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Trip once...


I really like the way Ford dresses


He was a former model after all.


he's an athlete but fell down on a stairs......


Gerald Ford was cool :) The 1976 election would’ve been hard for me because I liked both candidates (expect I didn’t like Bob Dole as Ford’s running mate, meh just wasn’t a fan.)


Ford should have chose Reagan or maybe kept Rockefeller.


Reagan would’ve been a fine pick The only reason he didn’t keep Rockefeller was because he wanted to retire


Actually, I read in *Write it When I'm Gone* that Rocky wasn't amused at being dropped from the ticket so that Ford could pick a VP that would satisify the Reaganites.


Oh my bad then! That's pretty interesting!


Reagan wouldn’t have joined he hated Ford right?


Reagan actually considered Ford as his running mate in 1980 but the negotiations didn’t end well and as we all know he picked HW Bush instead


I remember one of Ford's quotes being about how, if he could change anything he did as President, he would've kept Rockefeller


Not for me. I could see myself going either way in 76 but if Reagan was anywhere nere the ticket then I would have gone *immediately* to Carter/Mondale


I feel like young lib political nerds now who say they’d have a difficult time choosing in the 1976 election are fed a modern conservative narrative about Ford being a moderate. Sure, he was to the left of Reagan, but he was never a moderate Republican in the way Rockefeller was. He represented the post FDR guard of Midwestern conservatism - internationalist but solidly conservative on fiscal issues nonetheless. Voted against the creation of Medicare and against basically every great society fiscal program. Also this is a phenomenally picture, I’m just drunk rambling, my blood alcohol level is way too high.