I cant really complain. Star Guardian is a popular and nice skin line. I would rather a “bad-ass” skin line for rell tho (ashen knight, high noon, pentakill) rather than a cutesy skin but oh well


i would die for ashen knigh rell oh my god


What do you mean finally? This sucks. It might be the worst skinline they could have picked and now we gotta wait another year and a half for a skin that at this point will propably not be good either..


You're free to have your opinions about the skin but personally I love the skinline and I'm quite excited for the skin.


Yeah, i too love Star guardian skins. I use them in almost every champs i play that have them. But Rell does not fit the skinline. I don’t know how else to put it


Skinlines aren't just about giving the same. They can also be about imagining characters in new and different lights. For example, the space groove skinline with cats operating blizcrank and dogs operating nasus.


Well, the blizcranck skin happens to be one of my favorite skins in the game and it’s also a legendary one. It would not have worked at all if it wasn’t legendary. The only reason it does work is because all of the voice lines and animations has been changed. I haven’t seen the Rell skin yet but i really really doubt riot is putting that kind of effort into an epic skin for a champ with very low playrate.


That’s not the point. The point is that “fit” doesnt make sense as a standard when skins by their nature don’t need to fit the theme of the base skin. That’s the point of all the different worlds. Sometimes Ezreal is an Indiana Jones style rogue, sometimes he’s a time-traveling robo mage. Skins dont need to fit the same theme across worlds


Eh i get your point here, but you’re thinking of champs that actually has a few skins that also fits the original champion theme. This will be Rells second ”kawai anime skin” when Rell as a champ is has dark themes of revenge and so on. Of course people who like Rell for these dark themes would also prefer at least one skin that also fits her original character. Besides Exrral has more than 10 skins. And almost all of them fit him pretty well. And even if a few don’t it doesn’t matter because there’s still multiple others to pick from.


Do you think dogs piloting a Nasus mech fits with his original theme?


Why do you ignore my point compleatly? Do battlecast nasus, infernal nasus, pharao nasus or worldbreaker nasus fit his theme? I think yes, What do you think? He can have a few fun skins as well. That is compleatly fine because nasus is a champ that actually gets skins from time to time. What is even your point here?


pyjama party rell could be worst. I really think that they wanted to make fun of Rell by giving her an other maid outfit


Genius plan to make you buy a chroma with a color palette that doesn't stir the stomach


if her hair was darker/lighter purple id love it :/


Tbh prob gonna keep using her base skin. Not a fan.


Nah man but what the fuck is this bullshit? Trash fucking theme,no high noon for this? Nah nah im out


Have you seen samira's high noon skin? It looks like base skin 2.0. If they can do that to a highly favored champ, imagine what they can do to rell. Just color her hair to orange and you got yourself a high noon rell.


Well I would love a high noon as well, but ngl high noon is too similar to her base, ofcourse high noon would've suited her better...but As a fan of the star Guardians I'm quite excited for this one to come out.


Good thing you can just not buy the skin. Maybe you won't be such a miserable person then :)


Star guardian IRON CLAD OF FAITH!


I hope so


Im scared but fingers are crossed