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That just goes to her office and is just going to be bulk deleted. It seems the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission (http://jtc.courts.mi.gov/) might want to see her disgraceful conduct eroding the public trust in the judiciary. >The Commission strives to hold state judges, magistrates, and referees accountable for their misconduct >Anyone can file a complaint against a judicial officer in Michigan. Just click on the "Request for Investigation Form and Instructions" tab at the left to be directed to the page which contains the form (you will then have to click on "Request for Investigation" in the body of the text to open a PDF version of the form). http://jtc.courts.mi.gov/file_a_grievance/index.php


This should be higher


as a Michigan resident I will certainly be doing this. This is unacceptable behavior. A strong message needs to be sent to this power tripping judges.


I did too


I sent one as well, highlighting the ableist prejudice the judge had on this gentleman.


Also here is her profile: http://www.31stdistrictcourt.net/about_the_court/judge_Alexis_Krot.php


She is a trustee of a CATHOLIC church. How very Christian of her to treat an elderly man with cancer this way.


Thank you for this, i have sent one also.


Gonna do it too. it’s disgusting how she tries to shame an elderly cancer patient about the upkeep of the area at hand here. If anything, why not provide city services to do it for free? Help him connect to services that can help the elderly? It’s sick the way she said she wishes she could’ve sent him to jail. Over fucking leaves.


Everything in America boils down to one word: Profit. Will the city make profit from doing that? No Would using a city worker to assist this old man with finding someone to help them out make the city profit? No The fact she was ready to toss him in jail if she could should ignite the fiery anger of the continental U.S. I can’t confirm it, but I’m sure she’s so upset because she sees that house and pictures herself in that house and how she would protect her “investment”. Again, money. Since this old man doesn’t value money like a god, to the stockade with him!


Where is this at? If its within 100 miles ill go clean it up and dump all the debris on that judges lawn


They cleaned it up already. His son said he normally would have done it but he was out of the country. You can file a complaint against the judge though, and I would. The shit is hitting the fan on her because of our ranting on her. She's got a local Detroit article about her, and a Washington Post article, so she's national news now.


She’s the type of person where all that power went to her head. She loves being able to degrade people, sadly this exists with us today.


Sent. Thank you.


Good idea. Sent.


Fucking jail time? What a cunt


That one statement proved she's unfit to be a judge.


That's immediately what I thought too. So, if she thinks jail time in this context is appropriate, then surely she has just demonstrated she has zero grasp on reality and cannot be trusted to pass fair and just sentences.


As someone who comes from a country with a civil law system (instead of common law like in the US), it really baffles me how judges in the US have apparently the power to give out sentences for whatever long they see fit and for whatever cause almost. Like those videos when someone is rude to a judge and they increase their prison sentence. I don't understand how that is ok. In a civil law system judges can only give out convictions for crimes that are in the penal code and for the duration therein stated. It is not up to them to decide.


Last week I saw a judge sentence a younger AA man to 44 years for having 15 grams (I think it was blow). Rural Texas.


Saved herself an 8th amendment violation by not following through. This lady is the reason why local elections matter.


The fact that you elect judges and police in the USA is part of the reason everything is so fucked up. I don't know anywhere else that does that!


I live in NJ and was shocked to find that judges and prosecutors are usually elected in other states. What a terrible idea.


Wait until you find out there's no actual law degree requirements either


One of the local judges in the community where I live is a retired hairdresser.


nooooo, you're joking?


I wish I was. She just lost in the last election, thankfully it's a person who holds a law degree who now has the position. Before her it was a local farmer who held the position from the 50s until he died in the early 2000s. This is all in NYS for the curious.


>hy does giving us the power to vote her out of of are you serious? lol Thats crazy


WTF were you trying to say in the quote?


I'm so confused, who was he replying to?




What are the requirements to vote in local elections? More importantly what stops someone from voting in those local elections? I have no idea honestly.


The requirements are to be a registered voter and live in the district the person is running in. Judges are (supposed to be) non-partisan, so everyone is able to vote on them.


For a $100 infraction. What a cunt.


But don't you understand, it is shameful... the shamefulness is unforgiveable. (something tells me treats her family the same way).


You don't cut grass? Believe it or not, directly to jail.


You over cut grass, believe it or not, jail.


Water the grass, JAIL


Walk on the grass, straight to jail.


Your grass looks nicer than your neighbors', jail.


Say the word "grass" out loud, jail.


You grass on your neighbours, jail.


You look at grass, Jail.


I guarantee race played into this. If it was some old white man without an accent she would have probably been syrupy sweet and talking to him like a toddler.


Imagine facing her with a traffic violation. Life in prison?


You went 61 in a 60 limit area? Well you're going to jail for 61 years. \-Her probably


Undercook fish? Believe it or not jail.


overcooked fish? Straight to Jail


[One of her Google maps reviews](https://goo.gl/maps/ge7fB7PdrwPoJ4wf8) >Judge Krot was more interested in collecting the $140 fine than being reasonable. In the city of Hamtramck, traffic fines are now bringing in over$1 million per year in revenue. The Hamtramck Police trap drivers on service drives. In my case, I was going to enter an on ramp to the freeway, but changed my mind and returned to the service drive. I was decelerating, but was pulled over in less than four seconds. I was now on a residential street and the speed was 25 mph. The officer lied in court stating he tracked me for 178 feet. He lied about my speed and they do not have to produce any evidence! This same officer has been seen weekly stopping and harassing the poor citizens of Hamtramck on the other service drive exiting the 75. I am an excellent driver. This judge used my record to site that I was in two accidents to refute my claim. Both accidents were not my fault. In both cases. I was rear ended my young, male drivers distracted by cell phones. I have taught in this city for more than 17 years and I have never been treated with such disrespect. The police are clocking hours and hours of overtime writing tickets and destroying the lives of the people they serve. They are not respected because they do not respect the citizens. I knew this judge knows exactly what happened and still delivered the harshest penalty she could. She and her police thugs are the reason insurance is so high in our city and they do not care.


Ah. Michigan courts. Yep, the whole "use traffic violations as city revenue" is a plague in that entire state. They're talking about reform where all the money goes to the state government which is then redistributed based upon need rather than which raises the most revenue to combat this.


Meanwhile people race down heavily populated side streets doing 50 and the cops are nowhere.




Imagine going through law school, rising to the rank of judge, and even thinking having a messy alleyway is worthy of considering jail time. This woman is at best a scumbag of a human being and at worst a bigot actively oppressing immigrants.


Makes you wonder about the state of a justice system that would look at a POS like her and think she's judge material.


It's not a JUSTICE system, it's a LEGAL system. And that's the problem.


> Imagine going through law school, rising to the rank of judge https://ballotpedia.org/Alexis_Krot >To serve on this court, a judge must be a qualified elector of the district, licensed to practice law in the state, under the age of 70, and have five years of experience practicing law. They "rose" by working 5 years in law? No... they got elected.


They are elected but they also are sponsored for the position by the political party. So while technically they were elected, given the lack of engagement in prosecutors races and judges (and the similarities between both parties' candidates in these races,) they are basically appointed. But if there were real populist challenges to these races that could change.


Yeah, that is why I linked what I linked, last election she went unchallenged.


It has nothing to do with race... This man has committed the ultimate crime. Reducing property values.


The neighbors reduced their own property values by not hal-ing their sick old cancer patient with their property


>bum It has the same macho "if there was no one around I'd beat you up," energy.


A crumb bum?


I’m tired of this shit. Fuck this bitch, and we shouldn’t let her slide on this. Fuck the elite and politicians.


Just a heartless garbage human, I would pay the man's fine if I could.


And go clean the alley for him. I hope she gets everything in life she deserves.


Why not just have a public service funded by tax payers to keep streets/alleyways clear of this type of thing, rather than have all this dumb ass litigation that probably costs way more, to then degrade people like this and fine them for petty shit…?


Wait, are you suggesting we look after our elders in the community that are sick and vulnerable???? Blashpemy, shame! And you call yourself an American. If I could, I'd give you jail time.


Damned Un-Christian is what that is!


There's so much stuff like this, where the sane, humane option is actually cheaper than the existing system. For example, [they did a study in Florida that found it was actually cheaper for the state to give people homes + a caseworker (~$10 000 per person per year) than keep the existing network of police/jail/hospitalization ($31,000 per person per year).](https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-xpm-2014-05-21-os-cost-of-homelessness-orlando-20140521-story.html)


Listen, we're wasting taxpayer dollar up the yinyang here, keep quiet with your sense. /s


I can't read the report as I'm in Europe but I'm guessing, given it was in Florida, that despite the advantages it wasn't adopted as a policy?


You aren't the only one not reading the report. Not only was it not adopted as policy in Florida, they did not bother to read the report.


Because that just makes too much damn sense you commie!


The cruelty is the point.


Why that’s SOCIALISM! /s




a Hamtramck man made death threats against the district court judge (Judge Alexis Krot) in 2020


Well she seems like a huge thundercunt so probably deserved the threats.


Hamtramck, eh?


Her saying he should be ashamed that his neighbours have to look at it, his neighbours should be ashamed for not helping him if it’s such a big deal. People need to look out for each other, some people aren’t waving they’re drowning.


>some people aren't waving they're drowning I like that line.


"YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED" "Ma'am I am" Fuck hearing that for a senior cancer sufferer. Already feel like you're being a chore on your family and loved ones, only to get beaten down further because of an appearance of grass?


You think this is bad? You should see her reviews on Google https://www.google.com/search?q=alexis+g+krot&oq=alexis+g+krot&aqs=chrome.0.0i131i355i433i512j46i131i175i199i433i512.4979j0j4&client=ms-android-verizon&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#lkt=LocalPoiReviews&trex=m_t:lcl_akp,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:14415496953418582222,rc_q:Honorable%2520Alexis%2520G%2520Krot,ru_q:Honorable%2520Alexis%2520G%2520Krot,trex_id:xduXjd


“Worst judge for the city of Hamtramck in my opinion. Being a judge for a city with mostly immigrant from all over the world but saying in court "you guys think you can do anything you want here" "you guys" referring to foreigners from countries & "here" as in the city(Hamtramck) or USA. I have been in her courtroom secveral times and the way she basically criticizes people who don't know the judicial system is very disrespectful. Ashamed to have a judge like her in Hamtramck.”


Glad to see her reviews are getting bombed, hopefully this gets more attention. So fuckin gross especially coming from a judge. “Honorable” my ass


Fun fact: Being a judge is the most attractive position in our society for psychopaths/sociopaths and narcissists because it's the only position in America given an honorific title ("Your Honor"; need some sources cited on the honorable part though) Go forward with that knowledge and judge bs makes a lot more sense to you.


I spent 10 years involved in the 'justice system'. Both prosecutors and judges are some of the biggest narcissists, biggest fucking egos I've ever met in my life. They don't fucking care about 'justice', they care about themselves.




A suburb of Detroit




You mean Detroimct?


Ethnically Polish part of Detroit


It's a city that is land-locked by Detroit. While it was originally settled by Poles and still has a handful of Polish businesses, the city has drastically changed in the past 40 years and is now home to a majority of first-gen immigrants and Americans, and has an all-Muslim city council. In short, it's the worst nightmare for all the racists in this sub.


p i e r o g i e s


You better stop threatening me with a potato-y and cheese-y good time, damn it!


God we should start a go fund me for a new mega mosque. https://www.reddit.com/r/islam/comments/m3onf3/remember_when_sacha_baron_cohen_pranked_a_bunch/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


I saw a bunch or reviews that said she is "fair" and something else. I think she is hiring people to bring her reviews back up.


I saw that too! 99% of the positive reviews say "fair" and "community" with no other details. It's so gross.


I hate to judge a book by their cover but this judge looks like a MASSIVE cunt...


I would pay to get the garbage of that men and throw it over her house or the courthouse for having no empathy


I cant believe no one else on thay call says anything. I would take the contempt of court to tell her she is shameful and disgusting


It doesn’t look like anyone else on that call is a lawyer. Idk what’s going on here and what kind of court this is, but it looks like some low level garbage procedure.




She’s a terrible bitch. But why is she even so passionate about an alley having over growth. I don’t get it at all


> But why is she even so passionate about an alley having over growth I mean didn't you hear her? ItS ShAmEfUL.


The neighbors should not have to look at that!


If my neighbors have any issues with my property they will hate the results if they escalate. They think they are miserable now? Wait until they formally become my enemies. I'll paint my house orange with purple trim and gold polka dots


It's not about an overgrown alley.




She’s passionate about clear walkways duh


Dog whistling to hell. If he was old man Hank from down the street she would dismiss the ticket and apologize for the inconvenience.


Exactly. She sees some brown man with an accent and didn’t see a human worth empathizing with.


If the Brown man isn’t the help or the custodial for Karen, he’s no human worth empathizing with.


> If he was old man Hank from down the street she would dismiss the ticket and apologize for the inconvenience. Yeah, the Polish moved out of Hamtramck 30+ years ago. It's mostly Chaldean and Bengali immigrants which is why she uses dog whistles here.


She’s lived a very shelter life. She’s passionate about seeing her neighbor’s ugly property because it’s the closest thing to adversity she has faced in her life. She can’t empathize with things such as homelessness, addiction, financial stress, or being overworked. These things are completely foreign to her. She literally can’t comprehend them. To her, someone that has to see their neighbor’s messy yard is the worst injustice she can understand. She’s that out of touch.


"sHaMeFuL!" lol it's some overgrown bushes in an alley. What a nut.


Great example of why some folks should never be able to judge others. What a piece of shit she is.






But have you ever had to bear the awful pain of... looking at bushes???


Right? Fuck nature


Anyone who wants to know the quality of low level judges should go sit in traffic court for a day. I was in there for a traffic ticket but watched a judge belittle people for minor offenses.


Judge Karen


I really hope we get to see her face again on r/byebyejob


Aren't judges notoriously difficult to remove? Like near impossible?


That's what will make it all the more glorious if it actually happens.


Judges in the US have way too much power.. they basically can say and do anything they want in the courtroom and you have to show them the utmost respect for them or they can royally fuck you.. They even make you stand up when they enter the room for fuck’s sake which is utterly ridiculous especially for a country that claims “all men are created equal”.. like we rebelled from England because we didn’t want royalty to rule over us but I gotta stand on my feet when someone walks in the room cause of a title they hold?


I have met many judges and 99% of them are total assholes. There is simply no way for a human being to remain decent when they have that much power and control over the lives of other people. That being said, I still stand when the judge enters just to not cause any issues for myself. I did however stop going to court in a suit and tie and just wear a shirt and jeans. They aren't worthy of the time I would need to get all dressed up.


I grew up with someone who is now a judge. I hated the kid. And it makes sense that he’s a judge is all I’ll say. He’s in our IRL discord server and he kills the mood every time he talks in it. Pessimistic walking asshole of a person. Thinks everyone’s shit and he’s better than everyone.


Which is why I think positions of power should have short term limits and long hiatus periods before you can reapply.


Lets hope it does, If this hits front page chances are it hits the news and other social media.


https://lawsintexas.com/the-life-and-crimes-of-former-state-judge-leticia-astacio/ Judge Leticia Astacio of Rochester, NY is a good example of this. tl;dr - Judge was caught drunk driving, allowed to continue being a judge as long as she checked in. Got her daughter to unlock the BAC mechanism for her vehicle. Got suspended with pay. Basically floated for about a year and a half *with* pay. Even made a getaway to another country during all this. And was allowed to serve her term as a judge.


Depends on the state, here in Washington they’re elected at the county level so it’s east to dump one *theoretically*. Federal judges are almost impossible


All humans are very easy to remove.


Dexter Morgan over here


Yes and no. Most (though not all) in the USA are elected. So technically they can be removed with a vote, but they are usually hard to remove for bad behavior because their voters *like their bad behavior.*


God I hope so


What a fucking cunt




They have to look at that! Shameful go stroll your IV out there and do some clipping.


She should not be a judge. I can only imagine how her selective outrage would weigh her decisions when she wishes she could give an old cancer patient jail time over something so fucking trivial.


Impossible to word my thoughts any better




Thank you, everyone spam bad reviews for this bitch


Talk about shameful, how is this person a judge?


She should be ashamed of herself! That was awful human behavior.


Judges are not good people. I dont know why people dont like this idea, its not like the corrupt cops hand off to the just-doing-their-job-but-their-job-is-evil prosecutors who hand off to the *embodiment of objective unbiased justice enforcer* before stopping at the for profit prison camps. Shits broke, no part of the chain is going to fix itself.


What an evil woman. To tell a dying man , "Shame on you", for not keeping his yard tidy while he's fighting for his life? Fuck her! I'm appalled! And I'm angry! How dare she?!?


judge alexis krot from hamtramck, Michigan. Feel free to express how you feel on google. Just google “judge Alexis krot”.


She is obviously racist. If you look at the reviews, all the one star talk about something to do with their race.


As of the 2010 American Community Survey, the city's foreign born population stood at 41.1%, making it Michigan's most internationally diverse city. Yes, the city is majority immigrants and also In 2013, it reportedly became the first Muslim-majority city in the U.S. and Hamtramck to make history when it swears in first all-Muslim council, mayor. So yes, probably racist. Lol


I like how Hamtramck is a taste of what America as a whole will be within decades; a minority-majority population with multiple races and cultures interacting, but all at the mercy of White, conservative, GOP-fueled judicial representatives.


I think we just came up with a new pejorative. What a krot!


Karen Krot of the Kourt


Is this that recent? Does anyone actually know this person? I’m like 25mins away from the court building and I will gladly cut and trim this for that man, before I move next week.


I think it was its on the news few hour ago


Well... I believe that you reap what you sow. She should have had less disdain for these defendents.


I accidentally reposted this not long after you posted-- but check out the judges Google reviews https://www.google.com/search?q=alexis+g+krot&oq=alexis+g+krot&aqs=chrome.0.0i131i355i433i512j46i131i175i199i433i512.4979j0j4&client=ms-android-verizon&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#lkt=LocalPoiReviews&trex=m_t:lcl_akp,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:14415496953418582222,rc_q:Honorable%2520Alexis%2520G%2520Krot,ru_q:Honorable%2520Alexis%2520G%2520Krot,trex_id:xduXjd


Woah, there's reviews from a year or two ago that were 1 star and most of the 1 stars were from POCs while 5 stars were from white people. Thats pretty much a testimony to her racism tbh


This is mortifying. The neighbors who filed the report should be incredibly ashamed of themselves and this judge should lose her job. This is a rare occasion where I’m begging the internet makes enough fuss about this to get something done for this man while also getting something done about this awful judge. I truly believe she didn’t even bother hearing him plead his case because they’re Indian and she didn’t take the time to even attempt to understand what it was he was saying. I feel awful for this guy and i hope something gets done about this and this judge gets some karma so i can sleep easy lol


The code enforcement here in Hamtramck usually go up and down the alleys here so it’s most likely they took the pic themselves and sent him the ticket.


Who appointed Judge Karen? Yall should find out and make sure they don't appoint any more




We talk/text about it in my family on election day, or during early voting. We'll mark up our sample ballots before we go, go over the questions etc. We've been in this community for 50-70 years. So between the 11 of us in my extended, someone knows someone or something about them. If there's nothing really known, I'll follow my union's recommendation, or my sister's teacher's union recommendation.


Her current term doesn’t [end until January 1 2027](https://ballotpedia.org/Alexis_Krot) but it looks like she can be recalled. [Michigan allows recalls](https://ballotpedia.org/Laws_governing_recall_in_Michigan) for all elected officials except judges of courts of record. I’m not sure on this but it appears she’s not presiding over a court of record since people are representing themselves.


His neighbours should've done it for him. If I lived next door to an elderly man with cancer, yeah, I'd care for his lawn. That aside, judge is a see you next Tuesday.


His neighbors might not know. My Mom didn't tell her neighbors she had cancer and was dying. I tried my best with the yard, but I was 2 hours away. I took her to every appointment. Made up a beautiful room for her to come stay with me. Had to team up with my Aunt and cousins to get her to leave her house. I wish I'd just gone there instead. She died the 3rd night at my house on hospice. I would have stayed there with her indefinitely if it meant more time with her. When we told the neighbors, none of them knew she'd been sick.


It's human decency. I shovel and check in regularly for my two elderly neighbors. A neighbor also did it with my grandparents when I couldn't. Help with trash when needed.


I hope this bitch rots in hell


Wait - how is this clearly racist ass woman allowed to be a judge?


Usually i don’t pull out the race card so quick but this woman 100% did not give a fuck what he had to say because of his skin color and accent. It’s an absolute shame.


Every single case this judge has ever presided over needs to be examined for bias by an independent judicial review board.


This video is making the rounds. There's a very good chance she comes under review of the MI high courts.


What a piece of shit human being


Sign this petition against this judge https://www.change.org/p/judge-alexis-g-krot-justice-for-burhan-chowdhury


Seems like a violation of Due Process delivering a verdict prior to plea.


It's a civil offense. Less process is due


Looking forward to an r/byebyejob.


This happened to a man that's living in a Detroit-locked suburb named Hamtramck, MI. It's a city that was majority Polish in the early 20th century but has become one of the more diverse municipalities in the state, morphing to become a home for a large amount of Chaldean people and, in the case of the man being shamed, Bengali people. The city recently has elected a city council, over several elections across six seats, [that is 100% Muslim](https://www.amren.com/news/2021/11/hamtramck-city-council-will-be-all-muslim-likely-first-in-us/). I'm frankly surprised there hasn't been a response from city council on this matter. More background, Krot was appointed by Republican Rick Snyder. Here's a [Hamtramck-specific newspaper that endorsed Krot](http://www.thehamtramckreview.com/hamtramcks-district-court-race-alexis-krot-deserves-support/) at the time in 2018. Interesting parts come from the comments, though... > (A)Alexis Krot had been an associate attorney with the Allen Bros. law firm and prosecuted ordinance violations on behalf of the City of Hamtramck before Jim Allen was replaced by John Clark as City Attorney; > (B)as District Court Judge she now hears ordinance prosecutions filed by Allen Brothers – possible conflict of interest? > (C)she approved a generous plea deal in which all but two code violations out of thirteen alleged against Henry Vellamen were pled to and the remaining eleven dismissed – Vellamen has been criticized as a major landowner in Hamtramck who has allowed realty to fall in a state of disrepair; > (D)the Krot family has substantial realty holdings in Hamtramck and a potential for conflict of interest situations occur if court actions involving such realty is brought in the city – like evictions and other types of actions; EDIT: just want to give a shout-out to all the useless white Gen-X neolib mods over at /r/detroit: you suck at moderating. Thanks for letting white supremacy fester in your sub, you Peasant Ridge/Berkley yuppie pieces of trash. EDIT2: for everyone wondering, while she was originally appointed by a Michigan governor, she is in an elected position -- most recently elected in 2018.


So the Krot family has realty holdings there. Alexis G. Krot is a shameful bitch for berating this senior cancer patient.


Her family owned a funeral home, but it looks like it sold/shuttered before 2020 [based on the estate sale](https://www.metrotimes.com/news-hits/archives/2020/05/11/people-are-losing-it-over-a-hamtramck-funeral-homes-online-estate-sale-offering-caskets-dolls-and-vintage-playboy). I wouldn't be surprised if they still own some plots around the city but her family are likely nowhere near the slumlord levels of the [Moroun](https://www.forbes.com/sites/joannmuller/2012/11/07/when-even-a-billionaire-cant-buy-a-state-law/?sh=3f1748ede6c7), [Kefallinos](https://handbuiltcity.org/2021/03/16/dennis-kefallinos-owes-half-a-million-dollars-in-water-bills/), and [Ilitch](https://detroit.curbed.com/2019/4/22/18511244/hbo-real-sports-bryant-gumbel-district-detroit) families in the Metro Detroit region.


And yet here she is digging up the last remnants of the deepest grave trying find an ounce of empathy and still can’t find it.


Uh question: how did this guy land in a court for not cleaning his yard? Did a neighbor sue him? Who does that? On an elderly cancer patient. I'd just clean that for him ... WTF is wrong with people...


I'm so confused. How is it illegal to not clean your yard? I am never going to understand american laws, am I?


This whole country needs a clean-out of shitbag, garbage humans out of all forms of government. I know it's an impossible task but we should at least strive to be better humans. People like her should not be deciding the fate of fellow humans.


Evil Karen with power. I would hold her like a weedwaker and make her eat every weed in that alley


The people in these comments who think the dad and Kids are at fault are just so damn naive. When my dad got sick and died i didn’t give a fucking damn about such minor and insignificant stuff as the fucking landscaping at his house. I wanted to be with him and comfort him as much as I could. If that meant neglecting the lawn then I was fine with that. When he passed I didn’t have any regrets that I had missed out being with him. I can’t imagine how I would feel if I missed out on time with him, to mow his fucking lawn. What an incredibly stupid case of misplaced priorities.


What a bitch


She should be ashamed of herself. What a trash human being and a waste of space.


This is the email of her district court: [email protected] Do your thing internet.


Racist bitch


I hate that we have a justice system where judges can scold people like they are children without consequences or repercussions. Just hear the facts, make a fair and honorable decision, then STFU and move on to the next case.


Well shes gotta be up there with the biggest assholes on Reddit


"land of freedom" Also the land of weird shit like homeowners associations telling you what colour you're allowed the paint your fence. Or that the neighbours desire to look at a gross concrete alley without any shrubs is somehow worth giving a fine to a guy whos fighting cancer (and probably almost bankrupt because if it, due to the US's crazy healthcare scam)


More concerned with an unkempt sidewalk then am old man suffering with cancer. What an unfit piece of trash. I think we all know why she was so pissed off here


These kinds of laws are bs. What business is it to you whether or not I clean my alleyway? If it's on my property, it's none of your business, because, well, it's my property, and if it's on public grounds, it's non of my business, because it ain't my property, and thus, I'm under no obligation to care about or for it at all.


The neighbors should get out there and help this very sick man if they are so disturbed by it. No no no he should not be ashamed at all the judge should be ashamed of her actions. Giving him a fine of $100( if he has the money you know cancer treatment is not cheap in US) man could use that to pay someone to clean up the problem. Stupidity runs rampant.


Is this a joke..? How is someone that thinks this way allowed to be a fkng judge