It’s weird, bc there are stands in part 8 that have nice coloring, SnW, Paisley Park, KQ, Vitamin C and some other are just one color. Even tho I wish SK was colored like you shown I actually think that the red burning color is fine. It reminds me of heated up metal, which references its ability sorta. But stands like Schlott Key (poison one) and Ozone Baby that are just one airbrushed color is really lazy and boring.


I think Ozone Baby is fine because the "Humanoid Form" is just an illusion made out of gas, so I think the singular colour for it makes sense.


Yep they took the airbrush effect and decided the entire stand would be colored by that. Hopefully the anime fixes it in 40 years


40 years? yet another jojo optimist


Too solid which conflicts with Araki's intricate designs


I like the burning single red, it looks intimidating as if he touches you you might get burned. But I totally agree some stands being just a brush of a color is kinda boring


Idk if this has been talked about before, but I've seen some complains in the past that some of the official color scans for Jojolion have a lazy color palette, being reduced to a single color (Speed King being the worst offender in my opinion). I think one-main-color stands work in the cases of Paisley Park, Fun Fun Fun and a few others, but what you guys think of it? ​ I ask this cause I work with making fanmade stands, but the colors are always a challenge, so I'm hoping to have a better understanding of what makes it "good" or "jojo-like" Edit: I made the color changes on SK in the right to illustrate my point


Ironically I think speed king is one of the rare examples where the single color works because it really conveys that hot burning metal feeling


Yeah I like the burning metal but i dont like that the hat is the same colour or the cloth wraps on the arms


Yeah Shueisha kind of dropped the ball here. I would have thought that with JJL’s monthly schedule they’d have more time to get creative with the colourings but I dunno.


actually making it fully red makes it look like it's actually made out of genuine heat which is pretty cool to me, when animated I could well see it "waving" (kinda like mirages)


Most of them suck there’s five different red and yellow stands within the part including the main villain’s stand. Some are just one color such as speed king, doobie wah, ozone baby. For some reason the air brush glow is really bright here, in previous parts it was either really subtle or not even present at all. I think it’s funny that the color schemes that actually look good are usually because they’re based on color schemes Araki has done before.


Yeah, I think the stands should reference araki’s actual art more. I think by far the best coloured stand and character in part 8 is Yotsuyu because it’s identical to one of arakis illustrations


I don't think they're nearly as bad as people say they are, but they could definitely be better.


Gets really lazy at times. Apart from Speed King, it butchered the main villain's design. Look at [this](https://jojowiki.com/Wonder_of_U). The [fanart](https://www.reddit.com/r/StardustCrusaders/comments/igdo03/fanart_so_i_coloured_wonder_of_u_from_jojolion/) looks so much better.


The 'official' colour looks like it constantly has a dark red filter over it or something


It’s even more confusing because it would have looked 10 times better if they just [kept the outfit colors they already gave the Stand, when in disguise.](https://static.jojowiki.com/images/1/19/latest/20221218185855/JJL_Chapter_104.png)


Everyone simultaneously agrees that Tooru & Wonder of U should have a silver and gold color palette


Didn’t realize you asked me when you were doing your big census


I see people agreeing on how they should look by GrandGuerilla's designs. Having Silver and Gold thing is news to me. So you definitely overestimated that palette with "everyone"


I just see a lot of silver and gold palettes when it comes to fan colorings, and obviously “everyone” is hyperbole.


Nah I like the red, makes it look more menacing.


I just feel like the stand is meant to blend in with the hospital just as Tooru is meant to blend in with the public, having eyesore neon colors that are either too dark or clash don’t really help their case


Tooru literally has teddy bears sewn onto his sleeves


Obviously he’s supposed to be dressed like a JoJo character, I just mean in a, you know, JOJO CHARACTER context. You wouldn’t suspect someone with his outfit to be the main villain, but he managed to pull a fast one on us bc he blended in


Wonder of U is a really weird Stand since its more of a natural phenomenon rather than a typical punchy ghost. Holly even says how everybody can see the head doctor, but he looks different to everyone, and they always forget how he looks, only those who know he’s a Stand end up seeing the true form of the mechanical face rather than the old man. I’ve always interpreted the colors we see as the colors that the characters are feeling at the time, if that makes any sense. We see him as red and glowing since (from a meta standpoint) that’s our threat, that’s the dangerous hurdle that our heroes must now overcome. Let’s say you have a girlfriend that you love. Your perception of her would automatically transform if you were to found out she was cheating on you right? You literally wouldn’t be able to see her in the same way anymore, even if other people still can. That’s kinda the analogy I mean.


I don't know man, Jojo isn't really known for designs blending in lol


As I said in another comment, it blends in in a JOJO CONTEXT. Obviously he’s gonna be dressed like a JoJo character, but the point is he blends in as a random side character rather than the main villain


As lazy as possible.


idk I read in b&w nah but fr it's horrible, I like the glow but other than that it just sucks


They look like crap, which is a shame since most Stands in JJL have pretty solid designs


Speed King's Shueisha colors are so horrendous that it never even occurred to me that the stand was wearing bandages


I use to think they were fine, but now seeing that recolored speed King, the "official" colours are super bland


I actually love them, the simple (usually one tone) palettes and the glow effect the color scans put on makes them feel really "ghostly", which feels appropriate to how stands in Jojolion are treated. The punch ghost often does nothing, just appears behind the user- and usually rarely. Stands feel way less physical than previous parts due to the coloring which is cool idk. Most fan coloring I see for stands like Speed King or Doobie Wah! over-color, especially the one you posted, sorry. It's not like Shueisha is opposed to coloring complicated stands; Nut King Call, Vitamin C, I am a Rock, King Nothing. They're all great.


You did an amazing job, and probably what it'll look like animated. But for some odd reason I like the fully colored one and I don't know why


This coloring is much better


hope they're made more interesting in the future because right now some of them are kind of weak


Yeah, especially Wonder of U


Was never a fan of the coloured scans for many reasons. This only solidified my opinion.


I've never had a problem with the colors up until JJL, where they just stopped trying half the time.


Yeah, definitely. For some reason some parts have amazing choice of colors and attention to detail, but others are "lackluster" to say the least.


There could definitely be some better color schemes in the part. Stands like Soft and Wet, Paisley Park and Wonder of U are fine, but some like Speed King are not good.


I don’t like how the stands become less humanoid and overall just weird looking compared to part 3-6


I relly like the stands, but the colors in the colored manga are like "blank" in a certain way


I love yellow Soft and Wet


I love pink Soft and Wet, yellow is cool too!


they really did most of the stands dirty


I think the digital colour team really could have done a better job with this part's stands honestly


King Nothing, Paisley Park, and Born This Way were my favs Blue Hawaii and Wonder of U are really cool Vitamin C and Ozone Baby were a neat concept but their arcs were too long imo, made them pretty boring after a while


Wow it looks creepier. Amazing


I like this coloring, I really do! I like the placement of the gray and the slightly red orange and how the bandage parts are well, bandages. And I like the introduction of gold here. That said, I MUCH prefer the original. Simply because it’s such a HUGE contrast between every other stand in the part. That uniform fire orange going across the entire body serves SK very well, especially in contrast with the user. I just feel like the recolor doesn’t really fit that well with what the stand is. Still amazing placement regardless!


Some comments here say they like it because it’s reminiscent of heated metal, but I think that should only apply to the actual metal parts. Other elements of SK’s design like the gauze-wrapped arms, the upper chest, neck, and face being orange is plain lazy.


idk i like them tbh


Speed King looks WAY cooler in the righthand image. He looks scary honestly. When he's all red he looks like a weird action figure.


Some of the designs seem lazy to me like as if they thought glowing colors looked cool.




Wait there r other colours I only sore the first one


The second one is an edit I made


I think this stand makes the one color work. Idk if its just that I've seen it enough to where I'm more used to it or what, but I think it looks kinda cool.


Not as good as 7 but they don’t bother me


its like they just put a filter on the stands


Its weird but not in a good way Its not Bizarre It looks like Some gundam stand or power ranger Color scheme


I like the original colors for Speed King. I personally think that he look like a dusty robot someone pulled out of the sand.


Most of them are very bad


They just spray painted everything, it looked too glowy and boring


Onw color design waa a okay dor me in the manga because ir gavebus everything we wanted at manga But the secind one is interesting too. I never had a problem with colors in jojo


It’s so bland. They just used airbrush tool and called it a day


Too monochromatic


I havent read part 8 yet and idk what this stand is called but it looks like a stalker from Half-Life 2


Tbh i really do like the style of using one color. It makes them look so much more ghastly, like an actual intangible spirit rather than something that seems super physical. Many characters will note how a stand doesnt seem physical or that a physical object doesnt seem like a stand and i think the ghostly glow of a solid color shows it off nicely


all-red SK is colored better.


I really like that they are mostly one color but it just doesn't feel like Jojo's color scheme, like that weird yet beautiful Bruno from old commercials


They fit quite well with the stands but I doubt they are the best option for their colors