I reckon they’ve been playing this whole time but have only just collected enough clips of harry winning to post it


Oh shiit fuck yeah! I don't watch their among us videos so I didn't see this. I just find their among us gameplay very juvenile and some don't even know how to really play. Maybe its because I normally watch disguised toast and his friend circle play and they've been playing for a while so they tend to play with more strategy and big brain plays.


It's fun to see them argue and call each other stupod shit so i recommend watching them xd


I've given them a chance and watched a couple but I can never finish watching any of them because of how bad they are at the game and also I don't like randy like at all and he's usually playing with them so I prefer not to watch.


It's not about who wins or loses though. It's about the fun they have. Personally i find the newbies funny af


I get that but I don't HAVE TO watch them. I watch all their other videos but I just don't like their among us gameplay. I'm subbed to all their other channels and watch everything else. It's not the end of their channel or the end of the world if I choose not to watch sidemen among us videos


I had the same reaction


We need an edit of when they said they were going to play Mario Kart, then the months flash. Finally we are granted with Sidemen Mario Kart. Epic music is playing and it feels like a gift from God. Can we plz have this edit.


my dumbass thought they were plugging go-karts they were selling


Would still be cool though


AND IT'S ON MY BIRTHDAY TOOO I'll take tht as a gift from the sidemen lol