Some people will watch it out of morbin curiosity.


For real. I haven’t seen it but everybody hating on it makes me want to watch it.


That is what the studio execs thought and re-released it hoping to milk the cow. Except that there is no real hate, it is just part of the joke. People are indifferent about it and then the memes were just funny.


I think it is also a miscalculation of how much time people will spend on shits and giggles. They'll absolutely put on some funny terrible meme song at a party. Will they spend two hours in the theatre where they can't even talk shit with their friends? Probably not.


Yeah, seriously. I'll probably put it on in the background out of morbin curiosity when it comes out on streaming, but I'd never go out of my way to actually, y'know, put time and effort and money into trying to watch it. Hell, if it's not on a streaming service I already have I'll just try to piece the story together from memes and TV Tropes


People will definitely hate-watch something. It's just that Morbius has not been described as an experience like that. Just aggressively unremarkable and painfully stilted. Like, I went to see ***Cats***. It was like as if Park Chan-wook decided to make a movie exploring the boundaries of the Uncanny Valley. I am glad I went to see it, and I never want to ever see anything of it ever again.


once you go morb you can't go borb.


Some movies comicly bad, others are just boring bad.


i watched it when it first came out bc i was stuck at uni until my family no longer had covid so i had time to kill and i also had a fully stamped loyalty card for the cinema so i could go for free. it absolutely did kill time but that’s kinda all there is. there’s movies that are so bad they’re good, or movies that are kinda fine but still enjoyable, morbius isn’t so bad it’s good, it’s kinda fine i guess but in a boring way.


They were probably riding on people watching it, “ironically”. Clearly they weren’t in on the part where no one gives a fuck


All the people watching it ironically are watching pirated copies. Much like Cats, I plan to get fucked up and make fun of it, if I ever decide it's worth losing an hour of my life. I know it's longer than an hour, but there's no chance of it holding my attention past an hour.


I refuse to watch it. It’s funnier that way


Refusing to watch it so that I can just believe any stupid factoid at face value and say that I cannot prove it wrong


I still don't know if he actually does say "it's morbin' time"


I've heard no, but I've also heard yes. I think it's funnier if I don't actually know though, so I don't really want to find out


Schrodinger's Morb.


Morbius' schrod


I wish he did, it'll probably be a sequel thing (if that ever happens)


A sequel has been confirmed


He does


Yeah that's exactly what someone that wanted me to believe that would say Not that I can prove otherwise


I choose to believe that he does.


My favorite part of this is he does actually say "I'm Venom" but nobody has mentioned this at all because nobody watched the fucking movie


We're watching a mandela effect come to life in real time.


It's staying in the rare and very small line of Marvel movies I'll never watch. Alongside Fant4stic.


I’ve seen Fant4stic. It isn’t funny bad, you’ve made the right decision


I genuinely enjoyed the first half of the Fant4stic. Didn’t mind the pointless childhood scenes. Didn’t care how long it was. In fact, I thought it was ramping up to something awesome. When they skipped over them adapting to their powers, I thought “oh, well that makes sense. We’re gonna get some really cool fight scenes and they’re hand waving the long journey it would take to show them adjusting” When Doom comes back and started exploding heads, I was hyped af! I thought that we were finally going to have a proper villain who knew what they were doing and the good guys would have to get reeeaaally creative to avoid getting their heads exploded. Instead, we got like maybe 10 minutes of action in an action movie where they all took turns punching the bad guy in the face and he forgot all the cool powers he just demonstrated. Such a waste of potential. With how long the “normal people gain new powers” part of the movie took, I genuinely thought there was going to be a MUCH longer final battle. I walked out of the theater feeling like I’d just been edged for hours with no release.


I regret watching X-Men Apocalypse, but at least that mistake help me decide never to watch Dark Phoenix. I also haven't watched Inhumans, Runaways S02 (watched S01, big mistake), Cloak & dagger, New Mutants, or Fant4astic.


“You just kinda make up your own morbyline and everyone agrees with you”


Funnily enough, I turned it off at the one hour mark.


Yep, "Oh, maybe I'll buy a ticket and get a picture of me alone in the theater" "Hey, guys, why don't we go see Morbius and shout "It's Morbin' Time!"?"


I in general watch all super hero (Marvel or DC) movies and have been for decades now....since the Batman movie with bat nipples I guess (or even before, He-man), but literally never heard of this movie. Saw some memes, figured it was a show or something and moved on. Surprised that a big budget movie has had so little attention garnered by it


> They were probably riding on people watching it, “ironically”. People don't generally spend hours of their time and a chunk of money doing ironic things. The only 'ironic' thing I can ever remember putting some effort into (but not any money) was waaaaay long ago there was a shyster named [Tom Vu](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Vu) who ran godawful informercials on late night TV in the 80s and early 90s. My college friends and I would mock these commercials endlessly and eventually got to the point of mockingly referring to him as the leader of our cult. Well the stars aligned one day and Tom Vu was coming to our town to give one of his "Free Tree Hour Semina"s (which is how he pronounced it). So we all went. It was boring as shit. Since we were all broke ass college students it was obvious that the dozen or so of us were not going to be making Mr. Vu a single nickel so they didn't waste many pleasantries on us. We did have one moment of fun at the end when he did a little Q and A and a couple of people in our group started referring to him as our Messiah which seemed to make him visibly uncomfortable, and then another of our group begged him to do another seminar the next afternoon in a locally known open field on a low mountain so "our Messiah could give his Seminar on The Mount". We were asked to leave right after that. All in all it was an *interesting* experience and we did get some information into both the bottom feeding nature of distressed property sale as well as how Vu himself was a bottom feeder, but there was no way we would have paid money to go to that thing. Sony and Morbius with a much lower irony rating was never going to pry any money from viewers.


Morbius was nominated for movie that came out this year


Recently read that it was one of the movies that sold theater tickets. Really crazy when you think about that


Truly, one of the movies of all time.


It’s actually really a movie


Audiences agree. This is a movie that is in the theaters.


"I felt something. Or nothing. One of those."


What drives a man to become neutral?


I have no strong feelings one way, or the other about this statement.


The greatest casualty of Youtube removing the dislike button.




I actually heard this is one of the movies in 2022 that had audio and video.


I just heard the audio


I heard the video. Pixels were mean to me.


It's one of the films of all time


Quite the cinema if I do say so myself.


This is debated.


I thought it was a live action feature film not a movie thx for info


People keep saying this but I don't think it's true.


I am something of a movie-goer myself.




The Re release even nearly managed to break 20 Tickets sold per theater! Insane numbers!


The most Morbius movie in cinematic history.


It's the highest-grossing Morbius movie of all time.


Morbius is definitely the most movie to come out.


Morb if true.


once upon a morbin time.


I was whelmed by this movie


Can anyone prove it though?


Titanic and Morbius both have 11 total Oscars It should've been movie of the year


I here that there are actors with names.


It certainly is a movie that has been put to film.


Has it? That would actually be /r/xtreemlymildyinteresting


There's a whole cast. You wouldn't believe me


this is what happens when executive level decisions rely solely on arbitrary metrics without understanding context. you just know that all they heard in the meeting was PEOPLE LOVE IT, ENGAGEMENT IS HIGH and decided to go full steam ahead


i really can’t understand. didn’t it JUST come out a couple weeks ago for the first time? then it bombed and they pulled it? then a few weeks later put it back in theaters after people online made fun of it so much?


Yes. Though I'm not convinced that the reason they put it back in was because of the online reaction.


They saw high online engagement and couldn't tell the engagement wasn't positive


“There’s no such thing as bad press.” Everyone in this thread assumes it’s a foregone conclusion that bringing it back is a bad idea but it remains to be seen if the box office numbers support the decision. Don’t underestimate how many people might misunderstand or even want to be in the in-group of the meme. It’s not just the movie execs that are bad at understanding context.


They saw a bunch social media algorithms with morbius popping up, they took that to mean people loved it.


It was just Morb of the same.


If they wanted a hit with the second release, they should have edited in a scene where he actually says "it's morbin time" and then morbs all over some dudes. I would have gladly paid to go see that.


What are you talking about? It's already in the movie /s


I'd actually see it if they had added that line, then I'd walk out after he said it


Morb or less


Release the Morbius #MorbinCut


4 hours of Morbin? You son of a bitch, I’m in.


You’re my favorite customer! edit: The Room quote, c’mon.


It's insulting honestly, Sony thinks they can release any garbage with Marvel attached to it and people will go watch it. They are abusing that license like a red-headed stepchild.


I didn’t see it. Was it that bad? And does he actually say it’s morbin time in it? I know that’s a long shot but I’m really hoping lmao


It really was. The story was as bad as movie stories get. The character Morbius has no motivations at all to do anything. He supposedly is looking for a cure for his vague illness that causes him to walk with crutches, but he doesn't seem at all bothered by it the entire film. When he finally finds the cure and turns into a vampire, he doesn't do anything but chill in his basement. Doesn't even go on a run outside or something to celebrate his legs working. The villain is Morbius's friend who gets the same cure, and he immediately starts murdering people for no reason. Not because he has any motivation to do so, he just goes mad with power for some reason. So Morbius and his friend fight and Morbius kills him. That's pretty much it. And some other stuff happens. But for no reason.


That's a shittier version of the Incredible Hulk


Meanwhile in Avatar after Jacksully regained his legs, he immediately threw all caution to the wind and ran outside, because who wouldn't want to after being stuck in a wheelchair?


Morbius didn't even seem particularly bothered by being on crutches. He's a pretty successful doctor and it has no effect on his work, he also seems very happy and well-adjusted to his everyday life. it's not like he wants to become a football star or anything.


It is a little pathetic when you can say that Avatar did something better in the storytelling department. I will admit that


I just read this post and even though I didn't pay a ticket to see it, I want a $10 refund!


Damn and they used the tried and true story of having 2 people with the same power set fight each other and 1 loses? How could it have been a bad, unoriginal movie? Edit : https://youtu.be/0zPEtyAsM94


Even that's not the main problem with Milo (evil Morbius). He was a perfectly normal, nice guy who was friends with Morbius. He gets the vampire serum, and he just decides "we have great power so it's our right to rule the world". You didn't even invent the serum yourself! You literally were just given it by a friend no strings attached, how the hell do you develop an entitlement complex from that?


> You literally were just given it by a friend no strings attached Not even that. He stole it from Morbius's lab while Mr. Morb was locked up in prison.


Oh that's right, I forgot, because they didn't even want Morbius to have any agency in his own story. Better to just let other characters do things while he sits around and does nothing.


And don't forget the super detective who determines a cat is gone after trying to call it by shaking its litterbox.


Venom was stupid as shit, and then they leaned into it being stupid as shit and it was enjoyable, how do you fuck up "our superhero is a middleaged vampire" as a concept? Then again, they got Jared Leto to play the lead because he was *so great as the Joker*.


I just don't understand Leto at all. He was in a band and that's cool I guess, did some smaller roles in some well known movies, and now he's a lead actor on the two biggest flops of this century, back to back. Where'd he come from? Why is he being given this work? The one movie that he had a big role in that was decent is Dallas Buyers Club which is about as far from superhero movies as a person can get. There's giving young stars bigger work, but why're they so committed to him?


He was fantastic in Requiem for a Dream


To add, he's had a number of good roles. The two already mentioned, but also: American Psycho, Fight Club, Panic Room, Lord of War, Mr. Nobody, arguably Blade Runner 2049, and WeCrashed. Despite his personal life, he has been a decent actor in some movies. Is he the best actor? No. But he's also not the worst.


Requiem for A dream? Maybe still running on those coattails?


Where in all this jumbled mess does Morbius say his now iconic phrase “It’s Morbin time!”?


Almost every scene


Speaking as a huge fan of the MCU, I have no plans to watch it. I've also been curious about the morbin time thing, but not enough to look it up.


He does NOT actually say the line. The best part of the movie didn't even happen.


I think all the memes rely on people not watching the movie so it makes it funnier


The joke behind "It's morbin time" is that no one watched the movie so it can't be truly confirmed or denied that he says it. Just like the scene where after drinking some blood, he turns to the camera and says "Where's the beef!?" You can't be absolutely 100% sure it didn't happen.


Lol perfect.


I mean, so does Disney. Except for some reason it works.


Disney has the ability to do fanservice. People want a decent fantastic 4, but can you tell me that there was ONE person who actually cared about morbius before the movie?


I liked his one appearance in the animated spiderman from the 90's..... But that's about it.🤔


At least he had that. How many casual fans can legitimately say you had any idea who the Guardians of the Galaxy were before the movie? Or Jessica Jones before the show? Or the Eternals? Or Shang Chi? There are a lot things to chide Sony for but making a movie about a low-tier, lesser known character isn't one of them. Since when do we determine a movie's "worthiness to exist" based on popularity of the character before hand? Hell, that mentality is exactly why Hollywood doesn't take risks. Why'd they pick Morbius? Maybe they wanted to do something horror/vampire themed but using the Marvel brand since those are the only movies people bother to see anymore. Maybe they looked through Spidey's villains and choose the ones that had interesting stories or at some point had their own running title, like Venom. Who fucking knows? Who fucking *cares*? Why on earth is anyone "insulted" or worked up about this?


I thought I was going to hate Ant-Man because I thought it was the epitomy of everything wrong with comic books and their movies. Was delightfully wrong. Had the same experience with guardian's, but at least guardian's sounded cool without knowing anything about it.


I'd hope they don't cater to what the average redditor thinks or we wouldn't have those sleeper hits


In this instance it would be more helpful to think of me as an average male between 18-30, because that's what I am and that's what I thought. It's also helpful to remember that when you make a comic book movie, most comic book people will see it regardless of who the character is, because that's "their thing". But if you want to reach a wider audience than just the comic book people, you need to make it sound interesting to people who have never heard of it. Gaurdians I would have seen regardless. Ant-Man I only saw because comic book people convinced me I was wrong about my prejudice, I will likely never see morbius.


>Why'd they pick Morbius? Maybe they wanted to do something horror/vampire themed but using the Marvel brand since those are the only movies people bother to see anymore. They're gonna be super mad when they hear about the new Blade movie


>using the Marvel brand since those are the only movies people bother to see anymore. Top Gun says this isn't accurate. The problem isn't that people don't want watch non-marvel movies, but a serious lack of half decent non-marvel movies being made, at least in the action genre.


So did John Wick.


> top gun It’s a sequel to one of the most popular movies of all time, stars one of the most popular actors of all time, and is a military movie in a military obsessed country. See what you’re saying, but not the best example here.


I feel like people get far too worked up about IP in general. New Diablo game coming out for mobile and Diablo 4 in development. Am I looking forward to them as someone who played every single prior Diablo game on/around release? Not really. The mobile game seems pay to win and I have no idea at this point if Blizzard can produce a decent ARPG seeing what happened with Diablo 3. IP has fuckall to do with making a good video game. Same with films. IP has fuckall with making a good film. It helps *sell* the film but it has nothing to do with it being a good film that people will enjoy or not.


You can say the exact same thing about Guardians of the Galaxy.


Me. Tell me ONE person (and obviously we're blatantly ignoring comic book fans in this survey) who cares about Groot before GoG?




I mean he appeared in comics from 1971 until present day. He was a significant villain and was later turned into more of a hero. If you didn’t read spider man or the horror comics he was in you probably didn’t know about him.


Or watch the 90’s tv series. I haven’t seen the movie because I don’t like Jared Leto. I can describe why I like 90’s Morbius. He’s not a classical vampire. He was more a werebat that could levitate. A classic Spidey villain warning about the dangers of science. While being another dark reflection of Spider-Man’s origin. Because of censorship at the time. The writers had to get creative with his design. He couldn’t drink blood or bite people. Instead he needed plasma and had these lamprey mouths on his hands to do the deed. Which is visually more unique that sudden cgi Morbius head. There is more, like the love triangle with Black Cat and Spidey. Then Felicia being his primary motivator to tame the inner beast. But that for another time.


I'd hesitate to say he was significant. A regular? Maybe, but definitely not significant.


The only way to do a decent Fantastic Four is not another introductory reboot. We already know who they are. It’s been done again and again. Just jump into a new story and show us them being fantastic please.


Feige has the ability to do fanservice. Disney still manages to butcher the Star Wars universe somehow.


Disney have put out at least OK. films, with overarching storylines in the style comic book fans like. Morbius is a b teir Spider-Man villain. Who has randomly got an anti hero stand alone film... Because....? Sony want to milk the IP they have access to and thought that Venom, the exception to the rule as he is like, THE MOST POPULAR Spider-Man villain, meant that any fucking Spider-Man villain could stand alone.


Sony took the Venom popularity but didn’t use the proper origin story. Which ruined the whole thing, now if they want use Spider-Man with Venom, they’re going to try and make that storyline work and fail miserably.


I have the first 4 Mobius comics. I thought he was cool when I was 11.


Comparing Mobius to Disney Marvel films is bogus and you know it


They have good directors that really helps imo


Well they're generally well made, even the more forgettable ones like Ant Man or captain marvel are miles better than this.


It’s because they hire people who actually understand the source material. It’s not that hard to do, it’s just about treating the comics with respect.


Because people always do. Morbius apparently had a budget of ~80 mil and box office is already 130-160 mil. People are complete sheep for superhero movies, they WILL watch essentially any superhero film, why do you think they keep making them after all?


If those numbers stay, then they lost money. They usually spend as much as production cost on marketing. That would mean that at best Sony broke even. This is a disaster in superhero movie terms.


Tommy Wiseau: "Amateurs!"


Oh Lisa


It’s bull sh*t. I didn’t hit her. I did noooooot. Oh. Hi Mark.


#clearly they don’t fully understand the morbinmindset


It’s probably some stupid algorithm that doesn’t understand mockery


There should have been a white paper or something written about Snakes on a Plane that every movie exec should have to read. Frankly, I don't think we give that historical example of internet culture and how it translates to real life the proper study and attention it deserves. Politics, entertainment, sports, social media all industries could learn from what happened.


They need to brush up on their #MORBONOMICS


I’m out of the loop. What’s Morbius and why does everyone hate it?


There were also a prominent review early that said, "well, it's a movie." As it's main sum up. Not good. Not bad. It existed. Pretty damning from the budget/Sony spiderman related IP plans perspective. But at the same time, not as bad as it could be?


It’s the highest grossing Morbius movie of all time


_So far_ I'm pretty sure the world needs another ~~spiderman~~ Morbius reboot


Hate it? Its one of the movies of all time!


It's less that it's absolutely horrible and bad and more that it's just... completely not good. There is nothing good about it. It really is insultingly phoned in. It's a movie. It has comic stuff. Studio just assumes they can sell tickets and people will buy anything related to comics. Virtually no effort seemed to be made to making it worth seeing. Again... it's just kinda offensive. So most of the ire is directed to sorta shame the studio with audiences basically saying "c'mon, at least try a little to entertain us if you want to take our money."


Morbius is a comic book film released recently starring Jared Leto. It's just a garbage film all around, and people started making memes about it to make fun of the movie. The movie producers apparently thought that people were making memes because they liked the movie and decided to re-release it this weekend. It bombed again at the box-office.


Wait, it bombed again? Hahahahaha


You mean a movie starring Jared Leto bombed? I'm shocked, I tell you.


It's like the scene in Simpsons where Homer falls down the gorge, gets airlifted out and immediately dropped back into the gorge. That sums up the release of morbius.


It's a terrible movie that was released in theaters last month, or so, and then it started getting memed by people saying that it was a "great" movie. It became a huge joke, but the studio idiots saw the mentions and thought they could maybe recoup more money.


oh, I didn't know it was being memed for being a "great" movie. I thought it was being memed because of ITS MORBING TIME


the joke is that people make up things about the movie and nobody can disprove them because nobody has actually seen it such as the iconic it's morbin time scene


It is


It was even funnier when it bombed hard the second time.


But it’s one of the movies of all time!


It’s a bad bad bad movie. On par with most of the underwhelming Sony Marvel shit that they put out. Anyway Morbius was delayed for years and everyone who saw it said it was hot garbage. They made a bunch of memes about him saying “It’s Morbin’ time” which doesn’t actually happen in the film. It underperformed at the box office. Basically due to the memes someone at Sony was convinced this was “buzz” for the movie. They rereleased it hoping to cash in but it made like $70,000. And that’s about it.


Never met anyone who hated it. In my opinion, it’s definitely one of the movies ever made.


New Marvel movie (not MCU, like Venom) that flopped hard in theaters.


It's the best morbious movie of all time


It looks like an absolute movie for sure, and I just might watch it now. All of your honest feedback about how fantastic it really is and how it's going to become a cult classic/alter the landscape of the Marvel and Sony universe in such a meaningful way *really sold me on it*.


I want a memey director to make a real low-budget “Morbius 2: It’s Morbin’ Time” comedy sequel.


I don't even think the Producers had a say in it, seems more like Sony wanting to please investors who sunk money into the project and wanted to see more money earned in return. Yes it will continue to be memed, but still 85k less of an impact on the budget. If they bring it out again it's just more attempts to recoup some of the costs Imo it was a doomed project when Leto was announced, since he was mediocre to terrible as the Joker.


Jared Leto’s best role ever was in American Psycho.


He was great at playing a cocky douchebag you hate that later gets an axe to the face.


Idk how much they have to pay movie theaters for 1000 screens but it is almost certainly more than 85k. They had to have lost money on this rerelease.


But thats a whopping $85 per cinema. So much bank. (Was it really a 1000 cinemas? 'Cos that's hilarious)




I read an article on comicbook dot com, which entirely seriously, said that the reason it's back in theaters is because of an online meme campaign stated by fans of the movie. It is not just movie producers....


Comic book dot com is on the same level as wegotthiscovered when it comes to fact checking and knowledge of the material they talk about


Wow. You have to wonder if they're really that stupid...or are they gaslighting with comments like that?


I've seen movies. Not this one, but I'm relatively convinced that Morbius is indeed a movie too.


morbed to oblivion*


Or they understand it perfectly well and know that dumb people would go and watch it solely for the memes.


Bro it only made 74,000 which for a movie is like Nothing after being released again…no one went and saw it.


Its like 5 tickets per theatre lmao


I hate Morbius memes, but I want twice as many so they release it a 3rd time.


they didn't though, it bombed even harder the second time


It's already on video now. People can watch that garbage at home.


They let the algorithm decide their actions these days. Such machines do not comprehed our internet speak.


The issue is they cut out the iconic "it's morbin time" line in the rereleased version


Ifeel sorry for that French Director and Milo...whatshisface - they really wanted a good movie. Best scene was Milo's trash-dancing


memed to OBLIVION? i love that game!


Elder Scrolls XXII: Morblivion.


I’m thinking of binley mega chippy again


Here's a great example of dilution in corporate business. Execs here from other parts of business ask about how the movie is doing. Theatres not going well. So they being in the IT guy to explain how the online presence is. Their data "scrapping" mechanism searches for the keywords and finds that the movie is being talked about "a lot" more. So they re-release it. In other words, morbius got released again for the same reason that incest porn is so popular. People that didn't read the title clicked on the video so now the industry produces more morbin...


Well maybe if they make Morbius 2: More BS I’ll go see that


It has cult classic written all over it. Flopped at the box office, small following, memes. Just watch, it'll be like RHPS and still be in theaters 45 years later.


Idk man. I went to see it only after its re-release, they got me. I woulda guessed too there'd be a lot more people going to see it just because of all the memes like I did, but I guess when most people hear a movie is shit, they don't wanna go see it


They do understand money though. It’s almost as if Reddit memes mean nothing in real life


Nah, it's a damn good financial decision. They're not tone deaf, they're cashing in on the memes.


Is the algorithm.


time to meme the fuck out of Pacific Rim 2 until it's stripped from canon and they make a REAL sequel


It’s marketing they didn’t have to pay for.


I do feel like I need to go see it to get the memes… but am I? You bet your ass I’m not lol


As I understand it, the whole point of the memes was “no one has seen this movie.” Like, someone says a ridiculous line that wasn’t in the movie, but no one can say “you made that up” because no one actually watched it.


Wait, what line wasnt on the movie because "Its morbin time" cant be it; my cat's hairstylist's daughter's teacher said it was in.


I'm not sure that Morbius *actually* says, "I need 1 morbillion dollars to complete my research." But I haven't seen the movie, so I can't be sure