any good needle finder would make a mental note of where the needle is and wait to be within 15). It makes it so no matter how good the rest of the team is, nothing they do has any effect on winning if their needle finder sucks. Can you imagine how awful that would be? That’s quidditch.


Also, this isn't a sports game. If they had included it, it would have been some lackluster fan-service mini-game at best. I'm totally cool with them spending their time and resources on the actual core of the gameplay.


probably for the better.. thats a LOT of scope.


Yeah you gotta remember even in the old Potter games you were only ever playing Harry as the Seeker catching the Golden Snitch. They had to do a whole Quidditch game on the PS2 to play a proper game where you could do every role. It was a great game too.


It did change the whole game too. Like the rules of quidditch were only basically still in play, with your goal to just fill up a meter for the chance to catch the snitch.


Yeah but if you didn't rack up enough points you could still lose the match. Catching the Snitch is just 150 points and end of the game.


Yeah, I believe there was a Quidditch World Cup that ended with an idiot Seeker catching the Snitch while his team was down by more than 150.


On gamecube too! I still vividly remember [Verdi's Dies Irae](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_rVtFUkMus) from the title screen.


Yeah, some people need to understand that a bunch of games fail or release in a shitty state because of enormous scope or feature creep. Limitation is good. They can release a (free) DLC later


That’s actually fantastic. Maybe games could make more of a focused version and then add extra stuff later as optional DLC packs. It would put less stress on the majority of the team for the base game’s development, the finished product may be in better shape, and it’ll allow them to build off a good product.


The problem is they never finish games and people get upset at all the stuff that wasn’t there in the first place. Even if all the new content is adding onto a complete game, the practice is heavily tainted and will be viewed largely negatively. But it would still be cool if added. lol


Did we go full circle and now want dlc now?


Only if they want it to be good.... Just put in some blitzball straight from FFX, but on brooms!


This. The game is seemingly huge already, I’m sure we’ll find other things to do in the magical world other than a poorly balanced fictional sport.


I think some people are expecting this game to almost be a Hogwarts life simulator. And while something like that would be cool.. yeah this game absolutely won't be that


Well it is, except from this perspective the player gets to be one of the majority of students who don’t make quidditch teams. Full immersion!


"This fucking freshman who killed voldemort took the last spot on our team. He doesn't even know the rules I'm so pissed."


I don't care that much, clearly it'd take a lot of effort, especially for just being a side game, that's why things like gwent are usually just a card game rather then trying to add a whole other game into it


I mean, quidditch as a game makes no sense, come at me college quidditch running around on broom weirdos


Macguffin the game


The whole sport is a bizarre exercise in futility, the actions of 12/14 players are basically completely meaningless. More evidence that the whole Harry Potter series is the Winnie the Pooh-style fantasy of an abused child where he is the most special and important person ever


I'm...ok with that The rules to the game are ridiculous


My sister once referred to quidditch as a game of soccer whose outcome is determined by a boxing match


That’s perfect lol


Quidditch doesn't work at all as a game the way Rowling wrote it. In real life all positions would just devolve into helping the seeker find the snitch since that's the only thing that gets a win. The devs would have had to make up whole new rules and invent a brand new flying 3D-space team sport. A lot would need to change to make it fun.


Really? I played that in a Harry Potter on my PS2.


In the HP main games you just played as the seeker and it basically was a fly in between the rings thing. Seeker is the only position that matters so of course if it were to be fun that’s the position to play, but of course it was just flying through rings in the version I played. Quidditch World Cup was fun, but essentially was just a mini game that resembled quidditch, and they make everything but the seeker matter because how well the rest of the team does heavily affects how good the seeker does. It’s fun, but not a very accurate depiction of the game. The thing about quidditch is it’s so close to being a cool experience. What every player is actually doing is really cool and flows nicely, except the fact that it doesn’t matter. So when making a quidditch game for modern audiences, it essentially comes down to either a 1-1 remake of the sport as described in the books, which would be horribly unbalanced and unfun for everyone not playing seeker (imagine being the best chaser in the world, but no matter how well you play it has no effect on the end goal), or they change the rules. Both would make people mad imo


I really think the only problem with quidditch is points for finding the snitch. The lower the points for finding the snitch, the more interesting the game becomes. Ideally between 20-40 points would make it much tighter. As the rules stand, it's basically a team sport and a 1v1 sport happening simultaneously, and the only real decider is the 1v1.






Well what’s the point of this game if it wasn’t secretly Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup 2?


I'm not that fussed, to do it properly they'd have to create an entire sports game within the already existing game. It would have to entail new modelling, cut scenes, voice roles, ai and tactics of the other players, create a functionality for all four different positions. Sounds like a nightmare considering it would only be a sidequest at best compared to what they've already got going on. I'd much rather they made the world as large and diverse as possible and fill it with lots of content, no one likes a short RPG game.


Probably a DLC? I didn't really want to play quidditch though


Rather have a Quidditch World Cup remake/sequel/prequel


No joke. That game was really fun


It was absurdly easy once you figured it out but the presentation always made it worth it to me. Seeing all the different countries arenas was so cool, I always liked the frozen one a lot, America’s was cool too.


And each country had their own "gamebreaker" move/play that was kinda based on their biggest sport. America's was basketball themed I think.


Basketball as the USA’s biggest sport? Brave move.


I still hear the intro in my head sometimes and the EA games slogan.


What a throw back that music is: https://youtube.com/watch?v=hsSnE1EDUW0


As soon as I heard the *DUN...DUN...DUN...'s* I got immediate nostalgia. Fuck, the music was so damn satisfyingly overly epic and dramatic.


Hey! A fellow enjoyer of that game; was a fair bit of my childhood on Gamecube.


There's no need anyway because Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup from 2003 on PS2, GC, Xbox, Windows and the GBA is already the perfect Quidditch simulator.


Anyone who expected to play Quidditch was fooling themselves.


Not really surprising but disappointing.


Quidditch is big enough they could make it, its own game. If they cared


Dang I was hoping this would be something we got to do. Disappointing but still looking forward to the game