Put TR on the 10. Put Washington on the 100. Put FDR on the 1.


If ALL of the bills had to have presidents, here's what I'd do: Lincoln on the 100, FDR on the 50, Washington on the 20, Eisenhower on the 10, Kennedy on the 5, Jefferson on the 2, Grant on the 1.


The way I see it, the three men who had the most to do with the continued existence of the Republic, in order, are Washington, Lincoln, and FDR. For that reason, those are the men who I put on the $1, $5, and $10 notes, respectively. I’d give the honor of the most circulated note, the $20, to President Grant, again primarily because of his role in the continued existence of the Republic. As well as because he’s an excellent example of the success of the American Dream; a guy who came from nothing, got educated, tried things, failed, tried again, took the opportunities presented to him, believed in the promise of the Nation when he had every reason not to, and preserved the Republic on the battlefield as well as in the White House. He’s an inspiration, and he belongs on the most circulated note. The $50 is in much lower circulation than the other bills, especially the $20 or the $100, so I see it as a lesser honor than the rest of the bills, but still very much an honor. I put Carter on the $50. Carter wasn’t the greatest President we ever had, but he’s inarguably one of the best quality human beings we ever elected and we should celebrate that with a place on the money. And out of a combination of recognition for his contributions to the existence of the Republic and his wisdom and fame, as well as tradition, I leave Dr. Franklin on the $100 note. So, in summary: $1 - George Washington $5 - Abraham Lincoln $10 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt $20 - Ulysses S. Grant $50 - Jimmy Carter $100 - Benjamin Franklin


Eisenhower should be on the 20.


$1: Washington $5: Lincoln $10: Theodore Roosevelt $20: Jackson $50: Grant $100: Ben Franklin Surprising that there's no US currency with TR on it (unless it's the $1 presidential coin)


I would stop putting people on our currency and instead put landmarks and stuff. Too many issues when you put people on it


George bush 1 George bush 5 George bush 10 George bush 20 George bush 50 George bush 100


No beating around the bush with you!


Son or Father?


Grant on the $100, Ford on the $50 and then Teddy on the $20, Abe and George can stay


That’s the most based thing I’ve heard about money on this sub, especially Ford.


Terrible $20 choice




FDR is much better


Mid president imo


Still better than Trashedore


Eh kinda the same almost imo


Washington One Kennedy Five FDR Ten Carter Twenty Grant 50 Lincoln 100


I like carter being on it yeah


Keep Washington on the one Put Kennedy on the five Lincoln on the ten Eisenhower on the twenty FDR on the fifty John Adams on the one hundred


I'd probably put grant on the 100 instead but yeah that seems based


I like Franklin on the hundred. He wasn’t president, but he did as much to shape our country as anyone. I was happy Biden hung his portrait in the Oval.


I like these but with franklin still on the 100


I’m not sure if it’s only presidents or just everyone, but I’ll say it’s the latter because I prefer it that way. From presidents, I would put Arthur on the $10. I would put Paine on the $20 from non-presidents. Also, I would keep the $2.


$1: Washington $5: Lincoln $10: Franklin Roosevelt $20: Kennedy $50: Teddy Roosevelt $100: Reagan


Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, Eisenhower I dislike the lack of uniformity on the backs of these bills. I would make the bills uniform. For Washington, I would use the Washington Memorial. For Jefferson, I would use the Jefferson memorial. For Lincoln, I would use the Lincoln Memorial. For Theodore Roosevelt, I would use a buffalo from Theodore Roosevelt National Park. For FDR, I would use the Statue of Liberty For Eisenhower, I would use a sherman tank. I would avoid the weird use of color as seen in the American flag picture, and the mixed use of wording and numbers as seen in the "One" bill, and instead use uniform colors and characters.


I’d swap Kennedy for Eisenhower or FDR but other than that I like these bills and would be down to update our paper currency.


I've put a bunch of thought on how to make American paper money less ugly, and I thought it would be cool to do the following (two different presidents for each bill so you can have multiple variants): 1$ - George Washington / James Madison 5$ - Abraham Lincoln / Thomas Jefferson 10$ - John Kennedy / Grover Cleveland 20$ - Franklin Roosevelt / Woodrow Wilson 50$ - Ulysses Grant / John Adams 100$ - Theodore Roosevelt / Harry Truman Granted, some of these (particularly Wilson and Cleveland) are very flawed, but they're still iconic leaders so I figured it could work. Wilson in particular I thought could be paired with General Pershing on the reverse, because that would be fitting timeline-wise.


There a lot of presidents more iconic than Cleveland and Wilson. I would replace them with Taft and Truman or Eisenhower


That's reasonable.


Building off your idea, $1 - George Washington / Thomas Jefferson $5 - Abraham Lincoln / John F. Kennedy $10 - Ulysses S. Grant / Dwight D. Eisenhower $20 - Franklin D. Roosevelt / Theodore Roosevelt $50 - Harry Truman / John Adams $100 - Ronald Reagan / James Madison


Why would you choose the two worst presidents for the $20?


I’m not sure if we should put wilson on a bill considering his racist history lol


Reagan or Eisenhower


Replace all of them with Rebecca the Raccoon. She is objectively the most important figure in US history.


I like our current money.


joe biden


Pump the brakes there chief.


Tbh I like the other ones


1. Washington 5. Lincoln 10. FDR 20. Grant/JQA (that’s right I’m putting my two favorites on the most circulated bill out of pure bias) 50. James Madison (or maybe John Adams) 100. Theodore Roosevelt (or maybe Woodrow Wilson) I could also see James K. Polk deserving a spot (although I think the Mexican-American war was bad and don’t rank Polk highly, he seems like an important American statesman) Put Millard Fillmore on the $2 bill Tbh I think if I were to make the bills I would also in influential figures who weren’t presidents too (MLK and Fredrick Douglass are two obvious ones)


I think that we should have more than just presidents, our iconic figures, and our famous generals (Sherman, Macarthur, Patton, etc)


1-Keep Washington 5-Keep Lincoln 10-Jefferson 20-Kennedy 50-Either Eisenhower or TR 100-FDR


I don't think people should be on money


FDR, JFK, and either Eisenhower or Truman


Washington/100. Lincoln/5. Teddy Roosevelt or FDR/10. Eisenhower/20. Grant/50. (Honorable mention) Ford/75. JFK/100.


$1 Obverse: Washington Reverse: Crossing the Delaware $5 Obverse: Lincoln Reverse: Freeing the slaves $10 (including non-presidents) Obverse: MLK Reverse: "I have a dream" speech $10 (excluding non-presidents) Obverse: Coolidge Reverse: American Indians being given citizenship $20 Obverse: Jefferson Reverse: Signing Declaration of Independence $50 Obverse: Kennedy Reverse: Moon Landing $100 Obverse: Truman Reverse: Berlin Air Lift