You’re a bold one.


Then he will die braver then most one


You were "Muy Muy" brave yourself, coming out here as you did, all alone. Care to help me finish this, senator?


I love Star Wars, but there’s no way I’ll pick tRoS as a rewatch. Twice was more than enough for my lifetime.


Revenge of the Sith, or The Rise of Skywalker?


The Rise of Skywalker, Revenge of the Sith is RotS


Someone shoot him! Or something!


Good. Kill him. Kill him now.


I shouldn't . . .


Good, Anakin, good. I knew you could do it. Kill him. Kill him now! \n Dew it!


I hate that guy


Yes my lord


You were right about one thing, Master. The negotiations were short.


The negotiations never took place.


They're entertainment. And I treat them like entertainment!


Your Highness, under the circumstances, I suggest you come to Coruscant with us.


I love them!


You are on this council, but we do not grant you the rank of master.


What? ! How can you do this?? This is outrageous, it's unfair . . . I'm more powerful than any of you. How can you be on the Council and not be a Master?


Take a seat, young Skywalker.


Forgive me, Master.


You were right about one thing, Master. The negotiations were short.


The negotiations never took place.


You were right about one thing, Master. The negotiations were short.


I need to speak to the Jedi Council. The situation has become much more complicated.


i thought this two started to loop


Sometime it happens, only once or twice tho.


You are on this council, but we do not grant you the rank of master.


You are on this council, but we do not grant you the rank of master.


What? ! How can you do this?? This is outrageous, it's unfair . . . I'm more powerful than any of you. How can you be on the Council and not be a Master?


He's too dangerous to be left alive!


You did well, Anakin. He was too dangerous to be kept alive.


I shouldn't have done that, Chancellor. It's not the Jedi way.


Good luck with the comments my friend, may the force be with you!


There is no such thing as luck


May the Force be with you, Master.


This is treason, then


Not. Yet.


It's treason, then *spins aggressively*.


The bots, they're communicating together


They have been for a while. It's unsettling.


that's a good trick


It's a trick. Send no reply... Send no transmission of any kind.


Roger Roger


"Roger *Roger*... " 😏


Roger Roger.


"Roger Roger?"


I truly envy the people who can enjoy the sequels. I really tried because I wanted more Star Wars, but I just can’t. I loved Rogue one, Solo was great, and I’ve watched all of Mandalorian so many times, but I just can’t enjoy the sequels. But good for you, I’m glad you love them.


They're entertainment. And I treat them like entertainment!


The sequels are great visual works of art with fantastic sound design and special effects. But as stories, they are trash. But that's the thing about movies, we can judge it for all of their merits, so the lowest I can give any sequel is a 5/10, because it still looks and sounds good, it just will emotionally confuse the hell out of you because they'll kill off a really important character then try to make you laugh a minute later. Again, just bad planning on the plot and pacing beats of the story, ends up just lackluster for what should be a continuation of an epic story arc.


True, John Williams still did fantastic as always. The music is still S-tier regardless of what the director and writers did.


Any film with music by John Williams is no less than a 5/10. At least you know something will be solid. I do not think he was as invested into the franchise by the sequels, so it's not as good musically as the prequels, but even his worst trilogy of soundtracks is better than 90% of what comes out in the movie world.


They tried too hard to inject the Marvel comedy in there. I don’t mind it in Marvel movies so much (though I wish it was toned down in some of the more serious movies). In Star Wars it always felt wrong.


Even Marvel knows when to just let tension and emotion play out though. The last 15 minutes of Infinity War and the emotional scenes in No Way Home are FANTASTIC, and not just in the context of comic book movies


If I am ever elected Supreme Chancellor of the Senate, I will decree that all Jedi must demonstrate an emotion at least once a year.


If he does not give up his emergency powers after the destruction of Grievous, then he should be removed from office


Power! Unlimited power!


If I am ever elected Supreme Chancellor of the Senate, I will decree that all Jedi must demonstrate an emotion at least once a year.


Yeah if we exclude the famously bad throne scene with it’s god awful choreography I think 5/10 is a fair score for the sequel movies. I’d even go as high as 6/10 for TFA. It’s just TLJ that I’d give a 3.5/10 due to the lack of any logic and bad choreography.


They'll kill off an important character, then bring them back a moment later!


Yes, because Star Wars is known for reversals let’s just have a bunch of them but make them all pointless because we can’t possibly have any negative cause and effect because that makes people feel emotions other than WOW OMG, awwww, or hahaha that was funny *even though it failed at all of that except for maybe the first one… though not in the way they intended.*


Viceroy, I don't want this stunted slime in my sight again.


Like R2 in episode IV


I just rewatched them to give them a more fair chance after hating the Rise of Skywalker so much at launch. On the whole, without getting into details, everything through the end of the Last Jedi was very compelling. It was all set up to have a storyline that left the Jedi and Sith behind and ditched the Skywalkers/Palpatines but then the debacle with the last movie happened. The first 30 minutes of RoS felt like JJ "fixing" everything that Rian Johnson had set up so that he could tell his own story. I can't tell how much of the blame JJ should bear either being that he was called in last-minute to fix the whole train wreck and Rian didn't seem to leave his notes behind. Also watching RoS right after TLJ seems like JJ listened to the TLJ critics too heavily and got rid of the things that everyone complained about right after release and that was a mistake. Disney is ultimately the one to blame for the whole mess. I don't know how you have one massive studio like Marvel that has grand 10-year plans and then have another studio that just flies by the seat of its pants. The negligence for the franchise is mind-boggling.


>everything through the end of the Last Jedi was very compelling For me one thing wasn't really compelling - the Holdo maneuver. I tend to get into rants about this but long story short - if it were possible it would've been found out a long time ago in the galaxy's timeline and it would've been weaponised with kamikaze droids piloting hyperdrive torpedoes. There was a theory that it was the hyperspace tracking that allowed Supremacy to be hit by jumping to hyperspace and aside from Holdo deciding to ram it coming basically out of nowhere it would hold up but they filmmakers didn't decide to go with it which is a shame Scene does look great and in a vacuum makes for spectacular finale but just doesn't fit Star Wars universe as established


Good point. The other major complaint I have is why Holdo didn’t share her plan with anyone, especially Poe, and allowed a mutiny when she could have at least shared her plan instead of just looking like she was buying time for everyone to say their goodbyes or something.


Battle Droid: "A command post is no longer under Confederacy control!"


Meh you could make that argument for a lot of fictional universes tbh. Star Wars is far from the only setting with a massively OP weapon or ability that never gets used because of plot reasons


Star Wars universe was pretty good about it up to this point and one of more believable fictional universes out there


Some parts of the sequels were sorta okay, that's the best I can do


Luke's lessons to Rey were pretty awesome, as was his duel with Kylo. And Ben was incredible in TLJ and TRoS. Honestly if the war side of TLJ had been as good as the Force side it probably would have been a contender for best Star Wars movie, although most people probably don't share that sentiment which is understandable because Finn, Poe, and Rose had such a boring arc.


I forgot about Luke’s duel with Kylo. I have to admit, that was pretty epic!


My brother.


Well then you are lost!


This is the end for you, My Master.


I dont like the sequels and thats ok


You seem to have found balance in the force. Accepting that it's ok for people to like something that you don't like should be how we all treat things. It's just opinions on movies, they can't be wrong.


FINALLY a good fucking opinion


Only a sith deals in absolutes.


Absolutely nothing wrong with liking the sequels.


Strange how infrequently I see people say this. It’s fine to criticize the movies, even get mad about it. But it’s still okay to like them, and people shouldn’t get mad at others for liking them. The way I see it, the only time you should really get mad at people for this stuff is if they’re telling you you shouldn’t like it just because they didn’t or that they’re cinematically bad. It’s okay to like a flawed movie, as it is to like great movies. It’s not okay to tell someone they shouldn’t.


You're right. There's nothing wrong with liking really really bad movies.


Except that they're shit


People are entitled to like shit movies. Liking something snd it being good are not the same thing.


I respect your opinion. Even though I don’t really like the sequels. But you’re objectively wrong about Episode IX being a good movie.


The sequels are complete mess. Disney destroys everything it touches.


Like the last season of The Clone Wars?


They don’t get to claim credit for the last season of TCW. It was already planned out before it was originally cancelled, all they did was go “okay Filoni, go do your thing.”


I stopped expecting a Star Wars movie to be a “good movie” for me to enjoy them. And that’s when I finally was able to enjoy the prequels after years of not liking them. It was accepting (and enjoying) the prequels that let me enjoy the sequels without trying to judge them too harshly. Years of letting that kind of judgment of the prequels ruin my ability to enjoy them taught me to not repeat that mistake. So I won’t try to argue TROS is “a good movie” but I’ll say it’s something that can certainly be enjoyed, and can work with building Star Wars lore. Especially if they do something like Clone Wars did for the prequels and use other stuff to build up the surrounding story. Either way… doesn’t matter. In 15-20 years a generation will be adults who love the sequels and look at them like a lot of people view the prequels, and they’ll carry Star Wars on to the next generation.


"General Grievous was defeated on Utapau. The Separatist leadership has collapsed. The war is over."


You mean subjectively.


No, objectively. The plot was disjointed and made no sense. The characters were all handled badly. The dagger plot was also part of the movie which cannot be considered good no matter what.


Hmm none of that seems objective


What about it isn't objective? The plot was poorly timed and connected. The dagger plotline made no sense no matter how hard you think about it. These are onjective things.


Still not objective, those are in fact your opinions on the events of the movie. A lot of people agree with you (and really I agree about the pacing and the dagger being dumb), but that doesn't make those statements objectively true.


The dagger plotline is objectively dumb because rey could've stood literally anywhere else on the island on endor and the team would've been fucked


She used the Force. Ta-da - there's a reason someone might think it's reasonable in this series. It's not objectively dumb. Opinions on whether or not something is dumb are not objective. It's objectively unlikely that she would randomly stand in that one spot on the planet - which is why a lot of people think it is dumb - but it's not objectively dumb.


As well es VII and VIII


7 was fine, it was just extremely unimaginative. I mean look at clone wars compared to og trilogy they introduce so much interesting lore and characters to the world and it told a unique story. 7 was just rebels vs stormtroopers with a evil sith in a dark outfit that pledges to a mysterious master, all the while a Jedi from a desert planet joins the rebellion and blows up the super weapon the the evil stormtroopers created. If Disney went in there with a PLAN and not just “oh these are beloved characters and a beloved world so we can just do whatever the fuck we want with them and people will enjoy it as long as it’s Star Wars on screen.” I mean it’s ridiculous how they didn’t plan out the series before creating it as well as putting different conflicting minds in charge of the half of it. It’s a joke and feels like they were just trying to copy marvel and make a “cinematic universe” fuck outta here Disney


“You’re no sith, you can’t even hold a lightsaber!” - Anakin to Kylo, Star Wars Battlefront II


Explain the plot of Star Wars The Force Awakens badly (not saying your explanation is bad, I couldn’t think of a better meme name).


You are on this council, but we do not grant you the rank of master.


I don’t like them either, but they are no where near as bad as Episode IX. It’s just on a completely different level.


You know what's weird about IX is that the end is literally the exact same thing that happens at the end of Avengers Endgame and nobody seems to be talking about that. The rest of the movie is like a discarded pirates of the Caribbean script. Damn that movie sucks.


Not 7. I like that movie


Episode VII is just fine, but it is still not a very good movie


7 wouldn't be as bad if 8 didn't shit all over it and 9 had to try to piece 8 together


I agree. Similarly, 8 wouldn't have been as bad if it hadn't been the sequel to 7. It probably would have been fine if it was a standalone spinoff or something. 9 would have been better if it wasn't trying to piece together some sort of arc for the trilogy which obviously didn't have one to start with. Kind of just a mess overall.


Exactly. It's a good set-up, but it doesn't set up to anything because the next movie was written by a different person. So is it good a stand-alone project? Sure. Is that really relevant when viewed in a trilogy?


All are good, and all are bad


This is the way


I *am* the critics.


I like literally anything starwars, even the forbidden StarWars Holiday Special.


Hey man, you like what you like. I grew up on the Prequels and defended them when everyone I knew hated/disliked them. I’m not one of those Star Wars fan who’ll bash on you because you enjoyed the Sequels. The Sequel Trilogy as lore breaking and character breaking as it were had some great moments, amazing visuals and awesome soundtracks.


Having seen the first three of these glorified toy commercials in the Corte Madera theater across 101 from Skywalker Ranch as a child, I can say with absolute authority that none of these films are meant to be Citizen Kane or Memento, so enjoy the sparkly lights and spinny swoooy bits without howling your toxic nerd entitlements that these films march in lockstep with your erotic fanfic. Nothing JJ or Rian did was more egregious than swapping out Wookiees for Ewoks to sell plushies, so unlight your undies, and let things be what they be. If you PREFER certain media in the SW Universe to others, well, in matters of taste there can be no disagreement, however, if you are ANGRY at things like the real life people who worked on these, or at ________ for RUINING EVERYTHING, go touch a therapy appointment, my little padawan, cuz you’re in for a lifetime of suffering when you realize the universe around you revolves it does not.


I mean sequels have sobgood scens


I will say this at the least: kylo ren is the standout of the sequels, adam driver was a prefect choice, and not to mention his armor was pretty badass


Then you are lost!


They had us in the first half not gonna lie


I enjoy the Sequels as much as I enjoy the Prequels, take that as you like


Ya know what solo is a damn good movie and I won’t act like it’s not.


Yeah it’s amazing. Space westerns? The best


Gotta love how half this comment section are being jerks about liking certain movies.


Holy shit this comment section is filled with sequel bashing.


I love democracy.


I liked them too, but I also agree they could have been better


To be honest that's my opinion on all the star wars movie I really enjoy them but they all have their own problems


That’s so true. They’re all pretty heavily flawed in my opinion, but I love them all!


Definitely. I think they could have saved the trilogy if 9 followed the plot points set up by 8. Had some good potential there. Not amazing, but could have made the trilogy feel consistent and have a conclusion that didn’t feel forced.


You will not stop me. Darth Vader will become more powerful than either of us.


I like the sequels, they are pretty fun to watch.


The sequels have issues, but most of that is because they swapped a director in mid trilogy and didnt have a clear plan for the trilogy from the beginning. TFA was the perfect setup imo, and it remains one of my favorite Star Wars films. TLJ, I had 0 issues with the Luke and Rey stuff. Sure the dyad could be explained better, but other than that, I fully believe Luke's actions. It's the b plot that had the issues for me. ROS, the only issues I have were because it didn't have a proper setup. I blame TLJ for the faults of ROS. People give them way too much crap. People hated the prequels when they came out, and look at them now! People also hated Empire when that came out, and it's most people's favorite now. Give it 10 years, and the sequels will have the same love as the other trilogies. And the fandom will still be complaining about whatever new film came out.


This is the way


OP: "Hey I like all SW movies, all of em" This sub" "ItS tReAsOn ThEn" You guys suck


I honestly feel the same, none of them are without a bit of cringe and kids stuff, but I'm 40... that stuff got me into the wars when I was a kid, seems illogical to hate on it now.


Might be a spicy take but I think that if the sequels had a tv series like ctw following their timeline, they have the potential to be pretty good.


This is the way


This is the way


This is the way


Bold words.


Cool opinion, disagree? Yeah, but still cool


General Kenobi, you are a bold one


Say wherever you like about the prequels, but revenge of the sith is the best movie of all the saga


And the animation, and the spinoffs, and the series, too!


None of them are good movies. But I'll love them all forever.


The prequels are 2/3 unforgivable and 1/3 mildly amusing The plot fall apart under the lightest scrutiny, like after learning that Jango Fett, a DOOKU MINION helped create the clone army, Obi-wan is just like “it’s probably fine, nothing sketchy here” The dialogue sounds like if an alien came to earth and tried to replicate our language. It’s all so unnatural and dry. I swear to god, if you can find any human who talks like that, just regularly then I will eat my shorts Yoda suffered from some of the worst character assassination ever put to screen. He’s a wise Jedi, who should believe in a peaceful resolution above all else. He should never have a fight scene, especially not with a lightsaber! He should never direct troops in battle! Lastly, the prequels have 3 characters that only exist so we can have a couple fight scenes. Dooku, Grievous and Maul are all really good in Clone Wars, but that came out long after these movies so they don’t get to take credit! I mean how much extra work would actually developing good characters be? Use some of that action figure money to hire some competent fucking screenwriters. End of rambling internet rant


Rebels was good and I watched it like the clone wars


"Rebels was good? I watched it too! It was an amazing show." -Hevy


I like that the sequels were do bad that it is no longer controversial to say you really like the prequels


There's good stuff in the sequels. And if you can enjoy them I'm happy for you. But I do think they are detrimental to star wars lore. And I hope they are removed from canon


"Not just the prequels, but sequels and holiday special too!"


The sequels I thought were kinda cool, but shit just didn't make sense. Random power spikes like you'd only see in anime


I don’t like the prequels, janky dialogue, over complicating things that could be so simple, mediocre CGI, and meh writing, I mean, only good sequel is TFA because the others have the same problem (minus the CGI)


Sorry, M'lady.


good movies, yes… good star wars movies… sequels are out of place and not the intended vision.


I would argue but I think we both know that none of us will change our mind from an internet argument


I just can't get behind the sequels. Force Awakens is passable but it's A New Hope and very safe. The other two are complete garbage, i'd actually put them worse than Phantom Menace. Not the hottest of takes but it's the truth.


I liked the sequels too. It's just that when people point out the many flaws it has and how greedy Disney went with it, it gets loathsome to watch something that had so little thought behind it.


...the Republic is not what it once was. The Senate is full of greedy, squabbling delegates. There is no interest in the common good. I must be frank, Your Majesty, there is little chance the Senate will act on the invasion.


I was not elected to watch my people suffer and die while you discuss this invasion in a committee!


You are a bold one… ONE I CAN SUPPORT!


Don't worry guys, the meme is croppable!


I like them


The prequels are by far my favorite, Star Wars the clone wars Lego Star Wars and Lego Star Wars 3 are by far my favorite memories growing up




I respect that you like the sequels. I actually really like episode 7. But episodes 8 and 9? From my point of view, these episodes are bad. Well, then I am lost, I know. Anyway, go on enjoying them, which is something I wish I could do too.


Why can’t love theme all?


It is.. Acceptable


They were entertaining. So I watched them as entertainment!


Is it possible to learn this power?


Not from a Jedi.


I hate the sequels enough to feel compelled to write this reply. I heavily dislike the sequels.


cool do you want a cookie


Nobody should have to be ashamed to call out a movie (or trilogy) for the trash heap it/they really are. Modern life is becoming the movie Idiocracy with every passing day.


At the same time, nobody should be ashamed to say they like a certain movie. It’s alright if the movies are bad, but nobody should be ostracized just because they like it. Personally, I really like the last Jedi. There were a lot of cool moments, and I felt like it set up a lot of potential that could have made episode 9 amazing (unfortunately they really dropped the ball for 9). Do I think it’s an amazing movie? No, it’s very flawed, and I won’t get annoyed at anyone criticizing it. Criticism is important, it pushes things to be better than they are. But I still liked the movie, and I will get annoyed at anyone who thinks I shouldn’t like it just because it’s not objectively great.


You will not stop me. Darth Vader will become more powerful than either of us.


Episode 8 is still the 3rd best Star Wars movie, and that number goes up to 2nd sometimes depending on my opinion of episode 3.


I like the OGs and the prequels… but the sequels just make me angry But I saw a Videoessay about the sequels of Finn would have been the protagonist, it soundes so much better




Dude a porn parody is better than the sequels


too bad sequels aren't even good


Noooooo! Not the sequels!


Wow the sequels too?


Sequels aren't good


My opinion: the sequals are good standalone movies but not as a serries


Some of the sequels are shit but


Too bad there's very little that's actually good in the sequels I liked the force awakens but the sequels lacked all the struggle, the fight to be powerful this bitch picked up a Lightsaber and became jesus


Power! Unlimited power!


I'm just glad he wasn't awake to see that landing!


I wish I could say the same


Good is a point of view OP


Even Rise Of Skywalker?


Stop fighting... Star Wars is composed of 9 movies! NINE! : Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Clone Wars Cinematic release, Solo and Rogue One


"Well, I've known no other way. Gives us clones all a mixed feeling about the war. Many people wish it never happened. But without it, we clones wouldn't exist." -Captain Rex


Sequels didnt happen


We all wish to be like you


No I like being able to tell if a film is trash


Said a prequel memer unironically.


Oh I recognise that the preguels have problems but don't even come close to the sequels


There are scenes in the PT that wouldn't be accepted even in student films let alone in $150 Million Blockbuster films.