Any older players out there?

Any older players out there?


I'm 64M and my dughter introduced me to Sims I play Sims 4 everyday ( I'm retired and a full time carer) it is my "other" space I love the non judgemental community so freindly & helpfull,I have a 37th generation legacy who started on an empty lot with nothing they now have a 5 bed 3 bath home and 3 mill in the bank. I keep it interesting by doing things in the game I usually avoid, careers jobs etc. I love it! So there is hope for you all to keep on playing!!


I love this! I’m 32 and my mom is 60. Been playing since sims 1 together, even though we live far apart. We play on her Origin account - I think she may be more obsessed than I am! She pre-ordered the new pack because she can’t WAIT to recreate her IRL farm animals in-game! It’s the sweetest thing.


Okay, this melted my heart. I love that you have this relationship with your mom!! What an awesome, wholesome thing to bond over!


37 generations? The next update should name an award after you!


LOL thanx! I an aiming for the 100 gen award!


Wow 37 generations! That’s amazing!


yea, I'm seriously impressed




Thank you


My kids got me hooked on Sims 3 in 2012. I’m now 59 and have been playing Sims 4 since they came out with it. Playing Sims 3/4 was what my best friend and I enjoyed doing together so much. She died in 2019 of a stroke at 50. I am playing “her” as a Sim now. She was single but had a crush on a man named Steven. Veronica and Steven are happily married w a boy and girl living that best Sim Life in my current game. I know she’s somewhere smiling about this. I have reached the age where I don’t apologize for doing what makes me happy. I love Sims!!


I did not expect to cry, when i started reading this thread lol. It's incredibly sweet and wonderful way to keep your friend in your memory!


This is incredibly sweet and a wonderful homage to your friend!!! You should never apologize for having a hobby that is totally not hurting anyone. I'm not sure why playing games has a stereotype of being juvenile or weird. They are hobbies just like anything else :) You and your friend sound like you had a wonderful relationship


I absolutely love everything about this. Thanks for sharing 💖


I'm 41. I started playing Sims 1 when it first came out and continued when Sims 2 came out. I skipped Sims 3 because I didn't have a laptop that could handle it and it was only within the last two years that I moved onto Sims 4. I focus my play on creating an established community in my sim world. I don't play legacies. I like having multiple families that interact with each other and running the world and so I make sure that I have teachers and doctors and lawyers and everyone filling a role. I generally play mostly on the weekends or for an hour or so after work. I am not married nor do I have any kids so I have less I need to balance than the average person my age. I am currently spending more time organizing my CC and whittling it down (going in and out of the game as I decide what I like enough to keep and what I don't...as an aside, I wish we could delete in game like we could in Sims 2) than I am actually playing.


If you like playing with specific roles and jumping between different members of the town then you should really give Sims Medieval a try! It’s basically the whole premise of the game.


I absolutely love Sims mediaeval 😍🥰 I love being the blacksmith the most.


I've got Sims Medieval. It really is a fantastic game.


I bought Sims Medieval but my machine is too new to play it. I’m so bummed.


You can still get it running! It just takes some googling on what settings need to be re-adjusted. Don’t give up!!


I have a Mac. Always makes it harder.


Dude you should try the sims 4 tray importer. It shows you the path to all the cc you use in a saved build or sim. Purging cc this way is so easy!


Ooh. Good idea. I'll have to try that. Part of my problem is that I've got a lot of random stuff that I don't use (mostly clutter and, apparently, sofas) and I need to just pull the plug and dump it.


I'm 31 and also been playing from Sims 1. I completely relate to this as I know I've gotten some funny looks in the past when I've mentioned it so I mostly keep it quiet. I'm still, somehow, after 20 years, rubbish at building so I play a lot of legacies! Or the whole game of meticulously making Sims in CAS, building or downloading their perfect home, decorating it to perfection and then never ever playing those Sims - whoops haha.


Also 31 and have also been playing since Sims 1. When people ask me my hobbies sometimes I’ll say that I play computer games. Of course the follow up question is always “what games do you play?” so I’m selective on the people I tell because I, too, have gotten strange looks and laughs when I say The Sims.


Me too. I’m 35. And I’m a closet simmer. Not that I’m ashamed, but not a lot of people *get it* ya know? Unless you find out that they also play and you had no idea this whole time because they too are a closet simmer (lol true story, happened twice to me)


Lmao yes. I think people underestimate the game. Their loss tho! Haha


I'm 29, a mom and playing sims for long time. Just pre orderder the cottage pack. I love it when people make a weird face when you tell them you like the sims at my age. I love that game and I'm probably never going to stop playing


>I, too, have gotten strange looks and laughs when I say The Sims. I wonder why?


Pray tell if you’re aware.


Been playing for 20 whatever years and I’m still so bad at building.


I miss autoroof so much!




Same age, been playing for 20 years. But I love to build! I love gaming but brag my most hours by far have been in Sims. I mostly play PS except always have a decent PC to Sim.


Hahaha I feel this so hard and glad we are not alone. I'm curious if you hop between playing families or focus on just one and let the rest age up? Like, I wonder what play styles we have carried over from past game versions that actually may hinder us from enjoying the game more now.


I just focus on the one family per save file as I am a control freak and cannot stand my main family doing things without me. Occasionally I pop into households especially if I'm playing a legacy and I've moved out family members - I want them to have a nice life too, but I turn off aging haha. I actually love playing Sims so much more now but probably because I have access to adult money and can buy the expansions!!


I turn off aging for all except active household and rotate between the household I'm playing regularly so I can play a bunch of different stories at the same time within the same time line. (38yo)


Aging on for All here. Its so fun. Keeps the game dynamic and forces me to make certain decisions I otherwise would not.


Yes, I love doing this as well! I hope in Sims 5 the sims get a little more depth to them.


>I've gotten some funny looks in the past when I've mentioned it But why?


Many reasons I’m sure. From when I’ve felt judgment, I feel people who don’t get it think it’s like playing with dolls, or that you must be reenacting a life you wish you had on some deeper layer.


My mum is 60 and still plays! She loves making houses😂


44 here, been playing since sims 1 as well. I enjoy simming more now than I did when I was younger because I’ve witnessed more drama irl as time passed and it makes for hilarious drama in my game tbh


I’m 36 also, playing since a few months after Sims 1 released. My gamer husband teases me about playing because “it’s not a real game” (he likes the Sims and just tries to push my buttons) but I tell him to get bent lmao. I go through the typical don’t play for months then play obsessively for awhile cycle. I just had a baby a few weeks ago, so I’m sure my play time will change but prior to baby if I was on a Sims kick I’d play all night after work until bed or like 12 hours straight on the weekend. I focus on legacies and like to try to get more unusual genetics to pass down (I never play Sims with normal hair color and go for more unusual eye colors). I only play one family at a time.


Ahh I remember those days… when baby sleeps do I have a nap, clean the house, make dinner. Or play the sims… play the sims 😎🍷


Right now I’m team nap, but the day will come when I choose Sims 😎


Hang in there! Our sleep was all over the place for the first six months but once we got him sleeping well SO much free time opened up again, I have an amazing toddler and still manage to play for 3-4hr per day if I want to, without ever playing around him. It’s so hard in those early weeks and months to get a second to yourself! Congrats on your baby.


Haha currently playing the sims while baby is napping. It actually helps me to be more efficient in my game play since I have a specific block of time.


I'm an older gamer....I'll be 43 on the 20th..😒. Pretty much played all of the sim titles going back to Sim City on super Nintendo. Sims4 is my chill game, because it's not frantic, twitchy combat. I play games differently... I guess it's min maxing with a touch of exploitation. I like to create characters and crazy scenarios, and really just have fun with the game. Sometimes I get bored and spend 4 hours building a yacht. My grandfather and I used to sit and play video games. He liked Super Mario and Tetris, and could make it through to the higher levels. My parents separated when I was young and I really bonded with my grandfather. He tought me.....life. everything. When I had addiction struggles they took me back, gave me a chance, and no shit still had my old Nintendo in the basement. Lol! I Learned to cook, and that's my profession. I still play and I don't talk about it anymore with my friends....what's left of them. Sorry for the novella, It's close to their anniversary and I miss them both.


If you’re missing that sweet build a city play, try out City: Skylines. It was what the last instalment of Som City should have been. :) except still no spawns monster attack if I am remembering right.


Lol I had that for a little bit. Fun game.


I'll be 43 in December! Lol. Been playing since Sims 1. I'm mostly a builder, though. Finally got my teenagers into the game.


This was really great to read, thanks for posting it. Your grandparents sound amazing!


That’s a really great story about bonding with your grandfather though! Thanks for sharing


Hello!! 🙂 I'll be 29 in a few weeks, but I've been playing since the sims 1 (I rotate between sims 1, 2, 3, and 4) My husband, our son, and I are a big gaming family and frequently play together with our gaming set-up in the same room and we cannot wait for our daughter to start the gaming journey with us. I couldn't even begin to tell you how many people have laughed at us and called us crappy parents for "wasting our time gaming instead of being adults and parenting our children." Like, at this certain age we are just suppose to stop enjoying our hobby because its childish and we are adults?..... makes NO sense to me! I could care less anymore who teases me for what game I play or how much. My bills are paid, we work, our children are respectful and my son gets good grades in school. But I loveeee telling stories in my game and doing gameplay challenges! I am not a fan of building and never have been (because let's be honest, I suck ass at it) 😅 That being said, sorry for rambling on! But I hope to game until I die. Lol. 80 years old still playing the sims and other games I enjoy! No shame at all.


Heck yeah!! Family goals for me 👌


I'm 30, I play all the time and I think I'm the only weirdo who isn't afraid to tell the world I play. They usually give me weird looks but once I explain my insane gameplay or tell them about building most people at least kinda get it


I'm in my 30s, have also been playing Sims since the Sims 1. Pretty much everyone knows I love the Sims. One of my sisters plays, we used to split buying expansions when we were kids/teens during Sims 1 & 2. These days we just share house builds and mod recommendations (and silly stories). Even my husband will occasionally give it a spin, though his favorite thing to do is make Sim versions of our cats. One of the bigger things I started doing years ago is I roll up Sim versions of all the characters in the tabletop games I play in (or DM), and a bunch of the NPCs too. I'll share the silly Sim stories with the group, they usually get a kick out of it.


>They usually give me weird looks Why?


Not everyone isn't into the whole simulation gameplay thing but they normally come around 😂


What does your husband play that's so much more age appropriate and sophisticated than a beautiful building and interior design game with quality absurdist humor?


Haha my husband plays championship games in Killer Queen, he also likes rocket league and elder scrolls. I just don’t think he gets the appeal of constantly tweaking in CAS or build mode. He also thinks the graphics are dated, but I don’t always disagree with him on that.


51. Playing Sims and all forms of sims, all the way back to 1988, playin simcity on a pc, with gophers and Bulletin Boards for chat rooms. Mostly a builder. Not so much into game play.


I’m 38, I’m a boring player - legacy (although no real rules, just making my way through the generations) and I like to build.


Hey! 30F and I still casually play too! While my husband and I don’t have any children, we both work full time and have a lot of extracurriculars, but I always find it fun to indulge in my favourite childhood game every so often! I have also been playing since the OG game and I still find myself holding my breath when my sims sleep in case of a burglar! I find building rather therapeutic, but I also have little stints of building families and growing their careers and such. It is one of those covert things that I only share with those who either mention it first or, like you, I know won’t judge me for it. Nice to meet you!


This could literally also describe me (also 30F with a partner and no kids). Glad there are at least a few of us out there! :)


I’m 34, I’ve been playing since the original launch. I actually remember begging my mom to buy it for me at our local K-Mart (doesn’t even exist anymore). I’ve owned every single version since, and it continues to be my absolute favorite game. Depending on my mood I’ll spend al my free time building houses. I do love focusing on legacies though. I have a husband and two kids, some days I get lots of time to play, other days I get zero.


Don’t know if I count as “older” lol but I’m 28 and play all the time.


I'm 28 as well and I have multiple friends my age that play the Sims. And my mother who is in her 60s also recently bought the game.


Woo, 28 thread. I’ve been playing since Sims 1, and will keep playing as long as I enjoy it (which will be always.)


Yep. 28 thread. Me too!


I'm also 28 lol


Also 28! My cousins got Sims 1 in maybe 2001/2002 and I was so jealous that I pestered my parents until they bought me the Deluxe edition.


Also 28! Been playing since the beginning!


I'm 44, and I've been a gamer since I bought my first own PC in 1996, when I started my first job. *Old?* I've played Ultima Online, dammit. I'm *ancient*. And proud of it. I never played other Sims games, not even Simcity, I'm actually more into RPGs and strategies (I used to love shooters, too, but I'm not really into it anymore). I play when I can and when I feel like it. I might play every night for a couple of hours for a week, then not touch it for two next weeks. I have one big world, in which no one dies (the only exception was when I needed my two evil Sims to 'witness death'), with 24 households atm. I switch between them, bringing them together and have them interact with each other, to play the 'story' I want. It probably won't end any time soon.


I’m only 26, but my roommates are 31-33 and they still play too. Sims isn’t for kids. It’s fun, it’s stimulating. It may seem simple, but it’s more than that; it’s entertaining, unpredictable, chaotic, and relaxing all at the same time. I don’t like half the game genres my husband plays but we don’t judge one another for our choice in games.


39 and have been playing since the beginning!


I am 37, been playing Sims since they were first introduced in Sim City 3000. One of my favorites was the Sims bustin' out on Xbox. I also own/owned all of Sims 1, 2, 3 and 4. Had/have the Sims on Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox one, Xbox one S. I go by pisceschef11 on Xbox and spicychef84 on PC. I have both Sims and lots in the gallery. I play more often on console now then PC, as don't have a gaming PC anymore. And I need the laptop I do have for my writing. Only Sims 4 pack I don't really like is my first pet. That was a really disappointing stuff pack.


I love to build alot more then creating Sims. But I do like to create my favourite fictional characters from tv shows I enjoy. I have been playing for a long time and still struggle with making my builds look realistic. But I am slowly getting better. I am a trade qualified chef, but I had to give it up to take care of my mum. So the Sims and other games I play are my go to with dealing with the stress of being my mum's carer. Many of my friends growing up are also avid Sims fans so I never had to hide that love for the game. My mum has been curious about learning how to play as she has seen just how much fun I have with creating the houses and other builds. She is a retired teacher and very creative herself. So the creative side of the Sims appeals to her very much. But her dislike of technology is the only thing holding her back.


I'm 43 and also been playing since Sims 1, I've been gaming since I was a kid and my friends game as well so its not an issue to talk about what we play - I even tell coworkers I play video games as a hobby! I generally play in the evening for a couple of hours, and at the weekend as I have more time then, atm my play style is family as I got the Parenthood pack and I'm really enjoying it (I used to just play as a single sim and max skills, make money ect ect).


I’m a 47 year old dad. At first, I thought the whole idea was dumb. I thought, “hell, I already have a job, a family, chores, why would I want to double up on all of that in my spare time?” I watched my kids playing The Sims 2, though, and decided to give it a go. Building was what hooked me. Designing homes, businesses, and parks was a great outlet for me creatively, and after creating these spaces, of course I wanted to “live” in them, so…years later, I’m still playing. :)


39 and I'm still hooked! Been playing since Sims 1. It's my favorite thing to do after the kids go down!


Mate, I vividly remember first seeing the "coming soon" advert for The Sims inside my newly purchased Sim City case. I think there was also a trailer included during installation, as I definitely didn't have the internet yet. You know I spent those next few months counting my piggy bank pennies, staring at that leaflet and watching that trailer on repeat. I was straight to the shops on launch day (with my dad, that supportive king) and haven't looked back since. I've played every incarnation and enjoyed them all to be honest, though the game has changed so much. Not looking forward to a multi-player TS5 but I think that might be because I'm now a crotchety elder who yells at clouds


I have this amusing memory of being in high school English class and our white-haired, near-retirement teacher saying, "I've been meaning to ask, do any of you play The Sims? I just started playing and I have a question." A couple of us did and helped her confirm that sadly she could not have two divorced sims with adult children get married and then have their children marry, as the game would consider their children siblings at that point. (I don't know if that's still true but this was, I believe, in Sims 2.) She was disappointed that she couldn't carry out whatever story she had in mind (I think she said it was something from a Shakespeare play but, well, it wasn't one we read in English class so I couldn't tell you which!) but would have to compromise by having the children marry first and then the parents. Even then it didn't seem strange to me that someone her age would be interested in the game, obviously it would appeal to anyone who enjoys storytelling. Anyway, I'm 30 now and still play!


I think that's a great memory to have of a teacher. Even more that she shared with your class her hobby and that you were able to help her with it. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing.


i'll be 38 next month and still play. I play pretty much daily, mostly play one character until they have a kid then switch to that sim so on and so forth.


I'm 57.


I'm a 33 year old stay at home mom to 5. I've been playing Sims off and on since I was 12 or 13. Like you, I'm married to a gamer. I mentioned that I play Sims off and on. Well I play other games during the off times. Besides Sims, I play a lot of RPGs/JRPGs as well as some of my husband's favorite multi-player games (Borderlands being a big one). We're not rich but my husband and I are both technophiles. So we always have decent internet and a lot of devices. And since the pandemic, all of the kids have become mini gamers. Sims is actually one of the easier games to find time for as all the kids like it. The older ones take turns playing on the PS4 and PS5, I play on the laptop, the 2 youngest watch and dictate to whoever's game looks the most interesting. Even my husband sometimes gets involved by building a house or two. The only game that is better for us during family time is Minecraft. As for my personal playstyle, I do a lot of rags to riches, off the grid stuff. I want to do a legacy but my sims all get too rich to fast in the Sims 4 to keep me interested long term.


I'm 33. I play the sims a ton. however, recently I have mostly enjoyed playing NSFW versions of it. ATM I have a strip club and most of my family are sexy ladies and men from the town that I have added for my prostitution ring that I run out of the floor above the strip club


my boyfriend's mom is 45 (I think) and loves the sims! she has every pack, and every pack for the sims 3 as well. we often talk about the sims with eachother, and she even bought me a few packs as well!


I'm in my 40s and play and have been playing since sims 1


Many mods are geared exclusively towards adults and are (hopefully) used primarily for adults, so I don't think you're alone! At this point everyone who has found memories of The Sims 1 is at least 26 years old at a minimum... I'm setting that as a minimum because I'm 26 and I was very young when my mom bought it for herself and I ended up playing it lol. A lot of sims players have been loyal since the very beginning!!!


43F Been playing since Sims 1. I've got all the packs and hundreds of hours on Sims 4. I mostly build. I don't use any CC.


I'm 36 too. Most of my friends know. I like to rebuild historical buildings. My lady bros were so interested they asked to join me. So I made a discord server and we'd drink dranks and decorate the shit out of the governors mansion together while we watched real housewives during covid. 10/10. Or great British baking show. Or comedy specials.


Wow, as a historian, this is my dream 😍 I like to recreate my favorite historic houses that are built in the city (since I’ll never afford them)


Does 52 count?


32, I am a secret Sims 4 player. 😂 Don't play loads, just sometimes, being at home because of Covid made me go back to Sims for the distraction and it worked!


I probably don't really count in this but I'm 27, and I've been playing the Sims since I was seven years old. My dad bought it for my sister (and him) to play along with me and it quickly became a lifelong interest of mine! I've never gotten into modding or custom content though, it feels a bit overwhelming to me ahahah. And to answer your question, I tend to lose interest in it after a few months of consistent playing and then I'll pick it up again when something interesting is added that I want to try. Work/life balance isn't much of a concern for me at the moment since I'm too unwell to actually work ahahha


I’m 39 and talk about it openly. I dgaf. Sims are the bomb


28F here still playing Sims! I do the thing where I get obsessive with it for a few months and then take a break for like a year 😂 but sim games are my favorite kind and usually one with cutesy styles! No shame in the kind of games you like to play, tell your partner to shut up lol


I’m 35, been playing since Sims 1, and I’d say I do so more than casually. My 9yo plays too, so we will have little building or CAS challenges. If I’m working from home, I’ve got my gaming PC going with the Sims running (passively playing) more often than not. Weekends when my kids are with their dad, I’ll spend an evening now and then playing. I mostly build, but I’ve got a new legacy save going right now. I play in waves, super into it for a few days then on a break for weeks..so there’s never really a balance issue. And I love that it’s something my kid and I can enjoy together.


I'm 32 and still play regularly. I played Sims 1 with friends, as couldn't afford a computer myself. At some point while Sims 2 was out we were a little better off and I played that series SO much, had tons of EPs (in fact I still do, all of the discs and cases, tucked away). When 3 was out I was once again not in a position to play financially, so persisted with Sims 2 for some time. Life got busy between Uni and work (struggling to remember exactly where 3 fell on that timeline!) so I played a lot less, but once I settled into a career and had more consistent time and money I got back to gaming and invested in Sims 4 - even though I wasn't always able to play I always wanted to, and was so glad when I could :) These days I play when I can but life can get in the way. Often too tired after work and I instead vegetate in front of the TV so I can switch off a bit more, but I do occasionally spend a whole weekend day building something ridiculous :P


I'm 31. Been playing since sims 1 came out. Only missing an expansion from S3 otherwise I have the entire collection 1-4 on pc right now. I love building all kinds of homes but my favorites are messy trailer parks. I don't really do legacy I just RP throughout the town until I'm bored. This game is really my own space. I play when I need to get away or let off steam. Sometimes it's really wholesome other times it gets kind of toxic. It all depends on my heads pace and what kind of outlet I need. I absolutely love this game. I love that it was a part of my childhood and im proud to still have it today ♡


I’m 46 been playing since the beginning!


38 here and still playing.


Hello! I'm 30 and have been playing since I was in high school. I was more of a casual player in my 20s, but now it's become an obsession again 😅 But I'm currently using it as therapeutic tool to sort out some issues in my life. I don't think most of my friends know I play Sims. There are maybe 2 who do know, but we never seem to have convos about it. Plus I'm a naturally private person, so I don't normally think to tell people 😂 The only other person who knows is my roommate, but I always get embarrassed when they see me playing at my desk lol I mostly focus on legacies l, though honestly I usually stick with one sim forever before moving on to the next Gen. Currently I have a couple and the girl got pregnant, but I wasn't ready for them to move to that, so I made that separate save and now have them living in an apartment and YA workaholics hehe


Do you mind explaining how you are using it at as a therapeutic tool? I've seen players talk about this before but don't know if they mean going beyond playing the game as a way to relax. I'm dealing and recovering with trauma so I'm curious of other ways I could be playing out scenarios in the game that may help.


Hey, yes of course! I use it to help envision certain things in my life I currently haven't achieved. Unfortunately my life isn't exactly where I want it to be, and a lot of the time I tend to beat myself up about that. But with the game, I get to play out these scenarios and help understand ways I can achieve these goals. I also have a huge issue letting go of the past and with being "perfect", and because of that, kinda love Sims doesn't allow us to rewind time. I used to play a "scene" out in the game and if it didn't play out the way I thought it should, restart the game without saving and redo it. I would do this over and over until I realized I wasn't playing or enjoying the game - I was just restarting the scene and trying to achieve this weird "perfection" that I wasn't proving to anyone but myself! :D I finally just started letting the chaos of the Sims be the chaos it is (the example of my current sims notwithstanding lol!), but in a way, it has helped me start letting go of the things I know I can't control and stop allowing these things to define me. It's a struggle, but I've gotten better at just...being, and I do think sims helped with that. I also prefer playing happy scenarios. I know everyone plays differently, but I can never get into torturing sims or creating a novel's worth of drama - not because I think it's bad playing that way or I have any real attachment to these pixel dolls, but just because the game allows a lot of range for players to create any type of world they want, and I enjoy the escapism - I like I don't have to worry about being a Black, bisexual woman in Sims the same way I worry about it in real life. And I think we all deserve a space to be our happiest. Sorry for the novel! <3 But all that to say, Sims has ironically helped me start working towards being a happier version of myself. I'm so sorry about whatever cause the trauma in your life and sending you the absolute best on your journey of recovery <3


Yep, I'm also 36!! I'll probably be laying on my deathbed someday and I'll whisper for my loved ones (not kids because I was too busy playing Sims to procreate) to come closer because I have something important to tell them... Me: My sim is one book away from a promotion, make sure to carry on my legaaaacy....**DIES**


You totally should talk to friends about it! I mentioned it to one of my closest friends and turns out she had every single expansion pack. HA! We chat about it often and I tell her all my favourite storylines to play. She was shook you could make a baby with Santa. Mentioned it in front of another mutual friend who ended up buying the game when it was on for $5. I tell my friends my storylines and talk about my houses and they're like "I WANT TO SEE!" and ask me to send them snaps of my houses. Share your joy! :) I feel you though on the sims love, I also have been playing since Sims 1 and have played every version since :). Love this game!


36 here. I love building, I do that more than anything. And wishing houses IRL cost simoleons


I'll be 30 in a few days, and I've been playing since Sims 1! (Found a copy for $0.25 at a garage sale) Played the crap out of Sims 2 and now playing the crap out of Sims 4! (Skipped 3 because they look weird and from what I've heard about it, I don't think my computer can handle it) I am definitely a rotational, legacy player. I do build, but I'm not crazy good at it. I'm lucky enough to have found a few coworkers who play and I can geek out about it with them!


I’m mid-40s (ugh lol) and play almost every day. It’s an escape from life and, in my case, disabled life, and I’ve played every iteration of it. I think simmers are some of the kindest and most creative people out there and am glad to be one!


I'm 52. I've been playing since the beginning. I play out scenarios I would love to see in books (or real life) and have a blast doing it! My daughter and I used to "share alternate neighborhoods" where I would play my Sims one day and she would play hers the next. Some of the things that happened because of it are hilarious and we still laugh about them.


Older male gamer, mid-50s. Started my Sim association with the first SimCity and was eager to play Sims when it first came out. I have my original disc still. Pretty much play Sims4 daily, have created lots of households, build when I need something specific, currently fighting a CC-addiction. (I'm losing). Just started a generational game. I have and play bunch of other games, from Dwarf Fortress and Civilization to console games like RDR II and NBA2K and otherwise. My "to play list" is over 100 games. Tell your husband it is a "**real game**". He's missing out.


I’m 30 and it depresses me how young people act like games are for younger people and you’re weird if you play. I don’t play Among Us in public lobbies anymore because I get harassed to tell my age and when I do I get called a creep. The Sims is a game I’ve played since I was like 10. I will probably play it for many years to come.


42F and my partners regularly shake their heads and say, "that goofy game," or somesuch. My biggest problem right now is I'll start a legacy challenge, something big IRL will happen that takes me away from the game for months or more, and then a new pack comes out that actually interests me so I end up starting a new save. *facepalm*


My mom is 53 and she’s been playing since the original Sims! Her favorite thing to do is build lots. She introduced me to the game when I was 5 and I’m still playing at 22 years old :)


I'm 31 and my sister is 34. We both play and have played since sims 1. I'm a little upset that you are getting teased. Why is playing sims at that age a bad thing? Why is that worse than any other game?


been wondering this recently, am glad to see i’m not the only one!


I'm 42. I played Sim City and The Sims back I the day, but found and got into The Elder Scrolls, so that took me away from The Sims for several years until I just couldn't stick with Elder Scrolls Online any longer. (MMOs just aren't my thing, I find social interaction too demanding while gaming) So I'm back to playing The Sims 4. I like rotational play. Not into families/kids really, but I do try since I like some of the premade familes. I play with aging off and just age up or cull Sims when I want to. Sometimes I'll marathon for hours and sometimes I won't touch the game for days. I like that freedom, and it's another reason I couldn't stick with an MMO. I do enjoy building, but my builds are kind of embarrassing compared to some of the creations on the gallery. 😆 Edited because it cut off my age, so I rewrote that line.


41, played since Sims 1. I teach high school and openly discuss my Sims preference with my students, if in a slightly self-mocking way. I love design and decorating and lots of different family dynamics. I loved having whole neighborhoods connected in the family tree in Sims 2. I play a few other things infrequently, but Sims (now 4) is my go-to constantly.


30F, single. Play on weekends and days off. Have almost 3k hours in sims 4. Don’t talk about it much as my mom thinks it’s weird and that I should be out meeting people more.


32 and I’ve been playing since TS1.


I'm 35 and also played since sims 1, I'm on Sims 4 now. I go through these bursts of obsession for a month or two and then put it down for a month or so, and repeat xD My main love is character creation. I like building my own and other characters from TV, movies, and anime. I can spend all day just doing that. The best is just putting them in a lot and letting them do their own thing for the most part. I've seen some really funny interactions that way. I really like building too, there's a good bit of freedom you get for builds~


I feel like a lot of Simmers are older and played the older games. I’m 32, and while I never played sims 1 or 2 when they came out (I’ve since played 2), I started playing with sims 3 and played base game for years before finally getting all the expansions. I got sims 4 a few years after its release and have all the packs for that too, although sims 3 is my favourite. It would be interesting to know how many Simmers are a bit older and how many are younger players. I usually play a few times a week, and I’m mostly a legacy player. I do enjoy building sometimes in sims 4, but I only build for my own sims families.


I'm only a couple years younger than you, still here! I can only play between chronic illness flares bc I can't sit at my computer those times. Unfortunately too disabled to have a job or anyone more dependant than a cat, so those aren't really concerns.


In my mid-30s and have been playing since the original as well with a long break between 2 and 4 (never played 3). My husband is pretty much the only one who knows and he’s very supportive…actually got me back into it when the sims 4 came out! I play in the evening when the kids go to bed if I’m not too tired so a few days a week for about 2 hours at a time. My husband will usually play one of his games and we’ll put on some music and chat so we play our separate games together and it makes for a relaxing evening!


28 been playing since I I was maybe 10? But it’s basically the only game I really invest time into... also sims 3 will always be the best and WTH happened with 4?.... SMH


30 something here and have been playing since the first Sims. All my gamer friends knows I play Sims4 and they don’t tease me about it. It’s very amusing to them when I make a Sims version that looks just like them. They get excited about it and want photos to share. They would ask me for updates about their Sims every now and then. I’m plagued with the binge. Go for several hours during that week and not play the game for a year or two. With the recent packs, the game is more enticing with contents that wasn’t included in previous version like the tiny home build. I’m impressed with how far the series has continued. I’m still single so I have plenty of flexible time to play. Recently I’ve been creating pets and people who I have lost over the years. It feels like I’m playing a very light Black Mirror episode recreating the relationship with loved ones that past away. Anyone doing that as well?


I’m 33F and I play whenever I can. I grew up playing video games and I’ll play when I get free time. Most of my friends also still play video games too. On the Sims, I mostly build houses then play in a bit and then move on to the next house!


Hi! 36F here! Now that my kids are a little older I have more time to play but it’s only an hour here and there. When they move out, it is all I’m going to do! Haha


Im older than 36! (And that's all I want to say on that lol) 🙋🏽‍♀️I get like, 2-3 hours to play a week. Worth it though! I have a rotational legacy I play, I'm on gen 5 (almost 6, but it'll probably take me a few weeks to get there lol). I like building too but honestly, it's mainly something I like to do stoned, and I don't get the opportunity to smoke very often so I don't spend a huge amount of time on building.


Another 35 year old player who's been playing since sims 1. I'm also just a gamer in general favoring western rpgs (especially bioware ones), mobas, action adventure, platformers, and the like.


Omg now I want a western themed pack! I guess we kind of got that with Strangeville


I am 36 and started playing when Sims 1 came. Played Sims 2 as well, but never 3. Stopped playing for many years until my oldest daughter was old enough to play. Introduced her to Sims 4 on Xbox. We both like it and I have since purchased all packs. I mostly build, but when I play I try to create crazy story lines and wierd sims. I also do not go around telling everyone that I play Sims. Its such a relaxing game.


35 here. Been playing on and off since sims 2 🙂


I’m 40 and I’ve been playing since I was like 17, you are never too old for this game :)


Im 35 , and been playing since sims 1 came out. Since the day i first played it i was hooked. Ive almostbeen playing every day actually , with with som pauses sometimes. Yepp i think i am one of the biggest sim nerd in the world. Sims is so big part of my life so without it i would feel like a half person😁😂


48F here! I’ve been playing since the day Sims 1 was released. I used to do legacy challenges and tell stories, but now I mostly build. I’m single and child-free so thankfully I can play whenever I want (just not during work hours :). I don’t think there’s any age limit for playing The Sims. I also watch animated movies, collect plushies, and occasionally eat ice cream for breakfast. It’s all fun and doesn’t hurt anyone!


29 and been playing since sims1 I absolutely love it! I have 3 children and I play daily!


I'm a 44F who has been playing since the original Sims. I like to play all sorts of video games, (xbox & PC) as I play with my husband and kids on the weekends. It was something the 4 of us could do together during the pandemic, and now we look forward to our lazy weekends where we have marathon gaming sessions. My co-workers know I'm a "gamer" and give me a good ribbing about it. I'm on this morning as I wait for my family to wake up. I'm the only Simmer and I'm okay with that. I like to play in peace. I tend to focus on one family for a while, then get bored with them and create another family for them to friend. I've just recently started playing around with generational play and with Mods.


I’ve been playing since the first game too! 34 here, I started in 2000 or 2001, so I was 13 I think? I don’t think it’s that weird to play it - my boyfriend plays plenty of video games (Breath of the Wild is a good example since Zelda games were coming out way before 2000) so why should I feel “too old” for it 😂 Also, I don’t feel old in the first place yet. Just when it comes to cringy Tiktok teen stuff, haha. I’ve JUST played the build aspect for the last…10 years? I always wanted to be an interior designer so this is my outlet for that. If I have free time (or a sick day) I’ll play for a whole day or two at a time, then go back to not playing for a couple of months.


I already know I’ll be playing long into my senior years without any doubt, except I’m a computer caveman and will need tech experts to set me up with a gaming system with sims 10 and all the expansions installed!! Looking forward to it, actually. I’m gonna be SimGran 1000%.


I'm 33 and i play the Sims since I was 12 so I understand you I love the franchise so much I'm on 13 generation in my the Sims 4


I was in middle school when my parents bought me the triple deluxe edition of sims 1.. I loved to build houses and At the time you couldn’t just build (or I didn’t know how), so I used to have families of 6 adults who lived to work and earn enough money for me to buy the wallpaper I liked and stuff like that. They never went above the middle of their career because you needed friends and all they did was work.. fun times. I played sims 2,3 and 4 since then and everyone of them have their pros and cons, I ‘m in my 30s now and play every now and then, mainly during lazy weekends :)


44/f here. I've been playing since the original PC SimCity. When The Sims 1 came out, I was like "dude, that's for me!". At the time I was into MMPORGs so it was a huge change for me. Anyway, I've always loved playing even if I went for periods without doing so--like when my son was born. I live the decorating and sim creation parts the most.


Yep. I’m 33 this year and I’ve been playing since The Sims was released when I was like 12. I don’t think it’s any more a children’s game than anything else out there, and even if it is considered that, I like it. :)


I’m in my mid thirties and started playing when TS1 Unleashed was released. I’m now a parent but still play daily for 2-3hr on an evening if I’m not going out, after my kid is in bed. I’m a generational player and usually spend around 100-150hr on each main Sim in the generation from birth to death, having a few kids and choosing my favourite to be my new main Sim. I’ve had a few comments from mum friends about how it’s insane I have time to play video games for hours per day, but I think it’s a bit of envy as they say they don’t have time for hobbies or interests due to the kids. We got our son into a real good sleep schedule early on so he’s asleep for 6.30pm and awake again at 7am, with naps in the day, which gives us a good 14-15hr per 24hr to ourselves to chill, sleep, do our hobbies. Once he’s in bed it’s the main thing I do if I’m not seeing friends or going anywhere (and we’ve been in endless lockdowns). When he’s awake I don’t use screens of any kind and I’m fully focused on him. I work too. I have other hobbies too but I can’t say I’ve ever felt judged for playing it, it’s just a fun hobby like many things. If someone judged me for doing something I enjoyed that didn’t hurt anyone else I’d think pretty poorly of them and not value their opinion tbh! I love this game so much and feel very lucky that I have the time and resources to enjoy it so frequently! 20 years of Simming and I don’t see myself stopping. It is funny when I see players say that anyone who thinks TS4 is a good game must be new to the series though, I’ve played each version for thousands of hours each and they’ve all been fantastic in their own unique way but TS4 is definitely my all time favourite.


I’d be surprised btw if the bulk of Simmers weren’t older, in their late twenties and beyond, as we’re the ones who started with TS1 as kids and then stayed with it! It seems natural that a huge chunk of the player base would be long term players.


I'll be 35 in November and have played since ts1, shortly after it was released. I have no friends who play and annoy my fiance, who is a gamer himself, with my stupid stories of my sims. It'd be nice to have a friend to share this stuff with, but I settle for reading everyone's posts here :)


32 here been playing since sim 1 and played every version even medieval! I play lots of other games but always loved the sims, building is my favourite even started a youtube to push me to create better content. My other half is very supportive of my love for it. don't feel embarrassed play what makes you happy it's your free time!


Almost 30 year old occasional player here. If a game is fun doesn't matter how old you are. I've not played 4 as much as 3, whilst the graphics are nicer found the lack of open world and shallower skills system frustrating. New expansion looks good though, love being self sufficient in the Sims.


I’ll be 40 in Nov. I’ve been playing since the sims 2 and have no plans to quit any time soon lol. I also play WOW and various video games. It’s a hobby. No different than bird watching, knitting or collecting stamps 🤷‍♀️ Well maybe a little different. It’s way more fun 😉


33 and still remember the original Sims! I stopped playing Sims (gaming altogether) for a few years, so when I got back into it 6 months ago.. Sims was once again on my radar. I've been playing every day since! Mainly I do the gameplay, but occasionally I can't find a house I like in the gallery and spend that time (I try to cap it at 2 hours) making a new build. It's an obsession though because when I'm not playing.. I'm watching YouTubers play it haha. Sims is freaking awesome and I'm counting down the days for the farming lifestyle!


42F checking in. I played The Sims way back when it first came out but skipped 2 and 3 because of "stuff". Been playing TS4 on Xbox for several years (possibly since about 2017 - I would need to check my PayPal history 🤭😂). I play all kinds of different ways. My "main" save right now is based around a challenge I set myself and am in the process of writing up to share - it has it's own back story and "base" characters. Yes, I may have a minor obsession as it's basically what my own website is being relaunched around... I follow a lot of TS4 YouTubers, twitch streams etc. I play anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days each week, depending on what's going on (I live with my partner, a cat and two dogs). I'm also lucky enough that I have a colleague who also plays TS4 - we have become good friends and the game is one of the reasons why!


I'm 37.


33 here! Played Sims 1 as a kid, Sims 2 as a teenager, mainly skipped Sims 3 and came back to Sims 4 in my 30s. Used to play the other Sims games too - I still maintain Sim Ant was perfect. Very nostalgic for Sim Town too, and Sim Tower.


I'm 36 too!


Not quite the age group you're looking for, but I'm 28. I'm married with 2 kids, and Sims is how I zone out st the end of the day. Eta, started with sims 1 as a kid


29 here and still playing frequently


I've played since the 1st expansion. 31f here. I was probably like 10 when my mother bought the first game and we were obsessed with it. I remember when date night came out, it was so fun. My fave from that series was the magic expansion. I remember have all the crystals and I think having fairies and stuff it was great. Sims 2 came out and I played that one, I think that had the college expansion which was super fun. Largely skipped sims 3 because it seems like so many games were coming out it was hard to afford. Then I settled down and got sims 4 and I have some of those expansions. My mom doesn't really play anymore but I still do. Me and my cousin used to always play too. I haven't really completed any challenges or have a particular style but right now I'm trying to achieve a villain legacy family. Also loved sims city 4. Not sure whats out for that now.


In my 40s and my sister is 50 and we both play. I've played since Sims 1 but she got into it recently. Nothing wrong with being older. Games are not restricted to younger people.


I'll be 35 in August and I've been playing since Sims 1 as well. My Husband is a "gamer" and he doesn't understand why I'm so obsessed with the game, but I don't mind his opinion. I freely talk about it as well in social situations. I have no shame, lol. I'm really not into using cheats anymore and mostly focus on legacies now. When I was younger I was always using cheats and it was all about the builds. I don't play as often as I'd like but once I do load up the game I usually spend a whole day, 8+ hours, playing. I should note that I don't have children so that frees up a lot of my time.


I forgot to mention that my Husband has played in the past but it's not really his thing, he enjoys MMO's. He's told me that he'd love to play Sims with me at the same time if that's something EA ever opens up. I know they did Sims Online quite a few years ago, although I never got into that. Tried Sims mobile for a few weeks and then deleted that app, lol.


Im 33 now but when I was 12 I remember the commercials on TV for The Sims. My family didn’t even own a computer yet, but my mom and dad drove to the nearest Gateway store and we got our first desktop… it came in 3 giant boxes! The Sims was mind blowing to me, so much of my youth was spent playing those games. It was my first computer game at home. It’s a memory I like thinking about, going with mom and dad to the computer store (they really had entire stores dedicated to it, it was like buying a new phone back then.) Both of my parents have passed away and my mom loved being on the computer, playing Solitare. She was a gamer.. anyway it just makes me think about time passing.. 21 years ago!


Older than you and still play 😁


I am 29 and play the sims, but mostly just building and creating worlds. The game play can get boring.


35 here, been playing since the start! Sims earnestly helped me grow into one of my careers- landscape design. It’s such a cool creative tool, on top of just a lovely little game, and anyone who wants to make fun of that is just a stick in the mud.


i’m 33 & i’ve been playing since sims 1 (& sim city & all the zoo/theme park building games before that). i’m on & off, i’ll play like crazy for a couple of weekends & then not touch it for a month. i’m still terrible at building!! but i always have at least 3 games going: one where i cheat nonstop, one that i legitimately play, & one with an evil sim lol. i used to not really tell anyone that i played but then i realized, what’s the difference between me playing the sims or my boyfriend running around, pretending to be a sniper with his buddies on xbox?? & of course it was all in my head, nobody has ever cared lol


I am 30, mom of a nearly 3yo and a 6 months old. I play since Sims 1 and I do not plan on stopping 😄 I play, if I am lucky, 1 or 2 evenings a week when both kids are in bed and my lovely husband takes the evening shift of watching them to get me some "me time" (when they do not sleep calmly enough to simply set up a babyphone, if they do, he might as well take some me time the same evening). I find it really relaxing to zone out of your everyday problems and stresses with kids with the Sims and it never stopped being lighthearted fun for me!


I'm 32 and play the sims. I found it weird for a while after I had a baby - having a real family to care for and all, but I've learned to embrace the love for the game and I can't let it go. My sister (34) still plays the game as well.


32 and just got back to it!


I'm 35 and have been playing since The Sims. Since Sim City, on my cousin's NES, actually. Lol. I'm a simmer from way back. I play differently depending on my mood. Sometimes I design houses, sometimes I play with my main family (a recreation of my own family, with a 3rd child added for aspirations), sometimes I kill off Sims in other families after creating extra drama in their families.


34 year old ladyyyyy. I think I borrowed someone's copy of OG Sims and was hooked. I don't know what happened to my disks of Sims2 but I still have a couple expansions of Sims3 on disk, some others on Steam but I can't remember my damn password for that old account!! I feel suuuuper weird talking about it with my friends who are "real gamerz" it's like if you don't play FPS or console games you're not a real gamer. 🤔


Actually I don’t think it’s strange sims 4 or any sims game has older players! It came out like 20 years ago when it was normal for people, like a kid to 25, to be playing these games. Why stop? I’ve been playing these games since I was like 4 (started with the first one lmao) up till now and I never ever ever ever ever plan on stopping, I love these types of games too much lmao. Why WOULD you stop playing a game you love? I think it’s perfectly acceptable and normal


I am 28 and I started with sims 1. I don’t usually tell people that I play, but I casually mentioned it to my best friend through text. Come to find out she loves sims just as much as I do :) now we update each other on our games, send pictures of houses we build and sims we create, talk about which packs we like/dislike. I would have never known if I wouldn’t have brought it up. It took our friendship to another level, as cheesy as it sounds.


Not a 30 year old but i am an 18 year old dude with friends who would absolutely laugh at me if they knew i played the sims


I’m a 49 yo woman and have played since the beginning, have almost 2500 hours in 4, tho I’ll never be happy until they bring back create a style. I’m eagerly awaiting news of a Sims 5, b/c I think 4 has run it’s course and I’m ready to move on. I play many other games and have no plans on quitting and ‘acting my age.’ I played Pong back in the day and now I marvel over the wonders I see in No Mans Sky. There’s no age limit for games because your imagination never gets old.


I’m 28 (29 in a week) and played sims since the original sims one 18 years ago. I have friends who are 10-20years older then me who also play sims, and have played sims since the 1st one.


I’m mid thirties! Been playing since Windows 95 on our very first home computer in the living room. Came with dial up and mom always yelling at us to get offline cause she wants to make a call.


I'm 30 and still play. I mostly enjoy building houses and decorating, but I like the gameplay overall. I have a few friends my age that play as well. I felt embarrassed to admit I play the sims but I think a lot of people enjoy it regardless of age.


My mum calls me over to see her sims builds quite often during the weekends. She's 51 and still plays the sims 3 as often as she can, but she absolutely detests cas and just sticks to building houses for sims that she'll never play with.


I'm just glad to know that there are people my age and above who play as well. Gotta admit sometimes Reddit makes me feel ancient. Lol


In my late 30s, started with 2 on my very first computer because my parents’ computer could not handle 1. Played 3 and am now playing 4. I will probably keep playing until the franchise is retired and I can no longer find emulators.


50 here. Been playing since Sims 1 as well, but skipped Sims 3.


I'm 30 and I like legacy but I will also play a completionist run. I take a toddler sim, turn off aging, and try to learn every skill and collect all the collectibles, only aging up once all the possible skills for that age have been maxed. As a perfectionist I find it very satisfying.


Yup, almost 40. Been playing since Sims 1.


Cindy (PleasantSims) is 36 iirc


I'm 36 and play Sims regularly, along with a couple other games. I played Sims 1 back in the day and started on Sims 2 as well but stopped playing for a long time. Got back into Sims last year and I play at least once a week.