And when you think it's too late and don't invest, it's just about to take off.


Both of these are the story of my life lol


So Sunday night I tried to buy BTC which I was going to split between a few alt coins. Both of my banks stopped the transactions. Turns out they no longer support crypto transactions. I’d have enough profit to pay off a loan had they gone through. Universe said “fuck you” and now I’m here with my initial outlay and a loan. Awesome...


How come you didn't buy Bitcoin at 800 1000 20000


I owned 2000 btc many years ago, before it had a tangible value. Sold them to some random dude on RuneScape for £100. Thought i was the luckiest guy on the planet...


That’s SNDL for me :(


I’m glad I went with my guy and got out. Was able to churn a small profit.


You must be the wind


Then how do we get a leg up and find out about this stuff early on?


You can't. You'll always perform below the market longterm if you're following a crowd. Always. The only way to beat the market is to learn to do your own research. The only time you should care what you hear about is when it is already on your watch list. And even then, you have to gain enough knowledge to use the person's research without adopting their conclusions.


That’s literally just repeating my question. Saying do your own research doesn’t really help because I’m asking about research to begin with. My intent isn’t to follow the crowd. My question is about how one can properly find companies to evaluate? Certain scanning metrics? Certain paid or unpaid news articles? What do people use and where do they get started?


Where I started (using the Fidelity web interface) is with the "market movers" list. I select "biggest % losers" at the end of the day, and then I switch to each different market, paying special attention to NASDAQ. Half of these just had a spike (like GME recently...) and can be ignored. Find the ones that are actually down from their longterm price. Separate all those. Now look at their charts closely; are they down this year, but still below their historical highs? Good. Now look at their industry; is their sector down? Good! When will it go back up? In the summer? That means the price will recover soon, when the summer economic outlook is known by the big boys. You gotta decide before them. I focus on small cap health and tech companies that wander downwards on light volume, and shoot down on light volume on days where the market is down overall. Those tend to recover well, and they'll have spikes right before the results of their latest R&D efforts; if you sell on Anticipation Hill, you'll make money. Just don't cry when it spikes the next day; many of them tank the next day, instead.


In my opinion, sometimes you can get in on “the next big thing” when people are itching for “the next big thing”. If a marijuana stock pops on Monday, you might see another one pop on Tuesday. It’s already way too late by Wednesday (if it wasn’t already too late on Tuesday). Think about how $AMC shot up like two days after $GME. Doesn’t always work out, and can sometimes work against you. Other than that, research.


Ouch. Are you me?


are we us?


Is us this?


Thus we?


Thus to that thou art?


Art thou us to we?


If thou art we, us thou art?


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We are, we are...


Is this the way?


Are feet shoes?


wir sind wir selbst


Same boat


Think I'm done with stock


After an entire month?? Trading is a long term game.


I haven't sold. Just dissapointed in losing a 3rd of my investment in a hour. I was up yesterday on close...Pre market looked good... Then open ruined what I was expecting to be good. Is pre market not worth looking at?


"losing a 3rd of my investment in a hour" Maybe the solution is not to be an hour-trader? I beat the market as a swing trader; I buy what I think will be higher in a few weeks to months. If I'm wrong about the timing, it usually only means I wait longer to get my profits. Losses are rare, and don't even matter, because I buy a bunch of different things. I'm still wrong 75% of the time a few days out. I don't find the bottom. I don't find the top. But I buy low, sell high, and realize gains. (and taxes) Per-market is not worth looking at. That is correct. That is mostly big boys shifting things around for liquidity reasons. Whatever effort you were putting into that, stop, and put that effort into understanding the volume bar at the bottom, and what it tells you about who is buying in. Look for things that spiked on high volume, then drifted down on low volume. That's the giant's shadow; eat their crumbs. It will go up, and little fish can buy in without spiking the price. But they won't tell you when it is going to go up; but it usually is going to go up above that spike, as long as it wandered down on low volume after the spike. If it went back down on high volume, then it is just liquidity, and ignore it.


Thanks for the advice, I'll deffinately take notes from this.


If you really can’t handle loss just set up an account with a bunch of blue chips and don’t look at it for 6 months


I went from yesterday being up 40% or more... To then open dropping everything into the -30%. Even though pre market looked good. I'm not going to sell on a loss. Just really dissapointed in what I thought would be a good day. I have a lot to learn obviously.




I had a few old stocks in some Canadian/US weed companies. Yesterday they went mental and turned my loser trading account green for the first time in ages. Then today they massively spiked back down.. Still not sure what happened




Using a UK account with trading 212 so options are quite limited. I opted to spread across a few different companies and was doing ok. Then GME happened... Say no more. Told myself never to board a hype train again. My weed stocks were from a while back so they came out of nowhere and supprised me the past two days and helped my account back to some normality. I got excited seeing green(another mistake) and figured I would invest more into the weed stocks. Then today... Weed completely flopped my account worse than before. My normal stocks barely move up or down so they contribute nothing either. I figured I'll just have a break from trading. Try to wise up, accept the lessons I have learnt and educate myself more.




Duly noted. Take care.


It's a good wave right now.....


Yep! My entire watchlist yesterday :)


Literally me


There is a simple explanation. You get your watchlist from others and once you buy-in it’s late.


An astute insight.


Why is this so f*cking accurate? 😂😑😭




Every night, I can feel my calls, and my options, even my stocks. The money I’ve lost, the green lines I’ve lost... won’t stop hurting... It’s like they’re all still there. You feel it too, don’t you?


This is why whenever I find myself interested in a new stock, I always at least start a small position rather than just adding it to a watch list. If it goes up after that, great! I'm making money on it rather than just watching it go up and wishing that I would have bought when I first thought about it. If it goes down after that, great!. Now I have the opportunity to buy more on sale and lower my average cost basis.


This is the way


This is so sad and relatable lol


Think I need to just invest in ETFs, cuz yeah, this has happened to me for the past 2 months. I keep getting more aggressive trying to catch plays and end up having grenades exploding in my hands. I’m currently watching my portfolio disintegrate with apathy.


story of my life.....stock news: Stock has performed above the market for the last 5 days.....ME: I think I will jump in.....Stock News: company goes bankrupt


I am chinese, so everything is fine


living life on the edge.


> hear about a stock > buy in > tanks > become bag holder I swear to Christ next time you fuckers mention a stock I’m just going to avoid it like the plague


Every single time


Metal gear solid 6: phantom gainz




I feel you! Wrong side of the trade again!


This Is Us


This is the way


TRUTH !!!!


This is perfect lol


To get reamed by mathematical geniuses and computer systems. 🤣 enjoy!


Did we just became best friends? Yup.


If this is all us then who’s making all the money? Lol


LOL Yes!


Truth 😂🙄🤷🏻‍♀️🤙🏻


Always red.


That depends. Do you have HYLN? 🥲


I'm here for movie and free rocket ride to the moon am I going solo?


Quick question for anyone who can help. Due to the massive gains after market opens my app can’t process my order in time, £500 stock purchases turn into £1400 after price jump and of course there are insufficient funds. Once I reprocess it’s 3 times the cost per share. Is this because of my platform (trading 212) or is this unavoidable. I’m new if you can’t tell and I’m thinking this is due to pre market prices aren’t actually what you will be buying them for ? Thanks in advance






et tu brutus !! I am thee ... thou art me ;)


This is by design.


ahahahha true af


every f time




Lol so true


Boys AGTC looks very promising to some sources !


This is why I only buy half the amount of shares I really want with the initial purchase. If it goes down, buy the other half (unless the company is going under). If it goes up you still profit 😊


New meta: only watch your positions.


Too true....


I like the pain??? 🤪📈


what if you bought when your positions were red and sold when they were green? set your limits!




No kidding, buyers remorse, sellers remorse. Don't look back!


Pretty fucking much lmaoo


Jajajajaj i


Me *sigh*


Oh, its the Portuguese flag?


I feel you, I still got PLUG on my watchlist for some reason


The only stock I have that has doubled is a penny stock I bought one share of. So annoying.


everybody hurts Sometimes


And the moment I buy, it turns red :D


Should have sold my sundial😡


I’m in this picture and I don’t like it.


Its almost like the stock market is targeted like ads are. They advertise healthy stock until you buy it then its like ZONK! haha loser cant believe you bought that.


"To live is to suffer" - Friedrich Nietzsche "To trade is to suffer" - Some Loser




That’s me


It seems to be linked to the market downturn overall, for the tickers that arent super meme-y rn. It should recover in the next week


Try this: [www.actcmovement.de](https://www.actcmovement.de)


Story of my life!


Can anyone tell me why the entire cannabis market is plummeting right now?


Artificial pump based on “increased talks about cannabis legalization”... then Virginia showed what they meant by legalization: rec sales won’t happen til 2024, you’ll only be able to have two mature plants and two immature plants but not at the same time and it’s still anything over an ounce and you’re hit with distribution charges. That’s an ounce per household too, and the plants... same thing. Government isn’t bending on the federal level yet either - just used the possibility as an election tactic. My guess is legalization for the entire country will never happen until the 1% run the market. They’ve already priced dispensaries so fucking high you have to be super rich to start one and the tape is feet thick on regulations, testing, etc. Oh, and in Virginia it’ll still be illegal to take your own bud and make concentrates... so hydraulic pressing your trees on wax paper is a fucking felony.


So it’s not just me. Lol


been watching CTRM and BES for a while. Decided against it. My entire portfolio is red last two days and those two took off. Like what the fuck


Bruh this is me


I had the same experience when starting out, eventually I realized the reason I "caught wind" of certain stock is because it's being discussed/advertised because of big moves hence after the fact. Eventually I started researching stocks and companies I'm interested in and let the moves happen if they happen. Time in market is better than trying to time the market


Buy stock - Get really good at promoting such said stock = profits lol. Or be very very good at L2 swing trading.


They're in the watchlist for a reason


I bought in right before covid was a thing, most of my cash were used up in January. I had to watch all the other stocks rise up over the year but not mine... I invested in hospitality stocks.


My practice portfolio is up 100k but real one is not so hot. Remember when you enter into a position you affect the price so don't be surprised you're seeing that kind of results.






Imagine a stock is like a woman. Now imagine that you can have more than one stock (woman) because these stocks (women) don't get jealous. Ask yourself, would you really prefer to have only one woman(stock) or would you prefer to have many? Pick at least 10 and up to 40 stocks that you really like and check out other stocks when you feel like some of your stocks aren't treating you right.