Just need to be more careful with paint around the garage. ;)


Painted my garage walls at the weekend... Nothing like this happened to my 996! Although as base graphics for a track/race car I'm actually quite liking it 😁


A lot of fun in that pic


This looks really cool, honestly. If I saw this in the parking lot I'd kind of want to hang around to see if you're as fun as your car!


What are you trying to go for with the look? Drove through a wall of paint cans?


I change wraps every year. Normally do a real race livery. This year just wanted something different and fun.


Cool enjoy


Is it clear wrap with paint splotches? Love it. I’d like that trick. How can I find similar?


Each part is cut on a plotter and layered on the car. Most wrap or PPF shops will have one. Is just getting them to think of doing it.


Can I ask what shop you used? Another CT 911 driver here, and I’d love to get something cool on mine.


Superior Detailing in South Windsor. Owner's name is Corey.




Do anime cat girl next year.


Looks sick 😎😎


That’s dope


Love it!


Definitely eye catching!


its nice I feel


Looks like a lot of fun! Windshield especially 😂


I love this! It’s a fun looking aesthetic on a dope ass car.


I love it!


I love the attention to detail. Even the rims have been done!


This looks amazing. I love the rainbow over the logo on the back deck lid. And the little bits of color on the wheels. You’re the guy that does the light paintings on rennlist right? Glad to see you tuned this into a wrap.


I did post a light painting photo on RL when it was finished. Thanks for the positive feedback! The back decklid logo people really seem to like.


You and me both! I like what you've done with it!


Looks like a few clowns threw up.


This is fucking cool.


license plate for the win


What’s the point in telling people behind you to MOVEOVR?


Your thought porcess must be like this: Haha yeah man me and my edgy livery makes purists cringe lmao hahah im so funny and original,


Actually I do what I like. It's been a Martini livery and the old IMSA shark tooth camo livery as well. Shockingly, the actual IMSA factory livery got the most hate from Porsche people! The shark teeth and camo made so many people upset. Trying to explain it's an actual factory livery that Porsche had on track was pointless. I don't wate time scheming...oh. what will pursit dislike...lets do it. More of, oh, I like that. Who cares if the purist don't. They all hated (some still do) Magnus until he had better cars than most of them. Life's too short to be a sheep and just blend in. Have fun, it may end tomorrow.


Yeah, no.. this looks badass.


997 is the best 911!


lowkey, i actually love this. tell no one!


Making everyone cringe, lol


I know, wrap stickers are so traumatic and triggering! Is supposed to be fun, people take cars wayyyy to seriously 🤣


Agree with you OP. Have some fun, god forbid you did something slightly different. I like your wrap I think it’s cool


I dunno about traumatic or triggering, it just looks awful. But if you’re having fun paying for awful looking wraps, enjoy!


Thanks! Glad you like it! 🤣


Looks awful to you… Good thing it’s not your car…


Yup and yup


Not sure I'd want a car people would be talking about after I drove by and people would remember weeks or even moths later having seen it. You'd have no margin for any kind of wrongdoing (or what would be wrongdoing from someones perspective). Just an example: Once I got a new job and had an eye-catching car but lot less than pictured above. Only because of that the land lord became aware of that the employees of the company I worked for were using parking spaces reserved for customers of the commercial building and they made us pay for them. Everyone was angry at me.


I need your front bumper. Where did you get it? Awesome wrap btw!


Is the optional 997 aero from the factory. You can still find some around, though not cheap. Is basically the GT3 front bumper and rear deck w the taco wing. I swapped wings and have the stock one put away.


Right…. I was hoping it wasn’t OEM due to the price 😂 thanks tho! Your car looks great!


Has Porsche ever officially done any art project cars like BMW did? That would be cool if they did


I'm not sure tbh. I know several dealerships and regions have but mostly for charity auction.


Ahhh Connecticut: Where seeing a Porsche is as easy as standing on the side of the road for 5 minutes. Seriously, every time I go visit my family it’s crazy how many you see during a 30 minute drive around town, especially if it’s a nice day. Cool wrap/livery too. I don’t mind a Porsche that has a sense of humor.


Thanks! Yes, parts of this state there are Porsche everywhere you look! Some C&C events there are more than most dealerships have on the lots.


I really gotta go to one of those one day. I’m out in CT often enough and there’s gotta be one around Fairfield County since that’s probably the highest concentration of Porsches in the state. I have an ‘86 944 N/A I keep at my mom’s but it’s a bit rough around the edges (paint chips on the nose, a small dent or two, and the seats are falling apart). Like I’d be embarrassed to have people think I’m showing it off. Are people welcome to show up in beater-level cars and still enjoy themselves or are the events more just for the owners of well kept cars? Like do random people show up in their mini vans just to look at the nice cars too?


We have a C&C at the Farmington Polo Grounds every Subday, weather permitting. Sbow F1 on a jumbotron, food and coffee available and even AC bathrooms. It's open to every model, make, year, condition etc. We have a BiG turnout of hypercars Pagani, Eggs, McLaren Senna etc. It's from 8AM til noon. All the money raised goes to Dream Ride and Special Olympics. Just google New England Supercar Club Cars and Coffee.


Woah that sounds incredible! I’ve been to Farmington before so I know it’s not too far. Once was the land of 50 Cent. Not sure if he still lives there though.


Love it! Not sure why it’d make a purist cringe, though. I’ve been to a lot of PCA events with various ilk of Porsche nuts and can’t think of any that would mind a 997 with a wrap.


Guess just depends on the person and I guess the PCA group. The track folks around here (Lime Rock Park ) etc, they get it. The concourse folks, not so much. Few of us went to a PCA event a couple years ago, they made "outlaw" parking at the faaaaarrrr end of the field behind the Panamera and Cayenne patking. 🤣


i think it looks empty in some spots, i would add a little more splatter tbh