There’s so many good ones! 2008’s “John Adams” is incredible, 1997’s “The Rough Riders” is cheesy but really good (and often free online lol), and as for a modern series “Veep” probably takes the cake


I’ll second the John Adams recommendation! Absolute best miniseries I’ve seen. I’ve also heard good things about Turn: Washington’s spies on AMC. Not sure how much of the show is about Washington specifically, but I know he’s in it a decent amount.


Man in the High Castle


FDR Dictator timeline🦧🦧


The West Wing is by far my favorite political show. I just watched a history miniseries called "The Good Lord Bird" about John Brown, which was really amazing.


Good Lord Bird was so stellar!


Grant, the 2020 History Channel mini series staring Justin Salinger as US Grant


American crime story: Impeachment My partner and I are absolutely hanging for every episode every Thursday. We love it


Linda Tripp 🤬😡🤬


My favorite two fictional are Elizabeth McCord and Tom Kirkman from Madame Secretary and Designated Survivor


In terms of non-fiction, John Adams with Paul Giamatti (even though I hated his presidency) In terms of fiction, the West Wing. I’d vote for Martin Sheen for President if he just did a Jed Bartlett impersonation for 8 years


There’s a podcast from the Washington Post called The Presidents that has an episode for each president. Pretty cool especially for some of the less-studied presidents


I thought the HBO movie — All the Way—with Bryan Cranston as LBJ was very good. Also has Anthony Mackie as MLK.


American Crime Story: Impeachment and Drunk History


of the top of my head, fav fictional president, is Andrew Shepard, almost everything about him is great.. almost. Hence, fiction. John Adams, tv show. Turn, also a good tv show, there was a sons of liberty short tv series.. as i went down the line there they got less historically accurate but.. that is some of the fun. With sons of liberty being so far off it was almost laughable. However, they get the point across Two presidents in the musical 1776. I did like Woody Haralson as LBJ, that was interesting. I used to have an info graphic with many of them on there. I'll have to look for it if there is interest


gotta be the History Channel's "Grant" for me