Physically he is the most powerful character though some of the stands would be able to take him on


Isn’t he able to copy the ability of any life form, meaning he could copy anyones stand as well?


No, because stands aren't lifeforms, and he would still not share someone's fighting spirit if he replicated them


He could copy the stand virus and give himself one tho.


Well then he would just have his own stand


really? i doubt star platinum or the world would be able to take him on. i think only ger, ta4, s&w:gb and wou ciuld beat ultjmate kars


So long as ultimate Kars is in his humanoid form and close range, Star Platinum or The World could possibly stop time and damage him before he could transform but he could likely heal from anything they can do. D4C Love Train could probably take him on though.


The guy said some of the stands could take him, and you disagree yet then name multiple stands that could take him on lol?


GER easily would win. Heavens Door aswell


yes, i think only 5 or 6 stands could beat ultimate kars. hes definitely top 10 strongest


I suppose Superfly and Boy II Man might be effective though both of them are kinda avoidable. Was thinking maybe Cheap Trick but Kars might just be able to survive that. Chariot Requiem could defeat hm as it would just swap Kars into another body. Thats all i can think of. Havent read part 8 yet so idk if there is anything with the right power to defeat Kars in there


Boy II Man couldn’t beat him because it specifically requires you to beat him at rock paper scissors. If Kars had Wamuu’s personality then maybe that could work, but even then it would be based on pure luck. Kars is shown to use underhanded tactics at every opportunity, so he would never engage in a game like that


Yea thats what i meant by its avoidable. Were Kars to enter the game he could lose tho unless part of being the perfect lifeform is to always know the right pick at rock paper scissors so i felt it was worth mentioning


Even if Kars were to lose at rock paper scissors, what could Boy II Man take away from him?


GER would have struggle to kill him, but GeR could do his life energy Lazor shit.


GER could reset whatever transformation he chooses and, as it still retains any GE powers, it could also probably force Kars into whatever different form.


I do wonder if he could regenerate fast enough to survive Killer Queen exploding him


As well as The Hand, assuming Okuyasu doesn't fuck it all up


Ngl kars would probably just split himself or something to dodge it


I don’t think ger could beat him. I don’t think him punching the shit out of him could kill him anymore than any other stand could. The most he could do is just stall him until the end of time


i swear then it comes to physical strength ger is not really that strong, probably because of diavolo seemingly not getting as much damage is im used to


In my opinion he's pretty overlooked because he's from the parts before Stands which has been the main 'thing' for Jojo since part 3 began. While he is a very powerful character (Not considering Stands, probably the most powerful) there are several Stands both canon and non canon that would be able to take him out.


are there? can't he literally not die though


Killer Queen, Star Platinum (unsure), GER, Made in Heaven (unsure), Green Day, Purple Haze, C-Moon. Haven't read parts 7 & 8 Edit: Heaven's Door, The Hand, Cream


Cream too


I thinks there's a few stands in part 7 that can beat Kars, but I won't spoil it for you


killer queen is really the only one there that could beat kars also maybe c-moon


I don't wanna insult anyone but are you stupid?


quite possibly


Have you not watched part 5?


how would GER actually kill kars tho the general thing here is that to kill kars you would have to completely destroy him, simple punchy stands wouldn't do GER would bring the fight to a permanent stalemate


Who said anything about killing? The person you replied to said "take him out". Which is exactly what GER does, or would you argue Diavolo hasn't been defeated yet?


i guess i'm specifically talking about KILLING kars, not beating him in a fight


Then you're not really talking about the same thing as the person you're replying to...


i realise that now


GER's ability is literally to stalemate, you don't need to kill him to activate GER's ability, he would also not be able to perceive GER so he'd be able to reach kars


GER doesn’t have to kill Kars. It would prevent Kars from ever reaching the truth.


That doesn’t contradict what they said at all.


Ger is the strongest and fastest stand and can cause the mind to go berserk which is shown to make the pain more extreme. Considering kars still feels pain as shown in the volcano and can become brain dead as shown by his brain shutting down in space like a humans would, this probably is enough to kill him or at least break him mentally and then RTZ makes it an endless loop


How could KQ kill Kars?


Things Killer Queen turns into bombs vaporize on an atomic level once detonated. So if KQ managed to turn Kars into a bomb, the explosion would wipe him from existence.


Couldn't Kars like somehow make his body immune to the explosion?


Killer Queen turns whatever it touches into a bomb. You can't make yourself immune from an explosion if you are the explosion, if you see what I mean.


Okay thanks I guess it makes sense now


Imagine Killer Queen touch planet earth 💀


The Hand most likely couldn’t kill Kars because it has never been shown to be able to erase a full person in one go (the size of its erasure isn’t that big) and Kars would regenerate whatever pieces The Hand erased off of him. It’s also so slow that Kars would outspeed it and kill the user before getting hit


superfly, cheap trick, potentially whitesnake (it can remove bodily functions so it could plausibly just remove Kars's ability to adapt)


highly doubt that cmoon green day and star platnium could beat it


He can very much die in the case that he's completely destroyed before he has the chance to regenerate.


i mean yea that


Wonder of U for one is basically unbeatable, also D4C Love Train.


i mean i feel like kars is busted enough to largely ignore wonder of u


Only a few stands can take him on. He's definitely up there but he ain't the best


Idk, how would we measure his power? Yes, technically some stands would match up to him, maybe so far to the point he can't regenerate in some way or protect himself from something he can't see (such as if he faced The Hand, D4C, GER, Made in Heaven, Soft and Wet Go Beyond, Tusk Act 4 and maybe Wonder of U), but considering he possesses the power to access any known organism, combine it to create new ones, sensing people's abilities based off their body heat, able to do mitosis and photosynthesis, learning the ripple all combined with his alleged 400 IQ, in addition to all other abilities not mentioned above, it's hard to determine whether or not there's any known way to match up to him. Perhaps factoring the Rokakaka or any new material released in JOJOLands will provide us with an energy or being beyond possessing every ability in the animal kingdom. What do you guys think?


He’s real strong but a handful of stands can beat him, he is criminal under talked about though.


Mostly due to being the only main villain who doesn't have a stand. Doesn't help that Kars is near or at the bottom for most fans favorite main villain.


Now he’s chillin on the moon with enel


He can certainly beat most characters but he can still be beaten with some stands they don’t even need to kill him to win.


Uhhh uhhh hold on but the lock can beat Kars so he weak. Ha ha Argument decimated


He feels no empathy/simpathy for anyone so..... yeah the lock means nothing to him




I mean he *is* the Ultimate Lifeform. My headcanon is that only the most powerful stands (GER, D4C Lovetrain, Tusk Act IV, S&W-GB and The Hand) could even have a chance to beat him.


Kars is drastically overrated. He’s in the top 50 most powerful JoJo characters, tops, or at the very least I can list like 30 who can pretty easily kill or incapacitate him. Kars seems strong because he was strong- relative to Joseph Joestar, a non-stand-user, who he fought basically 1v1 (stronheim did help, but not much.) Consider that every single main villain since then has been run up on by an entire squad of Stand-users, the weakest of whom are probably still stronger than Joseph (considering Joseph himself, with a Stand, was still one of the weakest Stand-users.)


Bruh what?? We're talking about Ultimate Kars here. He literally cannot die. I'd love to see your list of 30 characters who could beat him


What in the world do you mean he “literally can’t die?” My guy was literally about to die from lava if he didn’t get out in time. His powers are 1- Pillar Man regeneration. Very good, but doesn’t work if your body is obliterated. Obliterating a pillar man if they’re immune to Hamon and the sun is difficult, but not impossible, as we see from how lava is close to doing it. 2- The combined abilities of all natural life. This includes pillar men obviously, humans (including Hamon warriors, but not stand users since he doesn’t have Stand powers), and all animals, whose abilities he can mix and match at will. 3- Natural immortality. This means he won’t age, doesn’t need to eat or breathe, and can turn to stone like other Pillar Men. This doesn’t mean he literally can’t be killed. If lava could kill him (it could) then no doubt Magician’s Red, which can vaporize metal, or The Sun, which can obliterate stone (both near-instantaneously) can turn him to slag. It goes without saying that The Hand, Cream, and Killer Queen can obliterate him. Green Day and Notorious B.I.G. also reduce him to nothing. White Album can create an environment where no life can survive, so best case scenario he stops thinking. Whitesnake removes his discs (which immediately incapacitates him and eventually kills him), Purple Haze probably kills him (but I admit he may be able to develop immunity, since even though no existing organism has immunity to Purple Haze, hypothetical future lifeforms do.) Heaven’s Door and GER are lmao situations. He can maybe counter Cheap Trick by transforming into a two-faced lifeform with no back? DIO with his The World just runs away from Kars until he can stop time long enough to shove Kars in something unsurvivably dangerous like a nuclear reactor or a crematorium or something. That’s like 10 sure ones and some more possible ones off the top of my head without considering the SBR universe, nor mentioning that most Stands can incapacitate Kars just by fucking hugging him such that he is trapped in their unbreakable hold. (In the case of Hermit Purple, Stone Free, Hierophant Green, and so on, that’s actually an extremely reasonable tactic.) People seriously just buy into Kars’ own hype about himself. He surpasses all natural life, but natural life is utterly helpless in the face of Stands. If you wank Kars to be able to copy Stand power, sure, he’s almost unbeatable, but that is simply not in the text.


Stands are the manifestation of mental willpower and psychisch prowess. Kars is the God of all life and organic matter. The mastery of the physical. They are two completely different domains. But while all the stand users are just masters of their craft, Kars is a God in his field. We have never seen those two fight against each other.


Cool, list 30 characters then.


*lists thirty versions of funny valentine*


He’s overrated as hell. He’s definitely not the most powerful character either


Definitely not the most powerful character


Physically he's easily the strongest and he could take out a huge amount of stand users, but there are a couple that he would lose to


I think the main reason people overlook him alot when debating all the villains is because PHYSICALLY he was the strongest, by far. But his soul, which is where hamon and stands come from, was not the strongest. He didnt have a stand, and could probably be defeated by a good amount of the close range power types.


Considering Jorge Joestar, then yeah he may be more powerful than most stand users.




Ultimate Kars would body any stand user, it must be said. People don’t remember what was going on in Part 2, it was said very clearly by the narrator: Kars had conquered the Earth and all life. The only thing that could surpass him was fate itself. I think GER is the only thing in the 1-6 Jojoverse that could have stopped Kars by trapping him in an infinite loop of evolution (constantly suffering terrible fates like the volcano bath where he survives and evolves but never quite reaches perfection). GER is the only stand that actively changes fate (and Rolling Stones).


Kira could annihilate him, if he got close enough. I guess Chariot Requiem could too, but Kars would be able to figure out the sun if he sees Chariot Requiem. White Snake could take his abilities, He could Recover from C-Moon, Made in Heaven wouldn't be able to damage him even with the Speed. Tusk Act 2,3 and 4 could at least endlessly torture him. WoU could damage him quite badly and, given how Calamity works, most definitely kill him, Same as Soft and Wet: Go Beyond.


Without a Stand, he cannot beat even certain mid-tier users like Okuyasu. The weakest Stand using villain, Kira, can atomize him with his weakest attack.


I feel like the only way to beat Kars would be something that either A. Destroys him entirely at a cellular level B. Banishes him from the Earth C. Strips him of his abilities. Stands like Star Platinum or The World could time stop and pummel the crap out of him, but I feel like all that would do is delay him, as any damage they did would regenerate. Utility stands may work. If say, White Snake, Heaven's Door, or other Stands with the ability to mess with somebody's mind got a chance, they MAY be able to do something. Though the question is, say, if his disks were removed, would it stop him, or would he somehow re-adapt around it? How much can Heaven's Door change? Could it change enough to actually halt Kars? Then you got utility Stands. Koichi could lock Kars in place... but Kars would probably just burrow down out of range. Sticky Fingers could seperate him, but I think each part could just function on it's own and take out Bruno. King Crimson would basically just helplessly dodge until he finally messed up or such.


Only a few stands could beat him. Btw GER cant, but he also can't be beaten too so it'd end in a tie. The only stands i can see winning against this guy are D4C, Tusk, Soft and Wet and MAYBE Grateful Dead.


He can’t be dead, but Joseph got lucky that he blocked punch with a stone